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    Jan 7, 2012
    Hidaka Yuzuki
    I just watched this LOD and since Ryoha is absent, Yuzuki is taking her place! For this LOD Yuzuki was in:
    - Nageki no Figure
    - Koi no Plan (not the MC though :( )
    - Senaka Kara Dakishimete (Top 7!!)
    - Rio no Kakumei
    - Skirt, Hirari, as one of the 7 wearing Seifuku
    - Aishiteraburu!: Kumi or Churi's position :inlove:

    I think being added to Senaka Kara Dakishimete is huge! Originally, when Team A did this stage, Senaka Kara Dakishimete was performed by Itano Tomomi, Takahashi Minami, Nakanishi Rina, Maeda Atsuko, Oshima Mai, Kojima Haruna, and Shinoda Mariko. These seven girls were the most popular members at the time. I think this is a good sign that management wants to push Yuzuki a bit!! :)

    As a side note, Ruka and Yuuna look super cute with shorter hair. I still think Yuzu is the cutest, but that's just me ;D

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    Jan 7, 2012
    Hidaka Yuzuki
    Here's the most recent Team E show Yuzuki was in. She's gotten much better since her debut! She's starting to get better at "Lay Down". That's the song that is supposed to be "sexy". Yuzuki still isn't there yet, but she looks a lot less awkward.

    She had a long introduction speech and got some laughs! I hope she's capturing more people's hearts :) :inlove:.

    EDIT: Turns out it was Iwanaga Tsugumi in Idol Nante Yobanaide. I can't believe I thought she was Yuuna >__<

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    Mar 4, 2013
    When nanako are missed a E3 performance? Yuuna has never participated in the new stage which began the 24 july, so she never sang " Idol Nante Yobanaide "
    she's participed in E2 saka agari but not yet in E3 boku no taiyou

    Since the bad performance of Ryoha in " Kiseki wa ma ni Awanai " i see no Kenkyuusei are allowed to sing an unit songs... it s sad... thanks Ryoha :hmm: .....

    but it's cool because Yuzuki are under Rena like Ryoha are under Jurina,
    so perhaps the ske staff are see the Yuzuki popularity ( handshake for KFC she sell the most slot for the 6th generation behind Ryoha ) and they placed her under Rena
    i want to see the 33 single HS for confirm her new popularity, :hehe:

    PS : the most funny 6th generation, everyone laughs in her speech :)

    i just saw the LOD 130912 :hmm: nao, rena and kanon aren t here.. Yuzuki , Inuzaka and Mizuho are under.

    conclusion :hmm:

    Iwanaga Tsugumi are spot in " Idol nante yobanaide " and " Itoshisa no Defense "
    Sakai Mei in " Boku to Juliet to Jet Coaster " and " Himawari "
    and Kaneko Shiori in " Higurashi no Koi " and Himawari "
    no kenkyuusei in unit song
    .... really thanks Ryoha :hmm: ..........
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    Jan 7, 2012
    Hidaka Yuzuki
    Oh my gosh, you're right! I thought Tsugumi was Yuuna X___X

    Thank you for the correction :)

    And I agree, Yuzuki is hilarious!!

    I'm eager to see how her HS slots sell too. Last time she was one of the best 6th gens, so we shall see :)
    On the "mixi" rankings, she is ranked after Ryoha, Goto Mayuko, and Aoki Shiori. But mixi doesn't really indicate much hahahaha
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    Jan 7, 2012
    Hidaka Yuzuki
    My friend translated a part of the Team E MC that Yuzuki was in!

    Topic: The country you would like to visit the most

    Yuzuki: I wanna go to the North Pole....
    Everybody: That isn't a country
    Yuzuki: It isn't? Oh, whatever. I want to go to the North Pole because it has penguins! It will be fun together with polar bears, I'm sure of that!
    Mizuho: You freaking idiot! The North Pole doesn't have Penguins!!

    Oh my gosh Yuzuki!! She's so funny :)

    I'm practicing Japanese so I tried to translate some of her blog. Please correct my mistakes if you see any! I guess my translation probably isn't the most accurate. I also deleted a lot of parts that I couldn't translate :p
    I just thought it was cool that she shops at Costco because I do too :) Its my favorite store!

