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AKB48/SKE48 Official Music Game (Read the 1st Post!)

Discussion in 'AKB48 News & Releases' started by araishikeiwai, May 7, 2014.

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  1. takatophilip

    takatophilip Kenkyuusei

    Jan 13, 2012
    the easiest way to get the kojima haruna (or anybody else) 1 star green, is playing special song of the day (shonichi & shoujotachi yo). you'll get the green member as a reward rather than receiving the "Natural Heart Ver". but i dont see nyan anywhere. maybe wait for tomorrow? i only see yukirin in today's shonichi SS reward in Hard mode.

    as for the janken, after you chose between the rock paper scissors and win the janken, you have to choose the stick. and if you lose the janken, you have to choose the pan to guard yourself from the hit.
  2. MurasakiSora

    MurasakiSora Kenkyuusei Retired Staff

    Jul 16, 2013
    I got the golden bottles multiple times before when playing Shoujotachiyo but I dunno why either and I don't think it's because of getting excellent consecutively either. I got 50 excellent's straight in my combo on Shonichi and I still got a blue bottle.
  3. Cloudeskies

    Cloudeskies Kenkyuusei

    Apr 28, 2013
    T_T I can't find my annin and nagao =(
    Oh guys there's star caps for each member. Like for blue it should be capped at 4 stars. Anyone knows if theres a way to break the cap or Something? I dun want blindly gacha for the 3 stars/4stars colored cards
  4. Krieger_IF

    Krieger_IF Kenkyuusei

    May 9, 2014
    you can change your unit in the members section( above the lesson icon)
    on the top is where you can change your units
    next is the gallery where you can check the stats of the member you have
    third icon is a place where you lock your members so you won't accidentally delete them
    fourth icon :( is a place where you "retire" members for hearts
    the fifth one is the album where you can check which character you didn't collect, members you didn't have will not have their sounds or chibi avatars included in your album
  5. kobwad

    kobwad Kenkyuusei

    Dec 11, 2012
    I just need Annin to evolve Sumire but I guess I need to wait lol.
    There is no star cap for member. Different outfit has different rarity. At the moment, only KFC and Heavy Rotation outfit have rarity of 4* that can evolve into 5*. Seems that the 4* Iwake Maybe outfit is also in the game but it's probably extremely difficult to get.
  6. MurasakiSora

    MurasakiSora Kenkyuusei Retired Staff

    Jul 16, 2013
    Missing only green Kojiharu to evolve my Yukirin that I got from handing in 10 tickets. My brother has her for some reason so maybe you get different random rewards from the bottles from the stars?

    And I was just lost 5 gems playing janken cuz my phone lagged on me and I couldn't tap the block button for some reason. =.='
  7. kobwad

    kobwad Kenkyuusei

    Dec 11, 2012
    I'm pretty sure you can get green Kojiharu by getting SS grade in Shoujotachi Yo hard difficulty, which is impossible :lol: Green senbatsu members are very hard to find, I wouldn't use them to evolve 3* to be honest.
  8. takatophilip

    takatophilip Kenkyuusei

    Jan 13, 2012
    i only got the Natural Heart Ver mostly from the bottles. i dont remember if the bottles will turns to the green member or not

    EDIT: i just got miichan and takamina green 1 star from playing shonichi (bottle)
    Last edited: May 9, 2014
  9. nickyolas

    nickyolas Kenkyuusei

    Aug 12, 2013
    Anyone knows if the skill of the members can only be activated once person, or multiple times as long as criteria is met?

    For example my 3 star mayuyu skill is after 15 seconds, can obtain a skill jewel which increase score by 5% for the next 7 second, does the skill activates every 15 sec or only once?

    Also, anyone have the skills of the heavy rotation units?
  10. araishikeiwai

    araishikeiwai Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Dec 14, 2013
    What's the best way to utilise unused three star cards? Use them for lesson or trade for golden ticket?

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  11. MurasakiSora

    MurasakiSora Kenkyuusei Retired Staff

    Jul 16, 2013
    I don't think they can be activated more than once since my Mayu's one only activates once per song and i only see around 5/6 of the member skills during each song which is the amount of members you have.

    Three one star cards basically give around the same bonus as a three star card so they're just better upgrade material for lessons unless you plan to use them in your unit. I personally used mine to trade in for golden tickets to get a member I like since they have better stats than the usual three star members you get (excluding janken ones). And I'm not sure if the rewards you can get for trading golden tickets in change or not later so I suggest just keeping them for now incase there's better stuff to trade in for later.
  12. Open_SaysaMe

    Open_SaysaMe Kenkyuusei

    Mar 3, 2014
    Okay so I think I'm more or less getting the hang of it, but I still don't understand how that training thing works... Like I was trying all the options there were and there was a time where I selected a character and I think I somehow used it on my char and then it disappeared, I wonder if that was the training? Anyway I'm not even sure how I did that anymore, can someone tell the steps for that? Also when I did it, it was on my main char, but since the other girls are the weaker ones how can I opt to train them instead?

    One more thing, there is an option in somewhere else where you can select how many and whichever characters you want and then put a lock on them, do you know what I'm talking about? What is it?

