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[GENERAL] The SKE48 Thread

Discussion in 'General SKE48 Discussion' started by RocketStarLauncher, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. sungjong

    sungjong Kenkyuusei

    Mar 16, 2014
    Hirate Yurina
  2. HayateXCrow

    HayateXCrow Kenkyuusei

    Apr 18, 2014
    Kitagawa Ryoha
    Exclusive interview with J-trust President / CEO, Fujisawa Nobuyoshi, from Tokyo sports regarding SKE48 acquisition (part 2)

    New owner of SKE48 「Idol training and support for second career are the responsibilities of the management」

    【Exclusive Interview with the new owner of SKE48(2)】The second round of the exclusive interview with Fujisawa Nobuyoshi (49 years old), the president of the listed company 「J Trust」who became the new owner of the idol group SKE48 talks about the future development of the group. Among them, he revealed his rock-solid strategic plan, like opening an idol-cultivating school in Nagoya and, on top of that, supporting the members’ second careers after they graduate from SKE48. Let’s take a deep look into the 「Fujisawa Plan」which may boost the superiority of SKE48 greatly in idol circle.

    Q. Before changing the management company, your company held a briefing session for the members’ guardians in February.
    I attended it too. After all, I was afraid if we didn’t explain carefully, we may not be able to convey our thoughts to them. Making them feel at ease is our top priority. During the briefing, I mainly focused on explaining that SKE will still maintain the status quo and contribute to the region closely. As for SKE’s development, it will be suggested and implemented by our company.

    Q. What are your thoughts on the development in the future?
    We have a concrete plan already, but I’m not too sure how much I can tell you (LOL). We are also proposing various plans to Mr. Akimoto. We hope that after SKE officially merges into the company, we can expand quickly. One of them is we hope to become an entrance for the girl who wants to become an idol. Girls who hold this dream often attend various courses. If that’s the case, we should establish an SKE school, which means opening a school in the field of singing, dancing, etc., in Nagoya. The option after they graduate from the school can be something like becoming an SKE48 Kenkyuusei. We hope to promote such business which help to broaden their vision.

    Q. Meaning it’s an idol-cultivating school, right?
    That’s right. We will hire qualified teachers to teach them singing and dancing, and to help them improve too. And also, idols have to sacrifice their youth to idol life. I believe there are many things they want to do but have to hold back and focus on idol activity. It’s possible they become adults without knowing anything (other skill sets). There aren’t many people who can be an idol forever. And I think it’s the management’s responsibility to support them for the second career. If there are other things they want to do, that’s totally fine too. After they graduate from SKE, to make sure they are not lost in the next step (such as looking for jobs), we must support them.

    Q. I’m sure the members’ parents will feel at ease too.
    After all, we are a listed company, expanding our business in various countries, and the scale is growing too.

    Q. For example, becoming a lecturer at the idol-cultivating school?
    If the graduated members are qualified enough to work as lecturers, that will be awesome. Furthermore, (J Trust group) has 2 TV programme production companies, regular programmes at all terrestrial TV stations. We are running studios too, and also banking business overseas. It depends on what they (graduated members) want to do, the company can offer various options. Becoming a teacher is also possible, I believe each of them has their own thinking. After graduating from SKE, I think there are girls who wish to continue their career as idols, actresses, and singers. We have (besides SKE Inc.) other agencies too, so they can continue on there. We will give our utmost effort to create (find) a suitable working environment for them.

    Q. For those who wish to venture into the finance industry, they can join J Trust and do finance-related work in Indonesia or Singapore.
    That’s possible too. We have a partnered bank in Japan as well, though I don’t think there are many who want to shift from being an idol to becoming a banker (LOL). But there are various possibilities.

    Q. You want to support the SKE members even after they’ve graduated with everything you have.
    Yes. With that in mind, we hope to back them up with everything and support them for their second career.

    Q. The possibilities have widened.
    (Within the group) we have advertising business, and theatres in Tokyo and Shinjuku too. We will expand our Live House business after this. So there will be more places that allow them to flourish.

    Q. Is it possible to organize SKE theatre stage performances at Shinjuku ALTA, which is under your group company, KeyStudio?
    That’s possible too. It’s just that the schedule is quite packed already. If we can arrange it a few months before, I’m sure we can do it anytime.

