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Hara Yune (Yuune)

Discussion in 'SKE48 Kenkyuusei' started by lionel90, Apr 6, 2022.

  1. lionel90

    lionel90 Under Girls

    Dec 12, 2009

    Name: Hara Yune (原優寧)
    Nickname: Yuune (ゆうね)
    Birth: 2001/11/23
    Blood type: O
    From: Fukuoka
    Eight: 152cm
    Favourite colours: yellow, pink.
    Hobby: Sleeping
    Skills: First finger bends, balloon art.
    Future aspirations: Solid adult.
    Favourite food: Sweets
    Favourite words:
    All you can eat
    A word of advice: I'll do my best to be recognised as a member! Thank you for your support.
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  2. Crystelle

    Crystelle Next Girls

    Mar 27, 2015
    Where the mountains are
    Izuta Rina, Ida Reona
    She is my favourite so far. It was so cute how she made the balloon poodle during the 11th gen introduction show
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  3. Mana

    Mana Under Girls

    Sep 11, 2012
    She is my favorite too! I watched the 11th gen intro show (wrote a long post here), and Yune was super cute! I already noticed her when seeing the photo before and the show confirmed that she is the one that I like the most! Her smile is adorable <3 I also like her special skill of doing balloon art, it's quite unique. The toy poodle balloon that she made was too cute, I love how she was holding it the whole time until the show ended >.<

    She is actually the oldest member in her gen, she's 20 years old. it's not often that members debut at that age, so I'm glad that SKE accepted her, you can just tell that she has potential, they made the good decision! and personally, a lot of my 20+ years old favorites in 48G have graduated so I'm glad to have more favorites who are around that age :3

    Suda mentioned during the intro show that the staff told her that Yune has a "ponkotsu" side because members usually make normal poses for the full body pictures, but Yune keep doing penguin poses and all, she's really so cute lol I went to see her full body picture on her official profile, but it seems that they picked a normal one, I want to see the penguin poses >.<

    This is her full body picture, pretty <3

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  4. Yua

    Yua Kenkyuusei

    Sep 18, 2017
    Mie, Japan
    Fukuoka Seina
    Yuune’s my favorite so far, too! She just has such a genuine, bubbly smile and the more I hear about her the more I like her ^^ can’t wait for her debut!
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  5. Mana

    Mana Under Girls

    Sep 11, 2012
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  6. Mana

    Mana Under Girls

    Sep 11, 2012
    Yune wrote her first blog post!

    001.jpeg 002.jpeg

    - She did a short intro; she is from Fukuoka, 20 years old, born on November 23, and she wrote that it's the same day as the Labor Thanksgiving Day (in Japan).
    - She was in the track and field club in junior high school and in the theater club in high school.
    - Her favorite foods are sweets; japanese sweets (wagashi), chocolate and gummies. it's an unexpected answer for a 20 years old but expected for a cute idol lol
    - Her favorite animal is the cat.
    - She said that during the intro of 11th gen, she wanted to be solid/reliable since she's the oldest but she was nervous. Thankfully the fans cheered so it was fun.
    - She thanked everyone and said that she will do her best at dance lessons because she is not very good at dancing.

    The photos are so cute! Make sure to check the original post because she used so many emoticons and it's cute haha (the post can't be linked directly but go here and scroll to find it)

    Btw, yesterday the mail service started for 11th gen. So I decided to subscribe to Yune's mail <3 I'll try to keep up and read it for at least a month (I usually can't keep up with mails and give up lol). I want to get to know her a little ^^ I'm not sure if I missed her first mail or not lol. I'll probably write about her mail here ;D

    Also today Ego Yuna uploaded a short video on her Twitter where Yune is teaching her how to do balloon art! Ego made a toy poodle too lol. Look at Yune, she's just sooo cute there. ;w;
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  7. Mana

    Mana Under Girls

    Sep 11, 2012
    We have some more informations about Yune from the 'after talk' that happened on the same day as 11th gen's intro (wrote a full post here). Yune told some stories that happened during auditions, like how she forgot the lyrics and thought that she wouldn't make it, and how the judge on the right side asked her a question but she looked on the left, she's so cute haha. The other members called her ponkotsu again and she denied but it seems that everyone agrees that she is, so she went along with it in the end ^^ They also answered questions from Twitter, Yune's answers - her favorite ramen is tonkotsu ramen, her favorite animal is the cat and she has one since elementary school, her recent 'myboom' (addiction) is that she sleeps a lot, the senior that she wants to talk to is Ruuchan because she is from Kyushu, and the colors that she wants for penlight are pink and yellow.

