Ichiki Rena (Renarin) / 1st gen

Discussion in 'Nogizaka46 Graduated Members' started by kimunlimited, Feb 19, 2012.

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    Nov 30, 2017
    Sasaki Kotone
    Her being a soon-to-be Nihon Terebi's announcer will be a huge achievement for the Nogizaka46 family. I am so happy that Nogi's graduates tend to do well post-Nogizaka! I think all members have their own talents that can be contributed to the group as a whole :D

    And I can see Rena and Karin being a newscaster one day. Both of them are smart. Oh, and also Chiharu. I hope Karin has a University degree so she can advance her career (if that's essential in Japan). Karin entered Nogizaka when she was 20 years old if not mistaken, so she could've gone for tertiary education though there was no info as such so I'm not sure

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