Event / Concert BNK48 6th Single Senbatsu General Election (2019/01/26)

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    I've translated some speeches and will come back to edit/ add more translations as I go along.
    I watched the election here:
    (Don't know if I'm allowed to post the video. If not, mods please feel free to remove it).


    32th Jib
    Comment: I'm glad it started with Jib. She's been through a lot, particularly with regards to bullying related to her looks. She was often mocked and ignored. Many people wonder if she would even last in BNK, so this is a great outcome for her.
    Actually there are two preliminary results announcements before this, actually what position did I get? I do not remember (laugh).
    The first day passed, the second day passed and finally we're here today, in fact I secretly thought that I would not feel sad on the actual day regardless of what rank I get because I know everyone has done their best. To be honest, I didn't think I'd still be here. (cries)
    Thank you very much everybody!

    30th Namsai
    Comment: It seems her mind-space was completely consumed by the whole Nazi incident that she's unable to be happy for her results. Irregardless, I think it shows how she truly felt about the incident.
    So...sorry that I'm unable to smile for you. (cries) Thank you everyone for the voting points. Thank you for being beside me. Thank you very much. (pause) No. Don't cry. This isn't cool at all. And...and...for the incident that happened. The incident that happened, I'm sorry. I feel wrong. And...all the things happened was due to my mistake and my ignorance. I'm unable to go back and change what happened, but I promise that this will never happen again. I also...(cries)...I want this incident becomes a lesson for both myself and everyone so that we'll be more careful...so...please forgive me! (collapse on the floor crying). Thank you.

    29th Nink
    Comment: Nink has always been underestimated and ignored. People seem to find her cute behavioural traits 'fake'. She's often regarded as one of the least popular first gen girls so everyone is surprised that she ranks. Nonetheless, I love her speech and how it shows her friendship with Namsai and their bond. This kind of friendship is why I love BNK.
    (cries) Actually I should say 'Yay!', right? Thank you everyone, if there isn't everyone there to give me motivation, I probably won't be here at 29th. This is the first time and the first step for me. And I hope that...everyone will please support me and everyone more in future. And also, that everyone watching us at home, (cries) please understand Namsai and forgive Namsai! (bows and cries) She really feels wrong, even before we left the room. Please have mercy! Thank you.

    26th Fond
    Comment: Fond is one of the girls being pushed as the face of Gen 2. I think she's self-asssured and confident, so she seemed somewhat disappointed by her rank. She's putting on a brave face though.
    Everyone, thank you very much.
    I admit that I was sad when I saw the first preliminary results because I thought that my rank was higher.
    But once I think about it, I already feel happy with this result.
    At least I was able to enter among 32 people, I think running in this general elections is an important lesson for me, such as various things like perspective and way of thinking.
    At the beginning I might feel like I've failed, but as time went on, I was able to have more positive thinking.
    As I wrote in the IG, it was true that I always tried to think positive and think about good things.
    I saw the results today and I felt that what I've been thinking has allowed me to achieve this result.
    Everyone, thank you. I will promise to try hard in future. I'll be able to show you my abilities. I won't work hard (note: she mispoke). No! I will work hard! (laughs) I won't give up! Thank you!

    23rd Mewnich
    Comment: Mewnich has been pushed as one of the aces of Gen 2, so she's definitely feeling a lot of pressure to live up to that. Her poor results in the preliminary must have shaken her confidence in herself so this must have been a relief for her.
    (crying) I admit, at first I was really scared. When I was sitting I was scared. Scared of everything.
    But I'm not scared anymore because I know everyone is here beside me. (sobs)
    Thank you everyone. Thank you really for bringing me here. I know everyone is tired, so really, thank you.

    21th Izurina
    Comment: This is the one I've been waiting for. If there's one speech you have to watch, it's this one. Watch it from the time her name was called to the end of her speech. This will restore your faith in the 48 Group. 8 years since becoming an idol, this was the first time her name got called on an election stage. When 'Izurina' was announced, she got the biggest cheer from the entire hall, every single fandom, every member. Many grown men were crying, the atmosphere gave me goosebumps. It was particularly touching when Miori ran up to hug her. Although it wasn't shown in the livestream, Miori actually cried so hard she collapsed on the floor and had to be picked up by other members. Also, as Izurina came back to her seat, everyone swarmed to hug her. Cherprang waited at the back until everyone cleared away to give Izurina a hug herself. Although Cherprang has been holding back her tears, she finally broke down when Izurina was ranked. Truly a beloved member of the group.
    Thank you very much to everyone who supported me. Thank you very much (cries from the beginning) Actually, after I didn't rank in the first preliminary result, I felt very sad. To be honest, I felt a little like giving up. (cries)
    But everyone said "Don't give up", "I'll always support you", "Let's try together", so I didn't give up and kept going.
    And thank you everyone. And thank you for all the staff.
    And thanks to all the members. Thank you very much.
    I just want to say "Can I stay at BNK 48 for a long, long time?"

