2019 Member Ranking Result Reveal (All ranks revealed!)

Discussion in 'Forum Events' started by kanjo, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. Sailor Miyawaki

    Sailor Miyawaki Kenkyuusei

    Jul 31, 2018
    honestly, with naachan getting -20 i wouldn't be surprised if certain fans were trying to be strategic to dethrone naachan from the number 1 spot along with giving higher votes than they would have to the members with a chance to overtake her :fear:
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  2. Generic_User

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    Jan 4, 2016
    The Ikuta Erika
    Thanks @kanjo for running the show again this year. Great job! :1st:
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  3. Mayoi

    Mayoi Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Jan 19, 2015
    United States
    06. Okada Nama (+6)
    13. Murayama Yuiri (+3)

    Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 10.37.00 PM.jpg

    * Okada nana is still "center"... but not front row
    * Okada Nana & Murayama Yuiri are next to each other like the other poster mentioned they belong together
    * A double-center! That is exciting!
    * They're both Nogizaka! this is like a repeat of 2018 SSK where there was a double-SKE center upset!
    * Time to stan Nogizaka?
    * AKB is Defeated by their Rival! :eek:
    * Sakura went down quite a bit - surprising considering her fame and popularity in IZ*ONE
    * Of all the 48-G members in the Top 10, all were centers of an AKB-G Single except for Yuiri and Maho.
    * Of the youtube channels, for Kashiwagi Yuki & YuuNaaMogiOn, Sadly, Mion is the only youtube-channel-member who centered an AKB single in the past but did not make it into top 10. :\ I think she deserves better!
    * I forgot to vote for Maho but she deserves her high rank and I'm happy for her high rank.
    Just saw the comment about negative votes for Okada Nana. ....
    * She has 259 votes and 20 negative votes, and 1st place has 280 votes and 0 negative votes. Even if Okada Nana had 0 negative votes, she would be at 279, 2nd place by just a HAIR.
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  4. ranchu

    ranchu Kenkyuusei

    May 30, 2011
    Murayama Yuiri
    Last day

    01. 6. (18) [33|1] [AKB] Murayama Yuiri {+171,-5}, 166
    Yuiri:inlove: Theater goddess<3
    02. 47. (52) [9|1] [AKB] Utada Hatsuka {+60,-2}, 58
    03. 13. (37) [27|0] [AKB] Yamauchi Mizuki {+136,0}, 136
    04. 57. (104) [13|0] [AKB] Kubo Satone {+50,0}, 50
    05. 77. (185) [10|0] [AKB] Maeda Ayaka {+42,0}, 42
    06. 126. (196) [8|1] [AKB] Suzuki Kurumi {+30,-2}, 28
    07. 269. (283) [2|0] [AKB] Suenaga Yuzuki {+8,0}, 8
    08. 34. (60) [12|0] [AKB] Taguchi Manaka {+75,0}, 75
    09. 8. (21) [24|2] [AKB] Oguri Yui {+153,-6}, 147
    10. 142. (130) [6|0] [AKB] Miyazaki Miho {+24,0}, 24
    11. 189. (305) [3|0] [AKB] Ishiwata Sena {+16,0}, 16
    12. 290. (---) [3|0] [AKB] Okuhara Hinako {+6,0}, 6
    13. 90. (111) [9|1] [AKB] Mogi Shinobu {+37,-1}, 36
    14. 60. (35) [14|0] [AKB] Shitao Miu {+49,0}, 49
    15. 308. (384) [2|0] [AKB] Hirano Hikaru {+5,0}, 5
    16. 214. (322) [4|0] [AKB] Honda Sora {+13,0}, 13
    17. 308. (196) [3|0] [AKB] Yasuda Kana {+5,0}, 5
    18. 118. (419) [7|0] [AKB] Fujizono Rei {+30,0}, 30
    19. 222. (283) [5|0] [AKB] Takahashi Sayaka {+12,0}, 12
    20. 417. (---) [1|0] [AKB] Yoshida Karen {+1,0}, 1

    Naachan -20 yeah of course lol

    Totally agree:cry:
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  5. JPN48