    Q. It can used as a 2nd theatre in Tokyo, following after the SKE theatre in Sakae, Nagoya.
    I think that can be done.

    (To be continued)
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  3. welp

    welp Kenkyuusei

    Jun 18, 2017
    I've always questioned, how can AKB act as prep school for idol to further into ent industry without solid training provided? Sakae is doing what I have wanted AKB to do, training system to members and proficient unpopular veterans to become trainers/staffers. AKB was established with the vision to make it a theater troupe and this is how professional theater troupe supposed to function.

    I have a theory this new system is Akimoto's attempt to fix/improve 48 system he founded. AKS has gone too far for him to change it.

    I assume this is the trend, the line between artist and idol will become blur. We have E-Girls bending into idol side and this new system of SKE will enable it to perform closer to artist level.

    No discussion on SKE's sister group?
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  4. EinhanderX

    EinhanderX Stage48 Moderator Staff Member Stage48 Moderator

    Jun 2, 2015
    Rather than simply mere sister group, I am visualizing his plan as using the school as spearhead for developing talent pool in the 3 main prefecture and adjacent. For comparison, we have ASH dancing school which is unrelated to showbiz nor idol yet some of its alumnus become a pivotal part of STU blooming talent and NMB in the past. And it's not just 48G who benefit from these school.

    As for the second career, Yoshimoto has done it before albeit their scope are limited to comedienne, and MC. Only after Showtitle were established do they expanded to music talent. Nogizaka also does the same thing as LLC works both way as talent agency for the members AND ex-member who wishes to remain in the showbiz entertainment, both on-screen and off-screen.

    All in all, this is a long-term strategic plan that wont bear fruition until 4-10 years later, even if done well. But when was the last time we hear such vision from actual owner in the 48G hemisphere?

    As you can see in the interview, Akimoto were only giving an obligatory approval here after AKS and Keyholder concluded the talk. Which means he doesn't even give a thought of it, let alone attempt anything.
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  5. hrs0722

    hrs0722 Kenkyuusei

    Mar 2, 2015
    Hanasakigawa Girls High School
    Cindy Yuvia
    Keyholder inc is a subsidiary of J Trust co ltd. The corporation has branches in various Asian countries including that they acquired a bank in Indonesia.

    Possible SKE48's own overseas expansion?

    Hokkaido like I always suggest heheheh screw ya all
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  6. Iz*One48

    Iz*One48 Kenkyuusei

    Jan 11, 2019
    I think AKS provide exposure to the entertainment industry and skill as entertainer rather than solid training.

    Not really. I don’t think that Aki-P have that in mind when established the theatre. Professional theatre troupe and idol theatre are two different things.

    Not really. It is pretty much vision by KeyHolder. The only think new is that SKE48 is being transfer from AKS but it is pretty much in line with what Aki-P had done before this. Cooperate with other company to use the 48Group brand. AFAIK, SKE48 used to be under Pythagoras Promotion before being transfer to AKS.
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  7. rka

    rka Upcoming Girls Stage48 Donor

    Jan 19, 2013
    Tanigawa Airi
    Wasnt AKS holding significant amount of keyholder shares? I remember reading something along these lines.
  8. Chrissel

    Chrissel Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    May 23, 2013
    Sugiyama Aika
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  9. HayateXCrow

    HayateXCrow Kenkyuusei

    Apr 18, 2014
    Kitagawa Ryoha
    Exclusive interview with J-trust President / CEO, Fujisawa Nobuyoshi, from Tokyo sports regarding SKE48 acquisition (part 3)

    SKE New Owner: The most important topic is “Security measures for members”

    【Exclusive Interview with the new owner of SKE48 (3) 】After the idol group SKE48 merges into the listed company KeyHolder, there will be an increased emphasis on compliance to the rules. The third round of the exclusive interview with Fujisawa Nobuyoshi (49 years old), the president of the listed company 「J Trust」who became the new owner of the idol group SKE48 focus on this aspect. While the aftermath of NGT48 Yamaguchi Maho’s assault case still remains, the topic of compliance to the rules was brought up by President Fujisawa focusing on security measures for the members.

