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    Takahashi Minami
    there are 24 members in NGT48 now. If you follow the official NGT twitter long enough, those emojis stand for each member currently in NGT.
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    That's the number of members NGT currently have when you include the Kenkyuusei. Doesn't necessarily need to mean anything imo.

    I personally hope that they just promote every of the Kenkyuusei. They are doing exceptionally well!
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    It should be noted that the official emoji for Otaki (the ramen bowl) and Miizun (the red teacher stamp) are included as well, at the bottom.
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    Takakura Moeka
    Thank you everyone for the replies. I was so invested in the emoji format of the tweet that i forgot there are 24 members(without the kenkyuusei).:^^;: Still, its a really interesting way to tweet something.

    Also, would anyone have a reference as to which emoji references which member? I know Okappa is the mushroom, and I believe Rika is the crown, but Im not familiar with the others.
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    I have been waiting for this question for a while, to be honest.

    Crying Face - Ogiyuka, because she's prone to get overly emotional and cry a lot
    Tangerine - Tsugumin, since she apparently likes eating plenty of them, in her own words "even as many as 10 a day, until the hands turn all orange" thanks to her grandma buying whole boxes of them (also interchangeable with a Bear Face)
    Snowman - Yukirin, as a reference to her Yukirin Daruma mascot
    Clapperboard - Kado, since she has a thing for movies, filming and video editing (until a while ago she used to submit some of her self-made movies to be then published on the official Twitter account, too)
    Double Loop - Katomina, it's supposed to represent a double flipping motion, like in her acrobatic performances
    Lips - Kitarie
    Dancer - Ainya
    , because of her dancing skills
    Thumb Up - Anju, a reference to her old "Sugar-chan Pose" (has replaced the Coffee Cup emoji, which was an even more outdated reference, see her 2016 Sousenkyo appeal video for the meaning of that one)
    Cherry - Riko, besides being a certified Cherry Fairy™, it comes from the fact that her hometown is known for the production of cherries, hence her self-introduction and all the cherry imagery associated to her
    Microphone - Reinya, because of her singing skills
    Mushroom - Okappa
    Long Dress - MauMau
    , a reference to her being the Fashion Boss™ of NGT
    Cancer Zodiac Symbol - Ayakani, in case someone doesn't know yet the "Kani" in her nickname stands for her Zodiac sign, so yeah
    Baseball Ball - Renapon
    Sun - Hinatan
    , it goes without saying but it comes from her own self-introduction
    Cat Face - Ayanyan
    Rice Bowl - Mofu
    , same reason as Tsugumin, but more on the glutton side (...)
    Frying Pan - Gatanee, because of her cooking abilities
    Crown - Rika (interchangeable with a Fishing Pole)
    Smiling Face - Ayutaro, whose smile saves the world™ (used to have an Open Palm emoji before, which is yet another reference to her self-introduction)
    Baby Chick - Miharu, since she is NGT's resident chick-themed character, as reflected by the great number of chick-shaped plushies and items she owns (not to mention the official dress code for fans when visiting her Showroom is the chick avatar)
    Crystal Ball - Maho (interchangeable with a Magic Hexagram, which is now used more predominantly)
    Megaphone - Noepii, nuff said
    Track&Field Shirt - Nanako, because of her passion for ekiden races
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    Mar 28, 2017
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    Kato Minami
    Wow! That certainly was a lot of information to drink in! Thank you for sharing!
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    Takayanagi Akane
    Rie's graduation

    " on April 14 it was announced surprise to open a graduation concert at the Niigata · Tokido (when) message, which is the home of NGT 48. On 13th the previous day, NGT 48's single concert was also decided at the same place"


    "On April 13 it was decided that a single concert of NGT 48 at the Niigata · Toki Messe · Niigata Convention Center and a graduation concert of the captain Kitahara Rie Hide will be held at the same venue on the 14th. "

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    Photo coverage and setlist of the Solo Concert, from ModelPress's website.

    Also, it looks like they had yet another school knowledge test in the meantime, this time among the Real Gakusei Senbatsu, and they showed the results during the MC. Riko managed again to end up last in the ranking, but her answers were so outslandish they made the whole hall laugh. Easily the part I look forward to watching the most. (´∀`;)
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    On Max Toki 315 from Akihabara to Niigata
    Sugahara Riko
    Damn. Still no KKS promotion and Team G formation announcement. We have to wait again for the concert in March.