    Sorry for the trouble :p
  13. MurasakiSora

    MurasakiSora Kenkyuusei Retired Staff

    Jul 16, 2013
    MISSION EVENT: http://stage48.net/forum/index.php?...-read-the-1st-post.7799/page-877#post-1020471

    2ND LARGE DASU CAMPAIGN: http://stage48.net/forum/index.php?...-read-the-1st-post.7799/page-876#post-1019182

    VER 3.0.1 SCHEDULED UPDATE APRIL 28TH: http://stage48.net/forum/index.php?...-read-the-1st-post.7799/page-879#post-1020571

    VER 2.0.6 UPDATE INFORMATION: http://stage48.net/forum/index.php?...-read-the-1st-post.7799/page-847#post-1001563
    (Note: It's at bottom of the post, there isn't much)

    VER 2.0.6 APK FILE: MediaFire

    Stage48 Player List Here
    (Includes player list, LINE information and invitation codes)

    Japanese Wiki
    AKB48 Member Upgrade Requirement Sheet
    SKE48 Member Upgrade Requirement Sheet
    Surprise Pot Reward List
    (Feel free to edit these lists with any members that aren't on it yet.)

    Use Ctrl+f to quick search key words to find any questions you may have. The FAQ has been split into two sections; general and event.

    Q. How do I download this game?
    A. iOS: Make a Japanese iTunes account
    Android: Download the latest APK file found at the top of this post.

    Q. Can I play only one side?
    A. Yes, you can choose to not play either side if you wish. There are sometimes login campaigns on which then is advisable for you to login on both sides for the rewards.

    Q. How do you unlock group function?
    A. You must complete a set of quick challenges; send a friend request, play a song, do a lesson, change your unit

    Q. Can I get graduated members e.g. Oshima Yuko?
    A. Any members that are graduated cannot be gotten in the game anymore. However if you have that member from when she was still in the game, you can still use her in your units.

    Q. I keep getting these messages popping up while I'm playing like this or this.
    A. The first messages is a download error message meaning you may not be connected to the internet so check your connection. The second is an error message. Press the clear cache button before the game loading screen if it constantly pops up.

    Q. After I transferred my account to a new device, my old device keeps having an error message popping up. How do I get rid of it?
    A. There is no available method to get rid of it. Delete and re-download the app to play it again on the old device.

    Q. I beat *insert song name here* score challenge but it says it hasn't been completed.
    A. Maeshika Mukanee score challenge is currently bugged. Also, expert mode does not count towards score challenges.

    Q. Should I janken or easy dasu?
    A. If you want a guarantee of a 4 star member or higher, play janken. It also allows you to reroll if you get a member you don't like whereas the other mode doesn't. Easy dasu is entirely luck based on what kind of member you get so play at your own risk. 50 gem dasu on the other hand is a better method in farming costumes for a member/team compared to janken/easy dasu.

    Q. What is this ticket that's not the usual golden colour?
    A. If you have tickets that aren't gold, that means they are special tickets and are usable in the special ticket exchange during the event.

    Q. Where do I find the special ticket exchange?
    A. Special ticket exchange is on the last page of the dasu menu after the regular ticket exchange.

    Q. Can I go for more than one member in an Oshimen Event?
    A. No, you can only go for one member on each side during an Oshimen Event. At the end of the event, your current oshimen is what is counted for the event point rewards.

    Q. How do I get photos for *insert member here*?
    A. Photos are only available as rewards from events. To find out if an event has photo rewards, refer to my event posts linked at the top of this post.

    Q. How do I get Watanabe Mayu/Matsui Rena R .ver?
    A. These are only given out as rewards from events. Check event post for more details.

    Q. Can I check the stats/skills of members from special ticket exchange before I trade for them?
    A. Yes you can. Click and hold onto the picture of the member and the status window will pop up.

    Daily Song Rewards & Member Names (English and Japanese)
    AKB48 members drop from their team's respective songs:
    Pioneer- Team A
    Shamu Neko - Team K
    Shonichi - Team B
    Love Shugyou - Team 4
    Shoujotachiyo - All

    Monday - Pioneer
    Tuesday - Shamu Neko
    Wednesday - Shonichi
    Thursday - Love Shugyou
    Friday - Shoujotachiyo
    Saturday - Pioneer & Shamu Neko
    Sunday - Shonichi & Love Shugyou

    AKB48 Members
    Ino Miyabi - 飯野雅
    Ichikawa Manami - 市川愛美
    Iriyama Anna - 入山杏奈
    Iwata Karen - 岩田華怜
    Kawaei Rina - 川栄李奈
    Kojima Natsuki - 小嶋菜月
    Kojima Haruna - 小嶋陽菜
    Shimazaki Haruka - 島崎遥香
    Takahashi Minami - 高橋みなみ
    Takita Kayoko - 田北香世子
    Tatsuya Makiho - 達家真姫宝
    Taniguchi Megu - 谷口めぐ
    Nonaka Chisato - 中田ちさと
    Nakanishi Chiyori - 中西智代梨
    Nakamura Mariko - 中村麻里子
    Nishiyama Rena - 西山怜那
    Fujita Nana - 藤田奈那
    Furuhata Nao - 古畑奈和
    Maeda Ami - 前田亜美
    Matsui Sakiko - 松井咲子
    Miyawaki Sakura - 宮脇咲良
    Muto Tomu - 武藤十夢
    Morikawa Ayaka - 森川彩香
    Yagura Fuuko - 矢倉楓子

