Hopes, Fears, and Predictions for 2017 (Keyakizaka46)

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  1. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Future Girls

    Dec 4, 2013
    Columbus, Ohio
    With 2016 coming to a close. It's time to do the yearly tradiation for Stage48 (which now is for all the groups)

    So what are your Hopes, Fears, and Predictions for 2017 for Keyakizaka46?

    Last's Year List

  2. Crossheart

    Crossheart Kenkyuusei

    Apr 14, 2014
    Chihuahua, Mexico
    Amaki Sally
    Recap from last year... oh my... :^^;:
    All of them are real by now :^O^:

    The music keep being "just like that"
    Hirate leaves the center for a single at least (isn't not that she is bad, she's too good that they need to grow up as other positions too!!)
    No more "Nazi Halloween costumes" stuff....

    Another "stone in the shoes" happens, like the Nazi stuff or Dear my teacher stuff...

    Hirate keeping the center for the whole year
    They will keep with the trend of experimenting with music formation for a couple of singles... or until one actually flops...
    Keyabingo 2 is gonna happen, or a equivalent.
    Someone of Higarana will get a Neru-like push.
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  3. Atreyu

    Atreyu Kenkyuusei

    Jul 8, 2016
    Maybe expect for the Nogi sales, but there's nothing wrong about some optimism!
    EDIT: Whoops, you wrote releases, not sales, didn't you. Sorry!
    • Hiragana inclusion or handling being cleared soon, the current Status Quo and lack of contact to Kanji Keyaki starts to get annoying
    • Progressive music and choreographies and maybe even productions like solo dances for instrumental pieces - the potential is there
    • KEYABINGO 2 or a new regular TV featuring, maybe a new drama
    • One Zuumin or Satoshi center single (latter unlikely but wishful dreaming), Hirate being compensated for losing that spot
    • Hiragana inclusion leading to sinking morale/teamwork or management overadjusting the musical and dancing style, effectively eliminating Keyakizaka's quintessence. Right now, we live in a lovey-dovey-21-member-world from a Kanji point of view, but the possiblity for a heartbreak is permanent. And although I readily accept changes and experiments, I will not be happy about this.
    • Member scandals or similar things happening; Halloween uniform was a management blunder paired with inhuman stupidity from overseas media, but individual scandals are always a hard blow especially when it's someone you support.
    • Considering the seemingly strong team spirit and character of the Keyaki-chans, I'm not expecting scandals.
    • Unless we face another economic crash, sales will easily rise above 500k throughout the year.
    • As Crossheart says, I think there will be a significant push for at least one Hiragana member.
    As a last thing, in the 2nd part of the evening show with Takahashi Minami, she said something that made me think. She said that in the beginning of AKB, it was also like this that everyone was eager to work together as a group and teamwork and friendships were strong, until eventually the competition between members took over and the senbatsu meta was established. This has led to rivalries, badmouthing and the loss of team spirit and despite the sales rising. She said that this might be a hurdle Keyakizaka might be approaching too, in the near future. One should keep this in mind. Although Saison was a magnificent finish for this year, it's possible that the senbatsu was a pure experiment.
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  4. VincentS

    VincentS Kenkyuusei

    Jun 1, 2016
    • Sales keep improving at a resonable and sustainable rate.
    • More individual member appearances on Variety Tv
    • Quality Music
    • Another mainstream hit
    • A new Variety Show
    • 404 not found
    • 3 singles with 3 different center/double centers
    • Kanji and Hiragana keep being separate entities
    • Another Kohaku appereance
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  5. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Future Girls

    Dec 4, 2013
    Columbus, Ohio
    NO MORE STUPID STUFF (Like the Nazi Stuff or the whole "Dear my teacher" sutff as Crossheart put it)
    All 3 of their singles sell over 500,000 copies

    More Stupid stuff happens and causes their popularity to crash.
    Yurina centers all the singles (she's an awesome center, but I do hope somebody else does center a single next year)
    Getting Snubbed from Kohuaku 2017 (like how AKB48 got snubbed in 2008).

    Yurina centers the first two singles, while somebody elese centers the 3rd single this year.
    KEYABINGO!2 happens
    A new Keyakizaka46 Show
    No Stupid stuff happens
    Sales keep improving
    Hirate's 1st Photobook

    Predictions for Centers
    4th: Yurina
    5th: Yurina
    6th: Imazumi
  6. Titidus

    Titidus Kenkyuusei

    Sep 27, 2016
    Hopes :
    Still different from Nogi.
    Keyabingo 2, or more variety show.
    Hiragana start appearing on Keyakake.
    Good costume without being controversial.

    Fears :
    Someone graduate ...

