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    Informations about how to get tickets and benefits for the different tickets and streaming portals are online.

    Hinatazaka Homepage

    Hinatazaka46 Yes! with You! Fanclub

    HINATAZAKA46 Live Online, YES! with YOU! - Streaming Concert without audience
    Date: Friday, 31 July 2020
    Distribution start at 19:00 JST
    Concert start at 19:30 JST

    Regular ticket: 3,500 Yen
    Fan club ticket: 4,600 Yen
    Payment: I have seen credit card options, PayPal and more but it depends on the streaming channel

    Fan club benefits:
    1. Original Memorial Ticket (everyone gets one)
    2. After live special stream (everyone gets to watch)
    3. Pictures from the online live (everyone gets it)
    4. Message card from oshimen (everyone gets it)
    5. Interactive encouragement shout (Available until 23:59 25th July)
    6. Interactive seat (Available until 23:59 25th July)

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    Apr 22, 2015
    I am a fan club member since more than a year ago.
    the fan club ticket benefits as you said(for 1-4) will be sent next month to a Japan address.
    for 5, we just record our voice like how you will chant or shout in a live concert, then send in a mp3 format preferably . they will see if they can use it to create "live" fan chants with your voices(however the deadline is over) . I've already sent in my entries(I accumulated my fan chants and sent them in one file) yesterday.
    for 6, it will be lottery, if you apply and get it(results announced tomorrow to the winners) , will be one of the few hundred(I'm guessing 300 like the Keyakizaka46 online live) to join them in an interactive live before and during the concert for a talk show. also, from time to time, they will show these live interactive videos of the fans on the big screens during the concert. The dress rehearsal with instructions will be on Wednesday. I also applied for this yesterday since it is the same questionnaire form.

    Additional note: ok, for those who want to get a general ticket. if you live and stay in Japan, go with any option. but those outside Japan, I advise to use Lawson Zaiko, as they not only accept foreign credit cards but there is also no country restrictions for its live streaming. and the streaming speed and quality is top notch(in my experience). Rakuten TV only works in Japan, so this is not an option for you, VPN does not work for PC browser nor mobile as far as I know .
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  3. Cost

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    Jul 19, 2019

    Forget to share here, but some Ohisama in twitter plan to make this one: Joyful Love rainbow penlight formation for 31/7 live.
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  4. ryandtw

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    ^ Interesting how the pen light colors are broken up into regions:
    • Hokkaido in 'salmon' pink
    • Tohoku in red
    • Kanto in orange
    • Tokai in yellow
    • Kansai in green
    • Chugoku/Shikoku in royal blue
    • Kyushu (except Miyazaki) and Okinawa in purple/'hot pink'
    • Miyazaki and ROW (rest of world) in sky blue - why Miyazaki gets separate color over rest of Kyushu? (and also interests me why the rest of the world joins Miyazaki?)
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  5. Cost

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    Jul 19, 2019
    In Japan we can see the rainbow colour, but when we zoom out to look the world + Japan, we can see the rainbow on the blue sky.

    And for Miyazaki (why blue?), because Hyuga (日向市) city in Miyazaki (second home of Hinatazaka) have a same kanji with Hinatazaka (日向坂), and we know Hinatazaka have a blue theme colour.
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  6. cryspower

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    Apr 22, 2015
    in addition, Hinatazaka 日向坂 is actually Hyugazaka(same kanji) in Tokyo, with Keyakizaka somewhat in between the 2 sakamichis(Nogizaka and Hyugazaka) .
    anyway, that is just a fan planning, its just up to other fans to follow or not, because unlike in a hall or stadium, we can't really see the effect, other than taking photos and videos and post in SNS with tags.
  7. cryspower

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    Apr 22, 2015
    almost an hour longer than Keyaki's online live. money's worth. ended with Yakusoku no Tamago, which is their theme song , after an online live encore comment of 30000(10K from each live stream channel) .
    They had 2000 interactive seats , and they used it to effect on the Joyful love song, probably coordinated about 300seats per color. They sang Seishun no uma twice. you'll prob find the setlist around in the sns now.
    the after talk show for fan club tix was just a short 2 minute of them saying goodbye , nothing much missed by non fc tickets.
    will watch and enjoy it again .

    edit: oh yeah, i should add here. announced that their 1st album will be out on Sept 23rd

    edit 2: FC members can also join in the mobile only(all ends tonight 23:59 JST) :
    1) lottery to get concert T-shirts signed by members
    2) write a message of support to the members
    3) like all concerts at venue, get a check in stamp on your member page
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  8. nassux

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    Dec 12, 2015
    Matsuda Konoka
    That was an awesome concert. The staging, lighting, storyline was top notch.

