Hopes, Fears and Predictions for AKB48 in 2010?

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  1. Naomi

    Naomi Kenkyuusei Retired Staff

    Oct 11, 2007
    Just like the threads we had in 2008 and 2009, what are your hopes, fears and predictions for AKB48 in 2010? :3

    I'll edit my post when I can think of something. ^^;

    - Yet again, that Natsumi gets placed into a single as senbatsu. If not, then Under Girls if they're still going to have them. 8D
    - None of my favorites graduate.
    - There isn't a huge Kenkyuusei cut again...
    - B3/K4/H2 get released on CD. :cry: (The other stages, too, but I don't care about them that much. :lol:)
    - The new teams aren't going to suck like I originally thought.
    - Natsumi gets signed to an agency of some sort.
    - Hopefully a darker AKB single this time... I'm sick of all of the happy crap. :hmm:
    - A certain least favorite of mine graduates~ :whistle:

    - One (or some) of my favorites graduate.
    - Natsumi won't be in senbatsu yet again. :(
    - SKE's going to invade AKB48 again. Boo!
    - We're going to see a lot of Komori... I won't mind nearly as much if she actually puts in effort, though.

    - SKE's going to invade AKB again. Boo!
    - Natsumi's not going to be in senbatsu because Akimoto hates me.
    - That we may not get the new teams after all and Akimoto will be like "HAHA! Just kidding! :D".
    - More graduations.

    I'll probably edit my post later on with more hopes, fears and predictions.
  2. Aigon

    Aigon Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Dec 23, 2007
    Ontario, Canada
    - Underused girls get more time in the spotlight
    - More great singles (this past year has had some of AKB's best in my opinion)
    - New stages are as good if not better than the last few
    - I'm really hoping the new teams are good; that's my biggest hope for the new year really.
    - More SKE singles and stages. They've been doing a fantastic job so far, so one can only hope they only get better.
    - actual regular releases for Stage DVD's and albums. I am getting absolutely sick and tired of these items being only available in the theater or being released in some other stupid way. Why did they stop making it so the average person can just go to any Asian Music/Movie online store (like YesAsia or CDJapan) and just purchase it? Its stupid. Oh, and hurry up and release B3/A4/K4 stage albums. Please.

    - Former Kenkyuusei being pushed into immediate front girl status without having done much to deserve it. This is my biggest fear. Everyone seems to think that a lot of the newly promoted girls deserve to be front girls, yet I think they need to spend a considerable amount of time in the back first before being pushed. There are still a large number of the current girls who have the talent yet are not able to show it because they have been shoved into the back. Let them show their stuff first, then the new girls can.
    - One of my favorite members graduating. Then again, this should be in everyone's list :D
    - Way too many SKE/AKB mixes. I love SKE, and I love AKB, but I think they need to do their own things for awhile. No more SKE members in AKB singles please. Let them have their own awesome singles, which will also allow more AKB members to be in senbatsu. I want to see both groups as separate entities, as they both function better that way.

    - More top selling singles :)
    - More great stages :)
    - More Graduations :(
    - Hopefully one moody sounding single song. I think were due for at least one. Same with a ballad.
  3. Shoudou

    Shoudou Kenkyuusei

    Mar 24, 2009
    i will be shorter xD


    - Team B will go back to the old members (xDDDDD) ok this is a dream, not a hope
    - 2010 singles will be great, but not many experiments please
    - Not-top girls will appear more on TV shows
    - Moeno Calendar 2011!!! / full Team Calendars


    - Graduations, in every concert there is some graduation ceremony....


    - Graduations
    - At least other Oricon weekly 1
    - SKE will release more stuff ----> they will go their way not invading AKB
  4. Issen

    Issen Kenkyuusei

    Dec 21, 2009
    Hopes :
    - SDN48 stuff for us foreigners ! (at least DVD and CD, but i'd love a TV Show :) )
    - The Drama will kick ass !
    - A concert in Europe !
    - More stuff available to us (DVD, CD, etc...)