    The 11th gens started using TikTok (on the account previously used for kenkyuusei) and the first video that they uploaded was with Yune, Anzu and Kyoka. The video has 200k plays and became the most played of the whole channel already! I went through the comments and a lot of people called Yune cute, and said that she doesn't look 20 and looks the youngest (their ages are written). She already has a cute and round face to begin with, but the filters made her totally look like a baby lol (of course I prefer her natural/real face, it's cuter!)

    As I said before, I subscribed to her mail! and I actually received her very first mail ^^ and it had some error with the picture lol she said sorry after and learned ;D She sends exactly 3 mails everyday! One to say good morning, another one in the middle of the day and one to say good night. Each mail have around 5-6 sentences, and most of them have a picture. She's mostly talking about food and what she eats, especially sweets (she said that her favorite meal is actually hamburg steak so she doesn't just eat sweets thankfully lol). She also said her favorite fruit is the pear. She often talks about going to dance practice and doing her best. The mails are very simple and easy to read and the photos are all cute! She's also using lots of emoticons like in her blog, it's adorable! and since her mails are regular with a normal length, it's very easy to keep up with it (good for me). I really recommend subscribing to her! <3

    Btw the 11th gens all have a Showroom page now, here is Yune's. They can do streamings starting from April 23!

    Yune's pictures from her latest blog post:

    001.jpeg 002.jpeg 003.jpeg
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  8. Mana

    Mana Under Girls

    Sep 11, 2012
    Yune's individual video has been uploaded on the KKS TikTok page! You can watch it HERE <3 She looks so cute ;w; it has already around 75k plays and over 2300 hearts wow. There are many comments calling her cute etc. she's receiving a lot of support already o_o The text on the video is a short intro (infos that we already know lol) and she says she will do her best!

    SKE uploaded the video with parts of the auditions and photoshoots of 11th gen. Yune's part is at 2:54! There is also a subbed version here, Yune said that she learned chorus and ballet since elementary school, she was in the track team and student council in middle school, and theater club in high school. She always wanted to be idol. She looks cute ;w; Screenshots:

    001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg 005.jpg 006.jpg 007.jpg
    008.jpg 009.jpg 010.jpg 011.jpg 012.jpg 013.jpg 014.jpg

  9. Mana

    Mana Under Girls

    Sep 11, 2012
    Yune was on the show "Tokai TV B men X SKE48 Live" on 15th April where the SKE kenkyuusei did an intro! Yune said that she learned balloon art after seeing a clown when she was in elementary school. She did a rabbit this time! She said that she's nervous and might fail >.< You can see when she holds the balloon, her hands were shaking so much aww. Her intro:

    if the video does not show watch the video here

    Here's also the video where Yune is teaching Ego Yuna how to do balloon art:

    if the video does not show watch the video here
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  10. Mana

    Mana Under Girls

    Sep 11, 2012
    2022/04/23 Showroom

    if the video does not show watch the video here

    Yune's first Showroom!

