Hopes, Fears and Predictions for 2014

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  1. mysoshipinups

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    Feb 26, 2012
    You guys know the drill...

    1. Ricchan transfer to Team K. Team K needs an Ace and it can't be Jurina. Ricchan can't get ace exposure with Mayuyu, Takamina and Yui blocking her.
    2. One (non-janken) senbatsu without Takamina, Yuko, Kojiharu and Yukirin. It's gonna be risky but I think they'll be able to do something amazing and fresh. From Heart Ereki senbatsu, they can add Renacchi and Mako and either Abemaru and Mariyagi or Miki and Nana.
    3. Kato Rena ranking at last. I just don't get what she's doing that's so wrong that she can't even rank.
    4. Hirata Rina ranking. She's doing so well in suzukake I hope she gets proper recognition and becomes popular.

    1. Takamina and Yuko graduation. IDK man, the both of them are old fogs now but I kinda don't want them to graduate yet? I just wish they'd take a step back from performing and act more as mentors? IDK. First of all they need to move aside from the front line position they have in the formation and let the newer girls shine.
    2. Kato Rena concurrency. IDK I feel like management might become desperate to make her happen. She would fit into HKT's image but she wouldn't have anything to gain from going there imho since she would blend in too well. Maybe SKE would push her in her performance skills but she doesn't quite fit their image and I think SKE fans would be really harsh on her.

    1. Jurina solo single. It'll probably be something very EDM inspired.
    2. Kojiharu graduation. Actually mass graduation of generations 1 to 6.
    3. Mayuyu number 1.
  2. ranko

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    Jan 18, 2013
    -New Team 4 stays and continues to gather more fans. The only people who believe they have no personality are people who pay them no attention.
    -AKB-only senbatsu for at least one single. I have nothing against the sister groups, but if they can have group exclusive senbatsu, so can AKB. It wouldn't impact sales all that much, since none of the hardcore fans are buying it for who's in the senbatsu.
    -Mayu winning the election. I like Sasshi, but I'd rather see Mayu reach her goal.
    -Tani Marika ranking. It's hopeless, I know...
    -Izurina will get more fans. She's not even ugly, and she has good stage presence. The way she acts in MCs always entertains me, she feels genuine.

    -One of my favorite KKS will graduate.
    -Wasamin will graduate. Her solo career is really taking off, and sooner or later she might decide that AKB doesn't have anything left for her...
    -Miorin's concurrency will be cancelled. She fits in so well in NMB but management doesn't seem to like letting the concurrent girls stay.

    -Yuko graduating. I have a gut feeling that 2014 is the year. I'll probably be wrong, though.
    -Wasamin ranking up in the elections. She's getting more publicity lately, she's bound to attract more fans.
    -Tanochan ranking up. She's been more active lately, what with Suzukake. She also is a strong presence in team A stages.
    -Hirari and Karen ranking. Both have been gaining traction with the fans, they'll probably rank.
  3. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Future Girls

    Dec 4, 2013
    Columbus, Ohio
    - Rina Hirata gets ranked in the election.
    - No Scandals.
    - New Members join Team 4.
    - Umeda Ayaka making Senbatsu one more time. She is so underrated.
    - Jurina graduates from SKE48 and joins AKB48 full time.
    - Mayuyu becomes the Center of AKB48.

    - A Scandal happening.
    - Team 4 breaking up again.
    - Jurina still in SKE48 and AKB48 and her health gets worse.

    - Yuko Graduates.
    - Mayuyu winning the election. I think this is the year, and the torch will be passed from Yuko to Mayuyu (One Oshiri Sister to another :D)
    - Takamina 2nd and 3rd Solo Single. I think in the Spring time we get Takamina 2nd Single, and a 3rd Single by the end of 2014.
    - Haruka Shimada becomes Team K Captain. I would say Kuramochi would be the Team K Captain, but I think she graduates next year as well.
    - Kojima Mako makes Senbatsu in the election while Nana Okada makes the undergirls.
  4. Jayden

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    Nov 18, 2013

    Sakura single is something upbeat like GM5 was (but no instruments, please)
    More HKT girls (Anna, Madoka, Chihiro,Aoi etc ) ranking
    Sakura ranking up into senbatsu :awesome:
    Management puts someone from K besides Yuko in senbatsu (ie pushing her)

    ELECTION RANKINGS GET EXPANDED so that more girls at least have a chance to rank (Myao comes to mind). The song can be part of the theatre edition.