    20th Miori
    Comment: Like Izurina, Miori must have came in feeling like an outsider. It's great to see how much support she gets from the other girls. She's one of the funnier members of the group who doesn't try to look sweet or nice. Her default mode is troll, to everyone including her fans.
    I would like to say "thank you very much everybody!" (makes a vomiting sound)
    Actually, I thought I wouldn't be amongst the 32 people. There are not too many fans who come during the handshake events (laugh).
    So even though I was saying that I wanted to be number one, but in reality, I was sure that I would not place as one of the 32 people.
    Then I got 16th place in the first preliminary result, and even in the second time I was in 19th place. And now I am 20th. (audience laughs)
    Actually, I'm really happy that the center of the song is Japanese...half Japanese! (note: referring to Satchan) Then Rina is in 21st place, and then it's me. I'm so happy.
    But I want to rank in the Senbatsu. (audience laughs) That's why I will keep doing my best.
    I will also do my best to study Thai language.
    Thank you very much for everyone!

    17th Satchan
    Comment: I'm super happy for Satchan. She brings that cute younger sister character to BNK. I love her relationship with Cherprang, it's like an older sister to a younger sister. In some ways, I see many wotas regarding her as a future ace of the young generation.
    I was relieved because during the handshake meetings, many people asked me "Do you want to be in Senbatsu or do you want to be the center?"
    And then I got 17th in the preliminary announcement, people asked me this question again. I...want to be a center, but I also want to be in senbatsu! Because then I get to go out to the media press! (laughs)
    Thank you very much everyone. Thank you to the fans. Thank you for the cute project "See this smile at IMPACT".
    So yes, thank you very much everyone. Thank you to the management, to the staff, and I don't now how to thank you enough, but thank you for everything.
    As 17th place, I promise to do my best in my role as the center.
    Also, I will post to the IG once a month!
    Thank you very much everyone.

    I tried to combine these translation with the previous post, but it won't let me save for some reason. Maybe it's too long. If the mods see this, please help me combine them. Thanks.


    15th Kaimook

    Comment: Kaimook is known as the most 'cutesy' member fo the group. She's been attacked for that online and mocked as being fake and pretentious, even though I feel that's just how she is naturally. However, she's also found her niche in that and have gone on to front BNK's beverage Desserto campaign and hosts her own cooking show. I like that she's free to be kawaii and owning that concept.
    At first I was really scared. I couldn’t eat. I haven’t been able to sleep for a week now. (cries) Because I was so scared. I couldn’t sleep.
    When the preliminary results were announced, I was in 17th place. I was very sad.
    Because in the past, I’ve always had the chance. For two years, I’ve never fell out of the main senbatsu single.
    But it came to this single and felt like I didn’t have any confidence in myself.
    I felt that I would make my fans sad..
    Until now, I have worked on my singing and dancing. I tried to audition to get into many songs because I want to sing often for my fans.
    And thank you all the fans.
    All through the past 2 years, I’ve experienced good things, bad things, things that’s affected my heart, but everyone has always been here by my side. Supported me and helped me. Pushed me to get this position. This is a reward for everyone as well.
    So, thank you everyone so much. I will try my best to rank in all the singles form now on.
    Let’s fight together!
    Thank you.

    14th Natherine
    Comment: Natherine is definitely the dark horse of the 2nd Gen. Not known for being a looker, she's never been selected for anything (she did not appear on any main singles or coupling song). Nevertheless, she vowed to become known as the "idol of hard work". She's proven herself by asking fans to send her a message on Facebook before a handshake event so she can remember all their names. She's also created her own content and actually got traction after making a Youtube channels to predict football results (and being terrible at it). As a gamer, she's also gotten a gig as a game caster for several events. I'm glad that she didn't accept her fate passively, and that she fought for it with everything she got.
    (cries before starting) Actually since becoming a BNK member, there’s been many things I’ve been unsure of. But the thing I’m most sure of, as a member, is that the most important thing to me is my fans. I want to thank you for sending me here.
    If not for everyone, I am probably unable to do this. In the past, I’ve never made any senbatsu, whether it’s the main single or a coupling single. I’ve never been selected for any song. Even for the ‘Mata’ audition, I practiced very hard. I was so sad.
    But today, I’m able to be in the senbatsu for the main single, I’m so happy. (cries)
    Everyone is probably really tired, and I’ve always seen that everyone has done their best for me. Thank you so much everyone. And thank you my mum and dad for understanding me and allowing me to do the things I love, without restrictions. For opening the way to let me do what I love.
    Thank you to the management company of BNK48. (audience laughs) What are you laughing at? Thank you to all the staff. Thank you to all the 1st Gen members for always giving advice, and for the friends in the 2nd Gen for always giving me smiles and happiness. I feel so happy to be in this group. Actually, before that…what is everyone laughing at?
    Actually before this I’ve already prepared myself. I believed that even if I didn’t make senbatsu for the main single, it’s fine because everyone has done their best, and I’ve seen that everyone has done all this for me. So today I’m a bit shocked.
    Before this, my lucky number was 11 because of my birthday, but after this I’d like to change that to number 14. Also, lastly, when people shake my hands, people always ask between me becoming a senbatsu member and my favourite football team becomes the champions of the Premiere League, which one would happen first? I always tell them “I don’t know, because it’s in the future”, but today, I’m able to answer them that “I made senbatsu first!”
    And no matter what, the team that I love will win the championship!

