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Atsumi Ayaha

Discussion in 'SKE48 Kenkyuusei' started by TiduShoko, Nov 19, 2016.

  1. TiduShoko

    TiduShoko Kenkyuusei

    Aug 6, 2013
    Komiyama Haruka
    Atsumi Ayaha
    (SKE48 Kenkyuusei - 8th Generation)


    Name: Atsumi Ayaha (渥美彩羽)
    Age: 14 Years Old
    Birthdate: March 19th, 2002
    Birthplace: Shizuoka, Japan
    Height: 152cm
    Bloodtype: O
    Hobbies: Collection accessories.
    Special skill: Calling all 47 prefectures really fast, breaststroke (swimming).
    Dream: “I want to become an Idol who can make all the fans happy and make them smile”.
    Favorite food: Fruits.
    Favorite word: 笑顔 (Smile/Smiling face).
    Message to the fans: I will do my best to never forget to smile! (And my favorite color is pink).
    Showroom Information: Ayaha is candidate #54, and did not show her face during the streaming stage. You currently can’t find videos of her on Youtube.
  2. EinhanderX

    EinhanderX Kenkyuusei

    Jun 2, 2015
    Still don't know this girl. But regardless,:ome::ome:

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