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  1. Ae Chris

    Ae Chris Kenkyuusei

    Nov 22, 2014
    Hello fellow Nogi-fans!
    Nogizaka46 International Fanclub is holding a cover contest over at Facebook, and I would like to take this opportunity to share some details about said contest!

    Rules are simple:
    Record yourself singing or playing AT LEAST one verse and one chorus of ANY Nogizaka46 song. (Like if you wanna do a full song, be my guest)
    If you choose to play a song using an instrument, singing is not necessary.
    So yes. OVERTURE counts. As do all the bonus video songs.

    All submissions should be posted in this thread.
    DO NOT send them to me privately.

    No submissions should be posted outside the group without permission from the person recording it.

    In order to make sure people play along with this, there will also be a prize for the person with the sexiest submission:
    0-4 people participating: No prize, thanks for participating.
    5-10 people: Winner gets a member panel of choice!
    11+ people: Winner gets a MEMBER TOWEL of choice! <- !!!!
    17+ people: Winner gets a MEMBER TOWEL of choice AND random participant gets a secret prize (Nogizaka related).

    (Due to stock issues, I will ask the winner for their top 3, as it might not be 100% possible for me to obtain their top Oshimen. All prizes will be BRAND NEW)
    You do not need to film yourself for this. A soundcloud upload or anything like that is perfectly fine. It's the audio that counts.
    If you're singing, having background music playing / recording it at karaoke is perfectly okay!
    If you wanna play a song, any instrument is fine. If you believe you can pull off a rocking triangle solo of Kakumei no Uma, go ahead and show your talent!
    Original arrangements or clean covers, anything goes.

    So come on, don't be afraid and show off your musical talent? Creativity?
    Simply having fun goes a long way too!

    Deadline: Mid February

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