    Some pics:
    EeQchV4UwAAkHUQ.jpg Fireworks

    EeQhniTUwAAUEGJ.jpg Joyful love rainbow
    EeQahp0U0AI7HYM.jpg River of light during Kawa wa Nagareru

    Although they mostly performed short versions, it was expected as they performed 21 songs (!) in roughly 2 and a half hours.
    Random thoughts:
    - The mascots worked hard dancing in those constumes
    - They should have included Kage in more songs (especially those she was present in e.g. Eien no Hakusen or Dare Tobe), but i guess she is stiil rusty
    - I am still wondering how they did the black and white outfit switch during kitsune. Amazing performance too with the dance battle in the middle of it
    - The interactive seats were well-planned with the joyful love rainbow in the empty stadium and also the messages during Yakusoku

    Of course, the big news. New album dropping on 23/9. It was expected but still welcome news. Hope to see Azato Kawaii performed soon
    Lastly, I just want to say I just love this group.
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  9. keyak

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    Feb 13, 2019
    T'was a great night to be an Ohisama.

    The Live was absolutely a blast. Fun storyline / skits. The girls performed so well on each and every song, you can tell how hard they must've practiced for it. My favorites were Kitsune (Team white or black? :lol:) & Joyful Love (that rainbow!). Overture intro was also cool as heck. They definitely didn't cheap out for this concert.

    As expected, the fanservice was top notch. Girls were super high-tension and interactive until the very end (lend me some of your energy, girls!). Plus, the OHISAMA DAISUKIIIIII at the end :cute:

    Thank you, S&F, for the good-quality production and set. Thank you, dear mascots, for dancing so heartily along. Thank you, fellow Ohisamas for the fun tweet spams. And most importantly, thank you Hinatazaka, for bringing so much cheer and joy during these difficult times :worthy:


    Here was the setlist (creds: lost the tweet, sorry!)

    ModelPress media pics

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
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  11. Cost

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    Jul 19, 2019
    Hello Everyone, do you watch the Hinatazaka Live Online Yes! With YOU! Yesterday,
    Here I'm gonna tell you about my feeling for watching yesterday live :)

    Introduction scene
    Overall it just filed by introduction (Kumi, Miho, and Otake), show us Hinatazaka merchandise (Katoshi, Manamo, and Hinano), a wonderfull circle yelling group of Hinatazaka, and charm of the new 3rd gen.

    Main Event!!
    00. Overture

    They show us a wonderful, glamorous, and attractive overture.

    After that the story is begin, this is how they start musical drama, they use english narrative (So... listen and enjoy it)

    01. Doremisolasido (Short ver.)
    For me this is the good song to start the show, because this song give me a spirit, big smile, and 'It's Summer!!!' wanna shouted loud from the bottom of my heart.

    02. Happy Aura (Full ver.)
    I like this unexpected arrangement soo much... we see musical ability of some member like Kumi (trumpet), Manafi (flute), Miku (a part of drum), Sarina (keyboard). They bring kasu2 dance in their choreo it's very fun. Of course Happy virus infected me instantaneously. :lol:

    MC part 1
    What I remember for this part when they introduce us with 3 new member, seeing Mikuni face she looks so nervous and I hope she will get used to it, and I wonder Kage will call in this MC part (I wanna see her soon), but that's not happen and honestly this make me little sad.

    03. Nazee (Short ver.)
    I just enjoy Factory performance, and if something need to comment is I hope Mei can smile even more, but the concept of this song is 'confused feeling', so... i cannot blame her.

    Story again, and I just enjoy it.

    04. Kita Shitenai Jibun (Short ver.)
    What I remember in this part: 75% running scene and 25% Miipan cool expression. [hehe]

    Story again and Uma-kun appear, I still thinking that is Kage in behind the horse costume.

    05. Seishun no Uma (Short ver.)
    They use seishun no uma MV costume (Blue), it so Hinatazaka's colour theme.

    Story again and Tigerman appear, and this time I enjoying Manamo narrative voice :inlove:

    06. Kimi no Tamme Nani ga Dekiru Darou (Short ver.)
    1st gen become a back dancer its make the atmosphere of the song so lively, and the staff add the rain effect its too wonderfull to watch...

    07. Suki to lu Koto wa (Short ver.)
    I cant remember anything, I just remember my hand spinning towel and my face grinning like crazy, after that just tired :^^;:, and in this song you can see many Ohisama who streaming the live on monitor appear and also enliven the atmosphere.