    - This is her first time do to Showroom as a member and also generally so she was sometimes confused and didn't know what to talk about ^^
    - She did her intro with the usual informations. During the stream, she talked a lot about food, she also had gummies with her and ate one of them.
    - As I said before, her birthday is on Labor Thanksgiving Day which is also apparently a holiday in Japan so her birthday is always on a holiday.
    - She wants to be called Yuune or Yuune-chan.
    - She showed a special skill; she can bend her fingers at the first joint o_o She can do it well with the right hand, but not so much with the left.
    - She said that she got to talk with Tani, later she also mentions when she talked with Ego Yuna and that it made her really happy.
    - She talked about her TikTok (the solo one probably) and said that she never did TikToks before and received help from the younger members.
    - The food that she is bad with are carrots.
    - She is bad at remembering names but she will do her best to remember the names of fans.
    - She has a bad eyesight and usually wears glasses, she said that she's wearing contact lenses here. She's too embarassed to wear her glasses.
    - The comments often asked her if she's not in elementary school lol she clarified each time that she's really 20 years old XD
    - She doesn't want to be the shortest member in 11th gen (currently Aoi is, but she is 13 and growing up). She wonders if she can still grow up, she said that if she wears high heels and grow her hair long enough to make buns hairstyle, maybe she can be at the same height as Kurumi (who's the tallest in 11th gen) lol she also said she could grow up by jumping? XD
    - She always liked idols, the first idols that she liked were AKB48 and her oshimen was Itano Tomomi.
    - She was asked about having short hair and she said that she once had short hair but she thinks that it doesn't suit her so she prefers long hair.
    - Her favorite type of clothes are fluffy clothes, she also likes wearing one pieces (she's wearing one here, and on Tokai TV B men X SKE48 Live).

    The stream ended with almost 5800 views, she mentioned when it passed 3000, 4000 etc. She didn't think that many people would watch her so she was happy :3 She was adorable the whole time, I like how she's new to everything like TikTok, live streams etc. it makes her so natural and cute :3 Btw she sent a picture of her with glasses on mobame yesterday hehe.

    Lots of screenshots:

    001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg 005.jpg 006.jpg 007.jpg 008.jpg
    009.jpg 010.jpg 011.jpg 012.jpg 013.jpg 014.jpg 015.jpg 016.jpg
    017.jpg 018.jpg 019.jpg 020.jpg 021.jpg 022.jpg 023.jpg 024.jpg

    I love her expressions! Btw her solo TikTok passed 100k plays <3 She appeared in 2 more TikToks with other members: here and here :3
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  11. Mana

    Mana Under Girls

    Sep 11, 2012
    Yuune's pictures from her latest blog post yesterday. I love the solo picture! <3

    001.jpeg 002.jpeg 003.jpeg

    Some screenshots of when she was in the show Tokai TV B men X SKE48 Live:

    004.jpg 005.jpg 006.jpg 007.jpg

    Full body picture, that's the one piece that she was wearing, she looks so cute!

  12. Mana

    Mana Under Girls

    Sep 11, 2012
    2022/04/24 Showroom

    if the video does not show watch the video here

    if the video does not show watch the video here

    She did 2 different streams that day! Some of the things that she said:

    - She doesn't drink black coffee but she likes café au lait (milk coffee).
    - She was asked if she ever went to see HKT (since she's from Fukuoka) and she said that she didn't, but she wants to.
    - She got to talk with Aoki Rika (from 10th gen).
    - Minarun's graduation stage was the day before so Yuune talked about her and she said that Minarun is really nice etc.
    - Someone said that it's their birthday, then a lot of people started saying it, so she thought that they must be lying XD
    - Her favorite season is autumn (me too!) and between summer or winter, she prefers winter.
    - She wants to grow to 155cm (currently she is 152cm), she thinks it would be perfect if she could be 155cm.
    - She was asked to do twintails many times but she didn't really want and only did it a few times lol. She asked if it's better when her hair is behind her ear or not, someone said that she looks more mature when it's not behind the ear, so she decided to go with that. I think she wants to look her age, especially since many people ask if she's in elementary school >.<
    - She asked which hour is the best to do Showroom and most replies said around 8-9pm. Some said in the morning, but she said that she's bad at waking up early lol.
    - She said that she is embarassed to show her face without make-up but actually she sent a lot of pictures without make-up on mobame lol she said it's mobame-exclusive (she looks the same without make-up btw there's not a big difference XD).
    - The 2 live streams ended with 5000 / 3000 viewers!

