AKB48 Team SH Dream Card

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    AKB48 Team SH Dream Card
    TSH Dream Card campaign has been released on April 1st, 2022, consecutively TSH Dream World also has been officially launched.

    AKB48 Team SH will expand the content and discover more interesting worlds.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q. What is TSH Dream Card?
    A. TSH Dream Card is a special card to open TSH Dream World.
    The TSH Dream Collector's Card allows users to participate in the exclusive activities of the TSH Dream Collector's World.

    Q. How do I get and use the TSH Dream Collection Card?
    A. The Dream Card will be embedded in a TSH album and can be obtained by purchasing the official version of the album.

    Each TSH Dream Card contains a set of "TSH Dream Code", and users can log in to the "TSH Dream World" page through the relevant guidance information on the "TSH Dream Card".

    Users can log in to the "TSH Dream World" page through the relevant guidance information on the "TSH Dream Card" to operate and redeem the corresponding "TSH Dream Points".

    Points - users can use the "TSH Dream Point" to participate in various exclusive activities of TSH Dream World.

    Q. What versions of the album can I buy to get TSH Dream Cards?
    A. Currently, users can get a TSH Dream Collection Card by purchasing both the regular and collector's editions of the Oogoe Diamond EP.

    The Oogoe Diamond EP Regular Edition is redeemable for 1 Dream Collection Point, and the Oogoe Diamond EP Collector's Edition is redeemable for 2 Dream Collection Points.

    Q. What are the expiration dates for TSH Dream Cards and Dream Collection Points?
    A. TSH Dream Cards and Dream Points will be valid starting this April until December 2022. After the expiration date, they will be automatically expired and cleared.

    Q. What activities have been added to the TSH Dream Collection World so far?
    A. Exclusive events that have been confirmed to be added to TSH Dream World are "Online Limited Bonus Gacha" (Gashapon).

    More annual events will be added one after another.
    More TSH Dream World content will be available soon.

    Disclaimer: This product is a gift and cannot be returned or exchanged due to the virtual nature of the product.

    Their Official Store can also be accessed via web browser for merch list and previews, still use the corresponding app to purchase:

    Link: AKB48 Team SH Official Store
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