Hopes, Fears and Predictions for AKB48 2013?

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Do you think 2013 will be a better year?

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  1. kimunlimited

    kimunlimited Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Oct 27, 2011
    Just to keep up with the tradition in S48 of making predictions for the oncoming year I've started this thread. (As I've been thinking no one might try to do so.)

    So, What are your Hopes, Fears and Predictions for AKB48 in 2013?

    If your not sure how this works you can check the previous years thead: 2008 / 2009 / 2010 / 2011 / 2012

    And to add something new to this I've put up a poll to measure the optimism of the fans for the year 2013. Will 2013 be a better year than 2012 or have AKB48 seen their best year already.

    If a similar thread exist that I do not know of just delete this one. I'll post of my predictions later on.
  2. theflush

    theflush Kenkyuusei

    Jun 14, 2011
    What I think is going to happen in 2013: More older gens will graduate. The more popular members will establish a solo carreer this year, which is nice of course. Some members will release solo singles, while others will become tv personalities and start modeling. The graduations of these older members will have it's effect on AKB48, their popularity will go down. But despite of that they will continue to be the most popular girl band in Japan. We will see a couple of newer gen girls getting a big push this year.
  3. Deyan

    Deyan Kenkyuusei

    Jun 3, 2012
    Predictions :
    - Mirukii will make it into senbatsu in the election, and overcome Sayanee.
    - Sashihara will rank way lower than this year
    - If Yuko hasn't graduated before the sousenkyo, she's gonna be first again. If she's graduated, Mayuyu or Yukirin will be first. (don't know why but I'd say Yukirin...)

    Fears :
    - Suuchan won't rank. I can't let it happen.
    - Mass gen1/2 graduation, I'm really afraid we'll lose Tomochin, Sayaka, Yuko or Umechan. (I don't see Miichan or Kojiharu graduating in 2013, and Takamina/Mariko-sama will always be AKB members ;) )
    - HKT48 will flop. I really doubt it, they're well trained, AkiP will give them a killer song, and most of us already love and support them, but I can't help myself thinking about it.

    Hopes :
    - Rabutan will rank higher thanks to her transfer to HKT48
    - SNH48 will be hurried into releasing a debut single/album, which will be awesome and a big hit in China
    - Mirukii will be #1 in the sousenkyo, she'll be center in every AKB/NMB/SKE/HKT/SNH/JKT single forever, they'll create a new group called MLK48 to promote her even more. She'll get the leading role in a big movie called ChapuChapu the Movie which will get international success. She'll eventually become the Prime Minister of Japan, conquer us all and be the Queen of the World. (this one's the most likely to happen)
  4. lionel90

    lionel90 Upcoming Girls

    Dec 12, 2009
    - Some graduations from core members and random low/not ranking and kenkyusei
    - Other random scandals
    - AKB will find it's center girl but i can't say who
    - A7, K7, B6 and new team captains
    - Team N 1st original stage (N3 right ?)
    - Yuko ranks 1st at next election but won't be center for the other singles
    - Big push for Meru
    - Jurina may have to choose between Team S or Team K
    - Surprises! surprises!

    - Some real interest for oversea market
    - AKB visits europe again
    - AKB remains succesfull
    - AKB songs are still as good or even better
    - sales number don't drop dramatically
    - More million selling singles
    - Sasshi's rank doesn't drop too much

    - Random core member leaving in a bad way (scandals or whatever)
    - Huge sales drops
    - AKB can't renew itself
  5. too much idea

    too much idea Upcoming Girls

    Jun 7, 2012
    > the next year election is going to be a Battlefield
    > More graduation, possibly around the end of the year
    > Another pair of girls sent for Study Aboard
    > New Ace, New Center, New Generation

    > Asian tour (then, the world)
    > Releasing their international single (yes, mixing english and japan like they did on Sugar Rush)
    > NMB gets their original setlist
    > HKT releasing their album
    > JKT and SNH got CD debut with their own original songs

    > More graduation on older generation
    > SNH was forced to disbanded due to another China-Japan conflict
  6. A48

