Movie / DVD Dong FangChi (with Thai actor Nonkul) in movie “Start It Up”

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    if the film is a success the glow up for our baby and the group
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    Jun 18, 2017
    An article relating to the film project in a Thai newspaper

    CP's little son-in-law joins hands with Wings Media to venture into Chinese ent.
    China is a business base of CP, the business kingdom of Thanin Jiarawanon. The company is the leader of intergrated agro-industry but expanding into different areas. Dr. Chawalwat Ariyawararom, the little son-in-law, has just joined force with a Chinese media giant to land into film industry.

    After a decade, Shelldon, Thai animation, has been aired in 200 countries and 35 languages around the world. This is the fruit of arduous effort of Dr. Chawalwat Ariyawararom of T & B Media Global. As the youngest son-in-law of Thanin Jiarawanon, his every moves draw eyes, especially this giant one. T & B has announced a partnership with SMG Pictures and Wings Media to venture into Chinese and world entertainment industry, starting with "Start It Up" a rom-com to bridge China and Thailand before moving to a big scale film.

    Thanin Jiarawanon attended the press conference on "Start It Up" in Shanghai and said this project was the beginning of this partnership to hit Chinese, Thai and world entertainment industry.

    Chawalwat Ariyawararom, the founder and CEO of T & B Global Media, said T & B aimed to produce film and TV contents under the partnership with SMG Pictures and Wings Media, an affiliate of Shanghai Media Group (SMG), the biggest entertainment company of Shanghai and 1 of 3 biggest of China, founded since 1997.

    The first project of this partnership is "Start It Up" a live-action romcom film played by Chinese and Thai actors. The partners also have planned for 2 aminations, "Silkroad" and "Arthur and 7 Chicks", and a variety show "Snapventure".

    The film "Start It Up" illustrates the story of best friends of different nationalities whose lives shifted after struggles. The crisis forces them to join hands and start a mission to test themselves. To save the restaurant business(es) of their families, the 2 endure hardships and take on national cooking competition together.

    Main cast of the film includes Sheng Yi Lun (Peter Sheng); Chanon Santinathornkul (Nonkul); Dong Fangchi, a member of AKB48 Team SH; Du Siyi; Suwapich Traipornwarakij (Baitoey); Kornpop Chananchareon (Joke of So Cool). The director is Phakaphol Lertwajirapaiboon and the producers are Pornwiroon Kaewthong and Tao Shu. The screenplay is written by Arthaphol Pandee and developed by Fang Hongren. The film will be recorded both in Thailand and China.

    This seems to be a small scale film and her role is supporting but, this may mean an amiable relationship between Team SH and Wings Media/T & B and that is something huge, more opportunities as variety show hosts/guests or actreses. Also, as T & B closely ties to CP, this can lead to sponsorship or endorsement offer from an affiliate of CP, known as 正大 in China.

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