    Aigasa Moe - 相笠萌
    Abe Maria - 阿部マリア
    Ishida Haruka - 石田晴香
    Iwasa Misaki - 岩佐美咲
    Uchida Mayumi - 内田眞由美
    Kitahara Rie - 北原里英
    Kojima Mako - 小嶋真子
    Kodama Haruka - 兒玉遥
    Kobayashi Kana - 小林香菜
    Goto Moe - 後藤萌咲
    Shimada Haruka - 島田 晴香
    Shimoguchi Hinana - 下口ひなな
    Suzuki Shihori - 鈴木 紫帆里
    Suzuki Mariya - 鈴木まりや
    Tano Yuka - 田野優花
    Nagao Mariya - 永尾まりや
    Matsui Jurina - 松井珠理奈
    Miyazaki Miho - 宮崎美穂
    Yamamoto Sayaka - 山本彩
    Yumoto Ami - 湯本亜美
    Yokoyama Yui - 横山由依

    Ikoma Rina - 生駒里奈
    Izuta Rina - 伊豆田莉奈
    Uchiyama Natsuki - 内山奈月
    Umeta Ayano - 梅田綾乃
    Oshima Ryoka - 大島涼花
    Oya Shizuka - 大家志津香
    Owada Nana - 大和田南那
    Ogsawara Mayu - 小笠原茉由
    Kashiwagi Yuki - 柏木由紀
    Kawamoto Saya - 川本紗矢
    Kuramochi Asuka - 倉持明日香
    Takajo Aki - 高城亜樹
    Takahashi Juri - 高橋朱里
    Takeuchi Miyu - 竹内美宥
    Tanabe Miku - 田名部生来
    Tomonaga Mio - 朝長美桜
    Natori Wakana - 名取稚菜
    Nozawa Rena - 野澤玲奈
    Hashimoto Hikari - 橋本耀
    Hirata Rina - 平田梨奈
    Fukuoka Seina - 福岡聖菜
    Yokoshima Aeri - 横島亜衿
    Watanabe Mayu - 渡辺麻友

    Iwatate Saho - 岩立沙穂
    Okawa Rio - 大川莉央
    Omori Miyu - 大森美優
    Okada Ayaka - 岡田彩花
    Okada Nana - 岡田奈々
    Kato Rena - 加藤玲奈
    Kizaki Yuria - 木﨑ゆりあ
    Kitazawa Saki - 北澤早紀
    Kotani Riho - 小谷里歩
    Kobayashi Marina - 小林茉里奈
    Komiyama Haruka - 込山榛香
    Sasaki Yukari - 佐々木優佳里
    Sato Kiara - 佐藤妃星
    Shinozaki Ayana - 篠崎彩奈
    Shibuya Nagisa - 渋谷凪咲
    Takashima Yurina - 髙島祐利奈
    Tsuchiyasu Mizuki - 土保瑞希
    Nishino Miki - 西野未姫
    Maeda Mitsuki - 前田美月
    Minegishi Minami - 峯岸みなみ
    Mukaichi Mion - 向井地美音
    Murayama Yuiri - 村山彩希
    Mogi Shinobu - 茂木忍

    All SKE48 team songs are Shonichi, one for each team.

    Monday - Team S and KII
    Tuesday- Team KII and E
    Wednesday - Team E and S
    Thursday - Team S and KII
    Friday - Team KII and E
    Saturday - Team E and S
    Sunday - Team S, KII and E

    SKE48 Members
    Azuma Rion - 東李苑
    Inuzuka Asana - 犬塚あさな
    Oya Masana - 大矢真那
    Kitagawa Ryoha - 北川綾巴
    Goto Risako - 後藤理沙子
    Sato Mieko - 佐藤実絵子
    Takeuchi Mai - 竹内舞
    Tanaka Natsumi - 田中菜津美
    Tsuzuki Rika - 都築里佳
    Nakanishi Yuka - 中西優香
    Noguchi Yume - 野口由芽
    Futamura Haruka - 二村春香
    Matsui Jurina - 松井珠理奈
    Matsumoto Chikako - 松本慈子
    Miyazawa Sae - 宮澤佐江
    Miyamae Anmi - 宮前杏実
    Yakata Miki - 矢方美紀
    Yamauchi Suzuran - 山内鈴蘭
    Watanabe Miyuki - 渡辺美優紀

    Abiru Riho -阿比留李帆
    Arai Yuki - 荒井優希
    Ishida Anna - 石田安奈
    Uchiyama Mikoto - 内山命
    Ego Yuna - 江籠裕奈
    Oba Mina - 大場美奈
    Kitano Ruka - 北野瑠華
    Goudo Saki - 神門沙樹
    Souda Sarina - 惣田紗莉渚
    Takagi Yumana - 高木由麻奈
    Takatsuka Natsuki - 髙塚夏生
    Takayanagi Akane - 高柳明音
    Hidaka Yuzuki - 日高優月
    Furukawa Airi - 古川愛李
    Furuhata Nao - 古畑奈和
    Mizuno Honoka - 水埜帆乃香
    Yamashita Yukari - 山下ゆかり
    Yamada Nana - 山田菜々
    Yamada Mizuho - 山田みずほ

    Isohara Kyoka - 磯原杏華
    Ichino Narumi - 市野成美
    Iwanaga Tsugumi - 岩永亞美
    Umemoto Madoka - 梅本まどか
    Kato Rumi - 加藤るみ
    Kimoto Kanon - 木本花音
    Kumazaki Haruka - 熊崎晴香
    Koishi Kumiko - 小石公美子
    Kobayashi Ami - 小林亜実
    Saito Makiko - 斉藤真木子
    Sakai Mei - 酒井萌衣
    Sato Sumire - 佐藤すみれ
    Shibata Aya - 柴田阿弥
    Suda Akari - 須田亜香里
    Takatera Sana - 髙寺沙菜
    Tani Marika - 谷真理佳
    Fukushi Nao - 福士奈央
    Matsui Rena - 松井玲奈
    Yamada Reika - 山田澪花