    A48 Kenkyuusei

    Jul 30, 2012
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    - more members will be graduated
    - AKB's sister groups especially overseas groups (JKT and SNH) will be developing, and possibly new gen will come
    (how about TPE?)
    - Milky will overtake Sayanee and enter senbatsu rank

    - AKB visit Indonesia again :blush: although JKT has AkicHarusan now
    - Yuuko will be no 1 again, and becomes center for most songs
    - Number of sales increases (they are decreasing now.. :cry: although top 5 of Oricon chart dominated by AKB)
    - JKT can participate in Sousenkyo and Janken
    - If a member graduates, it's because she find her solo career. not caused by something bad

    - SNH meets problems with China-Japan conflict
    - More graduation and scandals, especially by senior gens
    - Some girls won't rank / drop so much like this year's sousenkyo
  7. too much idea

    too much idea Upcoming Girls

    Jun 7, 2012
  8. A48

    A48 Kenkyuusei

    Jul 30, 2012
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    ups sorry, I mean SNH :^^;: *edited*
  9. lunar

    lunar Kenkyuusei

    Jul 2, 2012
    Ponkotsu will get a solo release :awesome:

    Kidding, Kidding. Please don't hurt me.
  10. alluniverse

    alluniverse Kenkyuusei

    Dec 23, 2012
    - Another SKE member, besides WMatsui & Kitarie, enters senbatsu on next sousenkyo.
    - Kuumin reconsiders her graduation and decides to stay xD
    - Revival concert will be held once again

    - AKB consecutive million sales of single on 1st week will end.

    - There will be no single exceeds Manatsu no Sounds Good sale record.
    - JKT and SNH participate in next sousenkyo
  11. kimunlimited

    kimunlimited Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Oct 27, 2011
    There will be more AKB48 singles with sister group participation.
    Lower first day sales.
    No announcement of another solo debut, 2012 has a lot of debut already.
    More graduations.

    My oshi won't graduate yet.
    They'll increase the number of girls to be included the Sousenkyou Senbatsu.

    My oshi will graduate.
    More sister groups. For god sake, there's so many of them already.
    More scandals
  12. freezingkiss

    freezingkiss Kenkyuusei

    Jun 5, 2007
    Melbourne, AU.
    - Sayaka will graduate (she's my fave but I've been mentally preparing myself for ages, I reckon it'll be just after senbatsu elections) DiVA will officially disband.
    - Sae and Mariya will have to come back to Japan and just kind of hover about for a bit before SNH actually starts getting going (which will take AGES)
    - Senbatsu election will come with some sort of big announcement.
    - HKT's first single does EXCEEDINGLY well and is amazing.
    - We will lose a KEY member. Not necessarily a 1st/2nd gen, but someone really important and/or senbatsu.
    - Former Team 4 girls will gain ground in the elections.
    - A previous member will get pregnant.

    - DiVA replaces Yuka with Nattsummi or Kana and keeps going along at a good pace and Sayaka DOESN'T leave.
    - Senbatsu gets extended back out to 21 members.
    - Sayaka gets undergirls centre. :inlove:
    - Wasamin CLIMBS HIGHER AND HIGHER and her second single GETS AMAZING SALES.
    - KitaRie and Mocchi get put back where they belong, IN SENBATSU.

    - Aki-P will start ANOTHER sister group even though the music is lacking in quality lately and everyone needs new stages.
    - Less and less AKB members in AKB singles and more and more girls getting shafted.
    - Umechan dropping out of senbatsu and replaced by Milky :/
    - NMB more members leave and they get another one of those sex-centred singles titled 'Whoops my panties fell off and I'm a virgin and love me please!' UGH.
  13. Deyan

    Deyan Kenkyuusei

    Jun 3, 2012
    All eyes on Meetan ! :D
  14. PoIyrhythm

    PoIyrhythm Kenkyuusei

    Oct 30, 2010
    -Sakura no Shiori style song
    -AKB48 will visit the US again
    -Sashihara graduates/becomes irrelevant/isn't shoved in our faces anymore
    -Takamina goes up in Senbatsu election
    -There will actually be an election and the younger generation will rise up (eat your words Mariko)
    -AkiP will finally pick a definitive center and that person is Kawaei Rina, Mayuyu, or Kato Rena (yeah I still think she has a chance). Shimazaki Haruka is okay with me too.
    -Saba Doru Season 2
    -SKE48 members banned from General Election. Get their own election.
    -More releases like Heavy Rotation and less like Gingham Check. :yikes:
    -SDN48 part 2
    -Ono Erena decides to come......nvm. jk [hehe]