    Mass graduation from SKE and NMB KKS (huge backlog of girls there, I mean there are some 2nd gen NMB girls that are still KKS! wtf.)

    Kojiharu, Yuko, Kana, Tanamin + unpopular mid-gen girls like Chikano graduating

    Draft girls will be put in sister group senbatsu (not AKB's, I suppose)


    Sasshi doesn't win the election
    Akane/Manatsu/Kaotan graduating
    Popular UG like Umechan, Mocchi and Rie (?) rank down in the election :( :(
    Management doesn't bother to push K girls at all
    (Yeah, Sasshi graduating will be bad)

    Can we have a bit of discussion?


    I don't know, Annin would fit better into K imo. At least the trio is split into 3 teams unlike in Team 4.

    Kato Rena's case is like SKE's Ishida Anna, only that Rena doesn't have a chance at senbatsu being in AKB.

    I actually hope that Jurina doesn't get more workload in 2014, I mean look at Yuko. It's pretty clear that she's burnt out now. Jurina has a history of falling ill and even being hospitalised, so much so that it's very worrying. People have said that she's used to the workload, but she wouldn't be falling sick so frequently if she really could handle it.

    Sasshi and Mayuyu had a vote count gap of 50k, I don't know whether she would be able to cross that. Also Yuko is and will probably continue to block her way for at least another year.


    Wasamin actually seems to me as if she's fading in popularity lately. Her album wasn't promoted that much within the AKB TVsphere, it wasn't on Bingo or AKBSHOW etc etc. Her case IMO is like her fellow 7th gen whom are declining in the ranks with every election. She also dropped the most in rankings in this year's election. While I wouldn't be surprised at her graduating, I do hope she gets the chance to be in senbatsu at least once before she does. Janken? Back row of summer single like Ayarin? At least she'll get more exposure if only a bit that way for her solo career to be boosted.
  5. cubozoa

    cubozoa Kenkyuusei

    Apr 29, 2013
    - 14th gen trio and 15th gen Naanya continue to get pushed; to make them more known as AKB's future
    - Tentoumu Chu! to release an own single
    - HKT to increase their popularity & sales
    - Sasshi maintaining her #1 spot
    - Hidden talents finally getting the amount of push/attention they deserve (Ryoka)

    - Mass graduation followed by another team 4 disbanding to fill the holes
    - oshimen graduation
    - DRAFT girls being preferred over talented KKS
    - AKB Senbatsu filled with even more sister group members
    - Management desperately pushing girls again after their initial push didn't take off
  6. polar_star

    polar_star Kenkyuusei

    Nov 13, 2013
    - Sasshi gets #1 again
    - SKE concurrency is given to a Team K girl
    - At least 5 new original stages (2 for AKB, one for each sister group maybe?)
    - Draft is cancelled or drastically changes format
    - Tomu or Mariyagi chosen for senbatsu
    - Rena ranks higher than Jurina, Yukirin ranks higher than Mayu (unlikely, yeah)
    - SDN1 revived by a current team :drool:

    - Reinyan, Yukirin, Mocchi graduates
    - Only Yuko/Jurina/Rie chosen for senbatsu from Team K
    - Ayachan doesn't live up to her 2013 rank
    - Team disbandments/shuffles
    - Sister group sales mostly stay below 500k

    - AKB mass graduation
    - Grads in SKE from every gen, but not an official mass grad
    - 2 or 3 new original stages at most
    - New Team for HKT, girls from 3rd gen get promoted, graduations
    - Some incentive/event to increase competition between teams
    - Ryoha promoted to Team S, Mizuho chosen for senbatsu
    - Haruppi doesn't center an HKT A-side, fans keep arguing
  7. otoppoi

    otoppoi Kenkyuusei Retired Staff

    Aug 8, 2011
    Wow that came out of left field! Oh my goodness, I don't think she could handle that. If this were to ever happen I think we're still years away. But I really don't think that's a goal of hers and besides, many SKE fans will point you to certain songs and say "already happened!" :^O^:

    But yay, prediction threads! I don't think I got a single thing right last year except for the graduations, but it's still fun. :lol:


    -Tomu is next kennin member for SKE
    -Draft members get their own song for a b-side with PV on their first appearance in a single
    -Someone fixes Shiichan's hair so she doesn't look 52 years old
    -Yukirin centers a single (ha!)
    -SKE senbatsu is completely shaken up and an A-side is released where WMatsui are not centers
    -Aritan is promoted to S
    -Jurina manages to have a year free of any ailments and injuries! :^^;:
    -SKE's EbiFri gets a second series
    -Team K gets a dramatic makeover (courtesy of shuffles, draftees, new pushes, new kennin, however)
    -Naachan and Yuurin rank


    -Takamina announces graduation (I'm sure she'll remain involved in someway post-grad but I'm just not ready to lose her in the group just yet :( )
    -Uha is promoted before Aritan
    -Only one or two of the promised new stages actually have their shonichi in 2014
    -SKE sales continue to decline
    -No shuffles (sorry, I know they're considered the devil but I love them)
    -Team K is annihilated in the pennant race...thing


    -Team Kaigai is absolved, all overseas concurrencies revoked
    -Kojiharu, Yuko, Sae, Kana, Mocchi, Chisato, Harugon, Neesan, and Akisun announce graduation
    -Yuko doesn't participate in sousenkyo
    -Paruru and Sayanee make it into Kami7
    -Another big shuffle, including (but without disbanding) T4
    -They go berserk with the kennin thing and send 2 AKB members to each sister group and put 2 members of each sister group in AKB :awesome:
  8. MayuMK30048

    MayuMK30048 Kenkyuusei

    Mar 9, 2013
    -Mayuyu rank 1st, Yuko rank 2nd, Sasshi rank 3rd, Yukirin rank 4th, Takamina rank 5th Kojiharu rank 6th, Yuihan/Paruru rank 7th on the next Sousenkyo
    -AKB48 brokeout of the 48G sister group chain and be on their own AGAIN (if you haven't noticed Takamina's very happy and relieved face when it was announced they will have a one day AKB48 solo concert on National Olympic Stadium then you have to see it since her face say's it all. AKB48 members were really longing and asking for a only AKB48 concert or even work)
    -AKB48 members only senbatsu-lineup. (like the others said if sister group can why can't AKB48. I still think
    AKB48 need to think more about their members than sister group aces/center or else I can't see a brighter future of AKB48 members but more of the sister group)
    -no more series of graduation
    -no more series of scandals.
    -great AKB48 2014 single
    -more AKB48 members in Sousenkyo
    -Kojiharu, Yuko, Sae graduate AKB48
    -another out of nowhere push of a certain member
    -AKB48 didn't get the 1M cd sale mark
    -more AKB48 tangled to sister group related work.
    -Mayuyu will win the Sousenkyo for the first time
    -Wasamin, Mocchi, Umechan,Myao and Tanamin graduate AKB48
    -another concurrency announcement
    -ruling out the sister group transfer and bring back Akicha, Harugon, Sae and Mariya back to AKB48.
    -Sasshi goes back to AKB48.(impossible though I think it's time)
    -Yuihan starts to be the next AKB leader.
    -another rigged Janken Tournament all rock wins this time.
    -Takamina center an AKB48 single.
    I think between AKB48 and sister group. there something not even about them.sister group has more independence while AKB48 need to share everything to sister group.
  9. Trinu

    Trinu Upcoming Girls

    Jul 30, 2010
    This is fun! [party]


    - Kojiharu and Yuko are the two big names leaving this year.

    - Another set of names from pre-9th generations also leave, with their graduations scattered along the year.

    - So many graduations call for more members for A, K and B so... they disband Team 4 and send its members to the other 3 teams, but A, K and B stay as they are.

    - 16th gen gets in, with the REAL NEXT CENTER. She goes from auditioning to center of an AKB single in two months. Owada gets jealous but keeps trying.