    Menu Navigation
    The menu has 5 different options on it. From the front, they are:
    - ライブ (Live) This is where you go to play the game.
    - レッソン (Lesson) This is explained above where you train your members to increase their stats.
    - メンバー (Member) This option is for everything members related from creating units to locking members and trading for tickets.
    - ダス (Dasu) Where you go to play Janken and trade in golden tickets.
    - その他 (Other) Basically the settings for profile, friends etc

    Home Screen

    The home screen has many functions including the following:
    • Intimacy list - Red button in bottom left corner
    • Notices (お知らせ) - Aqua button in middle left area
    • Status bubble - Top left corner
    • Mailbox - Central top area
    • Gem Purchase - Left of mailbox (trolley bubble)
    • Challenges - Right of mailbox (black bubble)
    • Group Change - Top right corner
    • Oshimen Home Screen Customisation - Click on disc
    • Rotating Banners - Under group change button
    • Menu Navigation - The five silver bubbles on the right

    AKB48 & SKE48 Mode
    There is now AKB48 and SKE48 modes, two different modes with two different sets of members, songs etc. It is up to you whether you want to play both, or only one of them.

    If you are playing for the first time, you will be asked to select either AKB48 or SKE48 mode. If you have played the game before, you are free to switch at any time through the Group Change button accessible in upper right corner of home screen.

    The following will stay the same between both modes:
    - Gems, hearts, tickets, rank, LP, invitation codes, special tickets, badges, intimacy and friends​
    The following are separate between the two modes:
    - Dasu costumes, songs, costumes, disc photos, members, inventory capacity and mail.
    If you are playing the game for the first time, you will notice that the group change function is unavailable. To unlock it, you must complete a series of easy challenges:
    - Send a friend request
    - Play a song
    - Do a lesson
    - Change your unit​

    Lessons (レッソン) or training is what you'll be using to increase the stats of your members and evolve them. It's the second button in your options. There's two kind of lessons, the first one is a normal lesson and the second one (yellow one) is the special lesson.

    Normal lessons use hearts and absorbing up to 5 other members at a time to increase a member's stats until they reach 100%. It increases pretty quickly at the start but requires more and more hearts and members absorbed to get through the last dozen percents and the stat increases get less and less.

    Special lessons are used to evolve your members increasing their star by one e.g. your default center going from three stars to four stars. It also resets their training from 100% to 0% so you can upgrade them again for higher stats. Special lessons require specific green members to evolve and they can usually only be found in the special song (Shonichi and Shoujotachiyo so far) and also require them to be at 100% trained else they can't be upgraded through special lessons.

    When training a member in normal lessons it requires more hearts for each 20% of the upgrading process. Refer to the table below for how many hearts is requires to consume one member during training for how star level of members e.g. it requires 100 hearts per member consumed on a 5 star member if it's currently between 60-79%.

    Member (メンバー)
    The members button is the third button options which I believe everyone's figured out but I'll explain each part of the 5 options inside it.

    1. is to edit your units, changing who are the members, center etc. You can have up to 5 units. The middle green button is to automatically change the unit to your strongest possible unit whereas the left one (blue) is to make this your default unit. Press the red tick button at the bottom to save when you're done else it doesn't save which is a mistake I made a few times. The green button on the right is to choose your unit from scratch where you pick 5 members and that's your new unit instead of changing one at a time.

    2. this is to check all your members and to see what stats they have by clicking on them. Pretty basic stuff.

    3. is to lock your members. By clicking on them and locking your members, it means they can't be absorbed in lessons and traded in for hearts and tickets. Basically a failsafe way to protect yourself from accidentally losing members you want to keep. They also protect those member's special lesson partners too.

    4. is to trade in members to gain hearts and golden tickets. The hearts gained are pretty negligible so I don't suggest doing this. To gain tickets, you have to trade in a member that is at least 3 stars.
    3 star members give 1 ticket, 4 star members give 20 tickets and 5 star members give 50 tickets.

    5. is the album where you can look at each card and hear them talk. You can also check what photos you have for each member and what costume is needed to unlock the others. Just some added features in the game.

    ダス (dasu)
    Updated drop rates for dasu as of October 30th here

    First option is Janken which requires 5 gems to play. You choose rock, paper or scissors and it's like the variety show versions where there's a bat and a helmet to choose from after you and the AI reveal your hands. The bat and the helmet left and right of the screen will switch around and are not set in place. When you win a round, you can keep the member you get or pay another gem to continue on to another round for better rewards.

    Winning 1-2 rounds gets you the blue pot whereas winning 3-4 rounds wins you green pot. These always will usually get you a 3 star member. Winning 5+ rounds of janken will get you a gold pot and these guarantee you a 4 star member. There is still a chance of getting a 4 star member when you win first round to fourth round but the chance is extremely rare and increases by a bit as the rounds go by. After you win all 5 rounds, you're allowed to use 3 gems to replay the 5th round and have another go for a different member. 5 star members (UZA etc) are extremely rare and are not guaranteed on any round. Basically a high risk high reward mini-game.

    Second option is easy dasu which is basically a gachapon-esque mini-game where you pay 5 gems for a random member usually 3 star (or if you're extremely lucky a 4 or 5 star) member. There is also a function for a 50 gem dasu that gives you 10 members and you are guaranteed a 4 star member minimum.

