2019 Member Ranking Result Reveal (All ranks revealed!)

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  1. wlerin

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    Mar 23, 2012
    Muto Tomu
    Oh no the horror.

    This would discourage people from voting, thus I am not in favour of it.

    I'm on the fence about removing negative votes entirely. I have used them in the past, I think only twice and only for a member whose actions had a significant negative impact on my enjoyment of 48G activities that year. The requirement that your first negative vote be -5 definitely does stop me from using them more often, but at the same time I think it's absurd and forces people to give a larger malus than they might have otherwise. It shouldn't be difficult for the script to understand something like:

    01. Matsui Jurina (-5)
    05. Yahagi Moeka (-1)
    And let that still count, allowing people to assign their negatives as they see fit. To a degree, the same goes for leaving positive vote slots blank (especially if we expand the number of voting slots). The latter might encourage more people to vote, without investing the time to come up with an entire 20 (or 25! or 30!!!) names. The former... will probably increase the number of minor negative votes, but if we're going to keep negative votes as a thing I'd prefer it that way. I'd probably have given Yahagi Moeka a -1 for last year

    I don't agree that negatives are necessary to "reflect the feelings of the forum", but at the same time, if that is the reason for allowing them, surely allowing people more freedom in how they assign them would be even more accurate.

    Bit of a strawman don't you think?
    Some people are posting negative votes, yes. Most of them either don't justify them or the votes are 80% NGT members. I haven't seen any negative votes for the "high value targets" revealed so far.
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  2. rka

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    Jan 19, 2013
    My Mom's basement
    Matsumoto Chikako
    Can we maybe just keep the voting as it is?

    one can ignore the negative votes entirely, and compile a ranking just made of flowers and rainbows positive votes.

    As for me, i have stopped using negative votes, because i simply dont have time anymore to dislike idols. I could have downvoted half of NGT this year, but in the end there is still some minor chance i got it all wrong, and i had no idea who the -5 and -4 culprits could be. And i knew they would compile enough negatives, regardless of what i was doing anyway.
    But i like to see what other people think and how they reason their negatives, even if its just because of gossip. This year was obviously easy to explain, anyway. Downvoting is also good teasing, and it reflects forum relations a bit, which is not bad in itself. I remember people downvoting my oshi just because i upset them, as i have also downvoted members (specifically Paruru) because some of their fans really rustled my jimmiez at that time (and she was also a bit annoying). I am also pretty sure i can explain some Haruppi downvotes the last couple of years. And for Akicha, as well. And i do think these things can be pretty hilarious if not taken too personal.
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  3. theobserver

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    Nov 28, 2016
    Melbourne, Australia
    Takahashi Juri-Miyawaki Sakura
    Anyway, thanks @kanjo and @forum for making it fun

    How about we still keep the negative votes (just as how we keep the 'disagree' icon)
    but limit it to just -1 votes?
    that way: it has to be a more concerted and organized way to 'take down' someone rather than just a few butthurts
    (which kinda reflects most real-life liberal democratic societies)

    by same token, I am kinda reviving the 1 man/woman = 1 vote argument ain't I? :^^;:
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  4. gish0046

    gish0046 Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Feb 4, 2019
    01. 122. (98) [8|0] [H46] Kakizaki Memi{+29,0}, 29
    ----- Last chance to give love to my #1 oshi and greatest idol of all time. *pours one out*
    02. 28. (119) [17|1] [N46] Kaki Haruka{+93,-3}, 90
    03. 29. (30) [18|1] [N46] Yamashita Mizuki{+92,-4}, 88
    04. 1. (3) [40|0] [N46] Saito Asuka{+280,0}, 280
    05. 46. (111) [14|0] [N46] Tsutsui Ayame{+60,0}, 60
    06. 38. (80) [11|0] [N46] Kitano Hinako{+72,0}, 72
    ----- The next five are my current oshis, vaguely in order
    07. 34. (26) [15|1] [K46] Nagahama Neru{+76,-1}, 75
    ----- My old Keyaki oshi
    08. 37. (216) [16|0] [N46] Endo Sakura{+73,0}, 73
    09. 18. (22) [26|1] [N46] Yoda Yuki{+125,-2}, 123
    10. 147. (343) [10|1] [N46] Seimiya Rei{+24,-1}, 23
    11. 70. (196) [8|0] [N46] Kanagawa Saya{+45,0}, 45
    12. 9. (5) [22|0] [N46] Nishino Nanase{+144,0}, 144
    13. 64. (359) [12|0] [H46] Kamimura Hinano{+48,0}, 48
    14. 126. (196) [7|0] [N46] Kakehashi Sayaka{+28,0}, 28
    15. 113. (262) [10|0] [N46] Hayakawa Seira{+31,0}, 31
    16. 126. (250) [8|0] [N46] Tamura Mayu{+28,0}, 28
    17. 142. (190) [6|0] [H46] Hamagishi Hiyori{+24,0}, 24
    18. 222. (196) [4|0] [N46] Mukai Hazuki{+12,0}, 12
    19. 214. (419) [6|1] [N46] Kitagawa Yuri{+14,-1}, 13
    20. 196. (305) [4|0] [K46] Matsudaira Riko{+15,0}, 15
    ----- The rest are all idols that I really like with special attention paid to 4ki because I love them