    I am worried that they will not promote the KKSs & form team G until the new girls (D3) are ready to fill up 2 teams. If it is the case, not sure who to blame: NGT theater managers or AKS.
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    NGT is the most tight knitted little group I have seen in the 46/48 groups, the promotion of the Kenkyuusei would be well deserved and promote the team spirit even more.

    I hope it happens asap.
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    Just done translating this part of the NGT special of Nikkei Entertainment, so as a good deed for today I'm leaving it here. I think I'll state the obvious, but whether you are a fan of NGT already or you just want to get introduced to the group, you should do yourself a favor and buy a physical copy of the mook already. It's surprisingly well balanced in its content and covers a wide range of themes, so much so that it feels more like a mini encyclopedia.
    However, it's this part about Rie's comment toward the members that struck me as the most enlightening in there, even for long-time fans.


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The words that the captain is leaving for the members

    Kitahara Rie, who joined AKB48 in 2007 as a 5th generation member, had her transfer to NGT48 announced at the AKB48 Spring Solo Concert held at Saitama Super Arena in March 2015, whereby she stated that she "would become a Niigata woman". Since its formation, she had been leading NGT48 as captain, but on August 2017 she announced that she would graduate by Spring 2018. We asked her for some comments to leave for the future as well as related episodes regarding the 25 members of the group, who joined after the Draft Meeting and the 1st generation audition and who she had been observing up close ever since.

    ■Team NIII
    Ogino Yuka
    Spurred by the 2017 Senbatsu Sousenkyo, she has changed significantly. She squarely leaped up to become the face of NGT48, and this result also contributed to her entering the AKB48 Senbatsu. Even in the backstage room of AKB48 Senbatsu, she can bond with veteran senpais without fear, and thus she is carving a place for herself. Yuka-chan isn't exactly a very assertive type. However, when I think back of it, at the Second Draft Meeting (May 2015), which led to her joining NGT48, she talked enthusiastically to me about her own personal situation and thoughts, and something about her got across to me.
    She has a cute face and her physique is also nice, she has an aura of her own, and she knows how to properly be polite. She's a member that can carry herself decently no matter where she'll appear. Using the assertiveness that she has shown in the AKB48 Senbatsu, I hope she's going to lead NGT48 ahead.

    Oguma Tsugumi
    I feel soothed by Tsugu (Oguma Tsugumi), myself. So much so that I want to to live in a world where Tsugu is always here. I can't resist doting on her, I tend to buy stuff thinking that next time I meet Tsugu I'll surely give her a present. (laugh) Even before, I spotted this fluffy little shoulder bag and I bought it thinking "That'll be perfect for Tsugu". And then, I secretely bought another one of a different color for myself to use. (laugh) Right now, I'm deciding when I should give it to her as a gift.
    She's not only the youngest in here, she's also the number one in terms of number of theater appearances. The fact that she can boast her own strengths, in the form of working hard at the theater shows, is magnificent. I want her to grow up well-disciplined.
    Just one thing. It's going to happen long after I'll have graduated, but during her process to become an adult, time will come when she'll be troubling her mind about having to grow out of her "little sister character". On that timing, I hope she'll find a new path for her to proceed on as a new self.

    Kashiwagi Yuki
    From the bottom of my heart, I think it was truly great that the one who came to NGT48 as a Kennin member was Yukirin (Kashiwagi Yuki). She's more of a senpai than me, and with her level of recognition and popularity, there's no single aspect I can beat Yukirin at. Even so, when she came to NGT48 she treated both the senpais and myself, the captain, with respect. Even though she's supposed to be really busy, she always has her thoughts on NGT48.
    When there's a girl who looks troubled about something and I come to ask what's the matter, sure enough they would mention that "Even Yukirin felt concerned and she contacted me", and I realize that she is really watching over us.
    When I announced my graduation, I told that in advance only to Yukirin. When I'll be gone, she would end up being the only adult in there by far, and so I was worried she would tell me she didn't want to continue holding her Kennin position any longer. However, after a moment of surprise, I heard her ask me "In this case, how do you want us to handle NGT48's future from then on?". As expected of a professional idol, I thought to myself. Had I been in her same position, I think I would have said "In this case, I'll quit my Kennin position as well", half seriously, half in jest. In front of this seriousness of hers, I felt respect for Yukirin once again.

