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    Karin blog:

    She thanked the fans who gave her nickname suggestions in fan letters. She hoped that fans can still send her more suggestions

    Karin then thought that she should make one, and started writing down words related to her name like Natsu (Summer), but eventually gives up

    She decided to talk about the other 2ki in her 2nd blog

    She says that she is a shy person, and since long ago she is bad at making friends

    So she is quite worried when she knew that she passed the audition for Keyaki

    "It's the paradise for shy people, maybe i will fit in there"
    At first she kept fiddling with her phone at the corner of the room. Like watching videos, browsing clothes. But now, for some reason, she felt like she can open up her heart
    When she want to speak, she could put her head on a 2ki's shoulder, and she is quite clingy to the all 2ki members. But there are also times when she want to be alone, and everyone gives her the time to be so.

    When she is nervous, everyone reached out to her. They encourage her
    She feels that everyone matched atmosphere with each other, when it's time to make merry, everyone did the same.

    "In short, it feels like i have made good friends. I already like it (being here)"
    The cheerful Ten, the playful Hikari, the caring Matsuda, Seki the older sister who eases her, the interesting Inoue, Hono who Karin recently goes to be spoiled at, Yui-chan who matched well with her, Riko who have a calming presence
    "When i write it down like this, it really feels like colorful people have gathered.

    But it's fun to make fuss with them.

    Looking at that makes me happy, somehow. Like, 'Today 2ki are still the same'

    I want to continue to see the 2ki members having fun (a parent POV)"
    "Omake Hikari

    Took this pic because our clothes were very similar.

    Hikaru cute.
    Victory." https://t.co/idDiGHIH3y


    Karin have really flexible cheeks. Matsuda rina counting money.Hiichan so cool cute and so tiny. Of course, the best is ten make the 1st gen do julieta san dancing with her, https://t.co/xlWIwNNmhK

    MC: wow you must've felt very nervous backstage, waiting for your turn?

    karin: feels like vomitting

    MC: its an un-idol like to say!!!

    If you get to shoot a PB, where do you want it to be?
    Hikaru: Fukuoka, France, or Philippines
    Karin: I'd like to take it somewhere retro. Like wearing something from old times in an old cityscape.

    Hiichan's undying love for Philippines. Also Karin, I KNEW I CHOSE THE RIGHT KID

    2nd gen Keyaki Media award update :
    1. Yamasaki Ten - Weekly Playboy
    2. Tamura Hono - Ray
    3. Fujiyoshi Karin - BUBKA
    4. Morita Hikaru - anan

    3rd gen Hinata :
    1. Kamimura Hinano - BOMB

    IMG_20190218_163715.jpg IMG_20190218_144028.jpg IMG_20190218_000625.jpg IMG_20190218_000503.jpg IMG_20190218_000501.jpg IMG_20190217_231026.jpg

    From matsuda rina blog
    Beautiful slender, long hand. I'm close with Karin before Keyaki, we went out for meal together, it feels like Karin have this attractive aura, i like her smile, she seemed bad at smiling but that's why when she smiles she looks so cute & makes your heart skip a beat!" https://t.co/R5PWhS5uHD
    IMG_20190219_124626.jpg IMG_20190219_133313.jpg IMG_20190219_134214.jpg IMG_20190219_134234.jpg

    Niji: Oh that's right! There's 2nd gen who likes bubble tea. Can someone tell me? I know that there is someone who says that. Matsuri? I don't think so... Fuji...Oh yeah, Fujiyoshi-chan!
    Niji: When we visit 2nd's omitatekai, i was wondering whether i should bring chocolate or bubble tea as a gift. But i thought that i am the only one who likes bubble tea, so i brought the chocolates. It's not only later did i learn that Fujiyoshi-chan likes bbt

    From magazine
    Members look fashionable
    1.Fujiyoshi karin- 3 vote
    Seki : from her furry collar to socks looks fashionable
    Takemoto : because cloth worn by karin are always suitable to her.
    Morita : I think her clothing is definitely fashionable.furry collar, socks.even small things look fashionable
    Morita hikaru:2 vote
    Matsudaira riko : 2 vote
    Tamura hono : 1 vote
    Takemoto yui : 1 vote

    Members love to eat
    1.inoue rina - 4 vote
    2.fujiyoshi karin - 2 vote
    Seki : she has an image eating something
    Matsuda : she sings " very like to eat" and has an image to chewing something
    Fujiyoshi : I feel like eating a lot more than usual
    Takemoto yui - 2 vote
    Seki yumiko - 2 vote
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    i use android so i have to google it a bit but Karin showed the AirDrop sent to her

    blue: karin-chan (tamura and morita)
    green: karin-chan is still awake at this late of night (morita)
    pink: good night. thank you, karintan"

    karin: "karintan is going to bed early" https://t.co/Zkku5KNgge
    also she went to a cat cafe with Riko! Next time she wants to go to a hedgehog cafe

    "I went out wearing a dress my friend suddenly gave to me, it's been a while since i went somewhere so it makes me happy. But why did she suddenly gave me?? Surprisingly i also want to go to a reptile cafe...