    My rankings.

    I didn't give anyone negative votes because I don't hate any idols so much that I'm going to single out any ones in particular and give them negative votes.
  5. Trinu

    Trinu Upcoming Girls

    Jul 30, 2010
    I completely missed this ñññ

    At least Naachan still made it Top 3! <3
  6. kanjo

    kanjo Stage48 Admin Staff Member Stage48 Admin

    Aug 20, 2012
    Nishino Nanase
    My results

    01. Yoda Yuki (+15) [18]
    02. Nishino Nanase (+10) [9]
    03. Saito Asuka (+9) [15]
    04. Ozono Momoko (+8) [1]
    05. Tsutsui Ayame (+7) [46]
    06. Kosaka Nao (+6) [38]
    07. Endo Sakura (+5) [37]
    08. Koike Minami (+5) [107]
    09. Kanemura Miku (+4) [84]
    10. Terada Ranze (+4) [107]
    11. Nagahama Neru (+4) [34]
    12. Mukai Hazuki (+3) [222]
    13. Kamimura Hinano (+3) [64]
    14. Nibu Akari (+3) [118]
    15. Nakamura Reno (+2) [222]
    16. Tomita Suzuka (+2) [80]
    17. Kobayashi Yui (+2) [60]
    18. Harada Aoi (+1) [208]
    19. Kakizaki Memi (+1) [122]
    20. Iwamoto Renka (+1) [42]

    I gave Yoda #1 over Nanase because she's still active and climbing and I wanted to give her extra attention and support.
    Very happy this year, obviously. Especially some of the big climbs like Nogi's new gens and Hinatazaka. Disappointed with how Keyakizaka fans have largely abandoned the ranking. Partially my fault for not being impartial about Hirate Yurina.

    No negatives. Also no 48G votes, as it has been for a few years, because I've been finding it very hard just to keep up with Nogi and the other Sakamichi groups so unfortunately I haven't watched a 48G live or show in ages.
    If I was to vote for anyone it would've been Yuiri, Zukki or Yuiyui so I'm very happy with their climbs.


    I'm looking at posting stats about the ranking. I can't do everything but I'm taking requests.
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  7. Sailor Miyawaki

    Sailor Miyawaki Kenkyuusei

    Jul 31, 2018
    Negative votes would "reflect the forums feelings" if they were actually the forums feelings and not strategic votes to bring down someone so their oshi will get ahead, those negative votes do not reflect the forums feelings at all

    And with the low number of votes, a small number of people can change the ranking against what the general community feels

    Again, is anyone thinking that naachan's negative votes accurately reflects the forums feelings of her? That she is deserving of some of the highest negative votes out of all the idols in the rankings? Havent seen anyone thinking she deserves those votes

    In some ways i agree with aka's point on making negative votes public, if you have a reason you believe deems an idol worthy of a negative vote then it should be a valid enough point to reveal it, but all the naachan negative voters remain quiet

    Something in the system needs to change, after all this discussion, it is highly likely that more people will be even more strategic with their votes next year, and with that the ranking will stray even further from what the ranking would be based on the forums actual feelings, and more so what people are trying to strategically manipulate the ranking to be
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  8. galangsatria

    galangsatria Upcoming Girls

    Nov 17, 2016
    Nishino Nanase
    I'm happy Nogi 3rd gen and 4th gen trio did really well in this ranking.

