2019 Member Ranking Result Reveal (All ranks revealed!)

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    Oct 27, 2017
    Ngl I kind of skipped over a lot of those Bingo episodes because I found it hard to enjoy the newer members during that time and I didn't like some of the episode concepts. I am rewatching so I'll see if I change my mind! The Miki amusement park challenge episodes were hilarious and I'm sorry to have missed them the first time around.
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  2. Heelo

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    Dec 3, 2018
    Keyakizaka 2nd generation
    01. Ikuta Erika (+15)
    02. Nibu Akari (+10)
    03. Hirate Yurina (+9)
    04. Matsudaira Riko (+8)
    05. Matsuda Konoka (+7)
    06. Matsumura Sayuri (+6)
    07. Fujiyoshi Karin (+5)
    08. Watanabe Rika (+5)
    09. Tamura Hono (+4)
    10. Saito Yuri (+4)
    11. Sugai Yuuka (+4)
    12. Ozono Momoko (+3)
    13. Kamimura Hinano (+3)
    14. Morita Hikaru (+3)
    15. Yamashita Mizuki (+2)
    16. Watanabe Risa (+2)
    17. Oda Nana (+2)
    18. Seimiya Rei (+1)
    19. Okada Nana (+1)
    20. Kakehashi Sayaka (+1)

    The list. I really like the new girls (Keya's second gen the most), so I had to support them this year. On another note, I'm very glad that Momoko and Mizuki ranked pretty high this year.
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  3. Roger Allan Epino

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    Apr 8, 2020
    Miyawaki Sakura
    Still, happy to see miyawaki sakura at top 10,, hoping for mnl48 sheki to get high rank next time. ❤❤
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    Mar 21, 2016
    I really wish I could afford to go to Japan and go to a HS event at some point. It's always really interesting how that can totally change your opinion of a girl. Thanks for your response btw.

    I think it's less the hiatus of IZ*ONE and more the fact that this is S48. If you asked the K-Pop side of IZ*ONE fans, I feel like they feel even stronger about IZ*ONE (and its members). A good portion of S48 users are first and foremost J-Pop / AKB48 Group fans, and they want the girls back in Japan, as part of AKB and HKT and IZ*ONE gone. I only voted for J-Line and Chaewon this year as well, even though I really like all of them a lot, maybe except for Hyewon. I don't dislike her but I don't find her exciting.
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  5. Nobody

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    Dec 20, 2019
    SGO48 Hikari
    2019 Member Ranking Result Reveal (All ranks revealed!) :

    The format is: This Year's Rank. (Last Year's Rank) [# of Positive Votes | # of Negative Votes] [Short Name of the Group] Member Name {+ Points, - Points}, Overall Points

    362. (---) [1|0] [SGO] Lê Phạm Thuỷ Tiên (Tiên Linh) {+3,0}, 3
    362. (322) [1|0] [SGO] Nguyễn Thanh Hoàng My (Mochi) {+3,0}, 3
    330. (470) [1|0] [SGO] Nguyễn Lê Ngọc Ánh Sáng (Ánh Sáng) {+4,0}, 4
    330. (---) [2|0] [SGO] Trần Cát Tường (Anna) {+4,0}, 4
    308. (---) [1|0] [SGO] Nguyễn Trương Tường Vy (Janie) {+5,0}, 5
    308. (---) [1|0] [SGO] Võ Ngọc Xuân Ca (Xuân Ca) {+5,0}, 5
    126. (470) [3|0] [SGO] Châu Ngọc Đoan Thảo (Hikari) {+28,0}, 28

    There are 1020 members in the AKB48 Group.

    Châu Ngọc Đoan Thảo (Hikari) the number 1 in SGO48 and number 126 on the top 150 of the AKB48 Group.

    Châu Ngọc Đoan Thảo (Hikari) is number 2 of non-Japanese member of the AKB48 Group after 40. (43) [11|0] [BNK]Cherprang Areekul {+71,0}, 71

    I am very surprised by those results. :shocku:

    I am very happy for Châu Ngọc Đoan Thảo (Hikari) ! <3

    Hikari is my favorite Idol from SGO48 !

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  6. NanaIkuAsu

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    Jul 17, 2019
    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Saito Asuka and Ikuta Erika!

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