    JPN48 Kenkyuusei

    May 7, 2019
    Kyoto, Japan
    Final Ranking:
    01. Miyawaki Sakura (+15), Rank 7
    02. Kashiwagi Yuki (+10), Rank 5
    03. Oguri Yui (+9), Rank 8
    04. Matsui Jurina (+8), Rank 50
    05. Sashihara Rino (+7), Rank 33
    06. Takino Yumiko (+6), Rank 55
    07. Shiroma Miru (+5), Rank 18
    08. Yabuki Nako (+5), Rank 23
    09. Tanaka Miku (+4), Rank 14
    10. Kato Minami (+4), Rank 461
    11. Yokoyama Yui (+4), Rank 16
    12. Shitao Miu (+3), Rank 60
    13. Yoshida Akari (+3), Rank 78
    14. Kato Rena (+3), Rank 126
    15. Okabe Rin (+2), Rank 11
    16. Umeyama Cocona (+2), Rank 147
    17. Komiyama Haruka (+2), Rank 12
    18. Yamauchi Mizuki (+1), Rank 13
    19. Ishida Chiho (+1), Rank 47
    20. Yokono Sumire (+1), Rank 107
  6. NyanNyan's Pet

    NyanNyan's Pet Upcoming Girls

    Mar 10, 2016
    [hehe] That video, need to pause before the top 3 is revealed, then boom. Yey!!! Team purple.
    Ikuchan and Asuka sharing the throne.
    With Mayan graduating (btw nice 4th place finish) who knows what's gonna be the situation next year so finishing no.1 is just great.
    This yearly event is always fun so thanks for hosting it again @kanjo :approve:
    01. 1. (2) [39|0] [N46] Ikuta Erika{+280,0}, 280
    02. 22. (47) [24|0] [N46] Kubo Shiori{+118,0}, 118
    03. 28. (119)[17|1] [N46] Kaki Haruka{+93,-3}, 90
    04. 113. (262)[10|0] [N46] Hayakawa Seira{+31,0}, 31
    05. 46. (111) [14|0] [N46] Tsutsui Ayame{+60,0}, 60
    06. 38. (80)[11|0] [N46] Kitano Hinako{+72,0}, 72
    07. 42. (64)[15|0] [N46] Iwamoto Renka{+67,0}, 67
    08. 15. (29) [24|0] [N46] Ozono Momoko{+130,0}, 130
    09. 37. (216)[16|0] [N46] Endo Sakura{+73,0}, 73
    10. 84. (85)[8|0] [N46] Higuchi Hina{+38,0}, 38
    11. 189. (283)[6|0] [N46] Inoue Sayuri{+16,0}, 16
    12. 1. (3) [40|0] [N46] Saito Asuka{+280,0}, 280
    13. 53. (92)[11|0] [N46] Suzuki Ayane{+52,0}, 52
    14. 60. (71)[10|0] [N46] Sasaki Kotoko{+49,0}, 49
    15. 4. (9) [31|0] [N46] Shiraishi Mai{+211,0}, 211
    16. 189. (118)[4|0] [N46] Eto Misa{+16,0}, 16
    17. 74. (60)[11|0] [N46] Sakurai Reika{+44,0}, 44
    18. 27. (20)[23|0] [N46] Takayama Kazumi{+97,0}, 97
    19. 222. (216)[4|0] [N46] Nakamura Reno{+12,0}, 12
    20. 18. (22) [26|1] [N46] Yoda Yuki{+125,-2}, 123
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  7. Doraleous

    Doraleous Kenkyuusei

    Apr 3, 2019
    Matsuoka Hana
    That is something hard to take a conclusion out of because it boils down to pure intent which people won't admit to. On one hand, even without the negative votes, she'd have one less than Saito and Ikuta, on another, because of these negative votes, even an additional +15 wouldn't have saved her, they took 20 fucking points from her, that is bs-ish for real when you look at how much of an outstanding member she is.

    So it comes down to guessing whether higher positive votes were given to top2 Nogi based on the dislike given to Okada for god knows what reason, and that is not something we should get into because it's a waste of time.