    Third option is the ticket exchange where you trade in tickets for members. They used to be the クールタクト. ver (Cool Tact version) but now the Choco Mint and Pajama costumes are available for 20 and 200 tickets respectivly.

    Fourth option is the special ticket exchange that is only available for events. You can trade in special event tickets for the event costume of members of your choice usually 10 tickets per member unless differently specified..

    Intimacy Function
    The intimacy function is a permanent addition to the game where using your members in lives will increase their intimacy and unlock you rewards and bonuses.

    - Your intimacy level/degree of intimacy with each member increases whenever you use them in a live.
    - Your unit center's intimacy level increases at double the rate of your other members.
    - Each costume has a set amount of intimacy it can achieve e.g. 6 star members at 1500, 5 star members max at 1000 intimacy and 4 stars max at 600 intimacy.
    - Intimacy level on a specific costume on a member will stay the same even if you get rid of the member and then obtain the member again.
    - You can check the intimacy level of your members at the bottom left corner of your home screen. It will also automatically pop up after you finish a live.
    - Reaching specific amounts of intimacy will result in a variety of rewards and benefits such as hearts and gems along with mental and performance boosts for that member.
    Intimacy Level Rewards:
    70 - 100x hearts
    140 - 1x gem
    210 - 200x hearts
    280 - 300x hearts
    350 - 1x gem
    420 - 300x hearts
    490 - Mental boost +10
    630 - 1x gem
    840 - Performance boost + 1000
    1050 - 500x hearts
    1260 - 1x gem
    1470 - Mental boost +20
    1750 - 500x hearts
    2100 - Performance boost + 2000

    After Ver 1.1.11 Update
    2400 - Home screen production - Relaxed/Chilling
    2600 - 550x hearts
    2800 - 1x gem
    3000 - New home screen speech/dialogue
    3100 - 500x hearts
    3300 - 1x gem
    3500 - New home screen speech/dialogue
    3600 - 500 x hearts
    3800 - 1x gem
    4000 - New home screen speech/dialogue
    4100 - 500x hearts
    4300 - 1x gem
    4500 - New home screen speech/dialogue
    4600 - 500x hearts
    4800 - 1x gem
    5000 - New home screen speech/dialogue

    Profile Page
    To access your profile page, click the last option in the menu (その他). The first option is your profile. You can change your IGN by clicking the orange button next to your name. Right under it are your hearts and game ID and under that, you can add a quote which has a character limit of 20.

    On the left of your profile page are your badges which you can access the badges page. The green button under your photo is to change oshimen while the blue round camera button above is to change profile photos of that member.

    Under the display of your main unit, there are five boxes showing the following from left to right:
    - Themes completed (also known as challenges)
    - Costumes obtained (includes all costumes of every member)
    - Photos obtained
    - Voices obtained
    - Motion? (Not sure as of yet)

    The second tab displays your oshimen and her intimacy page.

    To access your badges page, click on the second option in the other (5th option) menu. The first tab shows all badges, the second is the growth type badges (have a green title) and the third tab are for limited type badges. Badges are a new feature that can be obtained by satisfying a condition set in the game. You can display up to 3 badges and they're basically for display for others to see.

    There are two types of badges; growth type and limited type. The growth type badge is a badge where it will continue to upgrade with the more conditions in the game you fulfill like how challenges continue to upgrade and become harder. Limited type badges on the other hand can be earned by achieving certain conditions and are usually event related. Limited type badges are one time only and will also give rewards Some badges may be hidden.

    Growth Type Badges
    - Login 5 times (each has to be on a different day)
    - Play a live 10 times.
    - Achieve full combo 10 times.
    - Achieve rank SS 10 times.
    - Perform a special lesson 10 times.
    - Win 5 rounds in janken (basically one full janken aka 9 gems).

    The third button in the Other menu (その他) is your friend page. The first tab in here shows the friends you have where you can have up to 30 originally and increases up to 60 maximum capacity the higher your rank. You can use your friends as a guest when playing a song once a day. The second tab is pending friend requests that others have sent you which maxes at 20. Click on them to accept (the red button) or decline (blue button).

    The last tab shows has two parts. The top part shows your ID to give to others for them add you and the bottom part is to add others by inputting their ID.

    Hearts are gained through completing songs gaining a set amount depending on difficulty and rank you get. You also get a bonus for getting full combo. You use hearts in lessons to upgrade your members from 0% to 100% in the first lesson and it requires more and more hearts to upgrade as you progress towards 100%.

    Gems (also known as sound stones) can be used for the following things:

    -Dasu (4th option in the menu)
    -Janken (requires 5 gems and then 1 more for each round you continue in)
    -Refilling your LP to full when you don't have enough for a song (requires 1 gem)
    -Refilling mental to max when you run out of mental in a song (requires 1 gem)
    - Increasing your maximum member capacity by 10 members after reaching the cap of 70 (requires 1 gem). Maximum capacity of 700. After 300, a gem only increases by 5 capacity at a time.

    To gain gems, you can complete challenges viewable in the top right corner of the screen where there's usually a notification bubble outlined in pink. Only some give gems as rewards so click on them to check. Other methods including compensation from updates and maintenance and rewards from events. Otherwise you press the green trolley bubble to pay real money for gems.

