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Stage HKT48 KKS 3rd [Nounai Paradise] (13/11/17 - 14/04/21) | 5th Gen KKS Revival (19/03/10 - )

Discussion in 'HKT48 News & Releases' started by sakurazaki, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. DeJure

    DeJure Kenkyuusei

    Aug 6, 2013
    Province of Antwerp, Belgium
    Another KKS version of the new single, this time with some 3rd gens:

    Ueno - Kusaba - Ui - Hokazono - Imada - Goto - Fukagawa

    Umemoto - Inoue - Sakaguchi - Kurihara - Yamada

    Okada - Komada - Aramaki - Iwahana​

  2. moonlit

    moonlit Kenkyuusei

    Dec 23, 2012
    ^this. when. with Maiko. wanna see.
  3. DreamingPebbles

    DreamingPebbles Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Apr 5, 2013
    February 20th Stage

    Nakinagara Hohoende
    Okamoto Naoko

    Imada Mina, Inoue Yuriya, Komada Hiroka

    Kimi wa Pegasus
    Goto Izumi, Ito Raira, Sakaguchi Riko, Yamashita Emily

    Honehone Waltz
    Aramaki Misaki, Iwahana Shino

    Kojina Yui, Okada Kanna, Tanaka Yuka, Ueno Haruka, Ui Mashiro, Yamauchi Yuna

    Naopon in Nakinagara Hohoende... No words for it, just go watch it.

    We finally got Raira and Jiina back to the theater after their struggle with the killer virus. I'm happy to see these two back on the stage.

    I think this was Piichan's first time in MARIA, and Okapan's second time in Kurukurupaa. Putting Okapan in this song is a good idea, as her genkiness fits the song and she can help liven up the MC afterwards (though she didn't do that today...)

    For some reason Rikopi and Iichan changed positions in Pegasus. Rikopi was in Miyazawa Sae's position, and Iichan was in Akimoto Sayaka's position.
  4. cubozoa

    cubozoa Kenkyuusei

    Apr 29, 2013


    Sakura, Minna de Tabeta - Piichan/Mirun Center


    This is such a random pairing for a wCenter :^^;:
    I didn't work for me although Mirun did fairly well.

    I'd like to see like Harutan/Emili centerig it, both their performances in this song caught my attention, put then in as subs for the center and I guess it will work.
    For some reason Jiina gets plenty of screen time in here and the ending scene is all hers. (Which was nice )[hehe]

    I wonder why Shino gets placed as 1st row under in here (Haruppi position) while almost everyone performs better than her.
  5. DreamingPebbles

    DreamingPebbles Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Apr 5, 2013
    That's because Shino was a last minute replacement. She was replacing Eretan, who is actually a pretty decent dancer. :)
  6. undine235

    undine235 Kenkyuusei

    Apr 22, 2012
    California, USA
    ok so this is gonna sound really lame but i had never heard nakinagara hohoende before today - I just decided to listen to naopon's version since you all seemed to like it and... SHE ROCKS. i'm gonna go back and listen to the original but i don't even know if i'd like it as much :D

    her voice isn't perfect, but in a sea of average singers (I know idols are entertainers first, singers second but still) her performance was most impressive! i'm officially keeping my eyes on this girl, cause i think i could grow to like her!
  7. Ryo

    Ryo Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Apr 1, 2013
    since Minazou is really good in it, I add another MARIA :)

    this time (140218) with the real star of the 3rd gen HAZUKI :cute: and Yuriya
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2014
  8. Ryo

    Ryo Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Apr 1, 2013
    I just ended an entertaining but challenging back to back of today's 140302 Nounai Paradise stages (currently my fav HKT stage) , featuring the awaited 2014 debut of NakoMiku at the theater...

    Nakinagara Hohoende - Meru
    MARIA Naopon - Nako - Miku
    Kimi wa Pegasus Rikopi - Iichan - Mai - Manamin
    Honehone Waltz Akiyoshi - Mio
    Kurukurupa Tani - Harutan - Maikomu - Jiina - P-chan - Mashiro

    I'm still bothered on why Meru didn't try again the live singing on the solo after the shonichi half-bust, it is so sad imo…
    During MARIA I feel Naopon pain… when the three sing together it is practically a Naopon solo, her voice is too powerful for the two kids…. I don't get why the management put Nako as center here, I don't see how this could benefit the girl, Miku in Kasai spot is at least passable.

    Miku is quite good, her dancing is nice, a little more confident in her MCs (lol she talks twice about her love for pistachios) also she has a nice singing voice (of course for a 12yo) I'm definitely keep an eye on her.
    Nako on the other end haven't still convinced me... probably the fact that most of time was near Meru hasn't help the judgment on her :) anyway till now she is on the bottom of my 3rd gen list. will see if she improves

    Hopefully the other girls stop to treat them as toys (this behavior towards the3rd gens have already bored me out) , the two will grow at least 5/10cm each and could have more performances in the next months to raise their game but right now I cannot see them perform in H at the level that the others girl could guarantee.