    13th Wee
    Comment: Another dark horse, she wasn't initially regarded as anything special by the management but her sudden & unexpected popularity after her debut made everyone pay attention. She subsequently became one of the most pushed members of the 2nd generation. Wee trades on her cool tomboy image, basically as a guy in a girl's body. Good at sports and a gamer (she's into PUBG), she's the quintessential 'cool girl' that's just one of the boys. Unfortunately, this tomboy trait has also gotten her into trouble, such as when she joked around with a veteran actor who came to their Digital Live Studio that he's old enough to play the heroine's father, not the hero. This became a big controversy in hierarchical Thailand, and made outsiders criticise BNK members as a whole. Known for keeping her cool image, it must have been hard for her to hold back tears as she made her apology in her speech.
    I’ve felt, truly, that since the preliminary result…that ranking, I wasn’t happy with it. I was a bit pressured because I felt I’m not worthy yet to be there.
    So I felt…actually, I’m not sad with the results I get now, so please don’t worry everyone. (laughs) I felt that how did an ordinary girl get a number of people who suddenly came to be by her side and cheering for her.
    I didn’t think I would be here at this point.
    (squeals and tries to hold back from crying)
    I admit that since entering BNK, I’ve experienced many events, both good and bad.
    Some events have made me feel like giving up, and made me question did I do the right thing by choosing to be here. Or maybe this isn’t my place to be.
    Some events, I was my own mistakes that I made myself.
    And this made a whole group people look at me differently.
    And these people did not only look at me differently, they look at my fans, and the members of BNK that they are like that. (breaks down crying)
    I feel sad, and apologize again if the mistakes I did made everyone look bad. (cries)
    (speaks to herself) You idiot. (Note: Wee hates crying in public)
    But I overcame it, and I’ll become a stronger Weeraya.
    Lastly, I want to say if not for everyone, I wouldn’t be here.
    I will do my best with all my strength. Thank you for what you have given me.
    Thank you.

    Likewise, I'm unable to combine the translation with the previous posts through the edit function. I think maybe there's a word limit on each post.

    12th Pupe
    Comment: Pupe is the comedienne of the group. She doesn't take anything too seriously and have jokingly laughed at her fans to their face when they told her they were unable to get a theatre ticket. Many people like her for her irreverence and trolling. However, from the documentary Girls Don't Cry, it's evident that she feels insecure for being middle of the pack. Not high enough to be a top member, and not low enough to be sympathised and pitied. Her speech reflects that.
    First of all, can you zoom out further away? (audience laughs)
    Foremost, I have to thank everyone very much.
    Recenly, I gave an interview. They asked “Do you think senbatsu position is important?”
    I said it’s important during the beginning, because even though I’ve started making senbatsu in the later period, but most people only look at the top members.
    Pay attention to them, praise them. And…sympathize with the undergirls.
    But the ones who are in the middle…(laughs and tears)…usually gets forgotten.
    But even then, I still want it! But I still want it!
    Even though I don’t know myself why I want it.
    But today in this morning’s concert, I made me learn that senbatsu position allows me to be on stage for longer.
    I allows me to do the things I love, to sing, to dance, to be able see everyone’s faces, to see their smile that they send out. It’s a very happy thing.
    And I want to talk about a group of people who’s never forgotten member me. Regardless of what fandom they’re in. (laughs)
    Thank you very much for your efforts and cooperation in this event.
    I know that my fans are not so many, and also don’t have much money. But everyone was willing to give up…sweets, gave up many things, in order to give it to me.
    But it’s not a small amount of money. Some people have spent 10,000 or 100,000.
    What I'm more happy about than I ranking in this time was that I could see the way people love me and all those who love me unite. (laughs).
    Thank you for helping to shine a light, even if it’s a small light, but it’s many lights that came together to become no less bright than a spotlight.
    Then one last thing. What I've been thinking when to say it all the while but not sure when to say it…(shouts)
    I love everyone the most! Thank you very much!

    10th place Namneung
    Comment: As the BNK member with the most fangirls, Namneung is in a unique place. She's known as 'husband bear', and her fans are known are 'bear wives'. She's seen as the girl that other girls want to be friends with. As a cool older-sister type that likes to joke around and doesn't try too hard to maintain a 'pretty' image. It's easy to see that from any handshake events that her handshake queues always have the prettiest fangirls. She looks at her fangirls all throughout her speech and the high-pitched screams she got contrasted quite clearly from the other members. Her fandom has been mocked for being female, with many people saying sexist things like "She won't get far, women don't have the paying power as men" or being "annoying fangirls with annoying screams". For her to rank quite highly is just reward.
    (laughs) Thank you very much to everyone who supported me from the first day to today. Even if there were not many people who walked with me on the first day, but it’s not important as the fact that we walk together. (loud screaming from female fans)
    From the first single I made the back row for all the senbatsu. I didn’t have any confidence wherever I go, whether that’s in the fish tank (note: Digital Live Studio) or for various events. (cries)
    But now I have to thank all the screams from fans that’s given me more confidence.
    Thank you everyone, especially my fangirls.
    Even though many of you have been mocked in forum threads that your screams are annoying or whatnot, but your screams have never made me annoyed.
    Also, even though I’m not always in my ‘handsome’ self, such as the times I’m in my old sister/ aunty type-self, you still stay beside me. Thank you everyone.
    Thank you for giving me the 10th place. I will do it with full power. And in the days ahead, I will go up any further. Thank you very much.

