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  1. maload

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    May 14, 2020
    okay kingly ..

    i think i found some king here and i dont care about shit on internet .
    dont try to teach me
    just warning .
    when lot of shit stay together then i called it big shit .
    i dont think that you can think any more ...
    okay you can comment too. wow amazingggg

    o i see lot of commment that start like this

    sush as i am oshii ***** for 10 years and i support nogizaka46 for 9 years....

    i think i will acts like this too . its fun.

    lets begin ....

    since i am nogizaka46 s supportor for 8 months then i am so confused.

    i have read minani s statement and i really happy now.

    minami have been writed on the blog and i have been read .

    i am so happy now.

    as you might know that i am happy so i can not busy with some shit here ...

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  2. lisght

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    Oct 1, 2020
    It is not, but have you live in Japan or researched how they live in Japan?.
    The background for that culture, yes idol is a culture, has it's own history and even dark one. Live in there becoming harder ever since japanese bubble popped. And I mean raising a family and property prices that are unreasonable for many of them. When there is market, business thrieve. They offer more affordable alternative for them, and it works. Don't even ask me about work culture of salarymen. It almost stated like why some African countries are poor, why don't they just work.

    I can't relate on what degree of delusion are you talking since I cant find much of the delusional that match your characteristic on twitter since i follow the news.
    I am sorry if i am being harsh but her only selling point is her imouto chara. Doing that for 10 years and you will attract more creepy fans and it would become her trademark. Many creeps would become a loyal fans for 10 years with monotone chara. I am sorry, I oshied minami too but look at Asuka, she was imouto chara too but she took nanase's role and now the ace. And the expectation for this type of imouto chara is those things. If she fed up with this then graduate. She should developed more oneesan chara with growing number of juniors, but it seems she craves for attention. She got that on her BF, congratulation.

    Back to cultural background, idols culture in japan started when groups of students fed up with students movement then held concerts and events. So japanese sees idols as kids who are growing to be artists. They can stop if they already acheived their goals. In korea, idol group started from seotaeji, so it was started as pro artist and had been treated as professional artists.
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  3. nogijinja

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    Mar 24, 2018
    Before the discussion on this issue becomes too serious, after much thought I have found the perfect solution to this problem which will undoubtedly make everyone happy.

    Management should immediately impose a strict "No Dating Outside the Group" policy.

    This has a range of advantages:
    • Drama...
      • Confessions!
      • Rejections!
      • Triangles! Possibly higher-order polygons!
    • Bunshun can't tell if its work or a date.
    • Yakubo will be delighted.
    • N46 LLC can sell couple-themed merchandise.
    • Wotas can argue about pairings as well as individual members.
    • Commercial revenues increased as legions of yuri doujinshi fans start following the group.
    The possibilities are endless.

    There could even be an official "Maria-sama ga mite iru"-style petite-soeur relation for senpais and the incoming generation. The only downside I can really think of is that café takings in Roppongi might fall slightly because CEOs' sons don't have the same incentive to hang around there any more.
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  4. bananaboy

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    Apr 24, 2018
    arita factory parlour
    but, but that will be Haram :nosebleed:
  5. lisght

    lisght Kenkyuusei

    Oct 1, 2020
    Let's send this proposal to Konno-san lmao
  6. gish0046

    gish0046 Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Feb 4, 2019
    This is true.

    Although I think its worth mentioning that this isn't really a phenomenon that's unique to idols. Young actors and actresses often get a similar treatment, though usually not to the degree of idols.
    Bizarrely, voice actors seem to get this treatment just as bad as idols, if not worse. Their fans are crazy. And its like "Why?" They're just voice actors.