    She was a lot more comfortable here than in her first Showroom! She reads so many comments and she actually talks quite fast lol. She's too cute!

    001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg 005.jpg 006.jpg 007.jpg
    008.jpg 009.jpg 010.jpg 011.jpg 012.jpg 013.jpg 014.jpg

    She loves doing that pose with her hands (the one on the 4th or 8th screenshots) it's adorable :3 The last 2 screenshots are when she wanted to show her age but she did it wrong and it said '02' so she did it right after (this doesn't help her convincing people of her age haha). There was also a part where she drank water but it felt wrong to screenshot that lol!

    Yuune appeared in more TikToks with other members here (notice how she couldn't keep up and looked confused compared to others lol) and here!
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  13. kira7x

    kira7x Kenkyuusei

    Jan 26, 2016
    Wow this girls is simply gorgeous.
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  14. Mana

    Mana Under Girls

    Sep 11, 2012
    Yuune's pictures from her blog post a few days ago + one more photo from Sakura's blog post!

    001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpeg

    Sakura is actually my 2nd fav in 11th gen so I love this picture of them together, pretty girls <3
    They are doing a lot of lessons everyday, I wonder when is their theater debut, I can't wait *-*

    Also, great news for Yuune! She got an interview with Kyushu Sports! She wrote a tweet for it:

    "I'm Hara Yune, 11th generation kenkyuusei ☺
    Today, I had an interview with Kyushu Sports!
    I was very happy to be interviewed since I'm from Fukuoka ☺
    I was nervous because I was working alone for the first time, but it was fun!
    The release date is still undecided, so I will let you know when it's decided~
    Please look forward to it ☺"


    I love this photo with the flowers, she looks so pretty! I'm so glad she is getting this chance <3
    SKE also made a IG story about it here! it's a short video of her with the flowers, adorable *-*
  15. Mana

    Mana Under Girls

    Sep 11, 2012
    Ishiguro Yuzuki talked about Yuune in her Showroom! She said that she met with the 11th gens during lesson and they greet each other. then she talked about Yuune and said "everyone likes her face" XD She said that she understood why everyone calls her cute, and that Yuune looks like she's in elementary school ^^; She compared her to Hatagon (Takahata Yuki) who looks young, has a small face and doesn't age. it's nice to see that SKE members notice Yuune and talk nicely about her *-* I hope she can get close to members <3

    if the video does not show watch the video here

    Btw when Sakura posted a picture with Yuune on her blog, she also wrote about her! She said that Yuune is always calm and like a reliable older sister for the 11th gens, and that both of them love eating so Yuune always tells her that they should go together to all-you-can-eat and that she wants to go and she loves her. aww that's so sweet, my 2 favs in 11th gen <3

    Yuune's pictures from her blog post a few days ago:

    001.jpeg 002.jpeg 003.jpeg

    and pictures from Reona's blog and Anzu's blog ^^

    004.jpeg 005.jpeg

    Yuune did a short 2-minutes MC for Team E, that's why Reona took this picture.
    She said that Yuune has a small face and that she's cute! I want to see her MC!

    Latest TikToks, these are all little dances ^^
    Yuune & Riina :: Yuune & Kyoka :: Yuune, Riina, Anzu & Sakura :: Yuune alone
    and the most recent one today, Yuune alone again and she's SO cute! watch it!
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  16. Mana

    Mana Under Girls

    Sep 11, 2012
    Yune photos from her blog post, 3 days ago. Pretty ;w;

    001.jpeg 002.jpeg

    Great news!
    11th gen will perform at NAGOYA GIRLS FESTIVAL on June 18 <3
    I think this will be their very first performance.
    Yune talked about it in her blog post, she's happy and excited :3

    More good news: 11th gen will be on SKE Zero Position (show)!

