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Have any of you lost interest in 48/46G?

Discussion in 'General AKB48 Discussion' started by Doodleboy, Dec 8, 2016.


Have you lost interest in 48 G?

Poll closed Dec 12, 2016.
  1. Yes, I don't follow them anymore.

    9 vote(s)
  2. Somewhat. All of my oshis have graduated, but I still follow the group.

    19 vote(s)
  3. Not really, but I am losing interest.

    34 vote(s)
  4. Of course not, I have just as much interest in the group as I did when I started to follow AKB Group

    20 vote(s)
  5. No, I've gained more interest than I ever had before.

    25 vote(s)
  1. Frah

    Frah Kenkyuusei

    May 19, 2014
    I've been a fan for 6 years and managed to lose and gain back interest in the 48 groups twice already! Thanks to STU, now, I don't think I'll leave anytime soon. I'm genuinely becoming a fan of the whole group, and 3 and a half years after Sayaka graduated I've finally 'met' another idol I can call my kami. I'm really excited about this group but I'm also looking forward to seeing more and more from AKB jisedai as well as the other sister groups
  2. ryandtw

    ryandtw Kenkyuusei

    Nov 1, 2010
    Seattle, WA, USA
    Matsumura Sayuri
    I'm not sure if I'm going away from 48/46 fandom yet because of the Sakamichi (46) groups... The 48 groups may be in decline, but Sakamichi says otherwise, especially Keyakizaka46...
  3. paruchory

    paruchory Kenkyuusei

    Dec 18, 2014
    Kubo Satone
    "Yes, I don't follow them anymore. 9 votes"
    If people take time to read this forum and even posting and/or voting, I feel like they still follow.

    (example: I don't follow k-pop idols: that's means I don't go to k-pop websites or forum or concerts or I skip oriented news)
  4. seiryu

    seiryu Kenkyuusei

    Dec 13, 2012
    Jr. Uni.
    I still follow a few girls but I no longer follow any groups (48 or 46). I think most idol groups have very unclear/questionable management standard and I don't recommend any women dear to me joining these groups. Accordingly, I will considering buying my girls' photobooks/singles but I have zero intention of participating in ssk or buying singles for handshake tickets.
  5. vi1123

    vi1123 Kenkyuusei

    Nov 9, 2015
    Not completely. I still check for the info, but most of the time I'm just listening to old songs and watching old akbingo episodes. (I can't move on) I love the early gen, I really can't follow the newer gens, how much I tried! Was interested in tentoumuchu trio but losing it after a while.
  6. marioworldakb

    marioworldakb Upcoming Girls Stage48 Donor

    Jan 4, 2017
    Hinachan's Cell House
    Kashiwagi Yuki
    STU is the new gospel eh. I never thought I would like STU this much either, it's like a 3rd revival for me in the interest of 48G too.
  7. Slimestack

    Slimestack Kenkyuusei

    Apr 12, 2013
    Kodama Haruka
    Yeah pretty much. None of their recent singles have interested me at all and I've even skipped buying the last few aside from keyakizaka's. I've got no real interest in watching the same stages another 1000 times either. I still like HKT's concerts but I realized that I still haven't watched 75% of the discs on the super expensive concert DVDs I always end up buying. My Japanese really isn't good enough to watch shows without at least the Japanese subtitles either and the HKT subbing scene which really helped me get into the groups when I first joined has been dead for a while.
    I spend much more time just lurking sites like this instead of actually watching AKB content which is kind of weird. Though I do like listening to songs when I walk to work.
  8. sakusakukamen

    sakusakukamen Kenkyuusei

    Mar 18, 2017
    Miyawaki Sakura
    I don't lose my interest yet, but I'm just watching/listening old songs of AKB now. I don't buy AKB's single since TwI. And this year, I dont think I need to buy Negaigoto since I hate that single all the way. I rather transfer my money to my oshi's fanbase for this SSK.

    But, I still update for HKT's single. I bought HKT last single (Bagutte Iijan) for a couples month ago and that single is my last AKB48 Group that I have until now.

    My interest now is Keyaki. I bought all of their singles since SaiMajo to Fukyouwaon. And for Nogi, I bought their two last singles (although I bought some their past singles like GR & Ima)
  9. Mana

    Mana Kenkyuusei

    Sep 11, 2012
    I started losing interest around the end of 2015, and what keep my interest (a bit more) in 2016 was the theater stages especially I watched some Team 8 Lod's and then the Boku no Taiyou revival with theater girls, I really loved it... Sadly, in less than a year, almost half of the girls who were in that revival graduated now including my fav (Naanya) so I lost interest in watching that stage... and I see some Team 8 girls also graduating and it just makes me sad ._.

