Did you know? The Nogizaka46 trivia thread

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    Did you know that:
    -Nishino Nanase loves dove but hates baby chicken and loves snake.
    -Akimoto Manatsu was a student president.
    -Takayama Kazumin loves Harry Potter book and can monomane Ron Weasley, Harry Porter in Hogwarts train.
    -MC of Nogizaka, Bananaman did Macao tower jumping and skydiving long ago before Nogizaka46 did.
    Shitara-san: Skydiving was fun. Do it again, Himura?
    Himura-san: Ok! Let me call Akimoto Manatsu come too. She is pro.
    -Shiraishi Mai wants her future husband must strong about nowaday technology, likes using computer, cellphone, can read and understand manual instruction.
    Shiraishi: Do you know how to install Windows 10 operating system?
    -Saito Asuka love eating rice with chocolate, Takayama love eating salt.
    -Takayama when elementary was fat and was been bullied because of that.
    -Saito Chiharu has a Saito family song.
    -The most favourite movie of Hori Miona is Texas chainsaw.
    Hori Miona: ...
    -Shitara-san was in music band when young. He was main singer and the band was named "Jumping two times".
    -Fukagawa wants her future husband is a person who has good food report skill. Who can make the food more delicious with only by his way of eating.
    Fukagawa: Wait a little. The meal is almost finish. I like looking you eating.
    -Nogizaka members had their image characters in Nogidoko ep 79.
    -The born of HK3 was because Takayama, Shiraishi, Matusmura liked Shitara more than Himura in a dokiri on Nogidoko ep 28.
    Himura-san: What the hell? Only the face is the importance thing?
    -Bananaman Himura has spent near 5,000 USD to buy gifts and cloths for Nogizaka members until now.
    Himura-san: The game is now on my side.
    -Nogizaka has met Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe.
    -Himura can monomane Doraemon, goat, water dog.
    -Bananaman has gone to Paris, HongKong, Macao, Taiwan before Nogizaka went.
    -Wada Maaya doesn't know all English alphabet order. Her best far was M letter.
    -Takayama hometown has a ghost tunnel on Nogidoko ep 40. It had broken her car dad and her friend small mirror.
    -Nakada Kana has a Bananaman Shitara face T-shirt.
    Nakada: I was scared.
    Shitara-san: Busted.
    -On the Nogidoko bride contest ep 87, captain Sakurai is the best manner bride among all Nogizaka members.
    -Fukagawa can eat watermelon like a boss on Nogi Koujichuu ep 22.
    -Inside Ikuta Erika's heart has an armed gorilla.
    Ikuta: Defeat the gorilla and then we will talk about the marriage.
    -Nishino Nanase said in radio that she wants her lover call her "Nana".
    -Shitara has been call oni(demon) MC because he made Inoue crying but after the recording, he went to her and apologized her.
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    Did you know that Yamazaki Rena has nickname more than other Nogi members. According to her blog post, she got 26+ nicknames and keep increasing every year.:D
    Quote from Rena's thread

    Did you know that Shitara's daughter is called Nanaha? If you write it in Hiragana and read it backwards, you also can read it as Banana.[hehe]
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    Ikuta Erika
    well, pretty much most member might be admiring her dedication in term of variety & perhaps how far she'd go to fish her fans, like Maichun said, "her resolve is amazing".
    In Nogidoko
    Ikoma: She (Akimoto) shouldn't be too cheap (to fish her fans with open clothes and all)
    Himura: It's fine to be cheap.

    • For the Bungee, they didn't only did the Macao, but also many kind of Bungee varieties.
    • add Thai, Zuu, Reika & Macchu had meal in the same restaurant Bananaman ate before.
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