    Kato Minami
    She's absolutely pretty and cute. Ever since I saw her at the audition for the first time, I always thought that she should have been standing as the center. In the current situation, where she is forced to step away from the center position, she is probably the one who feels the most frustrated about it. Her fans the second most, myself the third most.
    She's always giving her best with all her strength, but when I look at her closely I can perceive her inner dilemmas, and so it makes me want to reassure her, "It's all right!". Every week, NGT48 has basic-level lessons open to anyone who wants to join. One time, when I got the time for an appointed meeting wrong and arrived during the lessons time, Katomina (Kato Minami) and Nishigata Marina-chan were there excercising intensely. "I want to give my encouragement to these two people", I thought.
    Seeing her going through these basic lessons steadfastly, in spite of the fact that her physical talent is great and dance is her speciality, I wished she would be rewarded for her efforts. I thought it's harsh how she publicly stated that she "Wants to stand as the center" and yet she couldn't. However, to continue repeating it without ever giving up once is a wonderful thing, I say. I hope she'll continue holding such a strong determination forever.

    Sato Anju
    Her genius when it comes to directing the talk is outstanding, during MC I count on her a lot. So much so that NGT48 would be in real trouble without her, since both at theater shows and at live concerts we really can't do without MCs. I want her to improve on this talent.
    Just one thing: her talk is amusing, but at times her words are way too harsh. As such, an important point for her future growth is to be balanced with choosing your words as an idol. Sashihara (Rino, HKT48) may appear to be speaking bluntly when on TV shows, but she never forgets she's an idol after all and she values her fans greatly. She's great at mantaining this balance. I think that, in the case of today's Anju, this is just her raw, natural character (laugh), but if she would concentrate her mind into doing an MC that is typical of an idol, it would be a further step up.

    Sugahara Riko
    Riko is, along with Tsugu, like an oasis for my heart. Her character is not well understandable, impossible to figure out at any time, but I still want her to keep growing up like this.
    Still, her charm isn't only this eccentric character: her dance is also brisk, and the gap between these two aspects intriguing. Fans are already aware of this, but it would be nice if there was an opportunity to let more people know about it. Therefore, why not entrusting her with a dance part where she could stand out, at a big live concert or such?
    Since she is also peculiar in her character, it means she's a type of member who, in the future, will most likely catch the attention of some creator working in movies or advertisements.

    Takakura Moeka
    She possesses a natural-born charm, and she has the qualities of a star. On the other hand, she also never feels confident about herself, and she used to cry a lot until a while ago. Then again, after she achieved results at the 2017 Sousenkyo, I haven't seen her cry anymore.
    She was the center in the NGT48's first original song, Max Toki 315-go. It's certainly in the spirit of AKB48 to entrust the center position to a member who says she doesn't want to be the center. Even this is charming, I think.
    It's the total opposite of Kato Minami, whose determination to stand as the center is strong. Exactly because of this, doesn't this duo share common points with Acchan (Maeda Atsuko, former AKB48, graduated in 2012) and Takamina (Takahashi Minami, former AKB48, graduated in 2016) in its existence? With both of them being from Niigata, I think it's also very NGT48-like. Therefore, although they aren't centers right now, time will certainly come for Kato/Takakura to get their turn once again.

    Tano Ayaka
    A beautiful girl, with both a pale white skin and a good physique. Her potential is great, but I feel that she has yet to realize it to its fullest. At the preliminary results of the 2017 Sousenkyo when her name got called, there came an indication that fans had began backing her, which was good. I hope she'll get her revenge at the next Sousenkyo.
    A city girl, even if she joined the AKB48 Senbatsu she would blend in well with her looks. I hope she will work hard so that she can seize this chance.

    Nakai Rika
    An off-the-wall character -- but, in a sense different from Kato and Takakura, even this is AKB48-like.
    She grabbed attention with her Showroom streams, and this attitude of going to seize your chance by yourself is a specific characteristic of hers which I think all members need to take as a role example and emulate. This is because the center of the 1st single, Seishun Dokei, is a position that she gained by herself.
    She's smart, and she's got talent for self-producing. Her theater performance is really good, too. Since she's smart and her comprehension ability is high, even having a talk with her feels fun.
    Having suddenly become the center in Seishun Dokei, she was in a position that everyone was seeking to obtain, therefore looking for her next goal ought to be pretty difficult. I think that right now is a time when she's struggling with various thoughts, about what direction to proceed on next. However, since Rika-chan is holding strong, it would be fine enough for her to proceed on the path that she wants to go, I guess. However, on those times when she'll stray too far away from the path, I'll make sure to go tell her, even after I'll have graduated. (laugh)

    Nishigata Marina
    Ever since the Draft Meeting, I've been with Marina-chan for the longest time, and so my emotional attachment to her is strong. She's the type who steadily improves herself piece by piece -- her fans lifted her up to a high ranking at the 2017 Sousenkyo, so I want her to please keep on going like this.
    Since she's also of adult age, rather than a member, I perceive her more as a friend. When I watch Marina-chan's Showroom broadcasts, I see she's always committed in communicating with fans, with her direct and to-the-point responses. Therefore, there's nothing for me to worry about. I want her to carry on like she is now, at her own pace.