    So now my interest is low both for singles and theater. I used to read this forum a lot especially I read every page of threads like the singles thread, or any other general discussion thread, but now I really can't keep up LOL the interest is just not high. ._. I really do miss the old AKB and I feel like it won't ever be the same again (+ I'm not a fan of the AKB new gens.), so... my hope now is to see Team 8 becoming a real group, and get their own singles. but nothing is happening, so yeah, I'm like "meh". until then I enjoy Keyaki singles <3 and I still read some AKB-related things on this forum, but clearly my love and interest in AKB is low.
  10. hrs0722

    hrs0722 Kenkyuusei

    Mar 2, 2015
    Cindy Yuvia
    Yeah, AKB48 now sucks. I follow NGT48 & JKT48 more.
  11. Zerase

    Zerase Kenkyuusei

    Jan 4, 2011
    Shirashi Mai
    Last AKB single I really enjoyed was Kimi wa Melody, and that was 2 years ago (I lowkey liked 11gatsu too). I also dont like most of the girls they have been pushing besides YuiYui. So glad I have Sakamichi
  12. rka

    rka Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name) Stage48 Donor

    Jan 19, 2013
    Fanboy-Ville, District Sae
    Tanigawa Airi
    i admit i am losing interest. I think its related to the fact that AKB's concept changed over the years.

    Showroom possibly was the saviour and secured the group's existence for many years to come, but i feel its also quite the game changer. Not only does it forge even tighter relationships between idol and fan and it is a welcome additional source of income, but it has also moved things away from other forms of entertainment, which i liked better. It also requires a very high level of knowledge of the japanese language, which i dont have at this point.

    Music - never the top priority anyway - has now become a pure vehicle for event sales, and - at least to me - there has been a significant drop in musical quality of their releases. Just today, upon listening to Sayonara Crawl in my car, i realized that i prefer this song to basically every A-side since BwT - while at its release i felt it was a very average song.
    While AKB never has developed their own genre or style, they (along with sister groups) were responsible for a dozen iconic idol power pop songs with a common signature or feeling. Nowadays, it seems that they just try to blend many different genres and flavors to a point where most tunes are generic and forgettable. As a recent example, AKS has announced the line up for the summer single just a few days after the release of the spring single, which consequently - also due to the attention span of some - rendered the latter almost obsolete. Many people seem to be content with debating the proper line up of the last row of senbatsu, anyway, so the "fire and forget"-mentality doesnt seem to bother them.
    With the decreasing quality of music (and in terms of sister groups, quantity, as well), we also see less performances on TV shows (which i am an avid collector of), much less concerts (which i am an avid collector of) and see less interesting gimmicks. For example, for the Heart Ereki release, the members formed a band called G-Fingers. While this was total nonsense, it was also quite interesting. Same was true for the "Give me Five"-concept or the drama accompanying Sakura no Ki ni Narou. Sure, they are doing things like the wrestling show, but the unprofessional execution not only injured some members, it also admittedly made me cringe a bit.
    Along with this half-assed treatment of musical releases comes the neglect of releasing new stages for the many new members. I dont know about you, but i after having watched hundreds of girls perform "RESET", i am pretty fed up with it.

    There are other things:
    - While i am a big fan of gravure, it has become now a very obvious strategy to infinitely present members in swimsuits, once they gained initial attention, to firmly cement their popularity. There is now a bunch of members who used their initial presence to make some quick Yen in FLASH and ShuPure, to a point at which you ask if those members are part-time gravure idols. Interestingly, some members fully stop once they become really popular (Sayanee, Sakura). Seems like the current ultimate goal as a member is to release a mizuki photobook (instead of scoring a drama). While i dont have issues with gravure by itself, its the rather boring and generic strategy to boost popularity of hopeful members which irks me.

    - AKS seems to be very keen of defending the million streak by adding all kinds of extras (and members), even additional events once pre-ordering fails to meet the expectations. Made me wonder if at one point the sheer event frequency prevents them from doing other things during weekends, e.g. Concerts :). Also, the member count inflation by the incorporation of no less tan seven sister groups (counting Team 8) certainly increased the chances of keeping the streak alive, but it also has turned other things into a logistic nightmare. Bringing 350 members to a concert venue and paying for travel, accomodation, staff and catering seems not worth the effort. I guess this is related to the fact, that the few concerts we've seen recently have been limited to certain subpopulations of the group or solos. The addition of near-infinite members will also make the sousenkyo less meaningful, as the voting pool will be diluted across so many girls, that small absolute voting differences - prevalent in the medium and low tiers - will be no more than statistical noise. Along the same line, i simply am not a big fan of senbatsu sizes greater than 16.

