Dang Thi Huynh Nhu (Minxy)

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    Kojima Mako

    Đặng Thị Huỳnh Như
    First Name
    : Huỳnh Như
    Middle Name: Thị
    Last Name: Đặng
    Nickname: Minxy
    Gen: 1st
    Birth date: September 16, 1998
    Hometown: Tây Ninh, Vietnam
    Height: 156 cm
    Three Sizes: B: 80cm, W: 59cm, H: 86cm
    Admired Members: Matsui Jurina, Miyawaki Sakura
    Favorite Colors: black and white
    Hobbies: going out with friends and relatives
    Dreams: become an idol that brings passion and energy to everyone
    Talent: studies literature well and has studied martial arts for four years
    Fun Fact: can drink a large cup of milk tea in less than one minute
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    48G itself.
    It has been an year and still no reply so I upload her latest pictures as the first reply.


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