    9th Pun
    Comment: As one of the top members of BNK, she's been cited as one of the possible contenders to take the top spot and rival Cherprang. She has one of the highest SNS numbers and have been pushed in media events, product endorsement and senbatsu. She was also the center for the 5th single 'BNK Festival'. She's seen as a cool fun girl who acts her age and loves to take care of others. She's from the K-Pop line and was formerly regarded as a tomboy type (although this seems to have softened in recent times). Irregardless, this ranking was definitely shocker for her, the fans, the members and the entire audience. You could hear gasps throughout the hall and people looking around at each other in stunned silence. You can also tell that she's trying to put on a brave face but she's holding back tears for the entire speech.
    (silently crying and holding back tears)
    Everyone, thank you very much. I know that everyone was burdened.
    In truth...I knew that a lot of my fans would be uncomfortable with this event.
    Because they probably got words thrown at them that affected their hearts.
    When I read the threads, I see everyone doing their best for me.
    And thank you for always being beside me.
    Today…actually prior to this, I said I could be anywhere for the general election.
    Right? But to be honest, in the first preliminary results when I got 7th, I felt in my heart that I was fine with that. But many people probably felt that they wanted me to go further.
    And for the second time, I got 8th, and many people came to shake hands and gave me encouragements. Many things.
    At first when shaking hands, I didn’t cry, but everyone cried, so I cried. To be trendy. (laughs)
    And some people told me “You have to speak out, what you want”, so I wrote that actually I am quite shocked. I didn’t think my name would be 7th at that time.
    And today, I got 9th…thank you for that. Everyone, please don’t be sad.
    I feel…this is good enough. Thank you everyone for always being beside me.
    And after this, I will do my best.
    This is just the general election ranking right? (laughs and cries)
    After this, there’s probably many other rankings to come.
    The most important thing is that we got this rank together, and I am proud of it.
    I’d like to truly thank everyone for giving me this reward. Thank you.
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    @Wade & Wander - thank you so much for these translations, they are so good to read!
    As someone who doesn't speak Thai I could only get the general gist of what was being said when it was happening, so this is extremely helpful.
    It also gives me an even greater insight into their personalities, especially Natherine who I knew so little about. :)
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    4th Mobile
    Comment: Mobile reminds me somewhat of Ogiyuka. She ranked highly in the preliminary results but eventually dropped to 4th place. Her journey to where she is today also parallels that of Ogiyuka's in many ways. Initially, Mobile was on nobody's list. She didn't make senbatsu or any single. Everyone assumed she would forever be a KKS and resigned to the theatre. She was initially mocked for being ugly, for her snaggled-teeth, her skin that was too dark for Thai beauty standards, for her broken family background with divorced parents. It all seemed to run contrary to what Thais expect of idols. When she was chosen for KFC center, many people complained that she wasn't suitable. She was still a KKS who hasn't made any senbatsu. But she showed everyone that she deserves to be there with KFC, BNK's most successful song by far. In some ways, she's a true Cinderella story. Her one month exchange in Japan gave people an opportunity to get to know her - a normal girl who couldn't speak English or Japanese (or at times even proper Thai) but has the heart of an idol. She is clumsy, forgetful and seen as not the smartest (I believe she might have dyslexia or some sort of learning disability). She makes up words on the go and always messes her sentence up. When she's nervous she struggles to form a coherent sentence. Essentially a 10 year old in a 16 year old's body. And yet, she's a fighter. At NHK Kouhaku, she was unable to say a sentence that she practiced for 7 hours without messing up, but she performed flawlessly with tears running down her face. I think that drew many fans, including Japanese fans (as she trended on Japanese twitter right after), to her. In some way, I believe it's these attributes that drew people to her. She's the archetypal clumsy girl heroine in an 80's shoujo manga, and sometimes, that's who people want to root for, not the class president.
    (starts bawling) I’m so stressed about what I’m going to say. People don’t understand me. I’m scared I will speak wrongly. So I will say everything that I think. (calms down)
    So in the election candidacy submission, I wrote that the ranking I hope for was 4th, and I really got 4th! If I knew that, I should have wrote higher. (laughs)
    I feel happy to get this result, so I thank everyone for motivating me all the way and for this rank.
    This point is so far from where I came, the first time I came to the group. I believed that I would make senbatsu, but it wasn’t as I had hoped. When I got into senbatsu and was center for the 2nd single, Koisuru Fortune Cookie.
    Instead of being happy, all these things jumped to me very quickly.
    (cries) I want to say at that time, when I was announced as the center, I was really happy. I didn’t think anything. Just that I wanted to do that duty as best as I can. I didn’t think all these things would come and that I would have to overcome them. I admit that everyday, I cry to sleep every night. I’m angry at myself as well why I can’t speak normally like normal person. (cries)
    Why I have to mix my words up and stumble on my words. I’ve been practicing MCing everyday. When I stayed on the dorm with P’Pe (Pupe), I practice everyday in the bathroom.
    Although it improved, but it didn’t improve as much as I hoped. It was trial and error. But I guess I’m like this, so I’ll be like this. (laugh)
    But someday I’ll be able to speak eloquently and I’ll be able to speak in many languages.
    Thank you very much everyone. Let’s talk about our song ‘Koisuru Fortune Cookie’.
    To tell you the truth, sometimes I’m bored of this song as well. (audience howls)
    No! No! Because formerly…I feel so thankful because without this song, I probably won’t be in think rank. Now I love it. (audience laughs)
    And I want to show this song to the maximum of my power. I want to show this song…there’s a verse that I want to sing to everyone that I like:
    “You know what they use to decide.
    You have to be cute don’t you for people to consider you.
    I just want them to look inside.
    It’d be nice if they had a heart for me.
    Because you have to risk it anyways.
    Whether they love you or not, you have to risk it.
    Come on, come on, come on, come on baby.
    Let the cookies tell the fortune.”
    (Note: This is the lyrics to the Thai version of ‘Koisuru Fortune Cookie’)
    I will not stop here. I will be a wonderful center again!

