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Bang Dream バンドリ

Discussion in 'The STAGE48 Idol Emporium' started by hrs0722, Jan 2, 2019.

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    Mar 2, 2015
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    From the rules:
    Bang Dream is a franchise made by Bushiroad that also made Love Live. It's anime & game about girls band. The bands are:

    1. Popin'Party (Popipa). The main band. Formed by Toyama Kasumi to reach her dream to be a rockstar tho she still lacking skills. She's the lead singer & rhythm guitarist. Other members such as Hanazono Tae (lead guitar) whose family is rabbit breeder and name her favorite male individual as "boyfriend". Ushigome Rimi (bass) hailing from Osaka, speaks in Kansai dialect with child-like voice, she eats choco coronet almost everytime. Yamabuki Saya (drum) her family runs a bakery whose Rimi likes to buy choco coronet. Ichigaya Arisa (keyboard) she lives with her grandmother who owns a pawn store named ryuseido (accessible on game). Poppin'_Party_New_Costumes.jpg
    2. Afterglow. A punk band formed by Mitake Ran (lead vocalist & rhythm guitarist) she's from a family known to be more than 100 years of being ikebana experts but she has little interest on it and choose to be musician which her father disagree, forming her rebellious temper. Aoba Moca (led guitar). A girl who has only one interest, guitar. Udagawa Tomoe (drum) a bad girl who likes to bully others especially Himari, she also plays taiko drum on festivals. She has bad sense of fashion. Uemura Himari (bass) a member of tennis club and Tomoe's favorite bully victim. Hazawa Tsumugi (keyboard) her family runs a cafe which her friends often hagout there. Afterglow_New_Costumes.jpg
    From the Rules:

    1. Pastel*Palletes An idol band. they're given concern to perform the music on their own. Because of their originality, they become the most successful group of their agency. Maruyama Aya (vocalist) she spent 3 years of working hard on training. As a famous idol, she refuses to wear disguise when she's outside so peole can notice her. Hikawa Hina (guitar) a brilliant student who's fond on guitar and chooses to become an idol. Shirasagi Chisato (bass) she has been a famous actress since her childhood. Yamato Maya (drum) originally a studio musician for recording music for the agency's group, she was originally a replacement but became a permanent member later, she's skilled in musical instrument maintenance. Wakamiya Eve (keyboard) a half Finish who is obsessed with her father's country culture making her family moved to Japan. She signed the agency as a model later joined the idol band. Pastel_Palettes_New_Costumes.jpg
    2. Roselia. A highly skilled all girl band. Minato Yukina (vocalist) a daughter of vocalist of a legendary rock band, her dream is to be like her father. Hikawa Sayo (guitar) Hina's identical twin but an opposite on education, her hair is longer than her twin. Imai Lisa (bass) described as gyaru but she hates being it. Udagawa Ako (drum) Tomoe's little sister, the only middle school student on Bang Dream, she's a drum prodigy, dress as a punk with twintail. Shirokane Rinko (keyboard) a very skilled pianist, she's very introverted and tends to avoid crowds, she's also skilled in sewing and makes all Roselia costume by her own hand, she & Ako are fond of online games. Roselia_New_Costumes.jpg
    3. Hello, Happy World! Formed by Kokoro Tsurumaki to achieve her dream of making people smile all around the world. The band is poular among children and ofter performs at kinder garten but they've said that their audience targety is everyone not limited to children. tsurumaki Kokoro (vocalist) she's froma rich family and lives in the biggest house in the neighborhood. Seta Kaoru (guitar) an enthusiast of literature and a fan of William Shakespeare, she refers her band fans as "Little Kittens". Matsubara Kanon (drum) a member of tea ceremony club, she has clumsy personality. Kitazawa Hagumi (bass) a daughter of a family who runs a meat shop which croquette is the most popular in the town. Okusawa Misaki aka Michelle(DJ) the first DJ of Bandori & the only masked musician of the franchise. She wears bear costume she used to wear when she had a baito, among the band, only Kanon realizes that Michelle & Misaki are one same person. Hello,_Happy_World!_New_Costumes.jpg
    4. Glitter*Green: on the game characters are not playable but player can play their songs. Ushigome Yuri the vocalist/guitarist is Rimi's big sister. Yuri used to be a bassist then switched to guitar, Rimi inherit the bass. Other members are Nujikki Hinako (drum), Uzawa Rii (bass), Wanibe Nanana (keyboardist).
    5. Raise A Suilen. introduced on the second season of the anime. Further info later. Stay tune guys!
    6. Argonavis. The first all male band of the franchise. Bushiroad confirmed that the boys would have no interactions with the girls, not sure about the band apearance on anime & game. Argonavis gonna debut 2019 February.

    Eve is voiced by ex SKE48 Hata Sawako!

    More info later @sscrla OK every Bandori fans come here!

    Premier of second season tomorrow night!

    Should be available at Crunchyroll or kissanime immediately soon.

    FYI only 2+1 bands of Bandori can be considered 2.5 bands, Popipa & Roselia also RAS. The reast still not having their seiyuus mastered the instruments so they still cannot perform live. Songs of other bands are performed by RAS so far.

    All of the bands are on Spotify.

    Roselia IRL vs anime:

    New album! Cover collection vol. 2 will be released at 3/16

    1. Poppin'Party - Kimi Janakya Dare Mitai
    2. Poppin'Party - Days
    3. Afterglow - Redo
    4. Afterglow - Lost One's Weeping
    5. Pastel*Palletes - Happy Synthesizer
    6. Pastel*Palletes - Sekai Wa Koi Ochiteiru
    7. Roselia - Shin Ai
    8. Roselia - Charles
    9. Hello Happy World - Go Go Manuac
    10. Hello Happy World - Dragon Night
    From the Rules:
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