    Q. Will the parent company of SKE48 Inc., KeyHolder, publish SKE’s financial statements and other information on their financial report, and also at investor relations events?
    We’re still adjusting it right now, but we will probably include it under the revenue of KeyHolder’s entertainment industry, and the profit amount. It most likely won’t show the exact number of the SKE business. Although from the IP (Intellectual Property) perspective, we will treat the SKE business as our main business. But if we look at the revenue ratio (among other KeyHolder businesses in the entertainment industry), SKE is only a small part of it. Still, since we are a listed company, we will reveal information that’s necessary. The things we reveal will be more than before.

    Q. SKE has become a member of a listed company group, which also means that the compliance required from members and staff will be stricter than before.
    We did mention this during the briefing session with the parents. Including things that will break the rules, things that they shouldn’t do. Some parents may also feel some unease. The purpose of organizing the briefing session is to make the parents feel at ease, but instead it made them feel worried (wry smile). But there’s no doubt that we will ensure things like treating this kind of issue lightly will never happen again, and everyone must abide by the rules. The social trend has become severe too. Including social media, they put everything under a microscope, don’t they? Because we are a listed company, we need to be extremely careful.

    Q. To be more specific, which part will become stricter?
    Like what kind of industry we’ll venture into next, what kind of groups we’ll collaborate with, members will get a lot of first-hand information. If this kind of information leaked out on Twitter and other places, it would cause an internal issue. So the most important thing is to control the information flow, I guess.

    Q. In December of last year, the physical assault of NGT48’s Yamaguchi Maho happened. Some media reported that NGT members were suspected of meeting fans in private. How do you prevent this from happening in SKE?
    We must be very strict on this. Personnel on site must pay full attention to it. Actually I don’t know for sure if that (the NGT’s members meeting certain fans in private) actually happened. But an idol group is basically supported by fans and friends. So we can’t allow members to give special treatment to some fans. I think equality and fairness are very important. In order to establish a system that can prevent this from happening, even if it’s going to cost a lot, we must do it.

    Q. It’s rumoured that regarding the NGT’s case, an “Idol Hunter” was involved in investigating the address of the apartment where the members live. Parents are also worried about the safety of the members.
    This must be done well. But we must start by grasping the current situation. The management staff must be well aware of the seriousness of this problem. In the past, there may have been cases disapproved by the top brass. But the past is the past, from now on it’s a brand new stage, we will use innovative thinking and do it using an entirely different way. There are also many problems that are hard to understand without listening to those who are onsite. We will listen carefully to their opinions. For this part, KeyHolder has already sent a few staff to be stationed onsite at events.

    Q. Is it possible to do things that were difficult to be carried out in the past?
    Yes. KeyProduction, a TV programme production company, which is an associated company of KeyHolder, also does celebrity agent business for female artists. Among them, special attention is paid to female artists’ accommodation and shuttle services. From now on, we will review how SKE did it in the past, what to keep (methods used in the past) and bring new implementations. For male artists, they can choose to ride the train to the venue and back on their own, but female artists can’t do so. To make sure we can respond instantly to any kind of problems, we will do our best and protect them properly. It’s our responsibility to establish a system that can let parents feel at ease.

    (To be continued)
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  10. lionel90

    lionel90 Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Dec 12, 2009
    Because this is not Kpop

    It's not really a prep school, but a stepping stone to something else. Some former members found success in careers that are not related to entertainment. Let's be real, out of 20 members, how many are going to pursue their career as artists ? only a few.
    And as the way to perform, it's not about delivering the perfect performance, but puting the audience first. It's not only learning to (sorta) dance, (sorta) sing, but how to capture and bring the audience into the performance.
    You should watch some LOD to see the result.
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  11. HayateXCrow

    HayateXCrow Kenkyuusei

    Apr 18, 2014
    Kitagawa Ryoha
    Exclusive interview with J-trust President / CEO, Fujisawa Nobuyoshi, from Tokyo sports regarding SKE48 acquisition (part 4)

    New owner’s feelings who entrusted the regional activation to SKE “Hope we can perk up the region and repay everyone”