    3rd Music
    Comment: Music's rank strangely reminded me of Sakura. She was set up to be the girl to rival Cherprang, initially pushed as the ace of the group. She's found her niche as being the 'kawaii' idol in the traditional Japanese style. Her love of anime, cosplay and manga probably makes her the most Japanese-style idol in the group. She's an introvert who doesn't make friends easily, but really shines on stage when she's performing. It's clear that's what she loves doing. A timid girl, she doesn't have the confidence to hang out with the older girls and is often found hanging out with girls her age or younger. Nonetheless, beneath all that timidity, you can tell that there's an ambitious girl who's willing to fight for her place in her world; the idol world. Like Sakura, she seems more disappointed by her results more than anything, especially given all the expectations placed on her to dethrone Cherprang.
    (cries holding onto the mic) Everyone, thank you very much.
    How should I say this...previously was someone with no confidence in myself. Even though I always tell my fans to “Have confidence! Keep fighting!” but on the contrary, it’s me who doesn’t have any confidence in myself.
    Throughout my life, there are times that I feel lost and lacking in confidence.
    But whenever I’m in a handshake meeting, I want to say every fan has become that confidence for me. I also want to be your confidence as well.
    I know that everyone worked very hard. Some fans have told me that they sold all their fishes and have no money left. But it tells me how how they’ve worked so that I can stand here. I feel so thankful that I cannot find words to express it.
    I don’t just want to thank my fans. It’s every fans of BNK48 that’s an important part in giving color to this concert today. That allows the group to push forward. Thank you everyone so much.
    Actually, there are many things I’d like to say. But when the actual time comes, I can’t think of anything. The thing I want to say is only ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you’. Even though everyone is tired but no one has told me they’re tired. Only coming in and saying “We’ll fight together! We’ll smile together!”
    I used to say I probably won’t be able to make it in the general election.
    But everyone told me to believe in myself and we’ll walk together.
    And now we’ve reached our destination.
    Everyone might have a goal of getting a higher rank, but do you know that everyone has made me so happy. It’s an unconditional love. Thank you so much.
    Thank you to the song ‘Aitakatta’ that allowed me to grow up and receive many experience.
    Thank you to the song ‘Shonichi’ with P’Noey beside me that allowed me to get through it.
    Thank you to P’Kongdej (film director that will be directing her film) that helped me to grow further.
    Thank you everyone for being a motivation. (cries) Thank you for always being beside each other. Thank you every fan. Thank you to management. Thank you Mama, Papa. Thank you for everything!
    Arigatou gozaimashita!

    2nd Jennis
    Comment: Jennis reminds me of Dasu. A dark horse that came out of nowhere. While everyone was busy watching the Cherprang vs. Music rivalry, no one expected that Jennis would come up and take 2nd place. Even as a BNK fan, I didn't pay much attention to Jennis. I knew she was somewhat popular but not the most popular in any unit. To me, it didn't seem like that had a clear character that was easily marketable (e.g. she wasn't the kawaii J-idol type like Music, the smart class-president type like Cherprang, the girl next door like Pun, the tomboy like Wee, etc.) It seems she's known for her athleticism, bold personality (in the sense that she's willing to speak her mind), and good singing voice. As one of the main vocalists of the band, she's selected to center '365 Nichi no Kamihikouki', which she referenced in her speech. I think after this result, more people will start paying attention to Jennis.
    From the beginning, I’ve spoken to the members that each time you see our friends’ names get called out, I’m unsure if I should be happy or sad for each friend. Especially for friends whose positions are quite close in the preliminary results, where the positions kept switching up. Today, when the name of a friend was announced, a friend whose ranking I thought should have been higher than me, it’s a feeling of happiness that’s not full, but not sadness either. I don’t know how one should feel. In turns out now that the feeling is I’m sorry to every member because I know everyone has their own goal, but I also have greed for wanting this rank as well.
    Before this recently, I went to get my fortune told. I didn’t go to a fortune teller, just someone who was able to do it. I paid 300 baht. Actually I’m someone who doesn’t believe in fortune telling because if it’s something bad, I get depressed. But this time, I thought if it turns out to be impossible, I can prepare my heart. When the cards were opened, they said “it’s up to karma”. I was like “Huh?” What does that mean? What should I do?
    Should I hope or not? But it’s impossible to not hope. I said three times, anyone who buys a lottery has to hope for first prize. In this situation, I’m like that as well.
    And they wanted to see my phone number. They said the number that suited me, I don’t know if they knew this beforehand, was 3, 6 and 5. Maybe it’s true, or not. But either ways, I believe this number allowed everyone to know me and that I am able to be here because of this song.
    Actually I didn’t prepare anything, because I knew I would forget anyway. But I prepared a little bit just now. Besides feeling guilty towards the member, I also feel guilty towards the fans because in the preliminary results, I got 6 for both. After that, the fandom started posting their pay slips non-stop (probably referring to donations). Even though I know that I have a small fan base. For example, if I have 15,000 votes, I’d like it to come from 15,000 person. Not 100 persons or 1000 people combined to get 15,000 votes. So I feel more guilty than before because I made everyone spend more money. I’m also a fan of idols, but I’ve never paid this much money. I wanted to, but I couldn’t. I thought if they came from the same background, they have to skip meals, or they have to do overtime, part-time work. I didn’t want to demand this. I didn’t know what I can do to get a better rank when I got 6th, because I go the same for both rounds. I didn’t feel bad about that rank. I was satisfied, but I was also thirsted for a higher rank. This is probably more than 5 minutes, but never mind, I will keep speaking.
    What was I going to say, I forgot. There’s a project that everyone has made for me. “Let’s create a miracle” for me. And when I was sitting there, listening to each rank get called, 10th, 9th, I was like “Crazy! Crazy!” every time. I asked is this real? I kept hoping that I wouldn’t be called yet, but also wondering, is this real? And I’m someone who doesn’t like to talk, but I’m speaking a lot now.
    I don’t like to speak out about what I want, but I think everyone can feel that each member wants to go as high as they can. Do you know that my miracle is everyone?
    Think, someone who is not a relative, not a friend. Who are these people, to come shake hands with you. And suddenly they become family to you. In the industry, they say take care of this group of people, because later in future, they will become your closest friend.
    But I don’t think I need to wait till the future, because I feel they already became family now.
    I think I should be happy, because I'm not crying. (whimpers)
    I can’t think anything. If I think of something, I’ll type it out later when I’m free.
    In any case, I need to thank my mum for signing the contract on the first day. Not even taking it to decide at home. No matter whether the events that happened were good and bad, they form who I am now so I’m not sad. No matter what mistakes I’ve made, it’s been a good lesson that’s made me who I am. I’d like to thank the members, family, everyone, every fan, no matter whose fans, who you oshi, because everyone has made BNK get to where it is now. Thank you truly.