    - While one rightfully could argue that watching cute girls perform is so entertaining that it doesnt really matter which cute girls you are looking at, i dont like the recent merging of 46 and 48 groups. For tv shows, its great, but adding Sakamichi members to AKB releases (again: million streak) while some members have been excluded from their own group releases for years, seems rather unsound to me.

    To sum up, current AKB is now centered on things i am excluded from and has moved away from things i liked very much. AKB48 has always been more to me than watching random cute girls "dance" and "sing" to random songs, or watch them chatting about teenage girl problems. It was more about bringing talented young people together in big halls and crowded venues and give their absolute best, while being insanely cute at the same time.

    Moreover, the music has admittedly turned me off for more than two years now.

    That said, i still respect AKS and their groups a lot. Best idol management and scouts ever. But they used to sell better products. AKB still is offering enough to keep my attention high, but the whole thing has fundamentally changed.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2018
  13. Trinu

    Trinu Upcoming Girls

    Jul 30, 2010
    Okada Nana
    I agree with some of your points @rka

    It looks like their releases are basically an excuse to hold more HS events than to actually put something of quality out there.
    I remember I would force people to watch Beginner and Sakura no Ki videos because they were actually good, and now I can barely sit through a whole PV they put out.

    As for the concerts, they seem to have little faith in themselves.
    At least AKB, their last big concerts have been graduations (Mayu and Kojiharu) and the rest is:
    - RH (+5 or 6 concerts cause they have the venue, so why not)
    - SSK
    - Thanksgiving
    - Kouhaku

    I understand they want to look good a half soldout Tokyo Dome would look bad, but not everything has to be huge.

    Give them Budokan.
    Give them Yokohama Arena.
    Give them team concerts in smaller venues around the country.

    The lack of stages is ridiculous at this point.
    I remember the frenzy of summer 2013 when they announced all the new stages and we’ve got TWO in FIVE years.
    And again, because the HS take priority and it’s better for them to release any original music in singles than in the theatre.

    Weird times to be a fan.
    I still follow them, but it’s obvious that AkiP’s mind is on Keyaki these days (lucky I like them too!).
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  14. Maalat

    Maalat Kenkyuusei

    Sep 6, 2015
    Yagura Fuuko
    I'm on my losing interest phase again.
    2012 - got interested; started listening music, watching shows etc
    2013 - lost interest after mariko graduated, stopped following
    2015 - got interested again after seeing kibouteki refrain
    2018 - losing interest again, right now there are more graduated members that I like than active ones
  15. RedBug

    RedBug Kenkyuusei

    Sep 20, 2014
    Kashiwagi Yuki
    I am steadily losing interest in 48Group. What makes me still looking them out is because I'm active in S48.
    There were times in the past when I'm so proud watching AKB's MVs because they're so good. Now I don't think I really watch the full MV after they release a single, I only watched the short version and let go.
    Maybe because the girls that made me into AKB have all graduated (except Yukirin), and the new kids don't look as interesting as the senpais.
    I mean, I have sympathy with Miion, etc but I don't really have the appetite to always put them in my radar. The releases have become kinda boring these three years. I don't even want to think how the SG will be after a few years in the future. I stopped watching 48 dramas (from the latter-half of MG5, except Crow's Blood).

    Thankfully Sakamichi gave me things that I found missing in 48G. It's only time I will not follow 48G, maybe when Yukirin took off her portrait in AKB Theater. I might only want to know the SSK in the future, maybe.
  16. Yukitie