    But its like in Japan, and probably in the rest of Asia, you have like a certain expectation of behavior if you're in a public position and you get backlash if you behave inappropriately for whatever your position is. Politicians, actors, athletes, etc.
    Sumo wrestlers have it the toughest, honestly. I'd much rather live under the "restrictions" of being an idol than be an aspiring sumo wrestler. You'd really have to love sumo with all your heart to be able to put up with that.
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  7. TargaK

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    Aug 8, 2018
    Good idea but sadly this concept is already taken by snh48 and we would have a hard time competing

  8. oompaoloompa

    oompaoloompa Kenkyuusei

    Sep 1, 2019
    You agree that it's not rational, healthy behavior but you try to justify that this is how things should remain given the economic challenges that these individuals face? Where's the rationale in having financial struggles but spending what limited disposable income they have on a misled fantasy in an attempt to fill the void that is their loneliness. You say it works but how true and how sustainable is this happiness?

    I have no idea where you're trying to go with that African analogy but this is nothing like asking poor people to work. This is pointing out the fact that there's nothing healthy in spending what little you have on an idea (like having a fantastical connection with a "pure" girl), and when that idea no longer appears to be true, proceed to become outraged. No one forced them to grow overly attached to an idol. No one forced them to spend money on them. They've simply allowed themselves to become so lost in a fantasy that they struggle to accept reality once it hits them.
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  9. miwa

    miwa Kenkyuusei

    Feb 9, 2019
    Sasaki Mirei
    I agree. While I don't approve of it, I can understand the reaction by fans when idols get into relationships, whether they're kpop or jpop idols. Both industries love to foster parasocial relationships that create that faux closeness between idol and fan. But for the life of me I'll never understand why actors, or in Japan's case voice actors too, dating is considered a "scandal".
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  10. orangemint

    orangemint Kenkyuusei

    Dec 19, 2017
    Koyabu Kazutoyo
    With voice actors a lot of them are marketed in similar ways as idols. There are popular seiyuu idol units (a lot of them are from idol anime series with the VAs performing as their characters but some are just formed with the VAs themselves) and a lot of them have singing careers. They will also have events, appear in magazines, release photobooks, do radio/tv shows etc., so a lot of fans form connections with them in the same way idol fans do.
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  11. ikki

    ikki Kenkyuusei

    Feb 8, 2017
    Haven't been keeping up with nogi as religiously of late so i'm late to the party but here i am back again. My take on this is good for her if she's happy. Whether she continue or graduate she have my full support. My only gripe with the situation is

    been meaning to sell all/most of her merch since quite a while back (like boxes of her photosets) but now this happen.. minami wai u do dis T__T
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  12. lisght

    lisght Kenkyuusei

    Oct 1, 2020
    Then change it, i will be benefited too if your idea can lower properties price in tokyo and osaka and also the cost of raising a family. If whatever proposal you will make can do that, no market for these kind of industry as they can have home and raise a happy family, problem solved. But if you only all talk then keep talking, they keep making money with them.

    Japanese market are very big, only humbled by American entertainment industry and lately China. And guess what, these overly attached and overly spending people are the ones who can give money in significant amount for japanese idols and their companies. Not some foreigners who push their foreign ideology on them but failed to buy their CDs regularly or attending their events.

    Why I keep opposition on you, because you are not realistic. Only accusing people to be delusional and unhealthy behavior, but what lies beyond that are alien to you. It is like accusing some country are poor and they had to work, but you failed to reasoning that their land is hot in war.

    These kind of scandals are frequent in entertainment industry moreover in idols industry. The ones who want to enter it must realize it. All the reactions and consequences if they do scandals should always calculated by them or their company. If you want to change that then start a petition or something. It won't work as effective as KPop though but no hurt in trying.

    Thats all, I wish Hoshino Minami for the best. I want to thank her for the memories, but it seems her graduation is close, So i will take the luxury in oshi-ing other member and attend her handshake event later.

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  13. oompaoloompa

    oompaoloompa Kenkyuusei

    Sep 1, 2019
    What on earth are you going on about? How are property prices and the cost of raising a family relevant to this discussion? You keep bringing up the economy as justification for lonely fans to lose themselves into idol fandom, as if this would bring them sustained happiness.