    【Exclusive Interview with the new owner of SKE48 (Final) 】Finally, this is the last round of the exclusive interview with Fujisawa Nobuyoshi (49 years old), the president of the listed company 「J Trust」who became the new owner of the idol group SKE48. President Fujisawa talked about his enthusiasm for the revitalization of the region. President Fujisawa, who is also a major shareholder of the Japanese professional football J2 league team FC Gifu at the same time, by absorbing SKE into the group, his vision is…

    Q. President Fujisawa invested 150 million yen of his personal funds to save the Japanese professional football J2 league team FC Gifu from being removed from the J League due to insolvency in 2012.
    I happened to read a report from Yahoo News about “FC Gifu’s Crisis”. I was thinking that I have grown my business to a certain scale, so it’s time for me to repay everyone. So I contacted FC Gifu and decided to support them.

    Q. Did you knew FC Gifu before that?
    No, not at all. At that time FC Gifu wasn’t able to pay their debt, and it was in the red every year. So I signed a sponsorship contract with them. With recommendation from the governor and mayor of Gifu, we got acknowledged by J League and became the biggest shareholder of FC Gifu. At first they didn’t have any sponsors so they had to find a way to attract attention. I have a personal friendship with Ramos (Former player of Japan National Soccer Team, Ruy Ramos), so I asked him to become the head coach of FC Gifu. Rather than a personal friendship, it’s more like drinking partner at night (LOL). After that, former Japan national team players like Kawaguchi Yoshikatsu, Santos Alessandro joined the team and sizzled the atmosphere. But I wasn’t involved in the management of the team at all.

    Q. Just like FC Gifu, SKE48 is also focused on local oriented activities
    When it comes to the Tokai region, one will think of Chunichi Dragons, Nagoya Grampus, SKE48, and also FC Gifu. For those who live in the Tokai Region, I guess they do grow up reading Chunichi Shimbun, and Chunichi Sports. I am also a longtime fan of Chunichi Dragons. I’m in the same generation as Tatsunami Kazuyoshi (former Chunichi Dragon player). In the past, I went to Nagoya Stadium several times a year to see Coach Hoshino Senichi, player Uno Masaru. When we went for karaoke, we would sing “Enter the Dragon” (Chunichi Dragon’s Cheering Song)

    Q. Just like Dragons and Grampus, I guess you do hope SKE can also revitalize the hometown?
    I do have such a plan. Even for FC Gifu, I actually hold on to the thought of repaying people and decided to become the major shareholder when the team was in a major crisis. The management of the team has become stable now. This time, by purchasing SKE, we won’t be limited to Gifu prefecture only, but we can repay the folks from Aichi prefecture and Mie prefecture too. SKE plays a big part in contributing to the revitalization of the region. In my opinion, among the groups in 48G, there’s no other group who is so local-oriented, and contributes to the revitalization of the region like SKE.

    Q. In the past, among the fans, there were some who thought that AKS shows partiality to AKB, and vice versa to SKE. Regarding this, everyone has great expectations for the new management and also the new owner who is from Gifu prefecture (within Tokai region)
    SKE just needs to continue cultivating the hometown, promoting activities which helps to revitalize it will do. It’s totally fine to put back the money/resources that SKE earns with their hard work into budgeting for SKE, as much as is needed. Our position is to expand with SKE as the core business. With SKE as the core for the business entity, including the derivative business, we can propose it to AKS and Akimoto-san and expand our group entirely.

    Q. The affiliated company under J Trust and KeyHolder group will be an advantage too.
    Among the affiliated companies which starting in April, there are some which have the capability to cooperate with large-scale supermarket chains, to put the goods of artists onto the shelves and expand it around the country. Aside from that, there are TV programme production companies that can produce various programmes and propose it to TV stations. For example, the goods that are promoted by the SKE members through television and other channels can be put on supermarket shelves across the country. We’re doing evaluations to see if there’s a way to launch such a one-stop business. I believe a normal idol management company wouldn’t be able to do it to this extent. Judging from this perspective, I think having a TV production company under the big umbrella is a big advantage for SKE, and having such access does help in expanding projects. If we can push out such full packages, I believe it will bring in an unimaginable synergistic effect. Anyway, long story short, I hope it will sizzle things up.