    Hasegawa Rena
    After parting her hair in the middle, she has suddenly become prettier and looking more like a young lady. Pon (Hasegawa Rena), Tsugu (Oguma Tsugumi), and Seiji (Reina) are, from my point of view, the "Best 3 girls who got cuter compared to when they just joined NGT48".
    I haven't told her personally, but even she is an emotional support for me. Whenever I meet with Pon, she would hug me tightly and scream "Rie-san", and I would react at it with an annoyed expression -- this is a custom we always do, but I would feel lonely if we stopped.
    Since she's a very direct girl, she often sends me messages and constantly compliments me. She always spares no effort in what she does, and the fact that baseball is her forte is yet another trump card that she holds.
    In the showbiz, when it comes to girls who are skilled at baseball, there's just Inamura Ami and nobody else. So, even though she may still fail at it for now, I want her to go ahead with the intention of "Dethroning Inamura-san".

    Homma Hinata
    She's not the type who would constantly need help to get over her troubles, so I don't feel apprehensive for her at all. At the 2017 Sousenkyo, she achieved a great result, which was to make it into the Senbatsu. She's greatly popular, she handles both singing and dancing masterfully. I have only one thing to say: she's intelligent, she keeps an eye on people around her and knows how to be considerate of others. Even when she dropped from the Senbatsu in the AKB48 single (11-gatsu no Anklet), she was supposed to feel frustrated about it, yet she didn't lose her composure. Even when we went out for lunch together, she wouldn't disclose her frustrations even in front of me. Therefore, I wonder if she's too much of a "virtuous student" for her own good. There better be place for her to show her true feelings more freely, I say.

    Murakumo Fuuka
    Mofu (Murakumo Fuuka) is a really nice person. We tend to hang out together as friends, so even when considered as an idol there isn't a single thing I feel worried about her. Among all the members, she is perhaps the most capable of empathizing and connecting with anyone in a spontaneous way. She is intelligent and doesn't curry favor with anybody, therefore she always holds an impartial stance at any time. I put my faith on her, so I wish she would go on to become somewhat of a shadow captain for NGT48.
    When I announced my graduation, Mofu was the one who cried for me the most, until she hyperventilated. Despite the fact that several hours had passed since the graduation announcement, once I returned to the theater I found her lying on the floor still sobbing (laugh). That's when I understood just how much she loved me, which made me happy.

    Yamaguchi Maho
    Mahohon (Yamaguchi Maho) has a high sense of professionalism, so I get the impression there's no need for me to give her any advice. Being a gorgeous girl, I expect she'll eventually manage to become the group's representative in terms of looks. And I suppose that she too is wishing to become so. On the other hand, to invest your efforts into only this side just doesn't feel right for an idol, so keeping things balanced is going to prove difficult.
    I think she's a member who, first off, would need to strenghten her foundations and firmly secure her following of fans, then after announcing at some timing in the future that she's becoming the "looks representative" of the group, she'll be able, just like Akarin (Yoshida Akari), to promote herself across a wide range of the general public.
    To this end, it would work to her advantage if she could improve her dance. Learning it properly by starting again from the basic lessons would be nice.

    Yamada Noe
    Noe is yet another member who's a moral support for me. She immediately speaks out what she thinks, and she is also capable of accepting with frankness what is being said to her. She is a person so nice that it's quite a rarity in this day and age.
    Among the NGT48 members she is the one who is the most free of taboos, and so I think she is setting up for herself a career path as a "screwball". Thus, I say that she's fine to carry on like she is right now.
    I imagine that she wants to become popular at any cost at handshake events, and to rank in at the Sousenkyo as well. However, instead of being so obsessed about such things that you begin losing your direction, I'd rather she'll properly carve a place for herself as she is now.
    She's beloved also by AKB48 members, one time Miion (Mukaichi Mion) , who appeared with her in Tofu Prowrestling, even said that "Yamada is so cute".