    My final ranking
    01. Yamashita Mizuki (+15) [29]
    02. Nishino Nanase (+10) [9]
    03. Ikuta Erika (+9) [1]
    04. Shiraishi Mai (+8) [4]
    05. Hori Miona (+7) [21]
    06. Saito Asuka (+6) [1]
    07. Kubo Shiori (+5) [22]
    08. Hayakawa Seira (+5) [113]
    09. Kaki Haruka (+4) [28]
    10. Tsutsui Ayame (+4) [46]
    11. Endo Sakura (+4) [37]
    12. Tamura Mayu (+3) [126]
    13. Seimiya Rei (+3) [147]
    14. Kanagawa Saya (+3) [70]
    15. Shibata Yuna (+2) [180]
    16. Sato Rika (+2) [279]
    17. Hayashi Runa (+2) [330]
    18. Matsuo Miyu (+1) [392]
    19. Kuromi Haruka (+1) [417]
    20. Yumiki Nao (+1) [417]

    I pretty much dgaf about the other groups. So neither positive or negative points I gave to them.
  9. Nighthawk141

    Nighthawk141 Kenkyuusei

    Nov 16, 2014
    Watanabe Mayu
    NO!!! Iku-chan ahhh
    So close
  10. kanjo

    kanjo Stage48 Admin Staff Member Stage48 Admin

    Aug 20, 2012
    Nishino Nanase
    Since negatives seem to be the biggest topic of discussion I'll do negatives as the first bonus ranking.

    Final rank [Group] Member -neg. total (neg. voters, average neg. vote)
    463. [NGT] Tano Ayaka -78 (19, 4.1)
    462. [NGT] Nishigata Marina -68 (17, 4)
    461. [NGT] Kato Minami -62 (18, 3.4)
    269. [AKB] Yahagi Moeka -35 (9, 3.9)
    460. [NGT] Ogino Yuka -35 (13, 2.7)
    50. [SKE] Matsui Jurina -27 (8, 3.4)
    34. [K46] Hirate Yurina -26 (8, 3.3)
    459. [NGT] Yamada Noe -24 (11, 2.2)
    3. [AKB] Okada Nana -20 (5, 4)
    9. [NGT] Yamaguchi Maho -19 (4, 4.8)
    7. [IZN] Miyawaki Sakura -18 (5, 3.6)
    458. [NGT] Nakai Rika -15 (5, 3)
    21. [N46] Hori Miona -8 (2, 4)
    80. [HKT] Matsuoka Hana -8 (2, 4)
    457. [NGT] Sato Anju -8 (3, 2.7)
    126. [AKB] Kato Rena -7 (2, 3.5)
    279. [K46] Oda Nana -7 (2, 3.5)
    456. [H46] Iguchi Mao -7 (2, 3.5)
    8. [AKB] Oguri Yui -6 (2, 3)
    16. [AKB] Minegishi Minami -6 (2, 3)
    161. [AKB] Takahashi Juri -6 (2, 3)
    6. [AKB] Murayama Yuiri -5 (1, 5)
    74. [HKT] Kodama Haruka -5 (2, 2.5)
    87. [AKB] Sakaguchi Nagisa -5 (1, 5)
    255. [K46] Saito Fuyuka -5 (1, 5)
    362. [HKT] Matsuoka Natsumi -5 (1, 5)
    452. [JKT] Adhisty Zara -5 (1, 5)
    23. [IZN] Yabuki Nako -4 (1, 4)
    29. [N46] Yamashita Mizuki -4 (1, 4)
    98. [AKB] Gyoten Yurina -4 (1, 4)
    126. [IZN] Kang Hyewon -4 (1, 4)
    139. [K46] Habu Mizuho -4 (1, 4)
    142. [AKB] Shimoguchi Hinana -4 (1, 4)
    147. [NMB] Umeyama Cocona -4 (1, 4)
    165. [HKT] Tanaka Natsumi -4 (1, 4)
    290. [K46] Yamasaki Ten -4 (1, 4)
    454. [MNL] Princess Labay -4 (1, 4)
    454. [JKT] Cindy Yuvia -4 (1, 4)
    26. [IZN] Honda Hitomi -3 (1, 3)
    28. [N46] Kaki Haruka -3 (1, 3)
    50. [N46] Akimoto Manatsu -3 (1, 3)
    107. [SKE] Suda Akari -3 (1, 3)
    147. [IZN] Jang Wonyoung -3 (1, 3)
    208. [IZN] Ahn Yujin -3 (1, 3)
    417. [AKB] Okada Rina -3 (1, 3)
    450. [AKB] Suzuki Yuka -3 (1, 3)
    452. [MNL] Alyssandra Corteza -3 (1, 3)
    18. [N46] Yoda Yuki -2 (1, 2)
    47. [AKB] Utada Hatsuka -2 (1, 2)
    55. [STU] Takino Yumiko -2 (1, 2)
    107. [K46] Koike Minami -2 (1, 2)
    126. [IZN] Kim Minju -2 (1, 2)
    126. [AKB] Suzuki Kurumi -2 (1, 2)
    447. [STU] Torobu Yuri -2 (1, 2)
    447. [AKB] Sasaki Yukari -2 (1, 2)
    450. [SH] Liu Liu -2 (1, 2)
    34. [K46] Nagahama Neru -1 (1, 1)
    90. [AKB] Mogi Shinobu -1 (1, 1)
    103. [IZN] Lee Chaeyeon -1 (1, 1)
    113. [AKB] Yoshikawa Nanase -1 (1, 1)
    147. [N46] Seimiya Rei -1 (1, 1)
    214. [N46] Kitagawa Yuri -1 (1, 1)
    240. [CGM] Izuta Rina -1 (1, 1)
    392. [SKE] Sato Kaho -1 (1, 1)
    447. [MNL] Je-ann Benette Guinto -1 (1, 1)

