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Graduated Team G - Hasegawa Rena (Renapon)

Discussion in 'NGT48 Graduated Members' started by nobodywil, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. Cisalpine88

    Cisalpine88 Upcoming Girls

    Aug 28, 2009
    Announced some days back: a teaser for "Lunch Time wa Hajimechatta", an one-situation comedy mini-drama ("more than a skits show, almost a drama" so goes the tagline) which is set to receive its direct-to-DVD release on December 25, featuring Renapon among the protagonists. As a side note, shootings for the episodes were reportedly carried out near the end of last June.

    They don't put any particular attention on the coffee itself, but...
    the part of the menu they are most proud of is *omurice*, this is the "Coffee Angel" cafe.
    On lunch time, which even today is free of activity, the three protagonists will instead have their fill with their personal tales and flights of fancy!
    Unfolding between this group of three girls (Riko, Sakura, Mei) with a reason for working part-time at the cafe
    will be, none to last in records or memory, plenty of inane girls talk!
    Every time, they'll also have have a variety of rare bizarre visitors as well as frequest customers ("guests") coming to the cafe, who'll end up getting involved with the three of them.

    Drama's homepage: http://lunchtime-hajimari.com/
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  2. primermicarrucha

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    Jan 27, 2019
    it's nice to see rena up to so many things. i wonder if we'll ever hear from mofu again...
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  3. Cisalpine88

    Cisalpine88 Upcoming Girls

    Aug 28, 2009
    A translation by me of the interview, published yesterday, that Renapon had on occasion of the release of the children movie Pororo. Not just about the movie itself and the experience had in the production, but also about Rena's interest for animation and her expectations near the end.

    Her first ever DVD release as a voice acress

    -- After starting off your activities as a voice actress since this June, this time it will be your first DVD release of an entertainment product with you playing the main protagonist. To say it honestly, what were your feelings when it was confirmed you would go on to play this role?


    Hasegawa Rena: I was more than happy, of course! But that aside, on the other hand, given also how not much time had passed since starting my activities as a voice actress, it was also not without uncertainties, skills-wise. Since the role this time around happens to be that of a boy penguin with a strong spirit of curiosity, what worried me was if I could manage to pull off a rendition of a young little boy.

    -- This Pororo series is enjoying a great popularity in South Korea, also.
    Hasegawa Rena: Amazing, I know. Looks like that in South Korea he’s also nicknamed “the president of the children”. But it’s not just South Korea, he’s going to be loved all over the world.

    -- About 10 years ago another Japanese edition of it was also created with a story different from this time. Did you happen to watch it?
    Hasegawa Rena: I did. After I have received talks for it, I took the opportunity to watch that one to learn more. As in, to see what kind of voice they would make, so that I could be able to enact a cute character like Pororo is.

    -- Once acting as such a playful character brimming with curiosity as Pororo is, was there anything you could empathize with, in the role of voice actress Hasegawa Rena?
    Hasegawa Rena: It may look otherwise, but I’m quite tomboyish in my personality (laugh). Since we also share the trait of being overly curious, ever since watching today’s story for the first time ever I had been thinking “Yeah, I do get how Pororo feels”.


    -- During the story Pororo embarks on a big adventure, but there are lots of scenes spent shouting out loud, isn’t it?
    Hasegawa Rena: I know, right? To the point that it makes to wonder if all of it isn’t done shouting out loud. (laugh) Acting all the while shouting out loud has been a first for me. The scene sliding over ice, or the other scene being chased by fire -- in any such scenes that are absolutely impossible in real life, I would first firmly picture the situation inside of my head, before imagining the emotions going with it and starting speaking.

    Before the recordings I received a video of the South Korean version, and even though the language is different, as it turns out, the reactions are pretty much in the same fashion. Perhaps it’s because I have watched it that each different scene turned out to be easy to make a mental image of.

    -- It’s impressive how in Korean animation, generally speaking, the way of making emotions burst out is more marked than in Japanese productions.
    Hasegawa Rena: Exactly. The impression of it is that the reactions are quite more showy at that. However, being this a production geared towards children, I feel that using such showy reactions gets the message across all the better. So, I too made a go for it and went on to act by imagining as big a reaction as I can. “Paaan!”, and the like. (laugh)。

    A sense of oneness in the cast born from having a shouting

    -- Which one is your most favorite scene?


    Hasegawa Rena: I love that scene with the sliding on the ice. That looks so fun. There’s a feeling of speed about it. Though I fear it would be incredibly scary in real life if the ice on the lake cracked, you would suddenly fall down and then ended up flying down a slide made of ice. (laugh)

    At the time of the recordings everyone in the cast was shouting out of their lungs. I have to wonder if this isn’t the scene where we let out our voices the most, all of the appearing actors included. But at the same time, I feel that an extreme sense of “oneness” developed out of it, what with having the chance to represent ourselves experiencing this sense of speed and fright all together at once. That’s to say, doesn’t it show off some feeling of familiarity, as in from having had the same experience.

    -- I see. So, it’s because of you getting to experience the same emotion all together. And that strengthened the sense of fellowship.
    Hasegawa Rena: That’s what I mean. And in addition, there’s also the fact that those bubbles during that ice-sliding scene also look extremely beautiful. With it, it makes one sense that the setting direction has suddenly changed all at once.

