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  1. jaylitt replied to the thread Your SKE48 Experiences.

    SKE48 HS @ Kyoto Pulse Plaza (19/02/03) Another late report, this one is from last week. Maya and I simultaneously greeted each other...

    Feb 11, 2019 at 6:39 PM
  2. jaylitt attached a file to the thread Your SKE48 Experiences.

    Hello gamergaters. Here’s my report for Maya’s seitansai on 10 January 2019. I had written up a far more detailed version but Mr....

    DwoQpxQV4AUd8Ae.jpg DwoQOG3VsAASiQ8.jpg DwoQOG3UcAIli9D.jpg DwoQHnlVAAAPkFr.jpg DwoQHnhU8AEGd6k.jpg DwjdxoTV4AAXPxI.jpg DwiO4Z7U0AASBdR.jpg Dwjj770U8AEK3x8.jpg DwjjktMV4AYza44.jpg DwjjfFyVYAEe5e0.jpg DwjjbQcVsAEom6o.jpg DwoQVC7UUAEVjn_.jpg DwoQVC6V4AA2KmA.jpg DwoQVC7VsAAndjD.jpg DwjKvdvU8AEEFTT.jpg Feb 11, 2019 at 6:01 PM