    Snakes!? Ten?!?!?!?!?!?!"
    edb160547d21bab34abe32a513534-07.jpg edb160547d21bab34abe32a513534-06.jpg edb160547d21bab34abe32a513534-04.jpg edb160547d21bab34abe32a513534-02.jpg edb160547d21bab34abe32a513534-03.jpg edb160547d21bab34abe32a513534-05.jpg edb160547d21bab34abe32a513534.jpg edb160547d21bab34abe32a513534-01.jpg IMG_20190226_130356.jpg IMG_20190226_130057.jpg IMG_20190226_124412.jpg IMG_20190226_124402.jpg IMG_20190226_124400.jpg IMG_20190226_124358.jpg IMG_20190226_124349.jpg IMG_20190226_124346.jpg

    IMG_20190301_104815.jpg matsudaira blog
    mobdb27an-1.jpg matsuda blog
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    Jul 4, 2014
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    Can't wait to see more of her
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    Jul 4, 2014
    I buy my karin oshi towel today so happy
    c3bd03092228ee39609385a3083e3-01.jpg Good morning.

    It is Fujiyoshi karin

    The other day, I went to see Mr.
    Hinzaka 's debut countdown live, it was a lot of fun. Another unity of live venue was impressive

    Recently I noticed the deliciousness of scallops!
    I ate with Riko and the Sushi I ate with it I was too happy and I thought that I could eat indefinitely.

    I bought it lately
    ,! I bought a number of similar stuff ,,,. ,

    Recently sneezing because of pollen ,,.
    I hope the pollen season is over soon
    , everyone in hay fever, let's do our best ,
    c3bd03092228ee39609385a3083e3-06.jpg c3bd03092228ee39609385a3083e3-05.jpg
    I do not have it anymore, though.

    I like Tapioka drink, but I do not understand the difference in taste of each store very much.

    I want to go traveling and drinking compared the drink!!!!

    c3bd03092228ee39609385a3083e3-04.jpg teeeennnn isnt she ikemen!!!! IMG_20190308_005855.jpg IMG_20190308_014235.jpg

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    From Ozeki's blog:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Jul 4, 2014
    IMG_20190309_160127.jpg ozeki and karin line
    Op: nice to meet you !
    Oze: nice to meet you!
    Op: Gomenne was so good!
    Oze: really? Ty
    Op: wanna watch live again so I’ll do my best to win ticket!
    Oze: ok, ty

    Op: nice to meet you
    Karin: nice to meet you
    O: I watched SR
    K: really? (Eyes are so big so cute)
    O: pls do your best w/ your own pace!
    K: tysm (smile

    Her reaction was good!

    I love Karin’s smile.
    Pls take me to delicious tapioka Store!

    IMG_20190314_021651.jpg seki blog

    "I really, really like the time i spent with 2ki. I love them so much it's like 'Did we really come from different places?'. When everyone gathers, even though we only have met for several months there is an atmosphere that puts me at ease." https://t.co/9SXiX0yB3V


    Karin father insta https://instagram.com/shabushabu_fuji1?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=svygqrbl7rlh

    Fujiyoshi Karin Report

    Wa) It's nice to meet you, I'm Wata!

    Karin) Nice to meet you too!

    Wa) I've been rooting for you since SR times‼️

    Karin) Thank you!

    Wa) See ya

    Karin) See ya

    Karin is taller and more fair-skinned than I thought, I was surprised ww

    Also, she's cute‼️

    IMG_20190315_204237.jpg Hono blog

    She think Karin lets out a mysterious aura, and have the best smile that makes her go 'kyun'

    She think she gives a great performance as Center for omitatekai, she looks cool.

    She also like the hand pose Karin often use when taking a picture. She think it's very Karin-like https://t.co/ddvtjjMI0Z

    IMG_20190314_160726.jpg Takeyui blog


    So Karin's family owns a hot pot restaurant, and her father posted several post where he shows his support for Karin! https://t.co/RkkKzlw9Xq

    "One day, my 16 years old daughter said 'I want to be Sailor Moon'. Half a year later, in one summer day, she said "I have an Idol audition in Tokyo, please come with me".
    IMG_20190314_021948.jpg IMG_20190314_021958.jpg
    "While thinking of how dream of wanting to become a Sailor Moon is becoming a reality, i went to Tokyo with her riding the late night bus. The father then waited for the end her daughter's audition to finish under the scorching sun, befriending the birds. >>

    "Time passed, and it seems that tomorrow, my daughter will be making her debut in Budokan.

