Hopes, Fears, and Predictions for AKB48 in 2011?

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  1. Naomi

    Naomi Kenkyuusei Retired Staff

    Oct 11, 2007
    It is or it's almost 2011 in other parts of the world, so I'll make the thread for this now. :D

    What stuff do you hope for, fear, or predict for AKB48 in 2011?

    I'll edit this post when I can think of something.

    Yes, a lot of these are Natsumi-biased. 8D

    - I hope for this every year, but I don't care if it's unlikely: I want Natsumi to be in senbatsu. Sure, the only way for it to happen is if there's another Janken tournament or she gets some rich fans in time for the next election, but I can still hope, damnit!
    - I want a Natsumi blog, too. I don't care if it's a shared blog, I JUST WANT A BLOG!
    - If there's another election, I want her to make Under Girls again, too. ;_;
    - Suzuran will be added to Team A. 8D She'd be great in the other teams, but A needs more awesome. 8)
    - We'll get the old stage CDs this year, and hopefully they won't be delayed or not released at all.
    - NMB doesn't appear in AKB's singles.
    - Sayaka is captain for Team K again.

    - One of my favorites will graduate. ._.
    - NMB will appear in AKB's singles (I don't have any problems with them in SKE's as long as Airi is there. 8D), along with more SKE members.

    - One or several of the frontgirls may graduate. I'm thinking Mariko or Itano (Mariko because she's so busy, Itano because if her single does well enough, she might think she can do well on her own since I've always gotten the impression that she doesn't like being in groups. xD).
    - That there won't be another Janken tournament since they didn't seem to care too much about this one. I'm sure there will be another election, though.
    - There's going to be some big surprise and everyone will say, "OH MY GOD NOOOO WHY?!!!!" then we'll aaaallll learn to love it. Or at least tolerate it slightly.


    And that's all I can think of. I'll edit it later if I can think of any more...
  2. Gobolino

    Gobolino Kenkyuusei

    Nov 14, 2009
    Santiago, Chile
    * Hopes:
    - Anything "good" happening to Nacchan + Mariyannu + Harunyan

    * Fears
    - Anything "bad" happening to Nacchan + Mariyannu + Harunyan.

  3. ET920

    ET920 Kenkyuusei

    Aug 25, 2010
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Let's see what Japan Times say:

    • Next year, we can maybe expect SAP48, named both for the city of Sapporo and in tribute to the poor saps who are bankrolling producer Yasushi Akimoto's empire
    • And if anyone can think of a handy abbreviation for a Fukuoka-based group, please let us know.
    • In fact, these groups are proliferating at such a rate that it's estimated by 2014, Akimoto will be employing more teenage girls than McDonald's, and by 2020 he will overtake the entire Southeast Asian sex industry.

    And Daily Yomiuri Online:
    • AKB48's popularity waning considerably by December 2011, but for most of the year, they will flourish and inspire more offshoots, like Osaka's NMB48 and Nagoya's SKE48. Just think, 44 more prefectures with 48 idols each...why, that's temporary employment for over 2,100 young women!
  4. garnetjester

    garnetjester Kenkyuusei

    Aug 21, 2007
    On the slope
    Predictions: I think there will be another high profile graduation, and I'm also sure that in next elections Acchan will get no. 1 spot [hehe]

    - Another "darkish" single ala Beginner.
    - A million seller single (or singles :D)
    - New Stages
    - Janken tournament again, complete with PVs and original songs for each team again
    - Yui in senbatsu
    - More subunits! :D
    - French Kiss album <3
    - Old stage albums released. I really REALLY need to own Boku to Juliet to Jet Coaster in HQ (not to mention all of K4 <3)
    - weekly calendar returns for 2012 hahahaha

    - Graduations or demotions
    - Kenkyuusei heartless cuts again :(
    - Scandals, because they are high profile now and paparazzi are bound to be following them more often
    - No new stages because they're busy with other stuff D:
    - Kasai Tomomi and Kitahara Rie get kicked out of senbatsu :cry:
  5. ain12

    ain12 Kenkyuusei

    Nov 13, 2010
    -AKB48 dominate 2011
    - Mariko at least gets number 1 before she graduates (haha)
    - More awesome singles
    - Some more sub units
    - More shake ups in the top 10 (not that I don't like the current top 10, but different faces would be nice)