    I'm well aware that these obsessed fans are the bread and butter of the idol industry. From a business perspective, yeah, it makes perfect sense to milk the hell out of these vulnerable fans. To be completely frank, I couldn't care less what another person does with their money. However, idol groups like Nogizaka are owned and run by wealthy conglomerates, so I have no reason to look at the industry solely from their perspective. My issue with their approach is that this love ban caters to delusional fans and only serves to encourage extreme and unhealthy behavior.

    How am I not being realistic and how am I pushing foreign ideology on the industry? I'm on an online discussion forum full of other foreign fans questioning the notion of having a love ban. The problem I have with your responses is the fact that you are gate-keeping. You refuse to acknowledge whether there's anything wrong with the way the industry works and simply want to project the idea that this is the way things are and this is the way things will be.

    No thanks. I'm not here to actively instill changes to the industry. I'm more than content debating with the likes of you who feel that there's nothing that needs to be changed.
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  14. Cristafari

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    Sep 10, 2008
    Saitama, Japan
    Iwasa Misaki
    A friendly reminder...

    First off, we welcome all opinions on this forum, including unpopular opinions. Everyone here is entitled to share their views. It does not matter where one lives, or how long they have been a fan. That said....

    There are a few of you here who keep hammering the same opinion here over and over. Endlessly repeating one's point is not an effective way to make a point, and it annoys the other users. State your opinion, and be done with it. Stop trying so hard to be right.

    Finally, we have seen multiple instances of double posting over the past few days. This is against forum rules. If you have more to say, you must either a) edit your previous post, b) wait for another user to respond before responding again, or c) wait 24 hours. Given the recent activity of this thread, this shouldn't be difficult.

    Thank you.
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  15. Gofindnova

    Gofindnova Upcoming Girls

    Apr 18, 2019
    This is a pretty great segment that I encourage anyone interested in the dating ban to watch:
    It’s from a 2017 variety show that includes Sashihara Rino, where they vote whether the dating ban is “just” or “evil.” Most of the audience and all panelists besides Sasshi vote “evil.” Also, in the years after this show, Sasshi has expressed negative views toward the dating ban too. So which culture exactly are we respecting?

    Well, maybe non-idol entertainers have a vested interest in protecting entertainers’ rights. That audience is a tiny sample size. Surely the “Japanese people” accept dating bans.
    Let me drop some (statistically probabilistic) knowledge:
    81% oppose dating ban
    19% support dating ban
    87% oppose dating ban
    13% support dating ban
    (2015 online survey of 1684 people, age 20s to 60s)

    72% idols dating is fine
    ??% idols dating is not good (not specified but presumably 28%)
    (2015 online survey of 500 Oricon site members, age 10s to 60s)

    72% they should be free to date
    14% support the dating ban
    9% it’s better if they date
    5% other
    (2015 online survey of 413 working adults)

    61% no dating ban
    29% fine either way
    10% yes dating ban
    (2015 online survey of 5682 Johnny’s idol fans)

    74% it’s fine if there’s no dating ban
    26% it’s better if there’s a dating ban
    (2016 online survey of 202 male college students)

    Do you want a dating ban for idol groups?
    56% No
    44% Yes
    Do you want a dating ban for Nogizaka46?
    64% No
    36% Yes
    (2019 Twitter survey of 154 people)

    40% idols should be free to date, dating ban is unnecessary
    24% dating ban is necessary, but it’s OK if they’re not caught or there’s an apology
    22% if it won’t lose members, then dating ban is unnecessary
    14% dating ban is necessary, breaking it is inexcusable
    (2020 online survey of 844 fans of 46/48 idols)

    • The Japanese term is renai kinshi 恋愛禁止 which means a ban on romantic love. I translated it as “dating ban” and “dating,” but the surveys are more accurately about “having romantic relationships.”
    • I googled for opinion surveys and looked at the top results. I didn’t include more recent surveys because I didn’t find any.
    • Verification methods are not specified in most articles, so respondents probably just self-identified as fans, students, etc.
    • Yes, Johnny’s fans are different, I just included that survey for reference.
    In the absence of better evidence, it looks like the average Japanese person does not support the dating ban, and opinion is quite split even among idol fans.