    One thing I'll note after self-reflecting on my participation on this 4fun election is that I won't be giving negative votes anymore unless I know without a shadow of a doubt that a member did something really bad.

    I really disliked Yahagi for being given that much spotlight and never doing a single theater show bcoz she's oh-too-good for that kind of stuff but I wouldn't give that negative vote again if I'd known what I know now. Just look at that top10, not a single negative vote to a Nogizaka member and then it's a hate party for 48G girls. What the hell did Yuiyui or Okada do to deserve any crap? Maho would beat Nishino Nanase if more people standing on both sides of the fence of NGT case had let things go by now. This shows that not only 48G has more girls in it, it also has a lot more haters.

    So I won't stoop down to that level and give negatives to Nogizaka, nor will I engage in 48G anti-behaviour anymore in this event.

    It bears a reflection on whether this event should have negative votes anyway like @wlerin said.
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  8. Generic_User

    Generic_User Upcoming Girls Stage48 Donor

    Jan 4, 2016
    The Ikuta Erika
    If she's on the ballot, I'll always vote for her. I miss her as an idol.
    My lone 48G vote. She said she was going to stay until she's 30. Thumbs up to that! If she had said that 5 years ago, we'd all have been laughing. I'm taking her seriously cause she said it now. Yukirin world!
    Sentimental vote? You could say, but 2019 left Nogizaka with the Ace Supreme. I should've never had taken her for granted.
    Best girl. 'Nough said.
    Asuka slays. She always does excellent work. So fun. Every year when we ask about Nogi's member of the year, it's so hard not to pencil in her name.

    Awesome that Ikuta tied for first, but this was a debacle. Check this hilarity out:

    01. Ikuta Erika [1]
    02. Yamashita Mizuki [29]
    03. Shiraishi Mai [4]
    04. Ito Karin [269]
    05. Saito Yuri [230]
    06. Nibu Akari [118]
    07. Sakaguchi Tamami [119]
    08. Nishino Nanase [9]
    09. Hayakawa Seira [113]
    10. Seimiya Rei [147]
    11. Sakurai Reika [74]
    12. Tamura Mayu [126]
    13. Matsuda Konoka [60]
    14. Harada Aoi [208]
    15. Saito Tsukasa [392]
    16. Wada Maaya [196]
    17. Akimoto Manatsu [50]
    18. Kashiwagi Yuki [5]
    19. Matsuda Rina [98]
    20. Saito Asuka [1]

    It was mentioned further up and few pages back of strategic voting. I did it with my votes, and it backfired. I had Ikuta at 1 and Asuka at 20. If I had left her off, it would've been all Ikuta's. The kicker: Asuka has one more vote than Ikuta! AAUUGH! LOL! I had originally slotted Asuka at 9 before making my final decision. Asuka's too fun to not vote for.

    O, well. That's how it goes. [hehe]
  9. SaitoWinterStar

    SaitoWinterStar Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Oct 1, 2017
    Saito Fuyuka
    Wow, unexpected finish!

    01. 9. (6) [18|4] [NGT] Yamaguchi Maho {+163,-19}, 144
    02. 70. (28) [8|0] [NGT] Sugahara Riko {+45,0}, 45
    03. 47. (23) [11|0] [NGT] Hasegawa Rena {+58,0}, 58
    04. 255. (155) [2|1] [K46] Saito Fuyuka {+14,-5}, 9
    05. 3. (1) [39|5] [AKB] Okada Nana {+279,-20}, 259
    06. 147. (136) [5|0] [STU] Yabushita Fu {+23,0}, 23
    07. 107. (24) [7|0] [NMB] Ota Yuuri {+32,0}, 32
    08. 50. (40) [20|1] [N46] Akimoto Manatsu {+56,-3}, 53
    09. 6. (18) [33|1] [AKB] Murayama Yuiri {+171,-5}, 166
    10. 50. (47) [19|8] [SKE] Matsui Jurina {+80,-27}, 53
    11. 70. (51) [8|0] [SKE] Furuhata Nao {+45,0}, 45
    12. 118. (72) [9|0] [SKE] Goto Rara {+30,0}, 30
    13. 107. (111) [8|0] [HKT] Murakawa Bibian {+32,0}, 32
    14. 21. (11) [23|2] [N46] Hori Miona {+130,-8}, 122
    15. 165. (86) [8|0] [STU] Imamura Mitsuki {+19,0}, 19
    16. 98. (250) [8|0] [K46] Matsuda Rina {+34,0}, 34
    17. 180. (283) [4|0] [NMB] Kawakami Rena {+17,0}, 17
    18. 18. (22) [26|1] [N46] Yoda Yuki {+125,-2}, 123
    19. 84. (185) [9|0] [H46] Kanemura Miku {+38,0}, 38
    20. 447. (175) [1|1] [STU] Torobu Yuri {+1,-2}, -1