    - Mariko will graduate (T_T)
    - Some of the front girls will graduate
    - a scandal will force one of the senbatsu members to resign or mysteriously disappear

    - A graduation
    - AKB48 will continue their dominance
    - another Janken style tournament
  6. RocketStarLauncher

    RocketStarLauncher Kenkyuusei Retired Staff

    Nov 7, 2007
    PHL -> IC
    Sato Natsuki
    - Sub-unit for Natsuki. At this point I don't really care who it's with. She just needs something. Preferably with Ami, but that doesn't make sense agency-wise.
    - Some sort of Natsuki-supportable merchandise from Watanabe Pro
    - Another Janken Pon single... with Natsuki in it!
    - SKE48 members finally are left out of AKB48 singles and appearances
    - NMB48 aren't included in AKB48
    - Team Pigg songs are all released and performed at some point
    - Old albums (A4, K4, B3, H1, H2 (and hopefully H1(T2), H2(T2), B1, B2)) will be released
    - Miho and Ami begin to be regular senbatsu
    - Miichan and Kasai get giant pushes
    - DIVA gets another song... with lots of Natsuki again.
    - Mariko leads the election single
    - SDN48 gets their first Stage released, as well as a couple singles and gets into Kouhaku
    - Acchan solo single debut
    - The 'Zoo' concert is released - all concerts, including the karaoke tournament
    - The first trip to Singapore has a DVD that is released
    - Natsuki gets to visit Korea for AKB business again... and maybe the midwest US.
    - Rina continues to do well on the AV charts.... and comes out with a single!

    - No new Stages for AKB48
    - More SKE48 members get in the way of AKB48 members in AKB48 works
    - And NMB48 pops in just to make me angry

    - Five singles... one of them will be an election
    - Another soloist will come from AKB48
    - At least one graduation
    - Another ---48 group debuts

    Maybe I'll think of some more...
  7. Azarashi

    Azarashi Kenkyuusei

    Oct 10, 2007
    - 3rd Senbatsu elections and a new winner (Tomochin, Sashiko?)
    - A new method to decide senbatsu (school test Senbatsu? Single with the smartest people in AKB!)
    - Mariko graduates. (I don't believe it, but it's a tradition to predict it every year ;))
    - Sayaka, Umechan, Haachan, Natsumi, Chiichan and/or Natsuki transfers to SDN48 or graduates
    - Yui, Mika, Ami, Sumire, and/or somebody else from 9th gen (Oba, Shimada?) are regulars in senbatsu
    - Fresh Lemon is promoted
    - Prime time TV show
    - Tokyo Dome concert
    - Million seller album
  8. Rina the Robot

    Rina the Robot Kenkyuusei

    Jun 5, 2007
    - Sasshi becomes even more popular
    - Another janken tournament or something similar to decide senbatsu
    - KII3 starts soon
    - Old stage albums released
    - SDN stage dvd released

    - Graduations
    - Even more SKE members included in AKB singles

    - Heated election
    - Sasshi becomes even more popular :lol:
    - Million selling single
    - Tokyo Dome concert
    - Another solo single (possibly from Tomochin?)
  9. mieniem

    mieniem Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Jul 14, 2009
    Canada, Ontario
    cool this will become my first time doing this

    - Another new subunit is made and gives good promotion to some underappreciated girls.
    - The group is still unpredicatable
    - SDN gets a new stage and rises in popularity.
    - SKE manages to break the 200k line.
    - AKB breaks the 1mil line with a good single.
    - No election this year (I don't want to see some girls feel like there is no hope again)
    - Kuramochi Asuka does something amazing and results cause her to be in sembatsu again.
    - AKB48 comes to Canada rather Toronto to do a special performance.
    -The group becomes predicatable to the point that i can't follow it.
    - That 2011 becomes the year where the popularity of akb starts to fall.
    - .... Just those two

    - Graduations will happen and not just one.
    - New tv shows happen.
    - I will finally somehow, someway get to Japan this year (hopefully) and see akb (hopefully).
    - A new music genre never explored by AKB before gets released this year.
    - five more companies do campaignes with AKB this year.
  10. toddvanzetti

    toddvanzetti Kenkyuusei

    Jun 11, 2010

    I hope that all will open their hearts to the love and beauty of AKB48 and experience the joy that comes with such openness. Peace will follow where the love and beauty of AKB48 spreads.