    I really enjoyed Maikomu performances (especially the1730's kurukurupa)! The promotion seems to have given her a new confidence, energy and "will" to perform, yay for her!

    My MVP (biased more on) was without a doubt Harutan she is painfully cute and finally she seems fully recovered from the illness and back at her usual super energetic act, plus she tried a new catchphrase "Hakata no Lolita ni naritai!" lol

    On a side note both Manamin and Tani quite happy about their high school graduation! Congrats!

    I will try to upload the 1730 ending comment because Miku was adorable in it

    And I love how the riko riko riko rikochan has became a thing every time she perform!
  9. Reveen

    Reveen Upcoming Girls

    Feb 16, 2013
    Sunnyvale Trailer Park
    Nako's first try at Maria was an embarrassing novelty but making her do it again is just a joke, she looks like she's being swallowed by the costume, her stage presence is minimal (obviously given her size) and her voice is too weak. Given the strength of other performers in the role like Imada and Chiizu it just makes Nako look bad.

    For the moment they should put her into Honehone and put Naopon in the Maria centre role with Akiyoshi in the Umeda role, she's got the voice and dance skills now to cope with it.
  10. DeJure

    DeJure Kenkyuusei

    Aug 6, 2013
    Province of Antwerp, Belgium
    Nounai Paradise is running on its last legs, because the senshuuraku has just been announced!
    And the line-up is:

    Everyone lol

    All KKS, the two 1st gens, all the 2nd gens and all the 3rd gens are in it.
    I'm very curious how this will turn out.
  11. DreamingPebbles

    DreamingPebbles Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Apr 5, 2013
    I don't know how's that gonna work, but it's nice that they decided to include everyone. With 32 KKS, they could form 2 groups of 16 members each and have them taking turns performing. Or maybe they could have a set of members do the group songs and the remaining members do the units.
  12. Ugokanaide

    Ugokanaide Kenkyuusei

    Nov 19, 2013
    SP, BR
    Moriyasu Madoka
    4th generation, maybe?
  13. x_lambs

    x_lambs Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Jun 11, 2012
    California USA
    speechless. didn't want the last stage to end. Congrats to all the 2nd Gens plus Minazou and Maiko. Who would have thought that when Matsui Rena visit Hyakkaten she was really going to take Tani to Nagoya?
    HKT KK nounai paradise senshuuraku.jpg saigo tani.jpg
  14. Ryo

    Ryo Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Apr 1, 2013
    The KKS senshuraku is done, it was a nice stage...
    As expected fron the 2nd gen it turns into quite a cry party. (Iichan was already crying before the first chorus of tomo yo)
    The 1st-2nd gen KKS shared the stage for most of the songs, while the 3rd gens pops out only for Sogen no Kiseki.

    Sadly they didn't perform Ima Kimi wo Omou for Marika (wonder why?), but at least we got Party ga Hajimaru yo and a very touching Aozora no Soba ni Ite.

    I have really come to appreciate this group of girls, so I'm kinda sad that they will no longer perform together.
    ...and no more I4U :(
    ...and no more ImomuChu! :(

    Anyway Kenkyuusei Saikou!
  15. redA1

    redA1 Kenkyuusei

    Mar 7, 2013
    ^ As expected of 2nd gen, they cried very well. As expected of Ii-chan, she's always th first to cry.
    Aozora is pretty touching, while the ending comments is funny. I was laughing at all th "Yay!!" which got faster and faster. :lol:

    Now i seriously need to find th full performance.
  16. Ugokanaide

    Ugokanaide Kenkyuusei

    Nov 19, 2013
    SP, BR
    Moriyasu Madoka
  17. topx666

    topx666 Kenkyuusei

    May 29, 2012
    oh man, just start from Tomo Yo, the girls began to cry! Meru crying on her bass was very something

    and also there are Party ga Hajimaru and Aozora no Soba ni Ite, these are very heart touching, you know

    I cannot withstand all of this :(
  18. DreamingPebbles

    DreamingPebbles Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Apr 5, 2013
    I collected the posts of every Kenkyuusei about the senshuuraku of this stage. Many posts also include their opinions about the promotions or about Tani Marika's transfer. Since it's quite long I'm dividing it into 2 posts.

    Yabuki Nako and Tanaka Miku are not included because they don't have G+ accounts.

    Akiyoshi Yuka

    Original Post

    The senshuuraku of the HKT48 Kenkyuusei "Nounai Paradise" stage has ended.

    I won't perform with these members as Kenkyuusei anymore...