    - 2nd draft becomes a bit (more) of a reality where the girls get to show their individual talents instead of singing Aitakatta in unison. Also, the number of draft participants = the number of existing teams and they all have to end up with one draftee. DRAMA!

    - Sasshi is still 1st in the election. Mayuyu gets 2nd place because Yuko isn't participating but is still far from wining. Yukirin closes the gap. From 4th downwards is a battle and we get many surprises.

    - Kodama Haruka keeps her concurrency just like Jurina and Milky.

    - They start making concurrencies among the sister groups too (from SKE to NMB, from HKT to SKE, etc.).

    - Kato Rena gets a concurrency in HKT and gets a very good position. She also gets her own airtime ala Ricchan in Mecha Mecha and finally ranks at the top of Next Girls.

    - Being all popular members now, AnRiRe gets a single debut.

    - More singles for the soloists.

    - TanoTomu gets a song ala Darkness.

    - Nagao and Ranran also form a duo, but more focused on their looks and get a song ala TWO ROSES.

    - Majisuka Gakuen 4

    - New documentary

    - Million streak continues... but not on the first week. Fans call AKB a sinking ship even though the rest of the industry sells like 100k at the most.


    - Nothing changes. Nobody graduates.

    - Senbatsu stays the same as in Heart Ereki and they only change the center for X songs.

    - They start playing it safe with the music and only release the most bland they can come up with.
  10. kobwad

    kobwad Kenkyuusei

    Dec 11, 2012
    - The three musketeers and Naanya all rank in the next election
    - They push the hell out of above members (and a little push for Yuiri)
    - More AKB old gen senbatsu members to graduate
    - Team 4 to get a new original stage and become a permanent team.
    - Tentoumu chu! to release their own single.

    - Only Kojimako to rank.
    - Disbandment of team 4
    - All of the big names will stay for another year.
  11. Shiroi_Akuma

    Shiroi_Akuma Kenkyuusei

    Nov 10, 2013
    Kennin Hopes
    Kizaki Yuria ranking up and transferred to AKB48 Team A
    Yabushita Shu ranking up and transferred to AKB48 Team K
    Matsuoka Natsumi ranking and transferred to AKB48 Team B
    Furuhata Nao and Yagura Fuuko Kennin positions revoked.

    Graduation Fears
    Miyazaki Miho and Ishida Haruka graduate from AKB48.
    Mukaida Manatsu and Matsumura Kaori graduate from SKE48
    Kobayashi Rikako and Yamada Nana graduate from NMB48
    Murashige Anna and Nakanishi Chiyori graduate from HKT48

    Single Predictions
    Sakura: 20 Senbatsu Members. Center: Oshima Yuko
    Summer: 32 Senbatsu Members. Center: Shimazaki/Watanabe
    Sousenkyo: 16 Senbatsu Members. Center: Watanabe Mayu
    Autumn: 16 Senbatsu Members. Center: Kashiwagi Yuki
    Janken: 16 Senbatsu Members. Center: NMB48 Team M Member

    Other Predictions
    ANRIRE and Tentoumu Chu! Singles
    AKB48 16th Gen, SKE48 7th Gen, NMB48 5th Gen announced, and someone of non-selected draft Members join as Kenkyuusei
  12. otoppoi

    otoppoi Kenkyuusei Retired Staff

    Aug 8, 2011
    I simply love your selections here, such good taste...closet SKE fan? :^O^:

    Sounds accurate!

    Yessssssss. I so agree. Change is everything, and surprises make the fandom so much more exciting!
  13. username04829

    username04829 Kenkyuusei

    Oct 7, 2013
    My first yearly prediction post! [party] [party] [party] Hopefully many more to come.

    -Miyazaki Miho returns to top 64. Or at least gets into senbatsu for a single.
    -Million streak continues.
    -AKB48-only singles. Pure teams A, K, B, 4, and KKS in a single without sister group members.
    -Team K gets a new ace. Jurina is great but she needs to focus on SKE48. Team K members just need a good push.
    -4th-7th generations get back into senbatsu. In 2013 only Sasshi (5th generation/HKT 1st generation) ranked senbatsu.
    -Mayuyu gets closer in the vote gap between her and the 1st spot. Hopefully it will be less than 20,000 vote difference.
    -Expanded slots in election. How about 80 girls being ranked, with another 16-member unit now that there can be A, K, B, and 4 type CD.