    I'll do positives only next
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  11. StrayDogFreedom

    StrayDogFreedom Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Jan 29, 2017
    United States
    While I certainly found some suspiciously concerted seeming efforts disagreeable, after considering it and reading others' stances, I can see reason to keep negative voting and am against a need to justify them, as that would probably be difficult to judiciously rule on. The multiple -1 vote idea doesn't sound like a bad reform. Lots of room on that end to play around with.

    It really was a fun election though, @kanjo and do appreciate you going through so much effort for it. Would love to see more election type events
  12. sdn48oshi

    sdn48oshi Kenkyuusei

    Jun 6, 2012
    ??? She won...
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  13. kanjo

    kanjo Stage48 Admin Staff Member Stage48 Admin

    Aug 20, 2012
    Nishino Nanase
    I really wanted to avoid getting this deep but here goes nothing. All I'm about to write is my opinion on the virtue of having negative votes as an option

    Yes, I believe this vote reflects the forum's feelings. Each and every negative? Of course not. But overall, yes, I believe that this vote reflects the results more than if we didn't have negatives.
    Okada, specifically? Yes, of course. Because negatives didn't change her rank or have a big result on her total. Her total was reduced by 3.5%.
    That doesn't mean I agree with the downvotes. Okada is well known for being incredibly likeable.
    I don't agree with the votes against Maho either, even though they had a significant impact on her rank and total. But I agree that it reflects the forum as there are people here who don't believe her side of things. I disagree with them, but I know and acknowledge they exist.
    At the same time, the vast majority of the forum does believe her and we can also see that thanks to negative votes. And thanks to her still ranking highest (tied) among graduated members despite four dedicated haters.

    Speaking of haters and their impact, the number isn't that low and the most powerful negative is only worth a third of the most powerful positive. It takes three dedicated haters to cancel the vote of one dedicated fan. If a girl who is three times as unpopular as she is popular wins the ranking could she really be said to be the most popular member on the forum?

    And of course people who gave Okada negatives aren't coming out. No one is expecting Maho voters to oust themselves either. I'd be happy for everyone to explain all their votes but you guys are waiting for them with torches and pitchforks and wondering why they aren't revealing themselves.
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  14. Sailor Miyawaki

    Sailor Miyawaki Kenkyuusei

    Jul 31, 2018
    Maho's negative vote situation doesn't fit with Naachan's, and it's not about whether i agree they deserved the votes or not, that's not the issue. The people who gave Maho negative votes most likely did so because they dislike her/dislike things she said, which although i disagree with, is a reason that they would rate her negatively for her. Whereas Naachan doesn't fit that, if people were giving her really high negative votes because they disliked her, then it fits, but it seems most probable that it is strategic votes by a few people. As ruroni pointed out, Naahcan got the 2nd highest average negative vote value, only 0.1 lower than Ayakani, that says a lot. Did it change the results this year? no, but with a 1 point difference it makes it a very real possibility that people can strategically bring a member down to raise another. What if trinu had remembered to vote, or someone had put naachan one spot higher?

