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    Kinda (very) late news about her solo debut, but since the single PV is finally out I figured might as well make a thread here:

    http://www.nihonbeat.com/2013/02/07/hik ... olo-debut/

    Utsukushi Zankoku na Sekai PV:


    I must say, I am quite happy she is getting 3 singles to start off her solo single, hopefully with her voice and large fanbase she will have a sucessful career as both a Seiyuu and Singer :)

    That aside, I like how the first 2 singles have contrasting themes and colors - considering Utsukushi Zankoku na Sekai has a dark and serious tone to it (fitting of its following anime), I wonder if Owaranai Uta will have a light and fluffy theme instead to contrast it, regardless of which, both promo pictures looks stunning.

    EDIT: Moved the thread here since it fits more :^^;:

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