    -Mass graduation of 4-7 generation members like Mocchi, Myao, Kitarie, and Aamin.
    -Yuko graduates before Team K has a secure ace and senbatsu spots. As soon as Team K gets more senbatsu spots in regular singles and finds an ace, Yuko can leave without Team K losing most of its popularity. Yuko has contributed a lot, so when she does graduate she deserves a ceremony like Acchan's.
    -Another popular member has a scandal. It gives off a really negative vibe about AKB48 when it is reported (like the buzz surrounding Miichan's scandal)
    -The 16th generation will all graduate like the 8th generation. AKB48 needs fresh faces to carry on the popularity.
    -Million streak is ended.

    -Kojima Haruna graduates. With Miichan being Team 4 captain and Takamina being general leader, Kojiharu is the 1st gen with the least AKB activities. She lost 2 spots in the election and may lose more ground next year. She may be more successful on her own where she can shine without pressure to leave to make room.
    -Oshima Yuko does not participate in election. She has already contributed a lot and might not participate in election, similar to Acchan.
    -Million streak continues, possibly with more sales like Suzukake where it takes a few days for 1,000,000 copies if there is not a new gimmick or hook to keep fans interested.
  14. xxdelta

    xxdelta Kenkyuusei

    Jul 10, 2009
    London, UK
    # For the varying centers of AKB to continue, with Yukirin, Takamina and Miichan to center a single in 2014.
    # More management pushing for Tomu and Mariyagi and their inclusion in the senbatsu.
    # A reshuffle of KKS into the teams and Team K to get some star power like Yuami and Mizuki.
    # More KKS pushing on bangumi and for them to get their g+.
    # Team 4 and KKS to get their own bangumi.
    # A new unit for Rena and her unchi group.
    # Minagawa Mika to come back and direct the election single PV
    # Season 2 of Ebifriday
    # AKB to get an equivalent of Ebifriday for promoting non-senbatsu girls.
    # Mizuho to be included in the SKE senbatsu and is given more TV appearances.
    # More modelling opportunities for Mariyagi, Abemaru and Annin.
    # Revival of the old Kousagi Dojo format where they were in the studio solving relationship problems and talking.
    # A Janken center that is not already a senbatsu member and surprise everyone out of nowhere.
    # Draft members to be given some opportunity to shine in the units or senbatsu but not leading to other girls being shafted.

    # Jurina's health reaches a breaking point and she has to take a long break [sweat]
    # Yuria turns 18 and requests a transfer to AKB and gets put in the under girls :(
    # Akarin gets pushed to the back of the SKE senbatsu.
    # No3b all decide to graduate together.
    # Unpromoted KKS graduate.
    # Team 4 push to be ended while management focus on others.
    # Draft members to be shafted and they end up leaving.

    # Three Muskateers to rank - Kojimako (Under Girls), Naachan (Under Girls), Miki (Next Girls)
    # Ricchan to break into senbatsu
    # Sayanee to break into Kami 7
    # Yuko to announce her graduation at the Olympic Stadium concert in March and then not run for election. :cry:
    # Tomu to drop in rank.
    # A mass graduation at the Nagoya Dome concert for SKE, graduating members including Manatsu, Masanyan, Neesan, Seira, Akisun, Meimei, Mikitty and Yukko. :(
  15. mysoshipinups

    mysoshipinups Kenkyuusei

    Feb 26, 2012
    Well Annin looksl ike a K girl but she's such a lazy and boring performer, she can't be the center of Team K. Ricchan on the other hand is cute and charismatic and also rather boyish, which would make her a good Team K center. Many of the other Team K girls are great support members but they just don't make the cut as Ace and center, even Tomu imho.

    Frankly, I don't know much about Jurina but I think she does great in songs like Darkness and Plastic no Kuchibiru and I think a solo single will definitely help give her a more unique image, cementing her status as a super star. Hmmm. I just think it'll be fun, I mean who thought Acchan and Mayuyu would be interested in singing solos as well.