    1st Cherprang
    Comment: With almost 30,000 more votes than the previous ranking, it's pretty clear now that Cherprang won this by a landslide. Cherprang has always been lauded for her leadership ability and her intelligence. Since entering BNK, everyone always mentioned about her leader aura and it was clear that she stood out form the other girls. Many have praised her intelligence, her ability to speak eloquently in public, her capacity for speaking 3 languages, her giving talks on quantum chemistry and space science at various educational events in Thailand, publishing research papers for Britain's Royal Science Open Society, etc. She's the perfect archetypal class president you see in every manga. Almost untouchable. Yet, it's clear she feels insecure about her weak points, such as her lack of ability in singing (that many antis mock her for) and dancing. Her speech is also very revealing in terms of her thought process. It seems she's still unable to comprehend how she became the (f)ace of the group, and in some ways, I think she's quite lonely. As captain, she's unable to get to close to any particular members without being criticised for favouritism and hence, she has to maintain some professional distance with everyone. Her closest friend is Izurina, whom I suspect she feels respect towards as her senior (which she is). The fact that she wonders if anyone will be happy for her if she won reveals how lonely she feels on top. In some way, this girl has gotten all the opportunities for fame thrown at her even though she herself feel undeserving, yet she's not squandering it and showing everyone she's willing to do her best to honour these opportunities for both herself and on behalf of everyone who didn't get the chance. In many ways, you can't help but sympathise.
    Thank you very much.
    Everyone has told their feelings. No matter what ranking.
    Actually, I also have many mixed feelings as well. I’ve said before that Jennis is quite similar to me, right?
    Just now, when she saw members and friends get their names announced, and didn’t believe that she would rank this high. That she felt guilty. That is what happens to me all the time. (cries)
    Towards every member.
    Why do people like me? Even though me abilities, especially compared to everyone…
    It makes me… (cries)
    Why me, even though I’m…(cries)
    So for every member after this, I want to do my best for them. Do my best for myself. For my fans. In everything.
    It’s a question that I always ask myself. How did I get to this point?
    A dream of a girl who…was always just watching 48 Group from far away, to be able to go to the World Senbatsu and rank 39th. Even though we haven’t even been a year yet. Everyone, all the kitties (note: Cher’s fandom are called Cat Flock, or Clowder, a group of cats)…you’re awesome.
    Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity.
    I will keep going and overcome. I will continue to do my best with all my ability.
    In the group, I want to thank everyone who listened to me and be beside each other, together all this time.
    One of the fans of BNK48 has given us is opportunity.
    Opportunity that some random girls, truly, are able to come together.
    To receive all this support. More support than any child can comprehend.
    Thank you for supporting us throughout, regardless of whatever positiong. Thank you for supporting me.
    Everyone might see me as a wall that they want to climb over. But I’ve achieved my dreams. I want to thank everyone for everyone for sending me here. From now on, I will be a wall for a big longer. (laughs)
    For everyone. For…I don’t know who. But I don’t want to be a wall to climb over, but a wall that is there to protect and take care of everyone. (cries)
    Thank you to the management for organizing this event for us. Thank you to the fans who have always support all of our members.
    The opportunity everyone has given us every time, and whatever the reason, is important to us.
    Thank you for letting be here in IMPACT so soon (note: it is a dream for many Thai artists to perform at Impact Arena). That we can be a face of the group in ASEAN. That we can be the place that gets to host the Asia Festival for the first time. I think that’s something for us as Thai people to be proud of, that our Thai children have gotten that level of acceptance.
    From now on, I will perform my duty to the best of my ability. Please take care of everyone. Please take care of BNK48. Thank you everyone, truly.
    (turns around to face the group)
    I’ve always thought that…I don’t know…
    Please let me use this opportunity to say it…
    (whimpers) If I got first place, will there be anyone that’s happy for me?
    (From the members, "What?" "I can’t hear")
    (whimpers and speaks louder)
    If I got this position, will anyone be happy for me?!
    (all the members run down to hug her)