    Kado Yuria
    Quiet and shy of strangers. When I summon her by saying "Kado-chan" she would normally come over, but otherwise she would rarely walk over here of her own accord. This aspect of her is quite endearing, isn't it.
    At the same time, as if she would transform into a completely different person once she gets on the stage, she can also deliver a very energetic performance. When on the stage, she becomes even cuter than usual and really shines out. I think that at the 2017 Sousenkyo, it was the fans who achieved a result for her, by which I mean that since she doesn't know how to assert herself forward, they gave her a supportive push ahead instead. It's a story with a narrative value into it, and that warms up my heart. After she made one step forward, as a result of ranking in at the Sousenkyo, something about her may have changed.

    Kusakabe Aina
    Consisting of Ainya (Kusakabe Aina) and Reinya (Seiji Reina), the "NyaaNyaa" duo brings solace to myself, who's weary from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.
    Her dance skills are excellent, a true hard worker. I'm really counting on her in the performance department, and she gets treated with affection by other members too.
    Fans of Ainya may have already noticed it, but in contrast to her mature-looking appearance, there's also a childlike and cute side of hers whenever she speaks. The gap between these two characteristics is charming, and so I believe her idol charm may blossom even further if only she could show herself behaving affectionately to other members while on stage as well. I can tell that right now she strongly feels that she must start acting more mature, but I want to tell her that there's nothing bad about spoiling yourself a little.

    Seiji Reina
    She's good at singing and dancing, her potential is high. She learned how to play drums in the wink of an eye, and her athletic abilities are good -- because she's so skillful, she would be able to accomplish anything. Not to mention her personality is cute, too. I sense that word about it is already spreading around little by little. She may have started as a Kenkyuusei but sure enough the world will wake up to Seiji's qualities and her turn to shine will come up somewhere.
    Since a light hair color suits her, when time will call for it she may as well dye it this way. In doing so, the number of young female fans will also rise up.
    By the way, this "NyaaNyaa" duo, in which both of them are good at dancing, gets along really well with each other, like two school friends.

    Takahashi Mau
    Ever since the beginning, I've been keeping an eye on MauMau (Takahashi Mau) for her cuteness and good style, to the point that I can still vividly remember her photo from the first round of the audition.
    Even when Uchida Mayumi-chan (former AKB48, graduated in 2015) went to watch a NGT48 theater performance, she told me how "MauMau was great", hence I believe she would get a good reception among the girl audience.
    She's fashionable and her dance is elegant, so in the role of the "Fashion Boss" I hope she'll continue to secure a position for herself from which she'll handle the popularity among the young girl demographics. Also, another important thing is for her to have self-confidence. She's very talkative when in the backstage room, so she'd better bring out this characteristic in MC as well.

    Nakamura Ayuka
    She made it into the Showroom Senbatsu, and she has been achieving results at a steady pace since then. I was surprised when I went to watch Taro (Nakamura Ayuka)'s Showroom and saw she was having a split-screen broadcast, with one half of the screen being a graph presentation and the other showing Taro's face. Camera is her forte, and she's also skilled at devices in general. Inside of NGT48, she's the girl more in tune with the modern times, and she is adapting herself to this social network-dominated society.
    While being a Kenkyuusei, she already found what is her own speciality, she made it into the preliminary results at the Sousenkyo, and she is increasing her popularity at handshake events. She can handle herself well even in dance practice, too, and being the hard worker she is, I can feel reassured about her even from now on.

    Nara Miharu
    She has got the looks to be photogenic both in pictures and videos. When we are in the backstage room, she would always cling on me for affection. On the other hand, she would just wait still on the side while I'm busy having a talk with Mofu or Yamada, only to quietly walk over to me after everyone else is gone. (laugh) This cute, slightly reserved feeling of hers, I think it's perceived by fans as well, isn't it. She got into the preliminary results at the 2017 Sousenkyo, but ultimately she ended up not ranking in, althought I believe she will next year.
    She's someone who loves being pampered, which is why Miharu is the one I feel most worried about, as in "I wonder if it's alright for me to graduate just yet". Alright, let's go back to Niigata from time to time and hang out together at her house, then!