    LP - Live Points
    You start off with 50 LP at rank 1 and for every rank, you gain 2 LP until rank 10 where it only increases by 1 LP. So for example at rank 15, you'll have 74 LP. After rank 50, you gain 1 LP per every 2 rank instead so at rank 60, you'll have 114 LP. You regain 1 LP every 4 minutes so 15 LP every hour.

    LP needed for each difficulty:
    Easy - 10
    Normal - 20
    Hard - 30
    High Speed - 35
    Expert - 45

    For special songs (both daily songs and Namida Surprise), they require 15, 25 and 35 LP respectively.

    Songs (and ranks to unlock)
    Heavy Rotation - Rank 1
    Koisuru Fortune Cookie - Rank 2
    Suzukake Nanchara - Rank 2
    Maeshika Mukanee - Rank 6
    Kokoro no Placard - Rank 8
    Heart Ereki - Rank 9
    Labrador Retriever - Rank 11
    Everyday Kachuusha - Rank 13
    Kibouteki Refrain - Rank 15
    Manatsu no Sounds Good! - Rank 17
    Sayonara Crawl - Rank 19
    Hashire! Penguin - Rank 21
    Seijun Philosophy - Rank 23
    Eien Pressure - Rank 25
    Oogoe Diamond - Rank 27
    AKB Festival - Rank 28
    Ponytail to Shushu - Rank 30
    First Rabbit - Rank 33
    Heart Gata Virus - Rank 34
    Juuryoku Sympathy - Rank 36
    Iiwake Maybe - Rank 40
    Sailor Zombie - Rank 44
    Flying Get - Rank 46
    Kagami no Naka no Jeanne D'Arc - Rank 48
    River - Rank 50
    Kaze wa Fuiteiru - Rank 52
    UZA - Rank 54
    Temodemo no Namida - Rank 57
    Junjou Shugi - Rank 58
    Gingham Check - Rank 61
    Beginner - Rank 65
    Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara - Rank 70

    Pareo wa Emerald
    Wimbledon e Tsureteitte
    December Kangaroo - Rank 8
    Temodemo no Namida - Rank 16
    Kagami no Naka no Jeanne D'Arc - Rank 24
    Coquettish Juutai Chuu - Rank 28
    Kiss Datte Hidarikiki - Rank 32
    Kataomoi Finally - Rank 48
    Junjou Shugi - Rank 56

    Special Songs (Daily Songs)
    On specific days of the week, a different daily song will appear and specific green jersey of members will drop from each song depending on their team.

    Monday - Pioneer
    Tuesday - Shamu Neko
    Wednesday - Shonichi
    Thursday - Love Shugyou
    Friday - Shoujotachiyo
    Saturday - Pioneer & Shamu Neko
    Sunday - Shonichi & Love Shugyou

    Namida Surprise - Appears when it's someone's birthday and all rewards are of that member. (Song appears in red at the end of song list).

    This is the blue bubble with an envelope on it in your home screen at the top next to your gems. Your messages consist of two things:

    Challenges completed: You get a message giving you gems for completing challenges, usually getting a higher rank you haven't gotten yet (A, S, SS) or ranking up.

    Getting a higher rank in a song that you haven't gotten yet e.g. you finally get B rank on HebiRote on hard difficulty whereas before your highest was a C rank. You'll receive a member as a reward usually three star members or a bronze Takamina (always the B rank reward for all songs that aren't the special ones). To check what rewards there are for the song, press and hold the difficulty of the song and it'll show them.

    Messages also expire from your message box after 14 days so if the members/rewards aren't taken out by then, they will disappear.

    You can also open all messages on that page at once by clicking the green button (全部開ける) at the bottom of the screen.

    To delete all opened messages, click the blue button at the bottom.

    Challenges (else known as themes in Japanese) can be accessed by clicking on the bubble in the top right corner of the home screen between the mailbox and Group change buttons. There are four kinds of challenges:
    1. Reaching xx rank (5, 10, 15, 20, ..., 35, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80)
    2. Collect xx costumes (50, 100, 150, ..., 950, 1000)
    3. Complete a song on easy with full combo xx times.
    - Every time you complete this challenge, your full combo count will reset.
    - After completing up to 10 full combos on easy, it will proceed to normal and then finally hard.​
    4. Complete xx song with xx score or higher
    - The songs will be set but you can play any difficulty to complete this challenge.
    - The score requirement increases by 10,000 for each challenge and starts at 100,000.​
    Check the full list of rewards here: http://akb48game.jp/news/detail/136
    Note: For any reward that is an event ticket, it has been changed to a normal reward e.g. hearts, Takaminas and tickets ever since the end of the Natsu Matsuri event.

    Songs give the following the amounts of EXP.
    Easy difficulty - 30 EXP
    Normal difficulty - 65 EXP
    Hard difficulty - 110 EXP
    High Speed - 135
    Expert difficulty - 190 EXP

    For songs that are 15/25/35 LP (daily songs and Namida Surprise), they instead give the following amounts of EXP.
    Easy difficulty - 30
    Normal difficulty - 50
    Hard difficulty - 120

    To check how much EXP needed to rank up, look at the top left corner of your screen under your rank.

    Guests are needed each time you play a song. They join your unit for one song and give you a boost to your performance and mental stats so it's usually a smart idea to find a guest with high stats. Whenever you play a song with a guest, that guest gets 5 hearts. If the guest was a friend, they'll gain 10 instead. You can only use a guest that is on your friend's list once every 24 hours however.