    Hiragana position would still not clear.
    Management would keep Sugai on 2nd row.
  7. Kyotachin

    Kyotachin Kenkyuusei

    Oct 11, 2016
    Continues to follow their unorthodox idol ways unlike their sister/other idol groups
    Keyabingo 2 because why not xD
    Keyakitte to start featuring both Kanji and Hiragana Keyaki
    No more controversial stuffs.....
    More great music!!
    A new Center for 1 of the singles (Imaizumi/Sugai)

    Someone graduates to pursue further education
    The momentum they have dies down by abit
    A Kennin to Nogizaka

    Hirate for 2 more singles
    A new center for 1 of the Singles
    A sudden change in Senbatsu formation combining Kanji & hiragana members
    Rise of Katakana Keyaki----(nah just jking lol)
  8. kanjo

    kanjo Stage48 Admin Staff Member Stage48 Admin

    Aug 20, 2012
    Nishino Nanase
    • Much more interaction with Nogi, but without "mothership" shenanigans.
    • Clarity on what Hiragana Keyaki is and what role the members will have, and soon, by the 4th single.
    • 3 more singles this year,
      • that they're all good,
      • that one of them is an Imaizumi (double) centre,
      • and that they stat unrestricted by "concept".
    • More concerts.
    • Another mainstream hit, even if just one.
    • Kouhaku #2
    • Sales-wise, compete with Arashi for oricon yearly spots.
    • A new drama.
    • That creating membership equality (sounds good) while still pushing Techi as absolute centre (doesn't sound bad) will create a large gap between Techi and everyone else.
      Okay with permanent centre, but don't want a canyon between her and the others.
    • New Hiraganas won't take part in A-sides, or much variety, either.
    • Please no graduations yet, it's too soon.
    • 3 singles, up to 600k weekly sales this year.
    • Keyabingo2 will return.
    • More concerts, perhaps even a tour?
    • No grads just yet.
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  9. Christoff522

    Christoff522 Kenkyuusei

    Jul 27, 2016
    United Kingdom

    • Keyaki will continue to garner more success and recognition, even stretching to the west.
    • That there is a European tour at some point in 17/18
    • 3 more singles like this year, including a Rika solo/duo.
    • A new drama that pushes their talents further
    • A new Keyakizaka variety show.

    • People will turn on Techi due to her always being center
    • New Senbatsu will push Berika to row 3 (although it's unlikely)
    • Another scandal


    • Keyaki will continue to grow in ability and popularity
    • Techi remains center until 2018
    • Senbatsu will continue to rotate, single 4 senbatsu will resemble saimajo
    • Hiragana will start to seem more 'professional' and have a big song.
  10. zurichtime

    zurichtime Kenkyuusei

    Aug 5, 2016
    • Sales are climbing the hill
    • 4th single something like Saimajo
    • New center
    • Explication between Kanji and Hiragana relationship
    • More unexpected members in front row (like what the mg did in futari saison)
    • An event with Nogizaka
    • JRA nomination
    • Kouhaku 2nd appearance
    • New tv (or web) program
    • Techi will be the center until 7th single
    • Graduation
    • Scandal
    • No more 21 members senbatsu
    • They will get 600k sales
    • Keyaki's captain announced (maybe around their 1st anniv live)
  11. riduch

    riduch Kenkyuusei

    Jul 7, 2015
    The same amount of awesomeness like in 2016 as in musical quality and entertaining tv shows

    another major scandal (harada mayu and nazi incident alike level) I don't mind harmless dating scandals though

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  12. ukifune

    ukifune Upcoming Girls

    Mar 29, 2016
    -- Hirate remains at centre without collapsing
    -- Neru gets even more popular, and helps raise both Hiragana and Kanji
    -- new TV show
    -- new drama
    -- an even bigger mainstream hit, making them a "national group"
    -- a song expressing love for Japan, maybe with an MV going to members' hometowns
    -- sales to 500K, then 600K
    -- Hiraganas continue to improve, stars emerge (especially Memi, lol)
    -- Hiragana/Kanji appear together on KeyaKake, KeyaBingo, etc.
    -- another very minor "scandal" like the Nazi thing, to spread their name
    -- continued edginess and angst, and not just in coupling songs (this could be the "scandal")

    -- internal conflict from disgruntled members
    -- Hiragana becomes too much like an AKB group (that's enough winking, Kage-chan) and not like Keyakizaka46

    -- same as hopes (except maybe for 600K)
    -- if there is a new or double centre on one song, it might not involve Zuumin, but Neru (management's darling; and management hates disgruntlement)
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  13. oscar6262

    oscar6262 Kenkyuusei

    Oct 27, 2013
    • more success in 2017
    • Yurina centers 4th single (dark concept)
    • Neru centers 5th single
    • Zuumin or Yuuka centers 6th single (Idol concept)
    • / Yurina remains the center (I hope the'll give the other girls chance too tho)
    • Memi & Mirei senbatsu debut
    • 16nin senbatsu from the next single
    • Uemura and Koike stays in senbatsu
    • Watanabe Rika gets solo song
  14. Marieyu48