    I remember Imada-san talking to us with tears in her eyes when we stood on that big stage of the Budokan. Imada-san always put the Kenkyuuseis in order, teaching us the things that we didn't understand. She was like the captain of the Kenkyuuseis.

    Also... Tani Marikachan will transfer to SKE48. I remember how difficult were UZA and Beginner which we performed during the Summer 5 Dome Tour, so we practiced together until late at night in the hotel with teary eyes.

    It seems that Marikachan doesn't really like vegetables. When she goes to Nagoya, she should eat vegetables properly and have a balanced diet right?

    I think from now on we will do lots of things separately as Team H and Team KIV. But I think there is a lot that I can learn joining Team H. From now on I'd like to keep working hard and "throw the ball with all my might without forgetting my original intention".

    Please keep supporting HKT48 and myself.

    Aramaki Misaki

    Original Post

    Good evening ♪♪

    The senshuuraku of the Nounai Paradise stage has ended (´・ω・`)

    It was the last time that I stood with Tani-san in the HKT Theater. It was a short time, but I could find out many nice things about her! I want Tani-san's cheerfulness to be my role model. (^w^)

    Even though you're going to Nagoya, please cheer everyone up!! Keep working hard! I am supporting you.


    Today I practiced by myself before the stage! There is a lot I have learned, and there are painful moments, but now the 1st and the 2nd Gens have been promoted and 7 Kenkyuusei remain. So when the 4th Gen joins, I want to be able to become a proper senpai, to become a role model for the Kenkyuusei! I will do what I can!!

    Please keep supporting the Kenkyuuseis!

    See you later ♪♪

    Fuchigami Mai

    Original Post

    The senshuuraku of the Nounai Paradise stage has ended! \(^^)/

    It was my last performance as a Kenkyuusei. I was an HKT Kenkyuusei for about a year and a half and I learned a lot of things. (^ー^) The lessons for the Party ga Hajimaru yo stage, the shonichis, the Kenkyuusei Budokan concert... I recall all these events as if it was yesterday. The times we had conflicting opinions at review meetings or discussions were so many I couldn't count them! There were times I cried instead of saying what I thought... But I think we only had today's senshuuraku because we were able to have a lively exchange of ideas. (^∇^)

    Thank you for the green penlights during Sougen no Kiseki! I will never forget that beautiful green hill. (^o^)

    Also all the 1st and 2nd Gen Kenkyuuseis have been promoted!! It is thanks to everyone who always supports us. ♪

    During our stages, when the Kenkyuuseis and our fans meet, I feel like we are all a single family. With you all included, we are the Kenkyuusei Family right? ♡

    When we learned that we would be doing Nounai Paradise, we wanted it to be out on DVD like the Team H stage. But it's OK because I think it [the stage] got burned into everyone's memory. (^_^)

    Now we will be promoted to regular members, but we will work hard with the spirit of juniors dominating seniors, with the spirit of Kenkyuusei in our hearts right? o(^o^)o And I want the current Kenkyuuseis to inherit this Kenkyuusei spirit as well!

    Thank you for the wonderful flower stand. (^ω^)

    Kenkyuuseis, despite the different teams, we will always remain rivals. And also great friends. (^^)/\(^^)

    Fukagawa Maiko

    Original Post


    m9っ`・ω・´) clink

    I'm sorry I couldn't update today!!!

    The senshuuraku of the Nounai Paradise stage has ended!!! It was fun!!! Thank you for supporting the Kenkyuuseis until now!!

    For the encore, the 1st and 2nd Gens performed Party ga Hajimaru yo and Aozora no Soba ni Ite, our starting point!!! It was so much fun to do it again after so long!!!

    You know, I actually had learned two units. I learned Honehone Waltz!!!!! But Honehone Waltz started being performed right during those shows when I was sick!! I totally mastered the part where you stand on that rotating outie thing while doing the song! It was so frustrating!!!! I really wanted to be in Honehone Waltz lol.

    And I could get that Christmas costume of Kurukurupaa that I never got!!! (>ω<)

    Today's good night words are: Good night everyone, thank you and I love you! We are the HKT48 Kenkyuuseis!

    Goto Izumi

    Original Post

    Good evening! Thank you!!! It was great! I loved it!

    It's been about 5 months since the Nounai Paradise stage has begun. A short time, but these 5 months were awesome. It's been about 1 year and 7 months since the beginning of the stages of the Kenkyuuseis, who practiced while crying, stayed until late at night, sweat a lot, and dashed forward.

    The promotion of all 1st and 2nd Gens. I definitely won't forget it. I would be happy if you wouldn't forget it either! (´∇`)

    Marika! It's mortifying, but... I love you lol! Take care right? ♪♪

    Good night (^ω^)

    It's late, but I will announce the answer of the sushi lol. It was 1 salmon! Sorry for the bad timing lol.