    General Gameplay
    By racking up combos, you can get bubbles with a star in them that gets you a pot that are either blue, green or gold (in increasing order of worth) that rewards you with a member at the end. To rack up a combo, get greats and above only. Anything less will end your combo. However only bad and miss will reduce your mental whereas good will not.

    You also get a bonus multiplier to your points when you play depending on the colour of your members. This is why the bubbles in the song are purple, yellow, red, blue or green. For example when you start off, you have one blue and 4 red members. Every time you tap a blue bubble during the song, you will see a bonus x1.10 and a bonus of x1.40 for a red bubble. At the top right corner of each song's difficulty, there's a colour e.g. HebiRote is red. That determines which colour of bubbles appears most in that song.

    Center bonuses occur when you have a four star member or higher as your center. With a four star member, you will get perfect instead of excellent on the bubbles that match the colour of the song. This gives you a tiny boost in score compared to the normal excellents. Likewise with a five star member where you will get unbelievable instead.

    Ranks are from C to SS. At the start, your performance stat is only high enough to get you to a B even if you were to get excellent for the whole song. By raising your performance stat through lessons, you can reach the higher ranks easier. To view how close you are to the next rank during a song, look at the bar in the top right corner.

    There are three kinds of pots, blue, green and gold increasing in rarity in this order. The chance of getting a gold pot is extremely rare and is up to luck (getting excellents does not change anything). Only gold pots can drop the surprise pot reward which is not a certain drop but only a chance to drop within a gold pot.

    To change the colour of your pot (blue -> green -> gold), you increase your rank in the song (B -> A -> S -> SS) to have a chance of the pot changing colour. Your pot can only change colour once so a blue pot can't reach a gold pot during the duration of a song.

    The higher the difficulty of the song, the better the drops e.g. easy will usually always give one star for blue pots whereas expert will usually give a two star member. Only hard and expert songs will have a chance to drop a 4 star member. The following 4 star outfits drop from the following songs unlocked at these ranks.
    Iiwake Maybe - Songs unlocked at ranks 1-16
    Flying Get - Songs unlocked at ranks 17-30
    Heart Ereki - Songs unlocked at ranks 31+

    Skills can be seen by pressing and holding a member to open up their status page. Skills can only activate once per song via different requirements and have varying effects.

    Skill info:

    X秒後 (eg 15秒後, 60秒後, etc)
    After X seconds, (eg 15 secs, 60 secs)

    コンボ数X回時 (コンボ数40回時)
    After X combos, (eg after 40 combos)

    メンタルがX%以下になった時 (eg メンタルが60%以下になった時)
    When mental drops below X%, (eg below 60%)


    に獲得スコアをX秒間Y%UPさせるスキル玉が出現する (eg に獲得スコアを7秒間80%UPさせるスキル玉が出現する)
    Score from bubbles are increased by Y% for X seconds (eg 80% for 7 seconds)

    にメンタルをX回復させるスキル玉が出現する (eg ルを150回復させるスキル玉が出現する)
    Mental will recover by X. (eg recover by 150)

    に判定をX秒間緩和させるスキル玉が出現する (eg に判定を8秒間緩和させるスキル玉が出現する)
    Target area will increase for X seconds (eg increase by 8 seconds)

    にX秒間玉をY色に変えるスキル玉が出現する (に7秒間玉を黄色に変えるスキル玉が出現する)
    Bubble colour will change to Y for X seconds (eg yellow for 7 seconds)

    にスコアをXUPさせるスキル玉が出現する (eg にスコアを600UPさせるスキル玉が出現する)
    Adds X to your score (eg adds 600 to your score)

    になった時にダメージをX秒間Y%軽減させるスキル玉が出現する (になった時にダメージを6秒間30%軽減させるスキル玉が出現する)
    Reduces damage by Y% for X seconds (eg reduces by 30% for 6 seconds)

    Song Colours
    Songs listed with colours appearing from most to least and the colour that gives the perfect/unbelieveable bonus is bolded.

    • Heavy Rotation - Blue, Red, Yellow
    • Koi Suru Fortune Cookie - Yellow, Green, Purple
    • Suzukake Nanchara - Green, Purple, Red
    • Maeshika Mukanee - Green, Red, Blue
    • Kokoro no Placard - Yellow, Green, Purple
    • Heart Ereki - Yellow, Green, Purple
    • Labrador Retriever - Yellow, Green, Purple
    • Everyday, Katyusha - Red, Blue, Yellow
    • Kibouteki Refrain - Green, Red, Blue
    • Manatsu no Sounds Good! - Purple, Red, Blue
    • Sayonara Crawl - Red, Purple, Blue
    • Hashire Penguin - Yellow, Red, Blue
    • Seijun Philosophy - Blue, Green, Yellow
    • Eien Pressure - Green, Red, Purple
    • Oogoe Diamond - Blue, Yellow, Green
    • Ponytail to Shushu - Yellow, Green, Purple
    • First Rabbit - Purple, Green, Red
    • Heart Gata Virus - Yellow, Blue, Green
    • Juuryoku Sympathy - Purple, Red, Blue
    • Iiwake Maybe - Purple, Red, Blue
    • Sailor Zombie - Purple, Blue, Red
    • Flying Get - Red, Blue, Yellow
    • Kagami no Naka no Joan of Arc - Purple, Blue, Yellow
    • River - Purple, Yellow, Red
    • Kaze wa Fuiteiru - Green, Red, Blue
    • UZA - Red, Blue
    • Temodemo no Namida - Red, Green, Blue
    • Junjou Shugi - Red, Yellow, Green
    • Gingham Check - Blue, Green, Yellow
    • Beginner - Blue, Yellow, Purple
    • Sakura no Ki ni Narou - Blue, Green, Purple
    • Shonichi - Yellow, Green, Purple
    • Shoujotachi yo - Yellow, Green, Purple
    • Shamu Neko - Purple, Red, Blue
    • Pioneer - Blue, Green, Yellow
    • Love Shugyou - Red, Blue, Yellow
    • Namida Surprise - Blue, Yellow, Green