    You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoy them. Let me know if there's any other members you want translated and I'll have a look.
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  4. ehs01

    ehs01 Kenkyuusei

    Sep 18, 2018
    @Wade & Wander I know forum rating system is supposed to be used for this but I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for translations. I really like the comments section in particular as it adds a personal touches of a fan to the posts. :)

    Perhaps @ForestFuller can hyperlink Wade's post to post#1.
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  5. Wade & Wander

    Wade & Wander Kenkyuusei

    Nov 1, 2018
    No problem, I'm glad to do it. Actually I'd like to post accompanying pictures next to each speech so people know who I'm talking about.
    Unfortunately, I think there's some technical word limit so I can seem to save any edits on the posts.


    Summary of Votes

    In all, the votes form 1 to 32 total to 762,747 votes.
    Based on the limited edition CD's sold (300,00 limit, at 350 baht) = 105,000,000 baht.
    The remaining can be regarded as Music Cards, which comes to about 462,747 cards (at 200 baht/card) = 92,549,400 baht.
    Total is 197,549,400 THB (6,295,207 USD or 690,083,843 JPY)
    This is what we know for sure.

    However, there are still votes for the remaining 33 to 51, someone did a mockup of this on a Thai forum based on other sister groups' elections with similar numbers. Looking at it, it's very conservative so I think it's pretty safe to use. Based on this, it should come to around 32,550 votes.

    Also, based on the capacity of the pre-election concert, we can surmise the revenue based on capacity and ticket price. This is all sold out apart from the standing section, which has been conservatively limited to 600 persons.
    In total the concert revenue should come to about 22,910,000 THB.

    Furthermore, the election announcement tickets sold separately, that was fully sold out comes to 19,170,000 THB.
    So added up, 197,549,4000 (known votes for 1-32) + 6,510,000 (guesstimate for 33-51) + 22,910,000 (Space Mission pre-election concert) + 19,170,000 (election announcement ceremony) = 246,139,400 THB.

    So with all the related events taken into account, in total, BNK48 has made about 249,139,400 THB from the General Election.
    (~7,844,585 USD or 859,766,597 JPY)

    Of course, not as high as AKB48's own elections but definitely not bad for a sister group and for their very first election at that. Hypothetically speaking, if the votes were converted to AKB48's latest election, some of the girls would make senbatsu: Mobile (11th - 56028 votes), Music (10th - 58362 votes), Jennis (9th - 58362 votes), Cherprang (4th - 84195 votes). This is even taking into account that it's actually more expensive to vote for BNK48 than it is to vote for AKB48 (plus there's a myriad of ways to vote in Japan, from buying different merchandises to application downloads, etc. whereas you can only vote for BNK through CD/ Music Card, both of which are more expensive than many methods in Japan, even with exchange rates taken into account).
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  6. shibahi

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    Jun 20, 2015
    wow thank you @Wade & Wander for the speech translations! and the commentaries are so informative

    like i didn’t know having namneung many female fans was a thing ppl mocked...it’s usually a point of pride for female artists in other countries lol. i thought it was hella cute when she addressed them
  7. Helliezza

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    Oct 14, 2017
    Can you also translate Jane's speech. A big Thank you @Wade & Wander
  8. Wade & Wander

    Wade & Wander Kenkyuusei

    Nov 1, 2018
    Yeah, it's usually along the lines of "Yeah, even if her fans are loud, she won't be that high in the election because women aren't willing to pay as much as men". Little sexist things like that. I think she IS proud of the fact that many of her fans are female, hence her acknowledging them in her speech.

    In some ways it's quite ironic because it's somewhat similar to what people think of BNK and their fans (both in Japan and internationally). Things like "Oh, MV views don't equate to willingness to pay", "No BNK girl would rank in the General Election", "SEA people are loud on social media but they're only willing to consume free stuff like Youtube", etc. So I guess this past year, Namneung and BNK48 (both with Cherprang/Music ranking quite well in AKB's election, as well as the amount of money they made from BNK's own election) have proven their doubters wrong.


    DEAR MODS: Likewise, I'd like to combine this post with the previous ones, preferably inserted before Mobile's speech if possible so that all the speeches can be viewed cohesively. Unfortunately, because of the word limit restriction, I'm unable to save any edits on the previous posts so I have to ask you to do it. I know it's extra work for you guys so if not, that's fine, but if you could that'd be really appreciated. Thank you!