    I was pretty sure Maiyan would take the top spot, maybe even Nanase, but can't argue with Ikuchan or Asuka.

    2019 was a year that revolved around Maho for me from pretty much the very beginning when I happened to catch her momentous Showroom. I guess I have spent literally every day for the last... 10, 11 months now translating some little bit of news about the trio. This far out it's still not clear what the ramifications will be for the 48G, but I'm happy to see Maho getting work and looking tremendously better than this time last year.

    Naachan remains my 48G kami oshi - she's beautiful, thoughtful, respected, and at times intense, playful, and compassionate. As one of the leaders of 48G I hope she sticks around and realizes her power to shape the group.

    Yuiri grew on me a lot over 2019. I think the request from her fans to get to know her beyond just being Naachan's girlfriend really paid dividends. Here's to the tsundere theater queen.
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  10. rdamon42

    rdamon42 Kenkyuusei

    Mar 16, 2019
    渡邉 理佐 / 守屋麗奈
    Holey moley Nogi has done it :shocku:

    My beloved Naachan, great to see that she is still fondly remembered here. She embodied that girl next door vibe very well, not quite aloof but also not quite reachable. Naachan will always be the perfect dream girlfriend/wife for this otaku.

    Another polarizing idol, like Jurina or Techi, she's either your type or not. I think she's absolutely adorable. The fact that she is a gamer too earns her plus points in my eyes.

    The absolute N46 beauty. She belongs up here, where everyone can marvel at her grace and elegance.

    The Ikuchan, one of the most talented idols I've ever seen.

    Asuka-chan! Did not mind her much at first, but she really grew on me.

    01. Watanabe Risa (+15)
    02. Nishino Nanase (+10)
    03. Hirate Yurina (+9)
    04. Watanabe Rika (+8)
    05. Sugai Yuuka (+7)
    06. Moriya Akane (+6)
    07. Yamasaki Ten (+5)
    08. Ikuta Erika (+5)
    09. Miyawaki Sakura (+4)
    10. Saito Asuka (+4)
    11. Shiraishi Mai (+4)
    12. Kobayashi Yui (+3)
    13. Sasaki Kumi (+3)
    14. Yoda Yuki (+3)
    15. Takayama Kazumi (+2)
    16. Oda Nana (+2)
    17. Nagasawa Nanako (+2)
    18. Matsui Jurina (+1)
    19. Kakizaki Memi (+1)
    20. Hori Miona (+1)

    01. Ogino Yuka (-5)
    02. Iguchi Mao (-4)
    03. Oguri Yui (-3)

    OgiYuka just have a personal dislike for, NGT scandal included. No offense to Mao fans but I just never saw her as idol material (and I'll never probably forgive her for defeating Naako twice in eating challenges, lol)

    And YuiYui - I will never get the YuiYui hype. I'd ask someone to explain, but I think its better to just not go there.
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  11. kanjo

    kanjo Stage48 Admin Staff Member Stage48 Admin

    Aug 20, 2012
    Nishino Nanase

    I think the issue with Okada is that she won three years in a row. So she picked up a handful of downvotes and some fans didn't feel as enthusiastic about voting for her as before and gave her fewer points. She's also less definitively an ace within her group than the two Nogi girls who beat her. AKB votes were much spread out. I'm gonna wait until tomorrow to post the totals but AKB did get a lot more votes in total than Nogi.