    Fears :
    - Already said, but Kenkyuusei being front girls before some of my favorites [envy]
    - Akimoto's plan to conquer the world in action, and so no chance to see the girls outside Japan :cry:

    Predictions :
    - More #1 singles
    - Graduations [sweat]
  5. Melos125

    Melos125 Kenkyuusei

    Oct 5, 2009
    --New AKB singles will surpass the 250,000 mark and maybe even the 500,000 mark by the end of the year.
    --AKB will release a dark single again.
    --Making of videos go back into the singles.
    --The new Teams won't get delayed again and will start in time (jan-feb).
    --The new stages are incredibly awesome, or at least one of them is.
    --A new AKB theme song (like AKB48 and AKB Sanjou!). One that has intense dance movements.
    --K4 Revival [rock] .
    --Himawari-gumi will continue.
    --SKE will get LODs
    --AKB will still get invited to MSSL and Kouhaku next year.
    --AKB gets a new TV Show like AKBINGO and Shukan.
    --New AKB shows get a good timeslot.
    --HKT finally gets formed.
    --SDN members get to go on AKBINGO or maybe even their own show.
    --A4, K4, B3, B4, H1, H2 gets released.
    --Amina becomes a frontgirl.
    --Sayaka becomes a PROPER frontgirl.
    --Mocchi and Umechan becomes more popular.
    --Amina gets an awesome photobook.
    --Sayaka gets an awesome photobook.
    --Myao's photobook is incredible.
    --Acchan doesn't get all the spotlight.
    --More attention will be given to the lesser known members.
    --AKB48 (or at least a subgroup) gets invited to Anime Festival Asia 2010.
    --Amina and/or Sayaka comes here.
    --Tomo~mi will kick Acchan's butt back in the drama.

    --Amina graduates (80% chance not happening).
    --Sayaka graduates (95% chance not happening).
    --One of my other remain top 9 graduates (60% chance happening).
    --AKB singles will decrease in sales by more than 50,000.
    --The new Teams get delayed again for some shit reason.
    --Mass Kenkyuusei Massacre again.
    --Shonichi will be #1 for Shibuya AX Best 100 AGAIN.
    --New Stages will suck so badly (more likely for Team A and B).
    --World Domination plan will start, probably with Korea or Hong Kong first.
    --BIG AKB Scandal.
    --AKB will get another death grip incident or possibly worse.
    --Acchan becomes a SUPER frontgirl (difference in fan numbers between her (#1) and #2 will be 10,000+).

    --Acchan will get featured EVERYWHERE.
    --AKB will release 4 or 5 new singles.
    --Next AKB single will have lower sale than RIVER.
    --AKB releases a ballad single.
    --AKB won't add the Making ofs back into the singles and will put them in 1 seriously expensive DVD Mag.
    --SKE will release 2 singles.
    --New Stages won't be so great like K4 but won't be so bad like A5,K5 (more likely for Team A and B).
    --The new Teams get delayed but maybe only 2 weeks or so.
    --HKT will start around mid year.
    --SKE will be formed completely (Team E formed) sometime mid year.
    --Himawari-gumi gets stopped to make way for more musicals.
    --There will be a graduation during the Yokohama Arena concert.

    I think I will stop here.
  6. xyish

    xyish Kenkyuusei

    Jun 3, 2007
  7. Jasey

    Jasey Kenkyuusei Retired Staff

    Apr 22, 2008
    New Zealand
    - HKT never gets formed. AkiP abandons idea of any more 48's.
    - AKB continues to have multiple PVs with each single, and goes back to only one regular sale version from the next single.
    - Now that SKE has a proper label, they release singles relatively regularly and Jurina's no longer in AKB ones. It would be weird to have her in like 7 singles a year or something like that.
    - We start getting LODs over here regularly again >_>
    - SDN releases a single, and members appear regularly on AKBINGO!.
    - Meetan returns to AKBINGO!.
    - 10th generation is great. Asai Madoka comes back.
    - The new teams finally start either in January or February.
    - They start releasing DVDs and stage albums properly.
    - More girls get with good agencies.
    - Someone in AKB gets on Quix! Hexagon II. Maybe even as a semi-regular?
    - New stages don't suck.


