Graduated Team G - Murakumo Fuka (Mofuchan)

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    Stories about the graduation performance.

    "Fuka Murakumo (22) of the idol group “NGT48” based in Niigata, appeared in her graduation performance at a dedicated theater in Niigata City on the 31st. On this day, she graduated from the group and retired from the entertainment industry.

     Murakumo, who was given a bouquet to celebrate graduation from the fans, said, “Thank you for making this kind of graduation performance. I was grateful.

    “By deciding to graduate, I want to inspire myself. The NGT so far has to change. That is the other person's position and caring for people. First of all, I thought that I would change as a member. It's not easy to read my feelings, but I've learned in the last few months that doing so isn't wasteful and meaningful, and I've grown up, NGT is still a difficult road, but little by little “I want you to go step by step. I want everyone to be gentle without hurting each other."

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    see also

    P.S. yes, Tano Ayaka was there, but I don't trust google for this part.

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    Some notes on Murakumo from the summaries. I suppose if she stays with her plan to retire from entertainment, this was the last we will hear from her directly.

    From 8/31:

    From 9/1:
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    Sup Mofu, I guess.

    Anyway, this happens to be an official PSA released by the Akita Prefecture (informing on the disposal of industrial lighting that use PCB, to be fully specific).
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    hmm... you ever have someone on your mind that you haven't seen in a while and then they suddenly reappear?

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