    The girl who just a few months ago singing in the bathroom without the slightest care in the world.... You really don't know what will happen in life....
    "I keep feeding my children with dreams and romanticism, and for me myself it has become the reason i made a big failure this year, and was beaten all around.

    But at the end of the year, something like this happened, and i am able to move again.
    "Thank you, my bizarre daughter lol.

    Without dreams and romanticism, in this fleeting life you won't move a single muscle."
    i was translating this one! https://t.co/fsGXEdKlHf
    i'll be translating this one now

    "It seems that my daughter have safely finished without problem lol.

    I look forward to see if people will accept her view of world, the 'Karin World' lol lol."

    me: Karin chan! I'm cheering for you!
    me:I'll oshi you alot!
    my pressure might have been too strong

    fu:you like cookies right?
    karin:Yep I like it
    fu:I also like it you know~I went to cookie land last time as well
    karin:if you have told me I would have given it to you...
    fu:(give what??!??!) *she means the cookies I think

    2nd one
    Fan : short hair suits Karin
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    It is Fujiyoshi karin.

    Thank you for the national handshake event

    It was a wonderful experience to be able to participate in the handshake event with seniors for the first time.
    it was fun. Thank you very much
    b403deb9e51adfa883f3e42c48a12.jpg b403deb9e51adfa883f3e42c48a12-01.jpg

    I am too happy! It is a
    treasure (> <)

    Thank you very much for the handshake event.
    It was really fun.
    I am looking forward to seeing you again.


    Today is "Yugata Paradise".

    I will speak hard so please listen by all means \ (◡ /) /

    Yui Tori Karin is coming out !! Looking
    forward to it ~

    Have you seen it ??
    Also look forward to next week \ (◡ /) /

    Now a lot of dance lessons I am able to do it very much recently. This remains a fun feeling I want to do my best with full force without discarding the !!!

    on the on the on !!!!!!

    sky sky sky !!!!!

    also work hard'll ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Today

    I Well then ~

    Riko blog

    Karin glasses look good ~ ~ IMG_20190328_121250.jpg

    I love eating Karin Karin.

    I also love Karin IMG_20190330_003616.jpg
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    honestly, karin's profile pic don't do her beauty justice. along with hono and yumiko i consider them to be 2nd gen's visual trinity
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    I agree, Karin is super adorable and her shy, awkward personality only amplifies that. She looks and acts like an innocent puppy that you want to protect :hehe:

    Out of the all of 2nd gen, I see huge potential in her, along with Hono. Even the other members mentioned that she has a unique aura. Wasn’t she also selected to center SaiMajo during Omitatekai? I really hope management gives her a good push; she could very well become Keyaki’s ace in the group’s next era.
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    Jul 4, 2014
    IMG_20190402_222552.jpg from nibu blog 2/4/2019
    IMG_20190402_222602.jpg from takeyui blog
    IMG_20190403_193745.jpg IMG_20190403_193742.jpg IMG_20190403_193743.jpg IMG_20190403_193740.jpg IMG_20190403_200350.jpg
    karin saying the lessons she is getting these days feel fulfilling, and that it's the first time she practiced and worked so hard (for something)... she's also having fun doing it ( TT )

    It is My boom to be able to jump by the earphone explosion sound in the room alone. It is the point to say loud noise.

    If there is something that can memorize the dance immediately, it is invincible.
    I want to dance everything.

    I have eaten bread recently.

    Do you say chocolate bread?
    I eat bread I don't know well

    . It's delicious. The

    room was shook by the members with the smell of chocolate bread.

    Recommended ~ ~ ~ The
    room can be made with the smell of chocolate bread and it's delicious and it's delicious!


    How do you when you sleepy?
    Toka sleepiness comes great in class.
    I was really sleepy because I was not good at studying.

    I had the time to hold my hand !!!
    still sleepy at all.
    I was too sleepy and did not feel pain.

    Even now a little sleepy ~ ~
    (from google translation)

    [Keyakizaka46] "I can't appear from next time..." Karin Fujiyoshi was carried an article by Japanese famous TV magazine "The Television" about her funny reaction! https://t.co/FO8rHWzyr1 @NewsSakamichi
    #Keyakizaka46 #欅坂46 #欅坂2期生 #KarinFujiyoshi #FujiyoshiKarin #藤吉夏鈴

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    日本 大阪市
    みなさん みくをお寿司かない
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    Karin blog:

    She was very nervous about the bdl, but she really had fun during the actual production, and she realized that this is the fun that live performance brings.
    The seniors really taught her a lot. If she made a mistake, they will kindly tells her the correct one and she could enjoy the lessons.

    on the third day of live she made a heart with a certain senior during performance, they jumped together with her in abunakkashi and te wo, they hugged when they are having a meal after live performance.