    Nishimura Nanako
    What with having a mature-looking appearance, one can tell how she feels it necessary for herself to act more responsibly too. Because of this, there's no way for me to get through her guard, and the times I've asked her "Please, let's take a photo together (for blog purposes)" have been rare as a result. So much so, in fact, that the fact there are so few two-shot photos of me and Nanako has become infamous among fans. "How about letting her take some time off just for the sake of taking a photo with me", I have been thinking out of respect for her feelings. Long ago, I used to have this same trait, and so my photos with Mayuyu (Watanabe Mayu, graduated in 2017) were so incredibly few. (laugh) I think that this overly no-nonsense side of hers is a trait that resembles me.
    She's gifted with common sense and a desire for self-improvement, and she's working diligently with the aim of being promoted to regular member.
    Still, it would also be better if she could drop her guard down a bit already, generally speaking...

    Miyajima Aya
    She succeded in ranking in at the 2017 Sousenkyo, so I have nothing to worry over. Her character is one that loves to pamper others, which means that what fans request concides with what she wants to do, so there's nothing about her words and actions which feels discrepant. Ayanyan (Miyajima Aya) tends to spoil me as well, so I want to become a psychological support for her even after the graduation.

    Otaki Yuria
    Given also her brown-haired looks, she really gave off an unconventional, one-of-a-kind image of herself within NGT48, plus she's extremely sociable. At the 2017 Sousenkyo held in Okinawa, the hotel we stayed over at was the same for both NGT48 and AKB48. When I went to the convenience store just below the hotel, I noticed she was socializing with Myao (Miyazaki Miho, AKB48) without being the least bit timid, which I found amazing. (laugh) Because of this impression she left, even Yokoyama (Yui, General Manager) and other AKB48 members remembered about her. I feel that we may go on being friends even after graduation.

    Mizusawa Ayaka
    Miizun (Mizusawa Ayaka) was the oldest member inside NGT48, so I perceived her as a friend the same way as I do with Mofu. Her sense of humor with gags was great, and talking with her was amusing. On the day after her graduation theater show, we went to have lunch together, "I look forward to NGT48's future from now on", she talked about with me.
    Even after that, whenever some crucial event happens she would always contact me, like at the time when I announced my graduation, or to say "The birthday cake at the Seitansai was so cute". Since a new life has started for Miizun, however, I have been wondering if it would be rude of me to invite her to come back for once and so we haven't met even once following her graduation. I'm thinking about going to meet her myself after I'll have graduated from NGT48, then!
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    DUUUUUUDE. The fact that you wrote all this blows my freaking mind. I saw you writing about if you should do it or not on Twitter (considering there isn't such a huge audience for this on Stage48), but boom there it is, you still went through the trouble. Thanks a million thousand times. I really enjoyed reading all this, especially the part about my kami-oshi, as i always learn something new about her with every translation i can find (the weekly lesson thing, dayum...), which makes me want to learn Japanese even more so i can finally understand and read everything about her. Again, thaaaaank you.

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    Nakamura Ayuka
    I bought the special and this helps so much since I can't read Japanese.

    @Cisalpine88 There is a typo, March 2015*.
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    Thanks, fixed some awkward wording as usual while at it.
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    @Cisalpine88 does it again... great work (huge volumes, too) as usual :approve:
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    Kato Minami
    Thank you so much!!
    I really cried reading it :(( Rietan is such a good captain, she pays attention to every girl <3
    What she said abt katomina got me on fetal position LOL
  18. enc0re

    enc0re Kenkyuusei

    Mar 28, 2017
    Rie is such an awesome human being, this group couldn't have gotten a better captain. From this piece I also learned a lot from members who I'm am not yet familiar with.

    What eases my worries a bit about the time after Rie's graduation is the part with Yukirin. It's so relieving to hear that she will be available as support for NGT after the only veteran leaves. I always kinda suspected that she sees NGT as a bit of a hassle. Though I still think that her graduation will happen more sooner than later.
  19. ogiyukaa

    ogiyukaa Kenkyuusei

    Oct 28, 2017
    Ogino Yuka
    THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is the content I look for, it was very enlightening! It makes me sad that there is not a lot of NGT things that are translated to english so thank you!!!

    Wow kitarie really is amazing. She cares so much about the members and notices even the little things. She's so sweet and lovely. Best leader. Going to be sad when she graduates
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2018 at 5:15 PM
  20. Dee

    Dee Kenkyuusei

    Sep 18, 2015
    Over the hills
    Thank you so much for this!!!!

    I enjoyed reading her thoughts and experiences of everyone. It gives insight on Rie and the girls' personalities and feelings beyond what we fans and observers see. I found out things about the members I didn't know before. I really appreciate Rie and NGT48 a bit more.

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