    I went to Costco this evening!

    I went with Mama and Big Brother
    Papa had a big job to do (>_<)

    We bought a lot of food

    Then she says things I couldn't translate 100% and starts talking about all the things on display at Costco. Then...

    Hidaka Konbu
    Eeh, Hidaka Konbu was displayed! (Hidaka Konbu is a type of Konbu Seaweed from the Hidaka region of Hokkaido, but it is also Yuzuki's nickname :) )

    After checking out at the register
    We went to eat food, so you know
    I ate a Soft Ice Cream and a Pineapple Smoothie ♪

    The ice cream was reeeeeaaallly thick and rich
    うんまうまでした( ゜Д゜)
    I'm lucky I could eat a lot and a lot ☆
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    Jan 7, 2012
    Hidaka Yuzuki
    Guys, great news!

    Yuzuki has sold out 2 of her 4 handshake slots by the 5th round!!
    This is really incredible! Kumazaki Haruka also sold 2 slots and Takeuchi Saki sold 1. Other than that though, there are no other Kenkyuusei who have sold out handshake slots!

    So for now Yuzuki and Haruka are the two most popular 6th gens at handshake events! ;D

    I'm going to try and translate some more of her blog entry, so here goes!

    Yuzuki's Questions

    ( ´ー`)< アニメは見るの?
    Do you watch anime?
    Mm, I don't watch them too much!
    見るとしてもおこちゃまのやつとか( ̄▽ ̄)
    If I do watch them, its usually little kid anime
    But I love American comics!

    ( ´ー`)< オーディションの思いでは?
    Memories from the audition?
    At the time they were doing the interviews it was the sports festival (haha)
    It still looked like that I had been wearing a headband when I was interviewed (°_°)

    ( ´ー`)< るかちゃんのゆづきのモノマネはどう?
    How are (Kitano) Ruka-chan's and Yuzuki's comedy impersonations?
    They don't look like what they're supposed to be at all!
    But other members say they kind of look like them...

    That's all for today☆

    There are a lot of questions
    Please keep waiting (´・ω・`)

    More in the spoiler:

    Test... Test Test...

    It was a test...
    Yes, it was a test...

    I guess she had a test in school :p On to something more complicated!

    Team E's Boku no Taiyou Stage

    The 11th was Mizuno Honoka-san's birthday show!
    The 12th was Miyamae Ami-san's birthday show!

    Yuzuki was allowed to be the under
    For every birthday show until now〜☆

    With wonderful style
    Gentle and cute Honoka-san

    Idiotic and cute Ami-san

    Since I became a Kenkyuusei
    Together with them, I was allowed to perform many times
    I'm really glad (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

    It was an incredible birthday show ☆

    And the last one!
    The handshake event at Mukahuri Messe

    It was pouring rain incredibly...

    Then she says things along the lines of
    "Everyone who came, could you make it home safe?"

    Yuzuki returned safely☆

    The rest was pretty hard for me so I'll stop here
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    Jan 7, 2012
    Hidaka Yuzuki
    I'm going to do a bit of Yuzuki blog translation! But before I begin, I'm happy to report Yuzu sold 3/4 handshake slots! Her and Kumazaki Haruka were the two kenkyuusei to sell out the most :D

    Now for Yuzuki's blog. As usual, please correct me if I messed up! First, this is how she begins every blog entry:

    こんばんわわわわ Goooooooood Evening
    おはよううううう Gooooood Morning
    こんちにわわわわ Gooooood Afternoon

    はい、 Yes,
    みなさんボンジュール ( ̄  ̄ )ノ Everyone, Bonjour ( ̄  ̄ )ノ

    Now, on to some blog!

    We're into autumn now, eh?