    After this live, she want to express herself even more in the songs. She realized that she lack that feeling before. The live made her realize how fun it is to express the song, and how she want to work even harder.

    She want to work harder so that they can grow and the seniors can say "Wow, 2ki is great!"

    She doesn't feel nervous when performing, but she is during MC or Keyakake

    "I thought 'Look at the camera, look at the camera' but i didn't look at the camera. The heck, self!! I will work hard so i can look at the camera, please send me your power"

    "I have said this many times in magazine and such, but if asked who is the person i admire i always answered Suzumoto-san.

    At the 3rd day of live, borrowing the staff's power, i took a picture with her.

    She's eating a bread. Suzumoto-san" https://t.co/jLIJjqKQQs

    "I'm always in a one sided situation with Suzumoto-san, and always want to talk with her, so i'm happy.

    I was wondering if i should upload the picture, i wanted to make it special only for me, but in the end i want to show it to everyone!" IMG_20190409_090602.jpg IMG_20190409_090604.jpg IMG_20190409_090643.jpg
    mobMlz9UV.jpg mobkLE7Ov.jpg 2d58ede99659c9692bc7c2e7c6525-04.jpg

    https://twitter.com/imi_kine/status/1115562916114120704?s=19 IMG_20190410_001716.jpg IMG_20190409_182219.jpg IMG_20190409_182218.jpg

    To much photo for the last two days
    Karin blog IMG_20190411_030335.jpg IMG_20190411_030337.jpg

    Inoue blog IMG_20190411_030102.jpg

    Hikaru blog IMG_20190411_150117.jpg
    Takeyui blog IMG_20190410_013538.jpg IMG_20190410_013534.jpg IMG_20190410_013536.jpg IMG_20190410_013217.jpg
    Seki blog IMG_20190410_013111.jpg
    Sugai blog IMG_20190410_012959.jpg
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    Karin's photoshoot with EX Taishu

    upload_2019-4-18_15-42-52.png upload_2019-4-18_15-43-7.png upload_2019-4-18_15-43-20.png

    Large pics in the source: https://taishu.jp/articles/photo/64908
    Am I the only one who thinks she kind of has an actress-vibe in this photoshoot? She has such a mature, calming yet mysterious vibe.
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    みなさん みくをお寿司かない
    She have a beautiful face, I really like her eyes and the gestures she do when she is listening someone. I can bet she will have a special place on the group, she is funny (on her way) and very talented.

    @keyak Thank you for the pictures, but I think are oversized.
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    Jul 4, 2014
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    Jul 4, 2014
    “Pic I posted yesterday was mimic of Ten & Hono. Ppl who noticed it was genius-

    Pls look at Ten & Hono’s blog. I truly depicted.” a36a9771d349da5a201ec18ece1f6-1.jpg
    I tied my hair after long interval a36a9771d349da5a201ec18ece1f6-01-1.jpg

    http://www.keyakizaka46.com/s/k46o/diary/detail/28815?ima=0000&cd=member IMG_20190427_232446.jpg IMG_20190427_232352.jpg

    The hospitality party is over ~

    Thank you

    very much!
    I will do my best to meet you again.

    I'm glad if you can support me from now on:- IMG_20190429_064603.jpg IMG_20190429_064554.jpg

    From 2ki blog IMG_20190427_080605.jpg IMG_20190427_080603.jpg IMG_20190427_080558.jpg IMG_20190425_195023.jpg IMG_20190422_162730.jpg

    IMG_20190406_221505.jpg IMG_20190406_221509.jpg IMG_20190406_053014.jpg

    Setlist Mini Live at event Omotenashikai hari 28 April 2019 di Musashino no Mori General Sports Plaza Main Arena, Tokyo.

    M01. Glass wo Ware! (Center : Takemoto Yui)
    M02. Nobody (Center : Fujiyoshi Karin)
    M03. Aozora ga Chigau (Inoue Rina, Seki Yumiko, Tamura Hono, Matsuda Rina)
    M04. Bokutachi no Sensou (Takemoto Yui, Fujiyoshi Karin, Matsudaira Riko, Morita Hikaru, Yamasaki Ten)
    M05. Te wo Tsunaide Kaerou ka
    M06. Ambivalent (Center : Morita Hikaru)
    M07. Kaze ni Fukarete mo (Center : Yamasaki Ten)
    EN01. W-KEYAKIZAKA no Uta (Center : Fujiyoshi Karin)

    Source : https://tokyopopline.com/archives/115661

    1556633458978.jpg 1556633456000.jpg 1556633452883.jpg 1556633449127.jpg 1556633447099.jpg 1556491996666.jpg 1556491768503.jpg 1556491755678.jpg 1556491746680.jpg 1556491741488.jpg 1556491738963.jpg 1556465712193.jpg 1556465709111.jpg
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