    - Someone's graduating at the Yokohama concerts.
    - Nakamura Mariko is still in the group at the end of the year.
    - AKB has reached its peak already.

    - They'll release an album.
  8. Shoudou

    Shoudou Kenkyuusei

    Mar 24, 2009
    let me write my hopes as Fan:

    Fan Hopes

    - Write some fanletters to my favourite members
    - Know more about old and graduated members
    - Start to know well SDN and SKE KII
    - Keep buying AKB/SKE stuff like in 2009
    - Go to japan again and see some stage/concert
  9. ame-rin

    ame-rin Kenkyuusei

    Dec 21, 2009
    I've only got one of each, 'cause I can't think of any moar.

    :D I hope akb come to the uk!

    :cry: Mariko will graduate. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

    [think] AKB's Love Machine.
  10. aakun

    aakun Kenkyuusei

    Mar 26, 2009
    this will be long lol


    for AKB:
    -AKB's popularity will keep going up.
    -i hope we get 5 singles if possible. its going to be 4 like this year probably
    -the last single of the year will be their first single hitting 400k overall sales.
    -a new senbatsu election just for the sake of sales.
    -the new stages will start early next year
    -Watarirouka and no3b will release their debut album. popularity of the sub-units will keep going up as well, even though album sales will be your standard-hp album sales.
    -hopefully a new unit (NOT one-shots like natto angles)
    -AKB will be on Kouhaku again, as well as more End of the year shows than this year.
    -all AKB singles will be on top 15 yearly. some of them on top 10, and 1 top 5.

    for SKE:
    -SKE will finally start working like a real group, and releasing singles in an akb-fast speed.
    -if everything goes smoothly, maybe 60k for singles.
    -Team S 4th Stage, and Team KII first original stage will start. auditions for Team E.
    -Jurina will slowly disappear of AKB singles if SKE gets the chance to shine for its own, and if they promote them decently (aka performances). AKB fans rejoice

    for SDN:
    -SDN's first stage will be released, DVD for sure but CD if possible too =/.
    -SDN's 2nd stage will start sometime during the year, probably team SII and Team D will be working as teams already.
    -SDN members on AKB singles in a way or another (a b-side or something).

    for Overall:
    -for the new 48 group, PLEASE let it be something interesting and innovative like SDN. and NOT an AKB copy like SKE. i really think a male group could be really nice to see, especially to see how the girls will react lol. the 48-format x boys x japan x japanese girls x akip overpriced DVD sets = tons and tons and TONS of money.
    if that ever happens (it won't) i want shuffles with AKB just for the lolz.
    -more and more Arenas, if everything goes well, maybe Tokyo Dome won't be a dream anymore (for 2011 that's it)

    -maybe Mariko will graduate next year =/. i'm pretty sure haruna will last as long as akp has to kick her out. Yuko and Sayaka will probably stay one more year. (until late 2011)
    -a really weird scandal will happen and [insert text here]
  11. Sorceress628

    Sorceress628 Kenkyuusei

    Jun 20, 2008
    Kayano's Heart
    Kayano returns to AKB48! (she's only 15 going on 16... I can dream can't I?)
    AKB48 singles sales continue to rise
    PVs return to having plot.
    One PV plot will feature "Takamina-is-a-man". Or at least a subplot.
    SKE48 exit AKB48 PVs. Or at least Jurina stops hogging all the screentime.
    SDN48 releases a DVD/LOD.
    AKB48 gets another television show.
    Cindy gets a regular role in a drama or makes her big screen debut
    Nakayan gets a seiyuu role
    Takamina in another drama/movie
    Sayaka and Sae cast together again
    Team K graduate Kaorin gets cast
    Massive drama of AKB48 and graduates (similar to Majisuka Gakuen)
    For Shibuya-AX to be filled with old songs including Rider
    For graduates to appear more than one song in Shibuya-AX
    For whoever made those HPish costumes for the NHK 5-original members graduation concert to be fired
    For new props in the new stages
    For AKB48 to return to NYAF. (Need another chance to kidnap Takamina :p )
    None of the original members graduate