    Its still hot, and its cold, and..
    I can't keep up with the seasons

    This is Hidaka Yuzuki (°_°)

    Then she talks about the kanji "月", which means moon or month and it gets confusing. But that kanji, pronounced "ki" is in her name. So:

    Azuki-ranger and Natsuki too

    Have the character "ki" (moon) in their names

    We will be "Triple Moon"!
    Everyone, please take care of "Triple Moon" (haha)

    That's all for now, it was starting to get confusing. But here is a report from a handshake event, from a fan who met Yuzuki!! She was wearing her hair pulled back


    Fan: "You look good showing your forehead"
    Yuzuki: "Aah, its a little bit embarassing though"
    Fan: "Ok, so if it's not your favorite why wear it?
    Yuzuki: "Well, if enough people like it then I'll try it out..."
    Fan: "I'm responding to that request!"
    Yuzuki: "Alright!"
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    Jan 7, 2012
    Hidaka Yuzuki
    More news on Yuzuki! A friend of mine has access to her mobile mail, so here's what is says!

    Hidakakonbu mail: Sorry I didn't send out morning greeting Mail (´;ω;`), anyway, time of loneliness just started.

    That picture is so cute! Her black and pink checked shirt reminds me of the Ookami to Pride outfit :inlove:

    I think maybe by time of loneliness she meant that she had a break between handshake sessions though ^__^ Here is a picture of her (in the same outfit) from the event. The outfit isn't as cute in the full version hahaha
    http://ameblo.jp/akihabara48/image-1162 ... 98720.html

    She said her goal now is to work on her MC skills. I hope that brings more Yuzuki fans ^__^

    Speaking of MC, in this stage MC she talked about her dream of being a ninja (hahaha). She got good cheers! Yuzuki moves positions often, but this one seems to really do the most for her. She has Namida no Shounan, 2nd spot in Koi no Plan, the Koi no Plan MC, and a good spot in Rio no Kakumei and JESUS. Good job, Yuzuki! :)

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    Jan 7, 2012
    Hidaka Yuzuki
    Well, it finally happened. Yuzuki is "officially" my SKE Oshimen! I'm proud to say I'm probably the biggest (and only) Yuzuki fan in America ;D


    Kizaki Yuria posted about taking a liking to Yuzuki-chan. Mahoushoujoari translated the blog entry here:
    http://mahoushoujoari.tumblr.com/post/6 ... 11-10-2013
    I agree with Yuria, Yuzu IS the cutest!! :)


    Anyway, Yuzuki published her 17th blog post last night! I'll translate a bit :) As usual, correct any mistakes I have!
    Here's the gem from her blog entry:

    "The dance teacher said I did a good job
    I was so happy I cried a little bit in private"

    She's such a sweetheart ^_^ Here's some other stuff from the blog

    Its my 17th blog entry

    SKEMail has also begun!
    I'm so happy I get to post every day (^O^☆♪

    Do you guys like it?

    I'm so happy, ya know!

    おっ!それは嬉しい♪( ´▽`)
    Ah! Its nice ♪( ´▽`)
    Lets go on happily from now on!


    The 5th year anniversary

    The day of the 5th year anniversary finally came!!
    Congratulations (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

    5 years ago I was 10 years old...

    That's when I started practicing basketball~
    At that time I was still doing ballet as well!

    Nostalgic memories are coming back to me (haha)

    When we lined up by height I was always second in the front
    But now I'm gradually moving to the back
    I got pretty big!

    In our 6th year too
    Please take care of SKE and Hidaka ♪

    There was a recent performance I watched where Yuzuki subbed for Team E and her self introduction was is incredible. I've never heard such a loud Yuzuki call! And the audience was saying "Tebasaki, Kishimen, Histumabushi" along with her! And one fan even yelled "You're so cute!!"
    I'm glad this adorable girl is gaining fans! ^__^

    Edit: For the Kobe Concert, Yuzuki got to be one of the 7 girls in Aozora Kataomoi! And she had Churi's spot! ^__^
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    Mar 4, 2013
    lol, i just saw the LOD yuzu really want to become a ninja [hehe]
    So funny, she's she trains to throw a shuriken :lol:
    moreover she 's a SKE48 KSGK [rock]
    her and ruka are Baka and KSGK of 6th generation [party] the new Yuria and Kumin..
  11. moomookan

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    Jan 7, 2012
    Hidaka Yuzuki
    I thought that part where she was demonstrating how to properly throw shuriken was hilarious!! She's really a character :D

    Mahoushoujoari translated a portion of Yuzuki's blog entry! Here it is. I'm so happy for Yuzuki ^___^

    One day, one day,

    I got hungry so
    I went to the convenience store…

    And then one girl told me:

    "Are you Hidaka Yuzuki-chan?
    I came to watch the Stage the other day!”