    -AkiP will finally pick a definitive center and that person is Jurina.
    -Sashihara becomes more popular/is shoved in our faces even more
    -Acchan's presence still looms over AKB48 (love her but it has to stop someday)
    -Miyazaki Miho graduates (bad feeling about this one)
    -Good songs are continuously handed over to Nogizaka46; AKB48 gets crap like Gingam Check.
    -Takamina becomes successful as a solo singer and graduates
    -Mariko decides she wants to be in AKB for the next 20 years.
    -The cyclic Sakura->Bikini->Election->Cool->Janken single release pattern continues.
    -SKE48 invasion in the election single continues.

    - Yuko will graduate
    - Mayuyu will win the general election
    - More Kato Rena
  15. Akira Hitoshi

    Akira Hitoshi Kenkyuusei

    Sep 16, 2012
    Majijo's Rooftop, staring at the clouds...
    Hahaha!! Wow, I honestly couldn't have made this list any better myself, even though some of the things here are just for laughs, but nice list anyways :D

    And I realized that SKE members are really starting to outrun most AKB members already, it's been like that for the last 2 years...they gotta do something and fast

    Let's just hope 2013 will be a better year than 2012 for AKB...as this year was not the greatest for them :^^;:
  16. Stankovic

    Stankovic Kenkyuusei

    Jun 1, 2012
    Juri World
    - One million record selling will still continue
    - JKT and SNH will be participating in the next sousenkyo
    - People will still be ranting about the new released single yet giving good review and went happyshit after it got released
    - Juri, Karen and Ryochan will rank in
    - Ricchan will be in the undergirls
    - Two new sub-units consisting of new generation members just like AnRiRe
    - Paruru will get her own sub-unit
    - Takamina will have its 2nd solo single this year
    - Jurina will still be the center in a few singles this year
    - Shukan Bunshun will be messing with Yukirin but turns out fail
    - New stages
    - TPE48 will be formed in late 2013
    - Miichan announces her graduation but it will taken place at early 2014

    - A new sub unit consists of Juri, Karen, Tano and Ryochan
    - Juri will appear in more variety shows
    - JKT releases their very own original song and ranked the top in Indonesia music's chart
    - Janken will be changed into another type of game (like hide-n-seek single maybe)
    - Yukirin will be the center in 2013 sousenkyo

    - The Islamic radical front like FPI will issue a protest to Akicha and Harugon existence in JKT due to their release of gravure
    - More middle average gen members will be leaving
    - Aki-p will have this "favorite" in 14th gen and later gives her a big media exposure that incites haters
    - SKE will lose one of its core members
    - I won't be able to buy Juri official goods anymore due to lack of money
  17. Naaruru

    Naaruru Kenkyuusei

    Jun 7, 2012
    Hopes :
    -AKB will open their Official shop & cafe in Indonesia :fear:
    -weekly milions sale still continue
    -Paruru get more drama, CM, & Magazine
    -they will held concert at Tokyo dome again
    -Okada Nana (gen14) promote to team
    -new sub unit, maybe will contains 3 new team ace (Mayuyu, Jurina, Paruru)
    -Hashire penguin win at RH 2013 [party]

    Prediction :
    -rank 1 in sousenkyo still Yuko, and Yukirin up to second place, paruru enter the senbatsu with dramatically increase
    -New stage
    -many member graduate, and each team back again to 16 member
    -sae out from senbatsu

    -old gen member will announced graduate
    -Heavy rotation win RH again :^^;:
    -Lemon to Watarirouka 7 :XD:
  18. luckyone

    luckyone Kenkyuusei

    Jun 21, 2011
    Tokyo, Japan
    -Takamina single becomes a big success.
    - AKB makes another Tokyo Dome concert
    - AKB goes abroad again

    - Mariko graduates
    - Tomochin graduates
    - Sashihara gets an horrible position in Senbatsu elections
    - AKB sales decline tremendously