    Marieyu48 Kenkyuusei

    Nov 9, 2015
    • Very good sales, maybe more than 500k
    • New center
    • More success in 2017
    • New concepts for singles
    • Hiragana members enter senbatsu
    • Scandals
    • Lose their huge popularity
    • Decreasing sales
    • Early graduations!!!!
    • Techi centers all singles
    • Neru, Zuumin or Yuuka center the 5th or 6th single
    • Memi enters senbatsu
    • 16nin formation for the next singles
    • More success
  15. Meiji Ishin

    Meiji Ishin Kenkyuusei

    Aug 18, 2016
    Some of these are serious some of these are not, sometimes within the same hope, fear or prediction. It is up to you dear reader to figure out which is which. Caveat Emptor.
    • The collapse of Western democracy continues Keyakizaka steps into the power vacuum and seizes control. We all bow before our Kawaii Overlords. Nagasawa Nanako heads the Ministry of Love, war with East Asia comes to an end.
    • Techi and Neru see a slight reduction in their workload and responsibilities
    • Keyaeigo with Oda Nana, Ozeki Rika, Iguchi Mao and Kageyama Yuuka.
    • Yui-Chans do a proper tribute to Bob Dylan with a straight English language musical and video cover of Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues."
      The Yuis will play Bob, Nogi's Nouju Ami and Suzaki Ayane will play Allen Ginsberg and Bobby Neuwirth respectively.
    • Keya takes part in a Japan Expo either in Europe or the US.
    • Za Cool, Berika, Habu, Sugai and Moriya are announced as cast members for Season 2 of Westworld.
    • Ozeki Rika takes part in the Tokyo Marathon
    • Scandal. Not a dating scandal, I don't care if any of them have a side piece Wotas be damned. Something really off the wall like Suzumoto is caught up in a Sumo match fixing ring or Harada Aoi is a card carrying communist and paid agent of the PRC or (and this is a real possibility) that Techi is in fact a Westworld/Blade Runner style android who does dream of electric sheep. It would explain her rather thin backstory.
      guess what TV series I binge watched last week
    • Hiranga remains a fully separate unit and with senbatsu positions guaranteed complacency sets in with the Kanjis.
    • Neru's work load doesn't ease up and Graduation or worse become real possibilities for her.
    • Perma Center Techi starts to get backlash ala Ikoma-chan.
    • Ozeki Rika takes part in the Tokyo Marathon.
    • Keya is a firm #3 among the 48/46 groups by years end with a real chance to go full Suzuka Nakamota to Nogi's Himetan Nakamoto in 2018.
    • We see cross over Nogi/Keya idol subunits for Nogi and Keya B sides. First up a Hori-Techi pairing.
    • Tsuchida and Danger Kawakami are announced as double centers for Katakana Keyakizaka and work on your best kawaii smiles as plans for an all gaijin Romaji Keyakizaka are revealed.
    • Keyabingo 2, but with new MC's Ito Asako and Peter Barakan.
    • Keya's first overseas single campaign, unfortunately for Ozeki not in Hawaii but American Samoa. You think the girls look tiny now wait to you see them next to some Samoans.
    • Ozeki Rika takes part in the Tokyo Marathon.
  16. ukifune

    ukifune Upcoming Girls

    Mar 29, 2016
    @Meiji Ishin Thanks for that refreshing look at the future. I'm trying to figure out which of the two possible roles in a remake of Blade Runner I want for Techi Mark II. And I think Neru could do a Dylan song better than the two people with perfect voices. After all, she loves the voice of Tortoise Matsumoto.

    Fans are already backlashing on Techi, despite the fact that she's twice the performer Ikoma-chan ever was. But until the backlash affects handshake sales, no change in sight.
  17. Generic_User

    Generic_User Upcoming Girls Stage48 Donor

    Jan 4, 2016
    Up the creek.
    The Ikuta Erika
    Techi becomes center of combined Kanji/Hiragana senbatsu
    Neru becomes a true hiragana
    Memi gets a solo song
    Nijika's popularity rises
    Uemura makes front row
    Oda gets onto variety shows

    Management moves some Kanji to Hiragana and vice versa
    Hiraganas never get any traction because Kanji too good
    Sticks with 21 member senbatsu

    500,000 selling single
    Techi centers all singles in 2017
    1st year anniversary concert
    1 member graduates
    A captain will be named for each Kanji and Hiragana
  18. Obelovic

    Obelovic Kenkyuusei

    Jan 9, 2016
    Main Fear: Techi burns out
    Main Hope: Techi gets a chance to breathe
  19. riduch

    riduch Kenkyuusei

    Jul 7, 2015
    since all the members are together in this, e.g. performing together in every show and still minimum individual jobs, it should be better "keyakizaka burns out" and "keyakizaka gets a chance to breathe"
  20. Torigoya-San

    Torigoya-San Kenkyuusei

    Mar 31, 2012
    Only fear is that more fansites and videos get taken down, causing foreign popularity to stagnate or wane.

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