    • Anata to Christmas Eve - Purple, Blue, Red
    • Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara - Green, Red, Blue
    Hard Mode Bubble Count
    Heavy Rotation (Red): 288 Bubbles - 114 Blue> 99 Red > 15 Yellow
    Suzukake (Green): 261 Bubbles - 162 Green > 72 Purple > 27 Red
    KFC (Yellow): 237 Bubbles - 136 Yellow > 76 Green > 16 Purple
    Mae Shika Mukanee (Green): 264 Bubbles - 151 Green > 98 Red > 15 Blue
    Heart Ereki (Yellow): 237 Bubbles - 138 Yellow > 63 Green > 36 Purple
    Labrador Retriever (Yellow): 269 Bubbles - ?? Yellow ?? Green ?? Purple
    Everyday Kachuusa (Red): 316 Bubbles - 241 Red > 41 Blue > 34 Yellow
    Manatsu no Sounds Good (Purple): 336 Bubbles - 275 Purple > 51 Red > 10 Blue
    Sayonara Crawl (Purple): 224 Bubbles - 92 Red > 85 Purple > 47 Blue
    Seijun Phylosophy (Blue): 319 Bubbles - 187 Blue > 114 Green > 18 Yellow
    Oogue Diamond (Blue): 337 Bubbles - 188 Blue > 119 Yellow > 30 Green
    Ponytail to Shushu (Yellow): 347 Bubbles - 162 Yellow > 141 Green > 44 Purple
    First Rabbit (Green): 250 Bubbles - 122 Purple > 96 Green > 32 Red
    Juuryouku Sympathy (Purple): 328 Bubbles - 152 Purple > 151 Red > 25 Blue
    Iiwake Maybe (Purple): 293 Bubbles - 152 Purple > 90 Red > 51 Blue
    Flying Get (Red): 282 Bubbles - 203 Red > 42 Blue > 37 Yellow
    UZA (Red): 389 Bubbles - 236 Red > 153 Blue
    Shonichi (Yellow): 251 Bubbles - 127 Yellow > 107 Green > 17 Purple
    Shoujo Tachi Yo (Green): 251 Bubbles - 121 Yellow > 112 Green > 18 Purple
    Shamu Neko (Purple): 299 Bubbles - 182 Purple > 102 Red > 15 Blue
    Pioneer (Blue): 334 Bubbles - 199 Blue > 129 Green > 6 Yellow
    Love Shugyou (Red): 332 Bubbles - Red > Blue > Yellow
    Namida Surprise (Blue): 286 Bubbles - 142 Blue > 120 Yellow > 24 Green

    • Pareo wa Emerald - Green, Blue, Yellow
    • Escape - Yellow, Blue, Red
    • Wimbledon e Tsureteitte - Red, Yellow, Blue
    • Shonichi - Yellow, Green, Purple
    • Anata to Christmas Eve - Purple, Blue, Red
    • December Kangaroo - Blue, Yellow, Purple
    • Temodemo no Namida - Red, Green, Blue
    • Kagami no Naka no Joan of Arc - Purple, Blue, Yellow
    • Kiss Datte Hidarikiki - Green, Red, Blue
    • Kataomoi Finally - Blue, Green, Purple
    • Choco no Dorei - Yellow, Purple, Red
    • Junjou Shugi - Red, Yellow, Green
    • Mirai to Wa? - Purple, Blue, Yellow
    • Aishiteraburu! - Green, Red, Blue

    Transferring and Backing Up Account
    To get your account's backup/serial code, head to the title screen and click on the orange button in the bottom left corner to generate the code. Afterwards, click on the pink button in the title screen to enter the serial code and thus transfer your account. The serial code will last for 30 days.

    Recovering Lost Accounts
    Note: If you don't understand Japanese, it may be easier to use Google Chrome and have it translate the pages and text for you.

    To retrieve an account you have lost access to, follow these steps:
    1. Go to http://akb48game.jp/support/contact/
    2. Scroll down to the bottom and in the inquiry box, choose other (その他)
    3. You will be directed to a form which you will need to fill out (Google translate is your friend).
    - It is suggested you fill out the form in Japanese
    - In the details section (詳細内容), report your problem and also provide the developers with the following information:






    ・Member ID

    ・Oshimen (the one last set)
    ・Unit members in display unit
    ・Name of display unit

    ・Oshimen (the one last set)
    ・Unit members in display unit
    ・Name of display unit

    ・The date and time you registered for this app (when you ticked the terms and conditions and made your starting unit)
    ・Last login date and time
    ・Device used for playing this app (e.g. iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S3 etc)

    ・Why a takeover code cannot be used (this is where you make up some believeable excuse of why you can't access your account)
    ・Any order number/receipts you have if you have purchased gems before (leave blank if not applicable)
    4. If successful, you should receive an email in 2-3 hours with a code to retrieving your account that you can enter at the bottom left corner of title screen in the pink box.
    - Example of email reply here

    Past Event and Update Information
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