    I hope that Akimoto Sayaka seizes control of Japan in a bloodless military coup.

    I hope that Watanabe Mayu calls on me to give my life in the service of her whims.

    I hope that Uchida Mayumi will allow me the honor of placing a light and respectful kiss on her cheek or upper arm.

    I hope that the members of AKB48 form a labor union to eliminate the no dating rule and secure for their future a greater share of the surplus labor value generated by their efforts.

    I hope that we will be blessed with sequels to 'Majisuka Gakuen.'

    I hope AKB48 continues to have nothing but the best of success.


    I fear that I will not be strong enough when AKB48 tests my faith and that I might for a moment doubt the inevitability of their ultimate victory over all the forces of darkness that plague humanity.


    The leaders, armies, and nations of the world will bow down before AKB48 and peace and prosperity will finally take hold in human societies all over the world.

    Watanabe Mayu will be glad she used my life for some trivial end, but will not remember anything more about me, not even my name.

    Uchida Mayumi will obtain a restraining order preventing me from being within 100m of her.
  11. ra-nyan

    ra-nyan Kenkyuusei

    Jan 19, 2010
    -OotaPro sub-unit
    -AKB48 keeps on getting more and more popular.
    -More SDN push
    -No Graduation
    -If there's another election, I want Taka on top 5 or stay the same in ranks
    -A good NMB first single (upbeat, happy song like 1234 Yoroshiku)
    -Yui in senbatsu =)
    -Mendol 2 pls or another no3b drama

    -Acchan, Taka or Mariko will graduate
    -Scandal that will get that member fired
    -Another 48 group.. (NMB is just starting for pete's sake)
    -other 48 group members in AKB singles (the other akb members pay the price so no thanks for those non-akb ppl)

    -A graduation
    - __48 invasion in AKB singles
  12. JAKKfromAKB48

    JAKKfromAKB48 Kenkyuusei

    Aug 17, 2010
    California, USA
    Tomochin is sucessful with her solo singles
    Tomochin meets me
    Tomochin marries me
    Tomochin releases more singles
    Tomochin releases a double feature AV DVD with Rico
    another ***48 group

    AKB48 will get less popular
    Tomochin graduates
  13. Jasey

    Jasey Kenkyuusei Retired Staff

    Apr 22, 2008
    New Zealand
    - Amazing singles + PVs. I want a school one!
    - Kojiharu does something in the first half of the year that gets her a lot more fans, and she gets a higher rank in the election. (nostalgiac for the good old acchan/kojiharu days before iiwake)
    - More French Kiss, Meetan.
    - They find a way to regularly put on team stages again, and G-ROSSO starts.
    - 12th gen is full of amazing girls, including one that's my type. No crossdressers >_<
    - SDN gets a 3rd gen with some awesome girls (good normal-person-reception) that they can use to strengthen senbatsu and get more popular.
    - AkiP gets someone else to write NMB's (and subunits?) lyrics to lighten his workload, hopefully resulting in higher quality and taking less time to pump stages out.
    - Myao, Yuka, Sayaka and Mocchii in senbatsu.
    - Team K gets more popular so there isn't the giant gap between them and AB like there is now.
    - New group TV show and drama (unrelated to majisuka).
    - More solo drama roles.

    - Sashihara continues to receive the biggest push in AKB history since Jurina.
    - Mariko graduates.
    - Scandals.