    Ohhh!! Incredible!!!

    My face turned into some weird expression
    because of the too overwhelming happiness and excitement.

    So as I answered with a:

    "Ehhh! Thank yoooou!!"

    …she said:

    "You were the one standing out and shining the most!!
    Your expressions were great too!”


    I was so happy that I
    asked for I don’t know how
    many times “Really!? Really!?!?”

    Being told something like that
    surely brought me confidence
    and made me feel even more like wanting
    to get better and better!!

    It’s always been like this, but recently…

    …I really like to deeply
    think about the lyrics of the songs,

    and then consider which expression
    would be better to do and things like that.

    Like this I’m able to realize a lot of things,
    like “In this song it would be better to do like this…”

    And being told those words by that girl
    made me think that maybe I managed to
    make use of what I learned

    I’m still a novice,
    but I’ll dedicate myself to my own improvement
    so that I’ll be able to perform in a way that
    would make you spontaneously look at me.

    I've started a tumblr blog that I mostly post Yuzuki things in. There are a lot of gifs of Yuzuki made by tumblr users that I reblog there! ^__^
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    Mar 4, 2013
    a random picture Yuzuki and Ami [notme]
    Yeah Yuzuki in team S today

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  13. moomookan

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    Jan 7, 2012
    Hidaka Yuzuki
    I haven't posted here in forever! I've been busy running my Yuzuki fanblog :)

    So much Yuzuki news to share! Firstly, Yuzuki has become pretty popular with fans. On Mixi she is the highest ranked 6th gen after Rion and Ryoha. Her handshake sales have been good, except her AKB 5th Album handshake... Otherwise though, Yuzuki is doing great.

    She has continued subbing for Rena in Team E and she's also been performing with Team S! She has filled in Makiko and Kyoka's spots. I'm glad that she is getting the opportunity to perform with other teams :)

    The Kenkyuusei are performing "Seifuku no Me". Yuzuki has Yukko's position, which is pretty good! I think she should have centered Omoide Ijou instead of Kuma-chan, but oh well :)

    I translated her January 5 blog. Here it is!

    2014 has begun!
    But it doesn’t feel like it at all (haha)

    I went to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house for New Year
    And I ate SO much mikan and omochi

    I ate too much mikan
    and it made my hands turn yellow…
    and the trash can was filled with peels…
    and I left behind all the white parts…


    Because that monster called “Stomatitis”
    Appeared this month
    I could take in a lot of vitamins from the mikan ☆

    \Kouhaku Uta Gassen/
    It is the event to talk about!

    Yuzuki, during the call-and-response
    Was waving the red flag

    Have you looked for it it?

    I was in a noticeable place
    So when I watched it on TV later
    It was easy to find myself (haha)

    Being able to appear…
    Kouhaku is an incredible event after all
    There are so many amazing artists

    I’m really grateful!
    I had a great experience!

    And, and!
    After a long time,
    Along with NMB’s Akashi Natsuko, Matsumura Megumi, Odan Mai, and HKT’s Sakaguchi Riko,
    We were able to meet with HKT’s Nakanishi Chiyori

    It was my first time hanging out with Nakanishi-san
    But it was very fun, as expected (haha)
    We’ve become friends a little more ♪

    \January 5th/

    Today was a kenkyuusei performance
    But it was a bit different

    Instead of “Aitakatta”, we performed “Seifuku no Me”


    For many years, the seniors built this stage
    So it is a very important stage
    And we were able to continue it
    I was really really happy
    But there was also a lot of anxiety


    It was fun!

    There is also a performance tomorrowLooking back on the performance today,
    I want to go with even more force tomorrow
    And make it a great performance!

    By all means! By all means!
    Please come see our “Seifuku no Me” stage

    Please look forward to seeing me perform in the future!
    (I’ll do my best in the MC too, of course…)
    I’m kidding〜♪( ̄ー ̄)

    \\Yuzuki’s Question Corner//
    I’ll answer your questions!