    Jurina taking up more screentime than Acchan in PV
    AKBingo/Shuukan becomes boring
    Single sales fall
    Crazy stalkers following AKB48 members home/school
    Takamina graduating
    Cindy graduating from SDN48
    New kenkyusei promoted before other members
    Oku Manami pushed as a front girl before she learns how to smile while performing

    Mariko-sama graduating
    Jurina will occupy a spot in senbatsu unless the panchiko industry collapses
    Handshakes event will go crazy
    Another concert tour
    Budget for PVs will grow as King Records recognizes all the cash they're bringing in.
    More members/kenkyusei will be signed on to agencies
    Photobooks and DVDs galore!
  12. yumestarlet

    yumestarlet Kenkyuusei

    Jun 12, 2007
    La Verne, CA
    - Saotome Miki comes back.
    - Muranaka Satomi and/or Miki Nikoru come back.
    - Sayaka photobook.
    - Saeyaka photobook.
    - Wasamin domination.

    - Any of my favorites graduate.
    - The new teams AREN'T formed.
    - A5 continues for several... more... months.

    - Continual kenkyuusei cuts.
    - Akimoto Yasushi breaking my poor fangirl heart multiple times.
  13. xxskawt

    xxskawt Kenkyuusei

    Mar 7, 2009
    potted plant
    ^ Fo reals. I love A5, but hasn't it been going on now for like 2 years XD.

    -AKB stays relevant and doesn't pull a Perfume.
    -DefStar ban lifted/bought out: K4 & H2 albums D:!!
    -I want an OSK48 plz lol. Or whatever place in Osaka they would set up. Hometown pride haha.
    -Awesome PVs.
    -SDN48 DVD/CD.
    -Nachu. I hope for Nachu in 2010.
    -AKB does an American tour [notme] (come to Bostonnn!)
    -K4 revival.

    -AKB falls back down to 50k per cd
    -We will never get those DefStar songs back lol.
    -SKE48 remains irrelevant.
    -Jurina won't leave AKB alone lol.
    -The SDN AKB-ers aren't going to be doing anything relevant :(.

    -National, multi-city tour with the full squadron (or at least the relevant members)
    -More Mizugi Surprises~ [hehe]
    -All top 10 releases in 2010!
  14. vikacong

    vikacong Kenkyuusei

    May 24, 2009
    In front of my laptop doing my work
    -Reunion of some old members to sing back on AKB48
    -Asian Tour!
    -Expansion on Akihabara. Seriously, that stage doesn't fit anymore.
    -More ground-breaking singles!

    -Somehow they will get more and more mainstream. You know, I just hope that they will not become the FedEx, Kleenex or Post-It of idol group.
    -They will have troubles with recording company
    -Aki-P is seriously expanding this "48" franchises...... too far


    -I really hate this but I would say that some (yes some) of the members esp. the older batch will graduate.
    -Aki-P will become a business man than a producer
    -They will have private psychologist, home-school program and even doctors
  15. RocketStarLauncher

    RocketStarLauncher Kenkyuusei Retired Staff

    Nov 7, 2007
    PHL -> IC
    Sato Natsuki
    I honestly have no clue.