    Suzuka Rap is the unique part when you watch Hinatazaka live, and the lirycs of this section is usually written by herself, So give applause for her

    08. Dare Yori mo Takaku Tobe (Full ver.)
    Overall is amazing and again they love add some awkward dance in intro (I love it), they show us their variety skill huh.., but I feel it will be perfect with Kage on there (I miss her in this song)

    09. No war in the future (Full ver.)
    I love when they split and become two team (right and left stage team)

    They show us Little scene in Hinakuri 2019, just a little shock :blink:

    10. Mado wo Akenakute mo (Short ver.)
    I like the another 'not Dasada' member when they are dance in back stage and help make a big plane formation, in this i just thinking about the meaning they want be conveyed, maybe "If you wanna go to the highest place you need another people with same purpose to make a bigger plane and together be there" ;)

    Break: you can see backstage staff who made this live more amazing (thanks to them)

    MC part 2
    They Interact with Ohisama after long time with no handshake event, many of them teasing Hinata member with や symbol :XD: (Ohisama is the Best!)

    Story again and Clockman appear with Hinano, the first I think next will be Hinano solo song (but I was mistaken)

    11. Eien no Hakusen (Short ver.)
    this song is one of my favorite song in Hiragana era, But still deep in my heart I wanna see Kage in this song too. :cry:

    12. Mijuku no Hikari (Short ver.)
    Same with Eien no Hakusen, this one of my favorite song in Hiragana era.

    13. Honto no Jikan (Short ver.)
    Catch scene in this part is HINANO first time use Hiragana costume with same model with her senpai :cute:wowowowowow......, and 20ton barbel she hold :shifty:

    Story again I just enjoy it

    14. Kawa wa Nagareru (Full ver.)
    Give respect for the staff they give us wonderful camera effects and extraordinary lighting effect, I just amazed and leaving my mouth wide open for a few moments. :^^;:

    Story again and Fishman appear, I just enjoy it

    15. Konna ni Suki Nachatte li no? (Short ver.)
    A piece of white cloth in their hands, make them look so Beautiful in White (Westlife title song hehe..) and fish are made by camera and lighting effect is make my mouth wide open again. :shocku:

    Story again and Kitsune police appear, fake Hinatazaka member appear. I just focus on their new costume.

    16. Kyun (Short ver.)
    I feel amused with a little gap of story and kyun song, but still enjoy the show.

    Little story which link to next song

    17 Sonna Koto Nai yo (Short ver.)
    and here I love the gap between story and Miho voice when say "Sonna Koto Nai yo" (after that intro just start)

    Story again and another fake Hinatazaka member appear

    18. Kitsune (Full ver.)
    This is the best Kitsune performance i ever see, I love battle concept with Fake Hinatazaka, I still confused how can they change their clothes so fast, and another memorable scene is when Mei suddenly show her ability of 'Nara Cheetah' :1st:

    19. Seishun no Uma (Full ver.)
    Rainbow costume appear, I think this one will be Joyful Love (prepare my blue penlight but I was mistaken again). they bring this Seishun no Uma with different feel than before, like more smile and happy aura.

    A little good story to link with next song

    20. Joyful Love (Full ver.)
    This is the amazing and memorable performance because Ohisama success makes a rainbow colour with different location :worthy:. My tears come out!

    End of story, Give applause to the writer for wonderful story they make.

    MC part 3
    I almost forget about Kage but finally she is appear, here I'm little sad "why she can't join them early". BTW this moment member teasing Ohisama for what we thought that she was a person behind horse costume, I just admit I was fooled by the fact she is not the person behind that costume :approve:. Another important announcement is Hinatazaka album decided, and I remember that moment I scream out "YEAH!!!".

    Encore: Yakosoku no Tamago
    New formation with Kage and new 3rd gen join this song, I feel grateful to see this first moment, and do you know it seems Kage position in this song wasn't changed, it's still same with before [hehe]

    Overall Hinatazaka Live Yes With You is very amazing for all aspect (Performance, Editing, Lighting, Story and Properties). It will be memorable online live, and if we compare with the first time they doing online live, this one is better right (?). Thanks to the member, mascots, and staff behind for the hard work.
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  12. humbal

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    Mar 17, 2017
    :1st: Great concert many great moments. Congrats to the girls , the staff, the mascots, the narrator.
    A great performance, they delivered an amazing show. One of my favorite moments was when they performed kitsune the intensity was incredible, powerful movements.
    According to suzuka in her blog there were members that had to change their clothes until three times during the song, surely they practiced a lot this part.


    The special effects and the fans with differents lights during joyful love was beautiful.



    :blush: Yakusoku no tamago in the encore with the new 3rd gen and kage was the perfect ending, it was very emotional.


    :) great news the announcement of the 1st album under hinatazaka name. Many fans ( me included) thought they gonna perform the new song
    Due to the announcement of "azato kawaii on air" but it seems it was about the release of the full version of the lawson cm.

    Looking forward to the release of the full song and more information about the other songs in the album.
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  13. Cost

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    Jul 19, 2019
    Some Ohisama realize the funny momment about this scene, do you know what?
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