    -- One of the topics of talk is also how this time the co-starring actors were also chosen through auditions.
    Hasegawa Rena: Yeah. There have been many people coming in with all different kinds of career history and work experiences they’ve had. People who are working as idols also came in, as well as people who said that while in their normal life they don’t engage in entertainment they submitted their application because they love comics and animation.

    As for me, it hasn’t been even a year since have become a voice actress, so thinking about it this way I couldn’t help feeling how there was a strong feeling of closeness, in terms of creating something all together.

    -- It surely is a motley bunch. Amidst of them, wouldn’t Hasegawa Rena-san cover the role of a chairman, so to speak?
    Hasegawa Rena: I’m grateful for that. But anyway, it’s not that I can afford myself going about something with a higher-than-thou attitude. Instead, as companions, during the break intervals we would take some time to discuss together like in casual talks, as in “This scene is meant to be such and such, alright”, before heading to the recordings. Everyone firmly maintained a personal image they had, and then what I thought was “Aaah, how fantastic it is to be able to create a single work together while sharing the same emotions”.

    Enjoy watching Pororo at karaokes too!

    -- Since we are around Christmas season, this is perfect even as a present for your loved ones. There would be many families that can watch it, parents and children together.


    Hasegawa Rena: Right. I heard news that this show is also going to be streamed on demand on Joysound. It looks like that laterly people tend to hold all-girl parties and moms get-togethers frequently at karaoke establishments, so while the moms have fun chatting together, the children would watch a movie in the meantime -- such situations are becoming more and more common, it seems. It would make me happy to imagine them watching Pororo on these occasions.

    -- Regarding Pororo, there isn’t just this time’s “Yuki no Yousei-mura Daibouken [Big Adventure at the Fairy Village in the Snow]”, but many different stories. It would be great if even the Japanese edition would see its own serialization.
    Hasegawa Rena: I would be truly happy if it would, right. As I would be also happy if this would go on to become a work loved by lots of people. While of course the overly curious Pororo is endearing in itself, even his pals are truly a rich array of personalities. So I’d be a pleasure for me if it would be turned into a series, as a way to give the spotlight to each character of it.

    The show I loved when I was little was Kinnikuman


    -- While on the subject, did you have an interest in voce acting and voice narration since long before?
    Hasegawa Rena: Yup. I adored anime since a long time already.

    -- And what was the anime you loved when you were little?
    Hasegawa Rena: I get this question posed to me a lot lately. So, to make sure I can give a proper response, I took to considering what was the first anime I ever watched. And it was in all likelihood Kinnikuman. I used to adore Kinnikuman back when I was a child.

    -- Eeeeh! That was beyond what I figured. Did you take after your family?
    Hasegawa Rena: Not at all. There’s no one in the family apart from me who watches anime or reads manga. I used to enjoy it all by myself.

    -- I understand. So it means that this “quite tomboyish” trait that you mentioned earlier also manifested itself in that aspect, right?
    Hasegawa Rena: Hehe. Maybe it’s so. I had been a fan of any fight-themed entertainment works since I was little, after all.

    -- In this case, what is the work you like the most out of the ones so far?
    Hasegawa Rena: That should be Arslan Senki. I love the scenario concept in that. It’s a story about battling on to dominate over a certain country, while at the same time deeply cherishing your companions, and it made me think how fantastic it is to have companions of your own. And besides, I have a high tendency of getting fond of silver-haired boys in general, myself.

    Since the protagonist, Arslan, happens to be a silver-haired knight too, this was actually what brought me to like it. Still, I do genuinely love the story and the world concept too, and even to this day I would rewatch it at times.

    -- Such a famous work is also getting a remake. It would be great if you’d have the chance to act in it on such an occasion, right?
    Hasegawa Rena: Squeee! I’m excited for it. ♡

    I want to leave a mark in people of “Hasegawa Rena as a voice actress”

    -- Since you have made the decision to live your life as a voice actress, is there anything that you have started paying attention to in particular, during your everyday life routine?


    Hasegawa Rena: Sounds, I have made it a habit to listen to them carefully. Listening to various sorts of sounds, I tend to perceive the difference there is between each other; “That certain sound heard in the middle of nature, what should I do to represent it using my throat and voice tonality?”, that’s the way I got used to think.

    In addition, recently I have also gotten into doing imitations, thinking about how I want to work on widening my voice range, such as by trying to copy the way another person would vocalize a certain type of voice different from the voice timber I used so far. Voice actress would often impersonate roles other than humans, so I want to make sure I can deal with any kind of character.

    -- Can you please tell us what is your objective for the future?
    Hasegawa Rena: As I have been a voice actress for less than a year by now, I feel like wanting to boost myself up in the skills department. I want to work my hardest so as to leave an impression in everyone of Hasegawa Rena as a voice actress, not of Hasewaga Rena of an idol.

    It would make me grateful if once people would perceive me as “Hasegawa Rena as a voice actress”, they would then end up thinking “What, she used to be an idol once?!”.


    Source, with full-sized pictures: https://utaten.com/specialArticle/index/4469
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