    Yukitie Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Sep 5, 2013
    Kashiwagi Yuki
    So I wrote this... nearly eighteen months ago. I find it interesting to look back upon my views and see what, if anything, has changed. What started with Manatsu no Sounds Good has progressed:
    • Whereas before I was mainly focused on collecting photos and merchandise and as many things as I could afford to buy, that has slowed down considerably in favour of a more member-focused approach. I still collect photos and want to complete the sets I love, but now I check Twitter and Instagram on a daily basis and have more 48/46G news sites that I follow.
    • I think I follow even more girls now than I have ever done. Plus I follow the overseas and SNH groups more too. Before, I saw that as too much and stuck to AKB with some SKE/NMB/HKT thrown in. Now, I have a firm preference for my next oshimen as well as several other strong members that I follow from all over the groups.
    • The use of Showroom and even more members joining social media has struck me as a mostly positive thing, allowing for greater interaction between members and fans (mostly a good thing, there are weirdos everywhere...). For me, that has also helped me stay close to this fandom and develop closer ties to members I may not have originally bothered with.
    • I maintain that I shall not stress over that which I have no control, and have stuck to that with 48G management choices and decisions. There have been several WTF moments for me over the years, but I am not part of management; I am not in Japan; I don’t even see the girls enough to voice a continued opinion. Yes I have this forum and my friends who still follow the group (that has decreased considerably), but I am not going to sweat it, and enjoy the group while it continues.
    • The music has changed for me the most in the time I have been following the group, and seems to have… mellowed? Think that’s the word I want here. A lot of it doesn’t have the punch or staying power of some of the songs that were released as I got into the group, or even in the few years following. The lack of new stages continues to frustrate me (anyone want to collaborate in creating a fantastic new set list for each team? Send it to management and go ‘Let us help because someone clearly isn’t’?) but again, that doesn’t rest with me. I can still listen to all of their music very happily, and actually really like the original music of the SNH groups too which gives me even more variety.
    I still follow the group, and always will, because, as I said back in 2016, it is part of my life now. My interest has not waned, it has changed, and I am ok with that. :)
  17. Trinu

    Trinu Upcoming Girls

    Jul 30, 2010
    Okada Nana
    The SG48 are in such a limbo at the moment.

    On the one hand, SKE seems to be picking up their sales a bit.
    And oin the other hand... STU had the lowest debut, NMB bombed with their last single and NGT reached a new low in the franchise (lowest first week since SKE's 1234).
    HKT is probably going down the same path.

    We'll have to wait and see how the other releases of the year go, but I wouldn't be surprised if they eventually went with the Hamasaki route: they know they won't get #1 so they stop releasing singles all together.
    Maybe AKB will include SG songs in all their singles.
    Maybe the SG singles will be repurposed and turned into new stages.

    One thing is clear: they are not making any new fans.
    Creating new SG is only going to weaken the current ones because the fans have to spread their budget even more.
    Sure, there might be a hidden supernova girl somewhere in Sapporo or whatever, but that's what Team 8 is for.

    @Silenka wrote something great in another thread and one of the points I can't agree more:

    For real.
    In the Jabaja concerts, they could have performed:
    • 11gatsu no Anklet.
    • Negaigoto no Mochigusare.
    • LOVE TRIP / Shiawase.
    • Tsubasa wa Iranai.
    • Kuchibiru ni Be my Baby.
    • Halloween Night.
    • Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai.
    • Kokoro no Placard.
    • Labrador Retriever.
    • Suzukake Nanchara.
    • Heart Ereki.
    But didn't.
    Sure, we had Kibouteki Refrain, High Tension, Mae Shika and plently of units from their last album. But the latter will probably never be performed again.
    I wonder sometimes what is the point in filling a single up with b-sides and PVs when they're being treated as throwaway content anyway.

    Heck, I'm still salty that STU had their very first solo concert 10 days before the release of their debut single, and instead of performing their eight original songs (including their 11gatsu bside), they just did covers.
    It's such a waste!

    One wonders why some girls keep auditioning for the 48G to be, almost surely theatre girls, when the Sakamichi are getting stuff like:

    And that's just for their b-sides.

    I don't know if it's AkiP or King Records the ones who are letting AKB go on autopilot, but they are going through turbulences and don't seem to care the plane might go down.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018
  18. hrs0722

    hrs0722 Kenkyuusei

    Mar 2, 2015
    Cindy Yuvia

    1. Now AKS treats some of my favorites horribly.
    2. Members AKS favors are overrated.
    3. Newer singles (A-side songs) are meh.
    Still here because my girls are still there meanwhile Erika can make my excitement back.
  19. CrssA

    CrssA Kenkyuusei

    Jun 1, 2016
    Nishino Nanase
    arent the girls usually auditioning for all the groups ? iirc ogiyuka also have applied for nogi's 1st audition and orin also applied for nogizaka 3rd generation and keyakizaka46 cmiiw
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  20. Trinu

    Trinu Upcoming Girls

    Jul 30, 2010
    Okada Nana
    I guess some of them just want to be idols and don't really care where.
    But with all the mainstream faces leaving AKB, I wonder if the numbers aren't already bigger for Sakamichi auditions.

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