    If people were just voting on who they felt deserved negative votes for reasons around the member herself, then negative votes would fit with the overall rank, the issue is that it seems some people aren't. How can that effect be minimised, that is what should be addressed. Possible suggestions have been making people reveal their reasons why, reducing negative votes to 1 (-5 is a third of a maximum positive vote, but when the scores are so close to each other, a vote of -5 by one person can even make someone jump even a few ranks, so even if they don't "cancel" one fan's maximum vote, they change the ranks), making it so you don't have to give a -5 by default (which won't stop strategic negative voters on naachan), making negative votes compulsory (people might just throw their negatives on random girls) etc.

    tldr, can negative votes reflect the general feelings of their forum? yes. Are they being used in ways they shouldn't be? yes. Can that impact future rankings in ways that wont reflect the forums feelings? yes. And this year highlighted that this is an increasing issue, that a few people giving strategic negative votes can change the rankings. Maybe in previous years where there were a lot more voters things were balanced out better, but that is not the case now, a small number of negative voters can create a bigger change when there are less voters overall as is the case now.
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  15. Doraleous

    Doraleous Kenkyuusei

    Apr 3, 2019
    Matsuoka Hana
    That is very impactful, man, it was by a difference of 1, the single smallest value that can affect this election that those -20 did not affect her rank.
    I can only imagine how impactful this is going to be next year when we might have less voters and the Sakamichi/48G rivalry in the forums is even more clear.

    Well, if they have a ridiculous voting record like giving only Sakamichi and especially top2 Nogi a lot of points and then their negative vote goes only to Okada and 48G, then yes. Are they following 48G while not liking them? Ain't it better to just ignore them? What do they know about Okada's activities while watching mostly Sakamichi?

    Even supposing that they pay any attention to her besides looking at last year's 1st place for her, they'd still be hard-pressed to give solid reasons to give hate votes on Okada, I bet, lol.

    And as for Maho, she'd have jumped 3 positions if negative votes had to be either justified or were given less weight (-5 is too much, especially in the middle-rankings where my favourite girl is).


    Either way, I've said my piece about this, I only felt the need to give that big reply before because the previous post was by a mod supporting the negative votes and the arguments were atrocious ("Why even care, bro? Even if she gets negative votes, I'll still like her")

    Seeing as so many voices said they want a review of the negative voting, I'd think a poll would be more than fine and appropriate, since there are a lot of people dissatisfied with how negative votes can be cast and no need to justify them but disagree on how to change rules on negative votes. Just my 2 cents.

    Now a veteran on this, I'm all in on HKT votes and Yuiyui strategic POSITIVE voting next year (with some Missaa love thrown in there), like I said, not giving negatives anymore. Cy'all then.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2020
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  16. mutomu

    mutomu Upcoming Girls

    May 16, 2017
    Muto Tomu
    I'm actually late from this, for unknown reason I couldn't access to Stage48 yesterday..
    The last one from my ranking is....
    16. 7. (4) [21|5] [IZN] Miyawaki Sakura{+167,-18}, 149
    She fell out of Top 5... She is actually doing fine in IZ*ONE. Mnet vote manipulation investigation really make her career (and also other IZ*ONE members career) almost be destroyed. Even until now, I still see people talk about this. On a side note, she still get new fans because of her visual and stage presence. Wait to see her comeback to HKT48 in next year.
    My full ranking:
    01. 24. (18) [15|0] [AKB] Muto Tomu{+108,0}, 108
    02. 240. (---) [1|0] [BNK] Nuttakul Pimtongchaikul{+10,0}, 10
    03. 142. (216) [3|1] [AKB] Shimoguchi Hinana{+28,-4}, 24
    04. 196. (262) [4|0] [HKT] Matsumoto Hinata{+15,0}, 15
    05. 147. (149) [6|0] [N46] Ito Junna{+23,0}, 23
    06. 68. (72) [12|0] [N46] Umezawa Minami{+46,0}, 46
    07. 308. (444) [1|0] [MNL] Ruther Marie Lingat{+5,0}, 5
    08. 34. (26) [15|1] [K46] Nagahama Neru{+76,-1}, 75
    09. 240. (---) [3|0] [SKE] Hirata Shiina{+10,0}, 10
    10. 70. (250) [10|0] [K46] Morita Hikaru{+45,0}, 45
    11. 90. (115) [9|0] [H46] Miyata Manamo{+36,0}, 36
    12. 279. (---) [2|0] [SH] Hu XinYin{+7,0}, 7
    13. 126. (470) [3|0] [SGO] Châu Ngọc Đoan Thảo{+28,0}, 28
    14. 290. (---) [3|0] [SH] Zhu Ling{+6,0}, 6
    15. 392. (470) [1|0] [TP] Chiu Pin-han{+2,0}, 2
    16. 7. (4) [21|5] [IZN] Miyawaki Sakura{+167,-18}, 149
    17. 103. (110) [9|1] [IZN] Lee Chaeyeon{+34,-1}, 33
    18. 82. (242) [10|0] [HKT] Unjo Hirona{+39,0}, 39
    19. 290. (283) [3|0] [SH] Liu Nian{+6,0}, 6
    20. 118. (72) [9|0] [SKE] Goto Rara{+30,0}, 30
    And I'm shock because Naachan get too much negative votes than I thought. Anyway, congrats to both Ikuchan and Asuka :1st:.
  17. NyanNyan's Pet