    Hokazono Hazuki

    Original Post

    Konbanhazuki ♡

    The senshuuraku of the Nounai Paradise stage has ended.

    Nounai Paradise was the stage where I got my first position and which gave me food for thought. The first time I got on stage, I was worried about ruining a stage with so many of my 1st and 2nd Gen senpais, so I've been dancing with all my might in every performance. And everyday there were the manager, the staff, the senpais, the supporting members who were concerned about me. And above anything else I performed the senshuuraku, a turning point, with gratitude torwads the fans who have rooted for me.

    This was also the last senshuuraku of Tani-senpai. Talking about her is impolite of me, but when I was feeling down, Tani-senpai always treated me cheefuly. I really didn't want her to leave.

    Thank you so much for all the smiles. I love you!

    Imada Mina

    Original Post

    Good evening! \(^o^)/Minazou here.

    The senshuuraku of the Kenkyuusei Nounai Paradise stage had ended peacefully. Thank you! ☆ It was nice that all members could stand on stage for the last time. It was a shining stage filled with cheers, tears, and laughter, and it was so much fun. Even though I thought it was a long time until now, this was a day when I could experience once again the joy of being on stage.

    Along with that there is the sadness of being apart from friends who have been working together. The tension at the time when things are not what they were and we start on a new way is a great one, and there is also anxiety. At these times we really depend on the support of the fans! I thought the same when the Kenkyuusei stage started...

    Being apart from this great Kenkyuusei team is hard, but in a new place I will make a place where the new me can shine! Thank you for loving the HKT48 Kenkyuusei stages ♡♡m(._.)m


    Inoue Yuriya

    Original Post

    Good evening ๑•௰•๑♬

    The senshuuraku of the Nounai Paradise stage has ended!!! It's nice that everyone was in the senshuuraku. * ๑• •๑

    I was in Tomo yo, Nounai Paradise, Ki ni Naru Tenkousei, MARIA, PARTY ga Hajimaru yo, Aozora no Soba ni Ite, and Sougen no Kiseki. PARTY ga Hajimaru yo and Aozora no Soba ni Ite were performed by the 1st and 2nd Gens, and Sougen no Kiseki was performed by all Kenkyuusei!!!

    Today was the last time that Tani Marika was in this theater as part of HKT48. I think today we made a performance that showed the bonds between us, or rather the virtues of the Kenkyuuseis!! I'm glad that the last performance for the current Kenkyuuseis and for Tani Marika was a moving one ✧

    The green penlights during Sougen no Kiseki were beautiful! ♡* Thank you (๑˘∨˘๑)

    Thank you to everyone who came, everyone who was watching in the lobby, and everyone who watched the live transmission on DMM. (๑˘∨˘๑)

    Please keep supporting me! Next is Seishun Girls ✦*

    ❦ YUℜIYA ฅ”

    Ito Raira

    Original Post

    The senshuuraku had ended!

    The Kenkyuuseis are the best! Love them! Even apart we'll always be great friends ♡ I will work hard without forgetting the Kenkyuusei spirit!

    I cried a lot, but I smiled a lot. ^_^

    The 1 year and 7 months I worked as a Kenkyuusei made me stronger. The bonds between us got stronger too. Of useless moments there wasn't even a second. I cherish all of them. ♡

    It's just starting! I will work hard in order to not be left behind by Marika!!

    I really like Marika! ♡ I love her ♡

    Iwahana Shino

    Original Post

    The senshuuraku of the Nounai Paradise stage has ended!!!

    I performed from Christmas ga Ippai onwards!

    It didn't feel like the end. It was fast. I thought many things, but it was so much fun. ♪

    And also!! For Marikatan it was the last time in the theater with HKT. I really like Marikatan! Thank you ♡♡♡

    Marikatan is often very loud, but I like that lol. Keep working hard in SKE right? *+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+

    I made a movie with Marikatan! Please watch it. \( 'ω')/

    Well then... Bye bye ´ω`)ノ

    Kojina Yui

    Original Post

    The senshuuraku of the Nounai Paradise stage has ended! ♡

    In this one year and 7 months as a Kenkyuusei I cried and I laughed, and there were lots of painful things and fun things, but I managed to come this far together with the members and the fans. Thank you so much.

    Now I will work hard as Kojina Yui of Team H to face new challenges and to improve my skills! Please keep on supporting me. (๑ºั╰╯ºั๑)

    The HKT48 Kenkyuuseis are the best!


    Komada Hiroka

    Original Post

    Good evening! (。・ω・。)♪

    The stage has ended! ☆

    Thank you so much to everyone who came and to those watching on DMM!!!!