    -Paruru makes it into senbatsu.
    - Takamina gets 4th place at senbatsu elections
    - Tomochin, Mayuyu and Sashihara get another solo.
  19. KyuketsuNyanNyan

    KyuketsuNyanNyan Kenkyuusei

    Dec 20, 2011
    Kibōgamine Gakuen
    Right, like any other AKB song this year aside from Gingham and UZA deserves first place more than HebiRote :awesome: jk (in all serious-ness, I doubt the wotas that got HebiRote to first place twice will want to lose their win streak)

    ---------------------------------------------That aside


    - WMatsui in Kami 7 (4th place should've been Rena's last year :angry: )
    - 3x Yuko Center in RQ 2013 (UZA + Gingham + HebiRote)
    - Kareha no Station improves in rank in RQ 2013
    - Moar Million sellers!!! :awesome: :awesome:
    - SNH48 will debut well in China <3
    - Yukirin's solo debut selling very well :^O^:
    - More songs like Gingham Check :cute: :cute:
    - Rena solo debut :^O^: :^O^:
    - HebiRote first place in RQ 2013 again [clap]


    - Yukirin graduates :fear:
    - AKB sales drop
    - HebiRote not winning RQ 2013
    - More shit from that Tabloid Company :angry:
    - Another boring song like Managuu for Summer 2013 (Ebi Kachu > Managuu)


    - Million seller streak will continue until October
    - Yuko will rank first in elections again :awesome:
    - Paruru will be WCenter with another member for a single
    - Another solo single for Yukirin
    - Another PB/Solo concert for Yukirin :^O^:
  20. sircamjim

    sircamjim Kenkyuusei

    Jul 18, 2012
    More international exposure (international MEANS not only Asia)
    US concert (or even better, in Mexico City but I know there's no way that could happen [worried] )
    New singles for Itano and No Sleeves (I hope a good one not like the one they just released/going to release)
    Good results in the shuffle and A7, K7 & B6.
    Mayuyu, Jurina or Itano center in sousenkyo
    Another Sakura no Shiori-like song
    A good song in the "hold on" song (RIVER, BEGINNER, Kaze wa Fuiteiru, UZA)
    A memorable song in the "sakura" song
    Kinect game of AKS made by Ubisoft (they made Michael jackson, TBEP and just dance but I know it is impossible because 360 almost doesn't exist in japan)
    NMB HKT and the new groups get good singles and have a good start/get more attention respectively
    Memorable team songs for the new A, K and B teams and solo/center theater songs for Takamina, Tomochin, Jurina and Mayuyu
    Blu-Ray collection of all AKB theater performances (A, K, B and Himawarigumi)
    Ume-chan and Yui in senbatsu more often, Ume-chan, Yui, Sumire, Sayaka from NMB and Moeno in Sousenkyo top 16
    Another PV votation, even better if Bird wins.

    AKB will become its greater rival and enemy, they won a lot, they own sales records etc and it might be difficult to match 2011 and 2012.
    Graduations from gen 1,2&3 that weaken the group or some of my favorite girls (Takamina, Itano, Miichan)
    Graduation from Mariko or even worse, graduating too late.
    Scandal/graduation like Yuka's.
    Bigger scandals or scandals affecting core girls.
    Another shuffle :fp:
    Younger/less popular/less talented girls performing in older songs like Bingo or Heart gata Virus in 2013 request setlist
    Illness due extreme hardwork
    People starting to get tired of that many groups or girls and seeing them singing even in the cereal box
    Kasai's career doesn't achieve at least the predicted success.

    Something fishy in the jan-ken-pon and/or sousenkyo seeding some members and filling in with randomly selected girls (or selected by the rules IE I feel this happened in Eien Pressure)
    Mayuyu center in sousenkyo
    Itano and/or Takamina graduating
    Illness due extreme hardwork
    AKB48 will not reach 2012 sales.
    Jurina and/or Mayuyu center of all singles AKB staff can choose.
    SKE48 has more success than 2012
    Expensive concert boxsets.
    More or less predictable sousenkyo with core girls and sayaka from NMB in top 16, Sasshi and Sayaka Akimoto betweeen 17 and 32. Yuko and Mayuyu in top 2.

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