    (The end)
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  12. welp

    welp Kenkyuusei

    Jun 18, 2017
    I don't think it will take that much time. If the man lives up to his words, we should start to see the output within 2 years.

    Didn't Mr. Keyholder's chairman (Fujiwara) said he knew nothing about SKE, about idol nor music business, and developed SKE's plan after Akimoto's advice? Keyholder has no background in music/idol business and Akimoto will be a keyman in the management of SKE regardless of his official position, at least for a while.

    Actually, earlier gens got some training. Tackey, as the chief of Johnny's Island, believed skill training was needed for his boys.

    Wasn't Akimoto inspired to form AKB48 after he watched an acrobatic troupe in a theater?

    And, I talked about how many small performance troupes worked and not K-pop. Someone was more obsessive over K-pop than a K-pop fan.

    Skill training is much like giving the idol a sword. She may use it or not is up to her but, the sword will be more advantageous to continue fighting in the entertainment battlefield than bare hands. The training may also include acting to give the idol yet an alternate weapon to fight.

    Skill also can be helpful to work behind the scene. A veteran with skills may become trainer, choreographer or such. It will help broaden the option of careers to take after the retirement from idol career.

    I'm sick of this ridiculous excuse. So, skilled performers can never putting audience first? Fans can enjoy cheerful passionate performances of their idols yet, much more peoples can enjoy cheerful passionate skilled performances of idols. Anyone can enjoy the voice of a good singer but only fans can enjoy the voice of a bad singer.

    LOD? :rofl:Do you think why AKB needs LOD when some idols making banks on dome tours? If AKB girls want to perform in Tokyo Dome, they need a big upgrade on average skill or, they can just keep dreaming and watching other more skilled idols doing so.

    I love the synergy idea. If an idol agency owns a TV production business, it can maximize idols' business value by
    - using its idols in dramas and save cost as a huge cut from idols' acting wages will go back to the agency.
    - using its popular idols to guest its new variety shows to help boost the rating.
    Those media exposure in turn will raise the idols' popularity and more profit from idol business model, which is a more thorough model to monetize from celebs' popularity.
    The popularity of Johnny's idols depends largely on TV activities but Johnny's does not produce the shows. Keyholder, due to its TV production arm, can better integrally manage its idols.

    However, seeing the corporate also funded a football team made me think of something bad. Football team or entertainment agency might be used for money laundering and J-Trust did both.
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  13. nokoru

    nokoru Kenkyuusei

    Aug 31, 2010
    Who says idols need more than average skills to perform in Tokyo Dome? o_O Stop being ridiculous.
    Btw, someone who doesn't watch LODs to see the girls' "from zero to hero" can shut up and respest more. How rude when you laugh like that. :gavel:
  14. lionel90

    lionel90 Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Dec 12, 2009
    Since when cabaret shows are acrobatic ?

    Just what you keep describing is what Kpop is : skill first.
    AKB48 groups are not really about skill and talent, if it was the case those kind of members would be front row all the time. There are tons of names who are known for their singing and dancing abilities who never saw the front row even once, or never selected as senbatsu, while in the same time the top 16 girls as a whole are seen as average. (and this is not close to change)
    SKE48 being an exception since they are more known for being focused on dance. (Jurina's singing though :^^;:)
    What you don't get is there are different ways to appeal to the audience, not only skills.
    Just look at where Sakura was before IZ*ONE. Nako is a better singer and dancer than her, yet who is the most popular ? (and don't take the Produce footage as exemple, this shows showed what it wanted the audience to see). Sashi isn't known for her dancing and her singing is terrible, yet who is the most recognised ?
    Because Tokyo is not Japan, Osaka is not Kansai, Hiroshima is not setouchi
    How do you think a group who couldn't only dream of performing in Budokan at first, was in dômes for only 2 years and know need a strong reason to perform in a medium baseball stadium can reach fans from Sapporo or Okinawa every day ? How fans who can't move to these small theaters can whatch their favorites grow ? do you have the concept in mind ?
    Then you admit you never watched a full theater performance and you dare to criticize how the girls are performing ? the debate is close.

    Nothing new:
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