    - 9th gen all get in agencies soon.
    - There's a focus on getting the most popular girls individually to household names.
    - Sashihara gets in top 12 in election.
    - Yui is in senbatsu for the first two singles of the year. Whether this continues will depend on her rank in the election, which should be for the third single.
    - There'll be some big surprise, the kind that you can't really predict.

    I'll think of much more probably.
  14. 09lojh1

    09lojh1 Kenkyuusei

    AKB popularity continues to grow
    Sasshi ranks up in senbatsu votes
    more surprises from Aki-p for methods of choosing senbatsu members
    AKB goods continues to hack away at my bank account

    AKB and SKE and (maybe) SDN have a PROPER overseas concert tour with top lineups *not the tiny one they had in macau*
    Tomochin and Myao both Rank up in Senbatsu ranking
    Dear J sells to number 1 of oricon
    NMB comes out with a good debut and hopefully produces something similar to Matsui Jurina

    Tomochin graduates
    Mariko Graduates
    Another so called scandal *Still pissed off bout how the press did the sayaka incident :mad:
    ticket prices for akb rise
  15. maxaroni

    maxaroni Kenkyuusei

    Jan 25, 2009
    Mariko graduates
    AKB is still big
    more big concerts with big announcements
    Team M by the end of the year
    New SDN stage?
    Yui gets pushed a lot

    Nacchan gets senbatsu somehow!
    various promotions out of the 9th gen
    more kenkyuusei are 'locked in' the same way as 9th gen
    SKE and NMB gtfo my AKB
    single on my birthday :awesome: my birthday is a Wednesday this year, after all~
    New stages
    KII3 is epic
    More random senbatsu like janken

    Mass graduation
    AKB fades into obscurity
  16. shonenfan4

    shonenfan4 Kenkyuusei

    Jul 10, 2010
    AKB1/48 アイドルと恋したら…
    -Acchan's solo debut soon!
    -Takamina's solo debut soon!
    -Mariko-sama also gets a solo debut (possible?)
    -singles that will outsell Beginner
    -A4, K4, B3, H1, and H2 album releases
    -prequel to Majisuka Gakuen?

    -Mariko-sama graduates
    -NMB and SKE in AKB48's singles
    -A4, K4, B3, H1, and H2 continues to be unreleased
    -more "surprises"

    -another election
    -another Janken, only this time a different method
    -more dorama appearances for any of the members
    -another game? possibly on the DS?
    -more members will get twitter accounts
  17. wendychi

    wendychi Kenkyuusei

    Jan 4, 2009
    Toronto, Canada
    Onuma Akiho
    hmm. [wonder]

    -Ranran and Mariyagi get added to B
    -Paruru and Minarun get added to A
    -9th gen get agencies, and a good amount of them get big agencies
    -12th gen are awesome and can live up to the level of awesome current Team Kenkyuusei is
    -Very few 10th gens get cut next
    -Multiple 9th gens (and maybe some 10th gens... Miorin?) make the next election
    -Mayu goes up in the next election (my ideal is still #1 Acchan (A), #2 Yuko (K), #3 Mayu (B). Each team's main frontgirl in the team order. yup.)
    -Nacchan makes senbatsu
    -Another sort of taboo single. Shit's fun *_*
    -Churi gets a good unit for KII3
    -Yui makes 20th single senbatsu
    -Yui makes EVERY SENBATSU
    -Yui success!
    -If K7 starts, AWESOME UNIT FOR YUI
    -Ranran gets a unit that isn't Lockerboy if she's added to B. PLEASE.
    -MIllion seller
    -Nacchan stops getting shafted
    -SKE gets the fuck out of AKB stuff
    -NMB does not invade AKB
    -AKB doesn't disband
    -Mayuyu gets a photobook (preferably similar to her kind of artsy solo shoots lately. Something cool and original instead of just bikinis.)
    -AKB come to Toronto or the east coast (since I wasn't allowed to go to NYAF)