    Of course, the idol industry is kept afloat by the obsessed fans, and many or most of the whale consumers like the dating ban. I’m not saying you can’t argue the economics prevent change, I’m just saying you can’t bypass the issue by saying we should respect Japanese people or wotas. Speaking of the international perspective, I’ve also seen comments, both wota and non-wota, say the dating ban should be lifted because it embarrasses Japan internationally.
    Yeah, Ringo’s scandal pushed her to the back row and it took her ~5 singles to return to second row. I’m not sure Minami would’ve stayed 5 more singles even without this scandal.

    Incidentally, I believe when Sayuringo had her scandal, she said something like Minami was the only member who still approached her like normal, took pictures with her, etc. Asuka has said about Minami, “She can treat all members with the same attitude.” I think/hope the 1ki will extend their compassion, but I wonder if kouhai will resent her backstage.
    It depends on what you mean by enforce. J-idol managements have clearly punished members for dating before. The Japanese courts have disagreed about official dating bans in contracts, but there’s a decent chance they wouldn’t legally hold up today.

    Aki-P has said there’s no official dating ban in 46/48 groups, Fukugawa Mai has also said there’s no ban in 46. That would mean the “dating ban” is an unofficial understanding between fans and management, whereby management advertises a certain image, fans get outraged, management responds as it sees fit, fans respond, etc. So management can give no punishment if they feel they can get away with it, since there is no mandated policy. But they also can and do punish, because they have lots of leeway in how they treat idols.
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  16. kira7x

    kira7x Kenkyuusei

    Jan 26, 2016
    I just wish they were honest with it, like Macharin once said "let's divide the girls in two groups, the ones who will never date and the ones who are probably dating". Then i'd have absolutely no issue with girls dating.

    These surveys are full of casuals, a better one would be asking the guys who buy 50+ handshake tickets, then we would have a better understanding about the impact of dating.
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  17. Halyup

    Halyup Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Dec 20, 2016
    Whether Kouhais would resent Her (Hoshino) is still remain to be seen .

    But after Yanchan Bunshun scoop , Most of the senpais gave her the cold atmosphere (Its evident last tour when Yan chan mentioned that Momoko is the only senpai that initiate talk with her ) .

    In Bubka interview by Ume , She said that 1ki Ikoma and Reika used to remind 3ki about the rules and others ,

    And she also said that 4ki hasnt been reminded that much , thats why its her and 3ki's responsibility to guide them .

    But this time , its the senpai who cause the incident .
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    NEVBOSS Kenkyuusei

    Feb 7, 2019
    北川ワールド のファン
    Ozono Rei
    Strictly speaking about Nogizaka. I believe active member shouldn't have actual relationship. If they yearn for actual relationship, they should pursue it after leaving the group, not as an idol. This point made by Raveen is very easy to understand, rated very positively.

    I for instance not a Hoshino fan, if anything you can say I don't like her unprofessionalism ever since Nogidoko, even now. The reason being how Nogizaka as a whole portrayed, my first encounter with the group was in late 2018, it was MV of Sayoimi, the group has the gentle air around it, filled with kindness and proper ojou-sama vibe. All those qualities were reflected in their work: music, choreo & outfits. However, if there's something disrupting that overall image, as a fan, I personally don't enjoy that. Someone mentioned that the girls are replaceable, that is very true, they will all eventually leave for their own reason, for that, instead of protecting the individuals (that no longer fit the group image), I'm more about protecting the group image and people who can maintain it. I wish Nogizaka to remain possessing pure, clean, refined image. Through and through.