    Q: What units do you want to cover?
    A: Tsundere, Itoshiki Natasha, Haru ga kuru made, Tengoku Yarou, Cross, Seifuku Resistance, Kuroi Tenshi

    I also want to do “Arashi no Yoru ni wa” with Kitano Ruka (haha)

    Q: What did you get for Chrismas?
    A: Pressure socks and a 50-piece box of Karpas (Karpas are sort of like Slim Jim in America)

    Q: What are your favorite animals?
    A: Tiger, Capybara, Spotted Garden Eel, Shark

    Then she shared one of her text messages like she always does, but I’m never able to understand those ^__^;;


    See you next week!
    By Yuzuki
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    Jan 7, 2012
    Hidaka Yuzuki
    Everyone, Yuzuki has been promoted to Team KII! This is so great!! ^___^

    Here is a video from the Discover Aichi program that she made with Kumazaki Haruka and Orito Aisa

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    Jan 7, 2012
    Hidaka Yuzuki
    Yuzuki will be in the New Team KII Shonichi! Congratulations to Yuzuki. I hope she has a nice position :)
  16. Silenka

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    Aug 9, 2012
    Okada Nana
    I saw her in the shonichi. Her dancing is absolutely crazy good, or at least it was in Usotsuki na Dachou. I really dislike that song and usually skip it but I ended up watching it all the way through just for her dancing.
  17. kunomazu

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    Jan 13, 2014
    Velvet Room
    Yakata Miki
    Yuzuki approved.. Like boss.. :fear:

  18. moomookan

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    Jan 7, 2012
    Hidaka Yuzuki
    I love that gif!

    Yuzuki recently performed with the Kenkyuusei for the Upcoming Stage. She was in the Glass no I LOVE YOU unit and looked really cute! She never did it as a Kenkyuusei (back when they were doing the Aitakatta stage) so I'm glad she had the chance to do it now.

    Request Hour is going on right now, and she was in Dareka no Sei ni wa Shinai! Man, that's such a cool song. I can't wait for the DVD to come out
  19. moomookan

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    Jan 7, 2012
    Hidaka Yuzuki
    I felt like translating Yuzuki's blog today, so here it is! :)

    From the car window
    With a propped elbow, looking out at the scenery
    That kind of romantic side that comes out occasionally
    It's there

    It's Hidaka Yuzuki \(^ω^)/

    It's especially nice in the evenings~


    This time I'm going to talk about
    Tsuzuki Rika's birthday!

    You know Rika,
    She says I'm her 6th generation oshimen ヽ(;▽;)ノ♪

    That's all (haha)

    When we meet, she hugs me
    And gives me attention, it makes me happy

    The first time I appeared as an under
    It was for Team E's Saka Agari stage
    At that time, so many things were happening
    I was really heasitant and anxious

    But all the way up until the show started,
    Rika was by my side
    I remember her reassuring me ヽ(;▽;)ノ

    The Saka Agari stage
    Is still a very important stage to me

    There were a lot of songs that I couldn't remember at all
    For a while I had a bit of trauma (haha)

    I love the Saka Agari Stage!!!

    I have this strong feeling of "I want to do it again!"

    Its kind of late but...
    I think
    I owe a lot to Rika.

    Let's make it a good year♪

    This month
    There are a lot of birthday shows♪

    Yuzuki's is... next year!
    I can't believe there's still half a year to go ( °_° )

    The flow of time
    Sometimes fast, sometimes slow
    Let's go gradually into adult hood


    By Yuzuki
  20. Fourever

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    Feb 19, 2011
    Okabe Rin
    yuyu 2.jpg
    Yuzuki in her graceful appearance from Rikachu 755. lately I was somewhat was worried that Yuzuki/Ruka combo felt a bit far recently but they're still close like always.
    And it look like Yuzuki is really aiming to fill the gap left behind by Yukko in KII even though she's more toward to loveable Kawaii-type rather than Beauty-type but I believe she carries the Yukko Soul and could totally make it as an KII ace candidate because she's already pretty popular on site in Nagoya while haven't really appeared much in magazine/tv.
    And she did a pretty good job dancing Escape,Darkness,Okey Dokey in Yukko last stage and keep up pretty well with the stacked dance lineup.
    Yukko also have a pretty high expectation on Yuzuki.
    yuyu 3.jpg yuyu 8.jpg
    so cute

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