    NyanNyan's Pet Upcoming Girls

    Mar 10, 2016
    Imo, last sentence said it all. Very few will come out, if any. On the other hand, no one will admit they're out for retalliation.

    This :asdfgh:
    And these
    Doesn't make sense to me but I don't need any explanation. I have an idea for the downvote, that's enough for me. I know we're all different. For me this is just for fun, others take it seriously and sometimes personally (admit it). That's fine, you're just being passionate. I respect that.

    If it's not too much to ask, yeah a poll should be in order. Just to get some activity going :D
    I'm just happy on my 4th time participating my Ikuchan, yes my Ikuchwan :p finished numero uno. So whatever happen next year, I'm all good.
  18. Kiri

    Kiri Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Sep 18, 2015
    On board the Rocinante
    岡田奈々 / 손채영
    My votes this year
    01. Okada Nana (+15)
    02. Yabuki Nako (+10)
    03. Miyawaki Sakura (+9)
    04. Nagahama Neru (+8)
    05. Murayama Yuiri (+7)
    06. Mukaichi Mion (+6)
    07. Shiroma Miru (+5)
    08. Koike Minami (+5)
    09. Tanaka Miku (+4)
    10. Taguchi Manaka (+4)
    11. Ma Chia-Ling (+4)
    12. Yamane Suzuha (+3)
    13. Asai Nanami (+3)
    14. Muto Tomu (+3)
    15. Takahashi Juri (+2)
    16. Taniguchi Megu (+2)
    17. Matsui Jurina (+2)
    18. Takayama Kazumi (+1)
    19. Yamamoto Ayaka (+1)
    20. Kai Kokoa (+1)

    Even though i was aware of this i almost didn't vote. 2019 wasn't a good year for me as a fan, the little i got didn't impressed me too much, and apart from Naachan i wasn't really paying attention to 48/46 members. Therefore my ranking has very few modifications from the previous one. I would like to say that this year is going to be different but so far it doesn't seems like it, so sadly Naachan will probably lose some more votes next year.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2020
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  19. kanjo

    kanjo Stage48 Admin Staff Member Stage48 Admin

    Aug 20, 2012
    Nishino Nanase
    But Nana's votes did not change her rank or significantly affect her totals.
    As for each vote, I don't know. Maybe some people thought she was overrated. It's a really common thing. I can't say for certain and I wouldn't even if I could because it's not my secret to give.
    She did not have the 2nd highest average negative vote value. That data took out people with four negatives or less, which I feel is arbitrary. Maho had a higher average with only one fewer negative. And this also ignore people with only one negative getting -5, which I don't feel needs to be ignored.

    Yes, negatives can and do change the ranks, but not nearly as much as one positive vote can. In fact each voter can give 8 members +5 or more votes.

    As for strategic voting, removing negatives will not remove strategic voting. Plenty of people voted +15 for members who weren't their oshimen because they wanted that person to do well/win. This includes all members of the top three.

    "And this year highlighted that this is an increasing issue"
    It did not. Certainly not with Nana. She wasn't affected in any significant way by negatives and she has gotten much more negatives in 2016 and 2017.


    I'm sorry I'm going to have to stop you from making the Sakamichi vs AKB claim. It is not true and the way you're talking about it is making it seem like it is. I don't want to be put in a situation where the only way to stop a meaningless fandom war or to stop people from voting against some members out of a false sense of retaliation is to reveal people's votes against their will. I won't go into details but rest assured it is not the case.
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  20. theobserver

    theobserver Upcoming Girls

    Nov 28, 2016
    Melbourne, Australia
    Takahashi Juri-Miyawaki Sakura
    Dude, you ain't helping your own cause...

    By same token, I recommend and encourage enjoying the best of both worlds
    take for eg. HKT's latest single. Its a wonderful blend of styles

    I can testify to how good it is to oshi both sides
    and how light my wallet is
    (and how hard it is when it comes to decide voting)
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