    The senshuuraku of the Nounai Paradise stage. In the blink of an eye... I think Nounai Paradise was a great stage filled with wonderful memories because of the PARTY ga Hajimaru yo stage! PARTY was the Kenkyuuseis' first stage where we learned many things, while Nounai Paradise was the stage where we showed how much we improved by using [these things]!! There was my first center position, the formation of Imoumu Chu!(?), the seitansai that the fans came together to celebrate for me... It's so many things I don't know it all! But I felt once again that I must not forget my original intention.

    The first time I saw my own hand fans, the calls, the small audience, wondering what I should do while crying, and disagreeing with the fact that the current Kenkyuuseis cannot make a team. But if the Kenkyuuseis could come this far it was thanks to the staff, and above all thanks to you all. And to the 1st Gen senpais who have led us so far: Thank you!!!!

    Today was also the last time that Tani was in the theater as part of HKT, but that sure doesn't mean we won't meet again, but rather that I will go meet her!!! I'm a little worried, but I want her to go for it!!!

    This was a little long, but thank you so much!!!! Otsupi (。・P・。)ノシ

    Kurihara Sae

    Original Post

    Good evening! ( *・ω・)ノ

    The senshuuraku of the Nounai Paradise stage has ended!!! This was my first stage, and throughout this stage I learned many things. I am very grateful to the senpais who have supported the Kenkyuusei stage until now.


    And today was the last HKT48 Theater performance for Tani-senpai. On the day of my first Nounai Paradise stage, when I was about to cry of tension and anxiety, Tani-senpai talked to me the whole time. She was holding my hand until right before the curtains opened. She was always concerned about us 3rd Gens, talking to us in gentle words. She is a senpai I really love!!! I will work hard so that I can become a senpai like that someday!! (>ω<)=3

    And now there will be 7 Kenkyuuseis!! I will work hard so that I can lead the Kenkyuuseis!!

    Here is a picture I took with Tani-senpai (〃ω〃)

    But... it's shaky ( ;∀;) lol

    Because she is that genki ♡

    Kusaba Manami

    Original Post

    Good evening (・-・*)

    This is Kusaba Manami.

    The senshuuraku of the Nounai Paradise stage has ended without problems.

    In this Kenkyuusei stage I have learned a lot. There were happy things, painful things, frustrating things, and I think there was more frustration than happiness. But today while doing the surprise songs PARTY ga Hajimaru yo and Aozora no Soba ni Ite, I thought how nice it is to have met these members.

    The new teams... Everyone will be scattered about, but I'd like to keep on going without forgetting the Kenkyuusei spirit!!

    And about Marika... It is really sad to be apart from Marika, the only 2nd Gen who is the same age as me and who was always next to me. Despite the different places, let's each work hard and aim higher right? ♪

    I love the Kenkyuuseis ♡

    Good night...
  19. DreamingPebbles

    DreamingPebbles Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Apr 5, 2013
    Second part, from Okada Kanna to Yamauchi Yuna.

    Okada Kanna

    Original Post

    Good morning

    Yesterday before posting on G+ I came home and fell asleep imediately (lol).

    The senshuuraku of the Kenkyuusei Nounai Paradise stage has ended! But I don't really feel that it has ended yet. When I looked at the stage, I thought "Maybe tomorrow I'll be singing here with everyone again".

    Certainly I can't forget these friends who were always close to me. A lot of emotions, sweat, smiles, and tears will be left on that stage.

    But from this day on, a new door is opening before me.

    "New Team KIV"

    The Kenkyuuseis who worked hard together for about a year and a half will work in different teams. Each Kenkyuusei has her own personality, so they should add color to each team! ╰(´︶`)╯♡

    Summoning courage for the new step. I will advance. I will work hard with the Kenkyuusei spirit in my heart!!!

    I like you all ♡

    Okamoto Naoko

    Original Post

    Poppoppo... pooon! Naopon updating! ☆

    How was the senshuuraku? I reached total combustion! Ah! Thank you for the beautiful flower stand! (。・ω・。)♡

    I was very happy to be able to spend a wonderful time with the members and the fans. (´ー`)

    We gave Tani a bouquet and a message board! \(^o^)/

    As a surprise we performed two songs from our starting point, Aozora no Soba ni Ite and PARTY ga Hajimaru yo!

    I hope the 3rd Gen Kenkyuuseis can show their determination as full members. I will work hard in Team H with the Kenkyuusei spirit in my heart!

    The Kenkyuusheis clashed with each other sometimes... But today once again I felt that this or that don't matter and that I love them. (。・ω・。)

    I want to give a first step forward tomorrow with gratitude for having met these wonderful members! I love the Kenkyuuseis and Marika. ♡ They're the best.

    This was Okamoto Naoko, aka Naopon! (^o^)/

    Oyasumipon everyone ☆

    Sakaguchi Riko

    Original Post

    The senshuuraku of the Nounai Paradise stage has ended! (`・ω・´)♪

    Paaaa!! It was fun!! (^ー^) ♡

    This will be long, but...