    As I read to the latest, I see how some people saying that, the reason that some fans disagree with the girl having actual relationship while being an active idol is because the mentioned person are: weirdo, creep, lonely person, never date or have delusion for the girls. While there's no doubt such characteristic definitely exist, there are also fans who cheer for the individual or the group and doesn't belong to that category, yet still against the idea of having active members having relationship. As someone had mentioned, being an idol is a stepping stone for the girls to achieve their original goal, be that an actress, entertainer or anything else. To get to the point they currently are and where they wanted to be, it's obvious that the girls are putting their efforts, tremendous one and for that, there are fans who feel discontent, when the idols they are supporting, hoping them to reach their goal by showing growth single-handedly decided take side course when they were expected to develop themselves. I believe you should also consider that aspect, instead of grouping up everyone that against dating as a creep or such.

    I remember there one time Himura called out Hoshino, perhaps it the Ideal Wife episode(?). Where they filled the questionnaire & all Hoshino's answer are wrong and the member will say "KAWAIIII~" then Himura retorted, because you guys keep saying "she's cute, she's cute.", she's become the way she is (not having a single anwer correct, a bad example). Looking at overall members growth among 1ki, I'd say that Hoshino might have the lowest growth, as someone mentioned her imouto/ cutie chara, is all she relies on these 10 years. It's fine, however, it also prevents her from showing growth. My discontent in her peaked in recent ep. where they disclosed the questionnaire for Bclass news and compared Asuka's neat compiled questionnaire to Hoshino's 2 puny news. I'm well aware Hoshino might be putting effort in her own way the best she could, however being displayed next to her fellow 1ki, both had the impression of not putting effort where they made to run a campaign together, the distant growth between the two is just plainly vast.

    To wrap up, if Hoshino do feel like choosing her love (which likely the case & I wish she does, for the better or worse), I sincerely happy for her, however it would be better if all these mess didn't occur, and she just waited to make it public after graduation, she'd have a glorious graduation retaining her pure imouto chara of Nogizaka & the group wouldn't be garnered attention in a bad light.
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  19. oompaoloompa

    oompaoloompa Kenkyuusei

    Sep 1, 2019
    Thanks for having a much more reasonable take on this subject. If I may ask, what if an idol is a capable of displaying growth and professionalism by showing full effort in working towards their goal whilst maintaining a healthy and happy relationship without the knowledge of the fans? (This may very well be the case for some of the popular girls who have already graduated)

    Taking the creeps and overly obsessed fans out of the equation, from the perspective of a reasonable and rationale fan, does the knowledge of having their favorite idol being in a relationship suddenly make them less appealing? If their persona and effort is the core motivation for supporting a specific girl, what reason would there be for a fan to get angry if their work is unaffected? If it's the tarnishing of their "pure" image that's a concern, then there is obviously motive beyond wanting to see growth and professionalism.

    You're right in that categorizing those who are against dating into the same boat as the creeps and delusional fans, isn't fair. I'm just curious then as to what they would have against dating that would prevent them from supporting an idol who continues to work hard at work but is also able to enjoy personal growth during their private time by being in a happy relationship?

    This situation with Hoshino is not a simple matter because it involves the possibility of being unprofessional (by missing work to enjoy her private time) AND the subject of dating. If she skipped out on work to meet up with female friends instead, would it have made the news? If the news did report on her poor professionalism, wouldn't the bad image be reflective of her as an individual rather than the group? This made the news more so for the fact that she got caught dating rather than her poor professionalism.

    Let's say she didn't skip work but did go on dates during her own free time, would she still be considered a bad senpai? Would it still be bad for business if it's just her professionalism that was questioned and not the groups'?
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  20. unknownsensei

    unknownsensei Kenkyuusei

    Jan 21, 2020
    At this point, you guys are just endlessly repeating the same opinions again and again. Will u guys win something or what, take some breather will ya.
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