    As for negatives. Well, without giving too much away, the biggest trend in negative votes remains the same as last year. Members who give negative votes usually vote for girls who get negative votes. Also, with few exceptions, most girls who got -5's were in the same group as the girls who got +15's from those members.
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  12. NyanNyan's Pet

    NyanNyan's Pet Upcoming Girls

    Mar 10, 2016
    I suddenly thought of it too. I could have ranked Asuka anywhere from 11-20. Misa and Reika are easy top 10 originally but I chose to put the graduates lower. It's more of a priority than strategy to me but what if :lol:
    Other voters must done some changes before submitting so it's just amazing that it ended on a tie. For a second time now, right?
  13. kanjo

    kanjo Stage48 Admin Staff Member Stage48 Admin

    Aug 20, 2012
    Nishino Nanase
    Lots of these stories will have affected the outcome. I considered putting Asuka first instead of 3rd because I felt she had a genuine chance of winning. But I didn't want to strategically vote so I went with my feelings.
    Incidentally I always submit my vote first to remove the temptation to let the standings influence me.
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  14. AloNeko

    AloNeko Kenkyuusei

    Apr 10, 2015
    Oh my... Without these -20 that 3. at only point of at douple leaders... well...
    At me seing that at 1. (although even points with other).. earlier 2. so...

    Oh mym mym mym oh!
  15. rdamon42

    rdamon42 Kenkyuusei

    Mar 16, 2019
    渡邉 理佐 / 守屋麗奈
    I am guilty of this. I too liked Okada but I figured she would have more votes, and I had no space in my rankings for her.
  16. Doraleous

    Doraleous Kenkyuusei

    Apr 3, 2019
    Matsuoka Hana
    Hey, fair enough with the spread out matter, other people have also pointed out how 48G has way more members as well.

    What I disliked came from my own personal interpretation of this part of the rules:

    I want to stress that these should be used only if you really have a personal reason for disliking a member, not just because they're at the bottom of your ranking or because of some boneheaded management decision completely out of their hands.

    I had interpreted this as telling people to have more serious reasonings to give negatives than "lol, I don't like her" or "I don think she looks like an Idol/don't like her looks/I don't get what's so good about her even though she gets so much promotion". Which is why I only gave my negative to a member who had a total absence in an activity I feel is the quintessential one of her group. I think Yahagi Moeka is attractive, I heard her sing in that singing contest and she was damn good and yet still there was something objective there for my dislike of her: never performing with her fellow K-Teammates; so I did it (won't really do it anymore though).

    But I guess personal reason goes for anything? Even just a tiny dislike?

    Like I said, it's pointless to whine about strategic positive voting, I think pople should be allowed to do that unless they conspire in a large group or something absurd like that.

    But for negatives, even knowing this is just a 4fun thing, I think that spoils the election a bit and feels a little unfair when you think someone could do that for strategic reasons/superficial reasons and see the girl's ranking being affected by that. And that is reflected on the people you see participate here: how many people do you see justify their negative votes besides the NGT negatives? Can probably count with one hand's fingers lol

    It's just my own personal view of the election, I'd think it'd be more fun if it wasn't affected by random and superficial anti behaviour.
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  17. Generic_User

    Generic_User Upcoming Girls Stage48 Donor

    Jan 4, 2016
    The Ikuta Erika
    @NyanNyan's Pet I know, right. How one change would've given it to our girl. I vividly remember when I made the decision to move Asuka down that I thought about dropping her completely -- removing the one obstacle to Ikuta's path to the throne. (Hee hee) I also thought that Asuka came in 2nd last year so that's why I consciously placed her at 20. Ikuta didn't really change position from last year's ranking in the end.

    My thoughts on the Nogi beating out AKB? For both Asuka and Ikuta they got about the same amount of votes as they did last year. Okada Nana just lost votes. I thought she was going to maintain the number of votes, so it's surprise to see her lose voters. I wonder if the lost votes could be accounted for by the less number of participants this year than last.
  18. sakutan

    sakutan Kenkyuusei

    Sep 7, 2018
    01. 7. (4) [21|5] [IZN] Miyawaki Sakura {+167,-18}, 149
    kamioshi.. though I admit I'm not keeping up with her izone activities.. I like to pretend she's on vacation and will be home soon :^O^:

    02. 1. (3) [40|0] [N46] Saito Asuka {+280,0}, 280
    nothing else to be said. she is the one..

