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Discussion in 'Hinatazaka46 Graduated Members' started by ForrestFuller, May 11, 2016.

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    Damn! Her last minutes on HinaAi were hard to watch. She looked like a mother (mama) who lost her children. Almost as bad as the "famous" video from Minegishi Minami. At least she gave us a little smile at the end. - To be honest, I think the HinaAi staff send a message to the fans and especially Seed&Flower management. Filmed in her film set, which reflected their and her love for the group, a film set which can only be compared to NMB48 Geinin!, and then Mao without make-up. They definitly do not like the decision of the management to make her graduate and I think this is their way to slap management into the face for this decision.
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