    Graduation Predictions
    Kojiharu, Kana, Sae, Haachan, Tanamin, Harugon (?), Chiichan, Shizuka, Ucchi, Myao, Chikarina, Harukyan, Akicha, Micha.

    Kennin Predictions
    All current AKB concurrencies will remain, I think the six of them are all great additions to AKB.

    1. Meru and Mio gets promoted to Team K and Team B. That would be soooo much drama.

    1. AnRiRe single, TentoumuChu single
    2. New subunits!!!!!
  16. goh1925

    goh1925 Kenkyuusei

    May 24, 2013
    Whether her performance is boring or not is largely subjective,
    but she is definitely not lazy. :hmm:
  17. MayuMK30048

    MayuMK30048 Kenkyuusei

    Mar 9, 2013
    I agree, Annin is not a lazy girl.it's because of her inexperience on stage performance that's why she's been giving a mediocre performance. and I think Annin suits Team A the best since let's just say a stage performance of a Team K member caliber is not yet on Annin. Team A performance is above average in stage performance skill. if she has a Team K member potential in the future then let's just wait. if ever one on Team A suits Team K the best it's Ricchan.

    and regarding Jurina I think Jurina need to choose between AKB48 or SKE48. if Jurina really wants to be an outstanding figure in AKB or future center she really needs to be transfer to AKB48 permanently.especially when the W.Matsui is gone. I think Yuria should take over her. on Meru and Mio. I don't foresee concurrency on them since they are pushed in HKT48. and HKT is in the period of building their own image and popularity as a group with these two upfront.
  18. ranko

    ranko Kenkyuusei

    Jan 18, 2013
    I won't involve myself in this argument much as it's off topic but if you want to see a great example of Annin's performance capabilities, try watching a team A waiting stage :) Her unit song that she shares with my oshimen, Dakishimeraretara, showcases her talent well I believe. She is not the best, but she is not (in my opinion) a lazy and boring performer.

    I don't know if Jurina will transfer completely from SKE to AKB. It seems like something she would be interested in doing, but if you think about it from the standpoint of someone in management, she is arguably SKE's most popular member, and as such she attracts a large amount of sales to SKE's releases. If she were to jump ship completely, what does that mean for SKE's sales? A ton of angry and sad fans that were dedicated to SKE probably won't just want to switch over to AKB. I think it would feel like a betrayal to them. SKE would lose a huge chunk of sales, that's why I just don't believe management will allow it.

    As for MeruMio...well, Jurina had a big part in AKB back when SKE first started, but we haven't seen anything that similar since then, as in no sister group members being pushed crazily in AKB. I don't think they're even going to get a concurrency as Haruppi already has one, and I don't see that being revoked any time soon. Who knows, I may be completely wrong!
  19. MayuMK30048

    MayuMK30048 Kenkyuusei

    Mar 9, 2013
    I really think in the future when the next gen, the generations of members after the new gen. i really see Jurina as the next gen center. and I think that's one of the reason she's being held back as the new gen center aside from the fact she's SKE center. once W.Matsui is gone when Rena graduates. I think it's the right time for Jurina to be transferred to AKB. Jurina admitted several times she really wanted to be AKB center and the only way for her to able to do it is to transfer her permanently to AKB.
    I don't really see it as betrayal since Jurina has been on AKB48 since her debut.
  20. ranko

    ranko Kenkyuusei

    Jan 18, 2013
    Yeah, I understand that it is something that she wants to do, and I think she would do a good job of it. I'm mostly thinking about whether management would let it happen. The fans would be angry, SKE would lose a huge source of revenue, and it would just reaffirm that view of AKB being the absolute, the place that all members should aspire to be in. It would also encourage the us vs them mentality I've seen some fans have. If it happened and she DID get transferred to AKB in the next couple of years, I would only be mildly surprised, but I would be very worried for SKE.

    Edit: Assuming it's happening after Rena graduates, that means the two financial powerhouses of SKE are gone. Dasu is hugely popular as well, so her, Shibata, Kaotan, and all of the other popular members+the collective popularity of unpopular members could keep SKE afloat. If she does transfer over though, SKE would take a huge hit to sales.

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