    I was happy to sing next to Marika since Tomo yo in the beginning ヽ(´▽`)/

    We did a rotating performance with 23 members, with the members changing according to the songs!! It was a new experiment! I performed all songs in Miazawa-san's position. I'm really happy!!!! I hope the members who couldn't perform could also keep at it.

    The Nounai Paradise stage is very hard and challenging compared to the Kenkyuusei's first stage, PARTY ga Hajimaru yo... On the shonichi on November 17th, we did 2 full lessons and everyone's bodies was at the limit. Getting scolded a lot by the coach and practicing the same dance again and again while crying, these are things I cannot forget!!!

    At the end of today's show, as a surprise, the 1st and 2nd Gens performed PARTY ga Hajimaru yo and Aozora no Soba ni Ite. ♡ I'm really grateful to the staff for being able to do our starting songs, songs from PARTY ga Hajimaru yo! ♪ Aozora no Soba ni Ite was prepared by the dance coach as a send-off to Marika! I am of course truly grateful to the fans who have supported us, but also to all of the staff connected to the stage. ♡ And more than anyone to all the members. ♡

    Along the rehearsals, at the time of putting together the dance moves, everyone was thinking "Let's improve! Let's improve!" so much, and we were always scattered... Each of us had different thoughts and opinions, but it's precisely because every member's wish to improve was stronger than anyone else's that we clashed and quarreled and were scolded often. However, as the lessons and shows piled up, we (who didn't know each other that well) forged a relationship that made us think "We don't want to be apart!!". I'm very happy for this, and I feel we were able to spend our time as Kenkyuuseis with pride. The 1st Gens Minazou-san and Maikomu-san have always led the way for the Kenkyuusei. ♡ And also of course Abe-san, who has graduated. ♡

    2nd Gens, we will be dispersed, but wherever we are let's have a mind that cannot weaken and show the spirit of juniors supplanting seniors right? (lol) And 3rd Gens, there will be 7 of you, but since it's a few people you stand out a lot right!!! ♡ (lol) Nako and Miku are with me in Team H! Let's work hard right!!!

    And finally Marika ♡

    I really love her! Marika is someone who imediately thinks of a bad course of action whenever something happens (lol). But she has self-confidence!! ♡ I was helped a lot by Marika's cheerful personality and gentleness! Keep being the same Marika in SKE!!!! I won't forget Imomu Chu! (^ー^) (lol) Take care of the mug with messages from Imomu Chu and Chori-san, and of the cork board with pictures from the 2nd Gen (*∩ω∩)

    Although I thought of things I wanted to say during my introduction I couldn't say it, and at the end there was a lot about Marika and everyone that I wanted to say but I couldn't... (T-T) So frustrating!!!! But if I said those things here, I would be flooded by memories and couldn't go forward!!! So I will keep it within my heart.

    It's not the end, it's a new beginning!! This is the real beginning. It's what I tell myself.

    Marika has decided to persevere with SKE, so I must persevere in HKT!!!!

    Please keep supporting the 32 HKT48 Kenkyuusei!!! ♡

    Sakamoto Erena

    Original Post

    Konban'eretan (о´∀`о)

    The senshuuraku of the Kenkyuusei Nounai Paradise stage has ended! The 3rd Gens performed Sougen no Kiseki. We did 1 song fully.

    Also it's really sad that Tani-san is leaving. She was always so gentle when she talked to me. ( ´△`)♡ I think she is a really nice senpai. I will work so that I can be a great senpai like Tani-san. (ゝω・´★)

    Today I summoned the courage and took pictures with lots of my senpais! (〃ω〃) I will post lots of them. ♪

    Ah, as I wrote this post I got hungry ・゜・(つД`)・゜(rumbling)

    What are you having for dinner? ♥

    Well then! That's it for today. (^o^) Let's work hard tomorrow too. ッ♡*

    Good Erenight Zzz...

    Tanaka Yuka

    Original Post


    Nounai Paradise stage!!!!!

    Senshuuraku!!!! (っ´ω`c)♡

    Finishetanukii (ฅ>ω<ฅ)♡

    At the very end our starting point! We did PARTY ga Hajimaru yo and Aozora no Soba ni Itanuki! ꒰。•`ェ´•。!

    This picture is from the time of PARTY ga Hajimaru yo \( 'ω')/

    Marika!!! I like yoooou (OvO)!

    Tani Marika

    Original Post

    The senshuuraku of the Kenkyuusei Nounai Paradise stage.

    Has ended without problems. It was so fast...