    -9th gen are still up for kenkyuusei cuts
    -A lot of girls get cut
    -Any of my oshimen (lol I have 5) + team kenkyuusei (LOL WHAT AM I) graduate or get in a scandal or whatever other things that mean LEAVING THE GROUP
    -MAYU GRADUATES ;A;!!!!!!!!!!!
    -Sales decline rapidly
    -Sasshi continues to get pushed to the point of me disliking her
    -NMB invade AKB
    -NMB invade AKB at the same time as SKE
    -Nacchan gets pushed even further into the shadows
    -They go everywhere around the world but here
    -Warota 7 becomes permanent
    -They make me cry over even more things (and not in happiness)
    -9th gen essentially get shoved to the back of the teams they're added to
    -Yui's popularity decreases and ends up being like Aamin (unpopular yet pushed like crazy)

    -They'll hit 1mil with a special/gimmick single but their popularity will steadily decrease from then on
    -Chiichan, Mariko, Tomochin, Myao, Kana and maybe Yannu graduate (not necessarily all of them)
    -SKE keep invading AKB
    -NMB invade SKE
    -More generic pop singles
    -Another election of course, and hopefully some other tournament (idk if they'd do janken again)
    -Some crazy big announcement that nobody will see coming. Of course. XD

    there I think that's enough
  18. loveandcoffee

    loveandcoffee Kenkyuusei

    Jul 14, 2009
    -They come to central/Mediterranean Europe >_< Italy would still be the best for me XD, but being realistic, basically anyplace where low cost airlines fly to will be okay XD Paris again, London, Barcelona, Germany (like they recently had a TON of big Japanese concerts in Bochum ò_O)... I'd go.
    -Elections again, with voting coupon in the second single
    -Twin Towers take over the world and convert the non believers ♥
    -office48 subunit made of Sae, Sayaka and Yuka
    -Sayaka photobook ;_;
    -More theatre shows now that the teams lineup's got bigger
    -(this is like a pure distilled dream but) Sae + Sayaka duo unit in K7

    -Graduations amongst the less popular members ;_; (because they feel like they're wasted in AKB or stuff)
    -Scandals, as now they'll have paparazzi glued to them
    -AKB stops being mainstream
    -NMB is not successful ;_;
  19. oddball

    oddball Kenkyuusei

    Well I suppose the best way (well easiest anyway) is to just hope for more of the same in 2011 and that AKB continues to grow and keep being as succesful as they were last year.

    I would die of happiness if AKB came to the UK that is my biggest hope for this year...

    Well I suppose fears really are arounf the normal things, graduations and scandals, both of which are unforunatly going to happen at some point or another, with them becoming ever more poplular I fear it may only be a matter of time before a scandal of some sort cause one of the girls to leave AKB or one of the other groups, Sayaka's scandal was definatly a warning shot of things that may come and although she kinda half doged the bullet, other may not be as lucky...

    Graduations, though sad are inevitable and with the girls becoming more popular the agencies they are with could put presuure on them to move on, someone like Itano for example could be a prime choice for this as she is mega popular at the moment, not just for her music but also for her fashion styles etc, with the release of a solo aswell, I just wonder if the solo is a big hit will she and her agencey think that she needs to move on from AKB?...
  20. KoopaCandy

    KoopaCandy Kenkyuusei

    Jun 23, 2009
    These. <3

    In addition;
    - Sayaka returning to Captaincy and getting her butt back into senbatsu where she belongs.
    - This year's election being less predictable ( :awesome: )
    - SKE finally having enough publicity to stop getting shoved into AKB singles and rock their own jams.
    - Nishishi staying in SKE senbatsu/ larger senbatsu lineup for future SKE singles.
    - S4 (with better units than S3).
    - E1 = B3.
    - SKE will finally start releasing LODs.
    - NMB will be amazing.
    - Another concert in the US, preferably in New York and preferably with more chances to meet the senbatsu ladies. Oh, also BRING MORE TEAM B THIS TIME. And Shiichan.

    - Sayaka will graduate.
    - Nishishi will graduate (especially before I get to see her live... I've had nightmares about this, ha ha..).
    - ...Anyone I like will graduate.
    - NMB will get placed in AKB singles
    - SKE will go back to 7nin senbatsu and release lame singles.

    I don't know, it's Aki-p. Surprise wa arimasen. [speechless]

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