    003.jpg 004.jpg

    They'll appear in June. I like their color dresses ^^
    Yune is wearing yellow (her favorite color!), she looks too cute <3
  17. Mana

    Mana Under Girls

    Sep 11, 2012
    Yune's photos from her last 2 blog posts + a photo from Anzu's blog and from Kyoka's blog!
    Yune looks so cute *-* and I love the photo she posted with Sakura. My 2 favorites again <3

    001.jpeg 002.jpeg 003.jpeg 004.jpeg 005.jpeg 006.jpeg

    Preview photo of Yune from SKE Zero Position that will air on 4th June! She looks so good!
    Apparently the 11th gens will do a lot of different games. Yune said that it was very fun ^^


    From Yune's blog, she said that she had 2 different interviews:
    - Tokyo Sports Web interview together with same gen members Anzu, Kyoka and Sakura.
    - TV Bros. WEB interview together with Sugawara Maya and Inoue Ruka.
    Yune is getting quite a lot of work! and together with the senior members, that's so nice!

    Also, I watched the Team E stage where Yune did a short MC talk :3
    She did a short intro of herself, she looked and sounded so nervous, she was adorable <3
    I actually watched the whole stage and it was really good! (it's 220511 E5 LOD 1830)
    I noticed that Team E has most of the SKE members I like. I wish Yune could join them!!
  18. Jay1

    Jay1 Kenkyuusei

    Mar 19, 2022
    Hasegawa Miyabi
    It's tragic that the prettiest one from this new gen is 21 years old and the cutest/youngest one resigned. The super duper push on Mirei will continue.
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  19. STS

    STS Future Girls

    Jun 27, 2014
    Look at loly-HKT. Everything is possible now :flower:
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  20. Mana

    Mana Under Girls

    Sep 11, 2012
    Yune's blog post pictures + photo from Riina's blog + photo with Mirei <3

    001.jpeg 002.jpeg 003.jpeg 004.jpeg 005.jpg

    Some pictures of Yune's article in Kyushu Sports! (Sources: #1, #2, #3)

    006.jpg 007.jpg 008.jpg 009.jpg

    The episode of SKE Zero Position with 11th gen aired, you can watch it here! I enjoyed it ^^ Yune was cute and did well, everyone else did well too. They did some quiz first, where Yune didn't have a lot of correct answers XD and then they did something about saying a cute phrase to the camera :3 During the quiz, they actually included Yune twice in the questions! There was a question about "who is the tallest member among these?" with 4 options and she was one of them (yes they picked shorter members on purpose to make it difficult to guess haha). Another question was about Tani Marika and the question was asked like "the member who Hara Yune wants to get close with, Tani Marika...", they included her like that. (The bad thing is that she got the wrong answer for this XD) so yes, I thought this was interesting. it seems that management definitely noticed her popularity and are making use of it ;D

    Personally I don't think Yune's age is a problem at all, she's just 20, and actually I like the fact that she is 20 since it kinda changes from the usual KKS. though unlike the HKT KKS who's 21, and looks her age (and is getting a solo song in their single!), Yune looks younger than her age. but you can still tell by her behavior that she is more mature. and considering Yune is getting popular already, she is saving a lot of time. Some members debut younger, but take years to get noticed, meanwhile Yune is already noticed, so her being 20 is not an issue at all. Actually she has pretty good chances of making senbatsu for the next single (it should be in 3-4 months?). if not this one then the next one. if she can make senbatsu while being 20, it's really good lol. I actually think the only thing that might hold her back is dancing. She said a lot of times that she has no dancing experience, she's practicing a lot though and we haven't seen the 11th gens perform yet so who knows what's her level. Generally SKE members have pretty good dancing skills, or at least a lot of energy, so I hope she can do well enough with this, then she definitely has all her chances to be selected for senbatsu! There are 10 days left for the first performance of 11th gen, I hope there will be a recording of it!

    Latest TikToks!
    Yune & Sakura <3 :: Yune alone (adorable) :: all 11th gen with their color outfits (dancing to barbie girl lol) :: Yune, Sakura & Riina (she is getting a bit better at keeping up lol) :: Yune & Kyoka (dancing to the song from FRUITS ZIPPER, the group with ex-HKT Amane) :: Yune & Sakura again <3 :: Yune alone again, you have to watch this one, too cute! *-*

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