    What should I write? (lol) There are too many things I want to write!!! (>_<)

    Many people were present, both in the lobby and in the theater... Many Marika calls and cheering. The tears of the members I love. The smiles of the audience. "Gratitude" is really the only thing I feel. I still haven't sorted out my feelings! But anyway what I can say is...

    I will never forget the great images of today!!! I am very happy. Thank you so much (T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T) (T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T) (T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)(T-T)

    I cried and laughed and was excited a lot... And reading the members' posts again, my tear glands...

    Get stronger!!!!!!

    I go from a tofu mental state to a sachihoko mental state!!!!

    (`_´) yeah.

    But I'm relieved that it ended without any problems. (^_^) I have no regrets. It was really fun!

    I really love you all, the members and the staff!

    I'll write again later ok? Oyasumimarikanasai.

    Tashima Meru

    Original Post

    Konbanmerurun ♪

    Meru here.

    This was the senshuuraku and also my last performance as a Kenkyuusei. We Kenkyuuseis made these stages together step by step for 1 year and 7 months. Every time we held discussions in order to make a good stage, our opinions often clashed, and many times everyone was crying while talking. But the backstage is always cheerful, there are jokes and serious talks and fooling around, it is really fun. We are teammates who can rely on each other.

    Coming along as Kenkyuuseis, we got this valuable present called "teammates". Even scattered, even far away, we will always aaaaalways be teammates. "We love you, thank you! We are? HKT48 Kenkyuuseis!" We were Kenkyuuseis, but I think we improved to the point we could be as proud as a Team.

    The flower stand, the green penlights... It was thanks to you all that we could have come this far! Thank you so much ♡

    Tomiyoshi Asuka

    Original Post

    The Kenkyuuseis are the best!!!!!

    The Kenkyuusei Nounai Paradise stage has ended! Before the stage, I went to the lobby with Ii, Pii and Rikopi to greet [the fans] and practice the "Marika" calls. (lol)

    As a surprise we sang PARTY ga Hajimaru yo and Aozora no Soba ni Ite. Crying loud since the beginning (lol).

    I really love the Kenkyuuseis.

    With this our performances and activities as Kenkyuuseis have ended. Now we'll be full members.

    One year and 7 months. My time as a Kenkyuusei seemed long, and went past in a blink. I was a middle schooler and now I'm in the 2nd year of high school. I cried a lot, laughed a lot. If I started talking about it I wouldn't stop. There are many memories, and to the same extent a lot of trust.

    These members. Everyone will be in different teams, but it's all right because it's us. I thought that during the show today. There were only walls until now. But together we overcame them right?

    This one year and 7 months. There were many painful things, but I got that much stronger. I certainly won't forget the things I learned as Kenkyuusei. I won't let them go to waste.

    And about Marika.

    I wrote more fully on the mug and cork board we gave her, but... (lol). Marika, you are not alone! We are there! Don't fall behind! Tani! I love you! Didn't you cry at Aozora no Soba ni Ite? Idiot!

    Aaahhh! I love the Kenkyuuseis!

    Thank you!

    PS: The MC hitting was cut. Ah.

    Tomonaga Mio

    Original Post

    Good evening ^ ^

    This is the Miotasu ♪

    The senshuuraku of the Nounai Paradise stage has ended! Thank you to everyone who came, to those watching in the lobby and those watching the DMM transmission.

    I thought that today I would end with a smile without crying, but of course I ended up crying.

    We had Kenkyuusei stages for one year and 7 months. At times I had opinions different from the other members. I cried. I got angry. We talked a lot. Our silly talks were really really fun and I laughed in the backstage. Maybe it was more painful than not. But now these are all wonderful memories.

    It was thanks to your support that I could have come this far. Thank you so much.

    Today the Kenkyuusei stages have ended, but I will keep on improving as a regular member without forgetting the Kenkyuusei spirit!

    The flower stand, the green penlights during Sougen no Kiseki. Thank you so much. I was deeply moved! The members got some of your flowers. We decorated our houses with great care!

    I will talk about Marika in the next post right?

    Tsutsui Riko

    Original Post


    The HKT48 Kenkyuusei Nounai Paradise stage has ended. ☆ The 3rd Gens performed Sougen no Kiseki. It was a short time with Tani-san, but it was really fun.

    I want to spend more fun time with Tani-san. Tani-san, thank you so much.

    1st and 2nd Gen senpais, thank you for leading us this far. Now there will be 7 Kenkyuuseis, but I will work hard and follow in my senpais' footsteps!

    I will keep going, so please keep supporting me!

    Here is a picture with my adored Tani-san. ♡

    Ueno Haruka

    Original Post

    The senshuuraku of the Nounai Paradise stage has ended! ♡

    Aah, it was so fast! (⊛╹〰╹⊛)

    I don't feel like it has ended. (๑°︿°๑)

    But my stages as Kenkyuuseis are finished. From now on I will be standing on the stage as a regular member. I still can't believe it...