    -H1R or A3R will begin.
    -Infinity will have another run.
    -A new musical at G-Rosso will begin and will include Nacchi.
    -AKB48 will have new singles in February, May, July, September, December.
    -Magisuka turns out to be phenomenal.
    -All of the PVs are back to being completely Acchan-centric.
    -AKB gets back their 'cool' image.
    -There will be three big concerts in March, July, and November.
    -Mariko graduates.
    -Kuramochi Asuka will get that senbatsu spot.
    -The girls get more pretty costumes.
    -The new Teams actually happen.
    -A6, K6, and B5 begin.
    -SKE48 girls get out of AKB48 singles and concerts.
    -Nacchi gets an agency.
    -Nacchi gets a PB.
    -Nacchi gets a DVD.
    -Nacchi gets a blog.
    -Nacchi has a great position in B5.

    -Only three singles come out.
    -Nacchi will graduate.
    -Yuko and Takamina graduating.
    -More SKE48 members get in AKB48 singles.
    -Jurina is still a major member in SKE48 singles.
    -AKB loses the AKB-feel.

    -AKB48 will have four singles come out.
    -All of the big concerts will have a bunch of graduations.
    -Less successes than this year.
  16. xyish

    xyish Kenkyuusei

    Jun 3, 2007
    Oh crap for some reason I read Magibon and got very, very scared.
  17. PrivateLaughter

    PrivateLaughter Kenkyuusei

    Jun 1, 2009
    Not much but something:

    - Sayaka gets a PB
    - New stages/teams will rock
    - New AKB48 overall album (how many more sinlges?!)
    - Finally a SDN48 LOD/DVD
    - S3 LOD

    - Graduations of any sort
    - Too much will be released I can't buy...

    - AKB48 will become more and more popular
    - Too much will be released I can't buy...
  18. kopkrazy

    kopkrazy Kenkyuusei

    Oct 5, 2008
    - the girls will kick arashi or kat-tun's arse in the oricon rankings
    - a dark single
    - yuka in the senbatsu
    - concert at tokyo dome
    - singapore for the AFA
    - aki-p will not produce their new single to make way of top-notch producers/composers/songwriters

    - Graduations of any sort
    - more of jurna
    - firings of no reason(ayarin incident)

    - at least a number 1 single in 2010
    - acchan and yuko getting a lead actress role in doramas
  19. Lariemeeva

    Lariemeeva Kenkyuusei

    Apr 2, 2008
    -SKE releases more singles throughout the year
    -Tsukkiina decides that her studies aren't important at all and makes a come back to SKE for Team E
    -New Teams either start quickly or never start at all
    -Team KII's 3rd stage becomes mind thrilling
    -We get regular LODs for SKE and SDN
    -Mariko moves stays in AKB
    -Chikarina finally gets a proper stage unit in B5/K6 and appears on the A-side of the next single (and the ones to come)
    -Much more DVD/Albums/Photobook releases for AKB, SKE and especially SDN and individuals
    -SDN Team D forms hopefully (It will be loads of fun)
    -Possibly, a new, independent theater for SKE
    -Either Himawari-gumi 3rd stage or a new stage and a single that combines SKE, SDN and AKB members
    -More shuffle concerts for all the 48's

    -Chikarina never appears in a single
    -More of my favorites graduate
    -No LODs at all for SDN
    -New stages never start, and old stages revive
    -Mariko graduates

    -AKB will release 3 or 4 more singles
    -SKE will release 2 or 3 more singles and the next one would be a typical happy-ish song like most of AKB singles
    -Team E and D is formed
    -More kenkyuusei generations for SKE, AKB and SDN
    -Kohara Haruka gets promoted to a member in either Team E or fills in a graduate's spot
    -HKT was an original plan for SKE and HKT wont happen
    -The best is yet to come (possibly an awesome concert, show, stage)
  20. dracomalfoy

    dracomalfoy Kenkyuusei

    Jul 11, 2007
    Yakuza no shiwaza
    Kikuchi and Matsui Jurina to grow some boobs, seriously

    no more original team A left before 2011
    grad/not yet grad girls fall down into slutty gravure while the management can help it [sweat]

    AKBINGO will stop

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