    03. 34. (26) [15|1] [K46] Nagahama Neru {+76,-1}, 75
    as fast as she came into my life, she just as quickly disappeared. I just hope she is healthy and happy with whatever she is doing :oops:

    04. 18. (22) [26|1] [N46] Yoda Yuki {+125,-2}, 123
    cutest girl in the world. other 3ki girls actually drew me in to the crew but yodachan captured my heart. i'm glad she could finally show off her sexy chara with her pb this year. pb of the year for sure :inlove:

    05. 14. (13) [27|0] [HKT] Tanaka Miku {+133,0}, 133
    the year of mikurin goes on. solocon.. my favorite one. pb next? :whistle:

    06. 18. (16) [25|0] [AKB] Mukaichi Mion {+123,0}, 123
    wish she didn't become s.. but alas what can you do o_O

    07. 50. (40) [20|1] [N46] Akimoto Manatsu {+56,-3}, 53
    my beloved captain. def best choice cause she's not graduating till she turns 46 :blush: zyuuukyunnnnn~ waiting for her pb to come in the mail... if it ever comes :(

    08. 21. (11) [23|2] [N46] Hori Miona {+130,-8}, 122
    my favorite crazy eyes. your pb is just an elaborate rouse so you can get your own instagram right? :^O^: i'm not complaining

    09. 70. (250) [10|0] [K46] Morita Hikaru {+45,0}, 45
    my fav 2ki keyaki. she's just a stunner and really got me into watching keyakitte again!!and her mobame is hoot

    10. 50. (56) [8|0] [H46] Kato Shiho {+53,0}, 53
    i know how hard she worked going from hiragana to hinata :flower: def one of the toughest idols :hehe:

    11. 90. (163) [9|0] [AKB] Omori Maho {+36,0}, 36
    ty akbingo.

    12. 57. (104) [13|0] [AKB] Kubo Satone {+50,0}, 50
    grew up so much in this past year, so proud.. :cute:

    13. 147. (98) [8|1] [NMB] Umeyama Cocona {+27,-4}, 23
    14. 76. (81) [10|0] [NMB] Yamamoto Ayaka {+43,0}, 43
    imouto growing up too fast

    15. 29. (30) [18|1] [N46] Yamashita Mizuki {+92,-4}, 88
    the only snake i trust

    16. 126. (196) [7|0] [N46] Kakehashi Sayaka {+28,0}, 28
    17. 147. (136) [5|0] [STU] Yabushita Fu {+23,0}, 23
    18. 12. (10) [22|0] [AKB] Komiyama Haruka {+142,0}, 142
    komi smile

    19. 8. (21) [24|2] [AKB] Oguri Yui {+153,-6}, 147
    i'm a sucker for this type

    20. 1. (2) [39|0] [N46] Ikuta Erika {+280,0}, 280
    I would like to think my last vote propelled ikuchan to 1st :awesome:

    I admit I had alot of fun going through this. I don't really mind the final rankings or anything but it just helped me realized which idols I support :chuffed:
  19. Mayoi

    Mayoi Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Jan 19, 2015
    United States
    I think AKB in general has a lot of lost interest due to the SSK not being held last year, and perhaps the bad NGT publicity. Nogi does not have those problems so they did not lose steam. And I think that Okada Nana is perhaps just another polarizing idol among the likes of Sakura, Jurina, Acchan, Techi. I feel like the results are fair and the negative voting keeps things more informative.
  20. Lusankya

    Lusankya Upcoming Girls Stage48 Donor

    Feb 17, 2018
    Okabe Rin
    We got fewer voters this year than last year so all groups should have lost votes. We should check how many fewer votes (percentage wise, only counting positive votes) e.g. AKB48 and Nogizaka have and compare if one group got a bigger decrease than the other.
    I think @kanjo also has the data for this and last year, so we could compare.

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