    And also Marikachan will go to Nagoya... But this is not goodbye for life!!

    Also I gave my clothes to Marikachan. ♡♡

    They're almost all pink, but it should be fine ♪


    Actually my clothes today are very stylish! I'll post it again if I can ok?

    /人◕‿‿◕人\ rabbit

    See you (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)


    Ui Mashiro

    Original Post

    I love the Kenkyuuseis ♡

    Good evening ♡

    Today was my last day standing on a stage as a Kenkyuusei. At the senshuuraku, we performed 2 songs as a surprise: the Kenkyuuseis' starting point "PARTY ga Hajimaru yo"; and by the wishes of Tani Marika, who is transferring to SKE48, "Aozora no Soba ni Ite".

    I missed the lights and sounds of dancing to PARTY ga Hajimaru yo, and I was glad we could perform songs from the PARTY ga Hajimaru yo stage, which the 1st and 2nd Gens did for about 1 year, in the Nounai Paradise senshuuraku.

    During Aozora no Soba ni Ite, the tears came out as soon as I started singing. Memories of Marika, memories of the Kenkyuuseis, thoughts of so many things, and once again I thought how I love all the HKT48 Kenkyuuseis!!!!

    And, and, today I gave Marika some clothes. ♡ I want Tani Marika to be much more stylish, so I'd like to give her some of my clothes regularly. ♪

    Today's pictures are: the flower stand from the fans. So great. 。*゚+.*.。

    And a 2-shot with Tani Marika. ♪

    Thank you for coming to the stage or watching in the lobby! ٩(๑><)۶

    Well then, bye bye ( ^ - ^ ) v

    Pafuuu q ( ^ - ^ q )

    Umemoto Izumi

    Original Post

    Good evening! ^o^

    Yesterday I was practicing in the theater until late at night, the time passed and I couldn't post anything. m(_ _)m

    The senshuuraku of the Kenkyuusei Nounai Paradise stage! It was really fortunate to be able to perform with these members! In the last song the tears came flowing naturally to the point that I was surprised. I realized how much I, we had loved this stage, and I was so happy...

    It's really sad that the Kenkyuusei stages have ended, but wherever I am, I want to work with all my might without forgetting the Kenkyuusei spirit! \(^o^)/

    I am grateful to all the people connected to the Kenkyuusei stages! Thank you so much!!!

    See ya! Going to the lesson!

    Yamada Marina

    Original Post

    Good evening (・ヮ・) / chasu

    The NouPara senshuuraku! Has endeeeeed! (´;ω;`)

    In the blink of an eye.

    It was so much fun. Since it was a stage built by all the Kenkyuuseis, I was really happy that everyone, from 1st Gens to 3rd Gens, could perform!!! In the encore, "PARTY ga Hajimaru yo" and "Aozora no Soba ni Ite". It's nice that we performed these 2 songs.

    And Marikyatin. It was the last day we could perform together. She's a member I really love (˘︶˘).:*♡

    She was always meddling in things, and those times I said I hated her, but actually I really really love Marikyatin. ♡ Marikyatin will be working as an SKE member, and I'll work hard so that I don't fall behind her!!! (`・ω・´)

    It doesn't mean we won't be able to meet right? I think we'll meet at handshake events and such, so I'll seize those times! \( ・ω・)/ (lol)

    Well then. Tomorrow I have lessons since the morning! Finally the day after tomorrow is the real thing, the Seishun Girls stage!!! I'll keep at it!!! (`・ω・´)

    Waaa \( ・ω・)/

    (・ω‐*) / chai

    Yamashita Emily

    Original Post

    Konbanwanchan ♪

    Today was the senshuuraku of the Nounai Paradise stage. The 3rd Gens performed in Sougen no Kiseki, but even though it's only one song, it's filled with memories so it was fun. (^o^)v

    And Tani-senpai... When Tani-senpai is somewhere, her surroundings are exciting and cheerful! I wish she doesn't change this presence of hers ater going to Nagoya!! (^-^)

    Today was really fun! Tomorrow I'll have lessons again, so I'll work hard o(^o^)o

    ☆Today's pictures☆

    I'm bad at taking selfies, so Umemoto-senpai took this one for me with my cell phone!

    And also Tani-san! My face being hugged... (^o^)

    Good evening (^-^)

    I'm waiting for your comments!! Truth is I'm really looking at the comments?! (^^)

    Yamauchi Yuna

    Original Post

    Good evening ♪♪

    Today was the senshuuraku of the Nounai Paradise stage! So soon! But it left many good memories! I was happy to perform together with Tani-san (^▽^)

    Here is a picture with Piichan and Asukachan (´ω`)

    I'm happy I'm in the middle!
  20. Ryo

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