    5th place Jane
    Comment: Jane is one of the biggest dark horses of the entire election. She’s always been ranked in the middle/ lower spectrum of the first generation. Most of her fame came from the fact that she is the kamioshi of the host of BNK48 Victory program, who always gets teased for his affection for her in very public ways (it’s basically become a meme at this point). Jane is primarily known for her slow character (not mentally, but physically). Her sleepy eyes, slow way of talking, slow movements and generally slow, easygoing character has given her the title “Jane the Sloth” in BNK’s fandom. This In addition to Mobile, I also feel Jane is similar to Ogiyuka in some ways (but for different reasons). Like Ogiyuka when she first ranked 5th in the 9th General Election, rather than being outwardly, Jane feels guilty and her main thought was that she didn’t belong here, this high up with all the other aces of the group. Given that the quantity of her fans a much, MUCH lower than that of other top members, it’s clear that they’ve had to each pay much more for her to achieve this rank, thus showing the dedication of her fandom.
    (crying) I might not be someone who is good at speaking, but if you want me to speak frankly, I currently feel…(cries)…if I say it please don’t be angry at me...
    I feel…since the preliminary announcements…I’ve been thinking…”Am I really worthy of this rank?” (cries and audience cheers her on)
    No matter what, I thank everyone so much for being beside each other, believing in me and not abandoning me…(cries)..thank you for bringing me to this point…my whole life, I never thought whether I’d have the opportunity to be here.
    And thank you to myself in the past for daring to come audition…that allows to me…eh? That makes..eh? (stumbling on her words and audience laughs)
    …that allows me to be the present Jane, that allows me to meet many various families. The family of members, both first and second generation, the BNK48 family, and for everyone...
    ...what should I say? (audience screams “Nguuuuuey~!” – a cute random sound that’s been attributed to her fandom)…Nguuuey ka (audience laughs and cheers).
    And thank you to my family, friends, brothers and sisters (note: in Thai this can simply mean those that are older and younger than you, not necessarily relatives), that’s always given me motivation.
    And thank you to everybody’s fan club for following and supporting BNK48, and after this, I will show you that I am worthy of this position.
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  9. palmpalm

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    Nov 25, 2017

  10. shibahi

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    Jun 20, 2015
    talking about quantity vs dedication, just for fun but for those of you who have observed bnk’s handshakes and events, what do you think the rankings would have been if it was 1 vote per fan?
  11. PunShark

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    Nov 14, 2018
    I don't think people were mocking her and her fangirls. It's just a general observation point in Twitter and Thai forum like Pantip that NamNeung has the most fangirls out of the members. On the contrary, a lot of people thought that she would be a dark horse for Kami7 since fangirls generally tend to spend more on their idols than fanboys.

    I personally just recovered from the general election. It's my first time following something like this so it's a new experience. It hurts so bad when your kami didn't get to the place you hoped for. I feel so down for 2 days.

    Pain aside, it's very fun and exiting experience. All the girls, especially the senbatsu, did very good job at their speech. Each are unique and very well spoken and suit their personalities. Most memorable for me besides Pun are Pupe, Mobile and Jennis.

    A side note for Pun, it's very heartbreaking to see her crying like that but at the same time you can't help thinking 'damn how can you still look good while crying'.

    *Mod, I don't know how to do multiple quote so feel free to combine my post.*

    I've never been to a handsake event but based on reading Pantip it will be

    1. Cherprang
    2-3 Music and Noey
    4-5 Orn and Pun
    6-7 Mobile and Jennis

    That's from last 2-3 events. Keep in mind that unlike voting, people tend to go for handshaking with their oshi as well as kami. A lot of gen 2 girls had long queues but didn't rank well in this election because of that. People like them as oshi but when it come to voting they only go for their kami.
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  12. Red13th

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    Nov 1, 2010
    Thailand ;)~
    Cherprang still No.1 and leave the rest very far behind, lol

    2.Noey / Music
    3.Music / Noey

    It's not like that, But Namneung fan are kind of loud sometimes a bit too much, They all way shout, scream for no reason and all the times, sometimes they dance and don't care about whoever there. Thats make me annoy with her fans(and Piam's fans in the same way too)
  13. Apple

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    Apr 13, 2018
    I want to ask if 1 music card is the same as 1 vote?
  14. Apple

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    Apr 13, 2018
    Hmm... I also think that Cheprang is very difficult to get close to all members. that doesn't mean she is completely hated but the other members are reluctant to approach her because she looks very firm and intelligent. even if there are announcements from BNK48 office such as the senbatsu rank or the recent ssk preliminary there are not many cheering for her. I feel cherprang is aware of that too. She looks like she wants to be a tough person. oh god, I hope this girl is always given health.
  15. ValKyRieS

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    Apr 29, 2014

    I agreed with you on this, usually it will be quite fun to watch but sometimes they kinda annoying.

    Also, if you talk about the number of fangirls, Cherprang has the highest amount of them though Namneung would have the highest ratio of fangirls to fanboys.
  16. Shinga Kurukato

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    Jan 20, 2014
    Nueva Ecija, Philippines
    Cristine Jan Elaurza
    Question: Is there a concert before the election? if there is, what's the name of the concert? and the setlist
  17. Red13th

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    Nov 1, 2010
    Thailand ;)~
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  18. R7-OZ

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    Jun 15, 2017

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  19. Hamasaki90

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    Mar 30, 2017
    I will be so over the moon if this is a sign that the 6th single is Beginner
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  20. wakadere

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    Nov 22, 2016
    okada nana + cherprang
    beginner wouldn't be a bad choice. bnk is due for another cool song
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