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    Nishino Nanase
    Congrats Ikoma! It's a big deal for her.
    I'm really happy to see the girls are so active to continue their journey after graduated from group.
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    Sasaki Kotoko
    Is she perhaps the busiest Nogi grad out of all?
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    Ikoma Rina
    More info on the Kamen Rider movie:
    Ikoma is casted as Time Jacker Finis, who aims to change the world history of Kamen Rider. In order to prevent the 'Daybreak' (a large-scale explosion accident that occured in the HumaGear Operation City) that occured 12 years ago, she suddenly appeared from the future to the world of Zero-One with 'Another Zero-One'.

    Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/toeiHERO_movie

    Akatsuki no Yona:
    Message from Ikoma Rina, Yabe Masaki, Jinnai Sho

    EIm6SRnUYAEznOM.jpg EImqXblU4AAkdRQ.jpg EIhgp9kU4AAz1bc.jpg
    Source: 1, 2, 3

    From Yamatani Kasumi's twitter:
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    trailer Kamen Rider Zero One Movie: Reiwa First Generation

    cr uploader thx
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    Mar 28, 2016
    Ikoma Rina
    Akatsuki no Yona Stage Play

    IMG_20191119_112908.jpg IMG_20191119_112630.jpg
    IMG_20191119_115446.jpg IMG_20191119_112617.jpg IMG_20191119_113019.jpg IMG_20191119_113000.jpg IMG_20191119_112954.jpg IMG_20191119_112838.jpg IMG_20191119_112610.jpg IMG_20191119_112830.jpg IMG_20191119_112828.jpg IMG_20191119_112821.jpg
    Source: 1, 2, 3, 4

    IMG_20191119_112233.jpg IMG_20191119_112512.jpg


    IMG_20191119_111852.jpg IMG_20191119_113006.jpg IMG_20191119_112714.jpg IMG_20191119_112643.jpg IMG_20191119_112555.jpg IMG_20191119_112440.jpg
    Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

    Moma no Kasei Tankeki Stage Play
    IMG_20191119_112738.jpg IMG_20191119_111842.jpg IMG_20191119_111846.jpg IMG_20191119_111844.jpg

    Modelpress Interview
    IMG_20191119_114700.jpg IMG_20191119_114702.jpg IMG_20191119_114709.jpg Rj2ZWeuUBgPQEHdQjZuyOw1SMjawguj9rHfZ81Fk3Jc.jpg TY9XtETAOWG5AjVe7pK4K3G04ueiyx43KpzwSM74F4g.jpg
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    Miyawaki Sakura
    Ikoma appears 0:49

    Love this girl even more now lol (Giving that she loves Kamen Rider W).
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    Reading, England
    Komiyama Haruka
    Akatsuki no Yona media event:

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    Mar 28, 2016
    Ikoma Rina
    Kamen Rider: Reiwa The First Generation Movie Trailer (English Sub)
    15 sec ver: https://twitter.com/toeiHERO_movie/status/1203471692850327552

    Kannai Devil (Ikoma Rina & Yabe Masaki) (191028 - 191101)

    Akatsuki no Yona ~Noroshi no Inori-hen~ Stage Play 2019
    Part 1:
    Part 2: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av78321371

    Futtou Word! 10 (180926) English Sub
    *If anyone still remembers her collaboration with the bamboo shoots (takenoko) king, this is her last collaboration with him, also doubles as her graduation (from Nogizaka46) special. This is an old episode that was subbed recently.

    Stage Play Announcement:
    Ikoma Rina will co-star with Ikeda Junya in the En*geki mystery-solving stage play, -4D-imetor-. The play was written and directed by Ikeda Junya himself and it will run on May 2020, in Tokyo and Osaka. More details about the play will be announced later.
    Official website

    TV Life Magazine:

    Shuukan FLASH Magazine:

    SHETHREE Instagram:
    EKiGE2uUYAAdqFm.jpg EKiGFxmVUAIdzF5.jpg ELawzCPUUAEQy48.jpg

    Koi wo Yomu vol. 2 Recitation Play (Osaka)
    ELLI7XtUUAIFgza.jpg ELLI7X4UUAE4gAX.jpg

    Moma no Kasei Tankeki

    Tsumori Mikoto's Instagram:

    Sando no korega Tōhoku tamashīda
    The show will be broadcasted on TBS on 26th January 2020.
    Source: 1, 2
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    Mar 28, 2016
    Ikoma Rina
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    Mar 28, 2016
    Ikoma Rina
    Meringue no Kimochi (191221)

    *Another show with Ikoma and Renarin together!:inlove::inlove: (This is the third time I guess?)
    • Ikoma is obsessed with baby videos on youtube, she followed a youtube channel where she said that she has been watching and following the baby before he was even born (Cue Okubo shouting that someone messed up/dangerous came to the studio today lol).
    • She doesn't really have any interest in idol before joining Nogizaka, and she barely know about that 'idol' world (the only idol she knew was AKB and she only knew as much as general public knows and that's about it).
    • She used to commute from Akita every week for lessons before living at the dorm (total 10 hours of commute, commuting from her home to the train station took one hour).
    • Renarin first impression of her was her stoop when she sits. Ikoma's akita-ben also surprised her since it was her first time hearing the dialect.
    • When they asked whether Renarin has any secret about Ikoma, she said that she doesn't have any but told them that her hengao's level is high, and not idol-like at all.
    • Ikoma loves to encourage Renarin to get a love life since her career as announcer allows her to interact with all sorts of people. Both of them are currently not in any love relationship right now though.
    • Ikoma's type of men among the people in the entertainment industry are actors Takahashi Issei, Gou Ayano and Dean Fujioka.
    • Things that changed after her graduated:
      • Her casual clothes decreased dramatically since there's no handshake events. Now she only has 3 pants and 7 tops (not including outerwear), she just shuffled between what she has when she went out. She doesn't really buy clothes anymore. She also doesn't bring any bag when she went outside, and just stored everything in her pockets.
      • She saves a lot more money now, as she thinks that there is a possibility that she will get no job offers someday.
    • The studio hosts and guests were really impressed with her mother's age (she's 45)
    • Questionnaires answers from her mother:
      • What is something that your daughter does that make you laugh lately: "When we go out shopping the other day, I said to her that I wouldn't live forever, and she starts acting like a child saying "I don't want it!".
      • If your daughter gets married, what kind of man that you want her to marry? - "Someone who will protect and supports of what Rina wants to do. If someone like Saito Takumi or Suzuki Ryouhei became my son-in-law, mother would be really happy:)". They commented that it shows how young her mother is[hehe]. Ikoma added that Saito Takumi appeared in her mother's dream as well.

    Kamen Rider: Reiwa The First Generation

    Battle Scene Teaser:

    *Finis wasn't directly involved in the battle, but she appeared in this video

    Mantan Web & Pocket Shonen Magazine Interview:
    EMOWwpYUcAAzfNT.jpg EMOWw0wU0AIwtM0.jpg EMOWw7lUUAAcf0_.jpg EMOWxC2VAAILWr8.jpg
    • Ikoma favourite Kamen Rider series is Kamen Rider Double (Kamen Rider W) because she like its smart appearance and colour use. Her other favourites are Kuuga and Agito, which she finds cool.
    • She was really happy when she got the offer (to play Finis), since she could finally follow the footstep of Watanabe Shu, her senior in entertainment industry who is also from Akita who also acted in Kamen Rider series before this (IIRC they mentioned that their parents were neighbours in an interview last year).
    • If she is given another chance to act in the tokusatsu series, she wants to try the role that have the 'henshin' sequence.
    • When she acted as Finis, the director told her that Finis is a genderless character. (This can be seen where Finis's another one form was voiced by a male actor).
    • When asked if the future where thing like 'Humagear' would be a reality, she said that there's possibility for it to happen, and compared it to what happened in Terminator movie. Her reasoning was mainly based on how AI is widely used nowadays.
    • Ikoma interacted the most with Kamen Rider Zi-O casts since they have a lot of scenes together, and she particularly relates and symphatizes with Okuno Sou (Tokiwa Sougo) who was immediately casted in Kamen Rider Zero-One right after winning the 30th Junon Superboy Contest (similar with how Ikoma passed Nogizaka46 audition).
    • She is still in frequent contacts with Nogizaka members since she is still with the same office/agency. The other day Ikuchan came to her and asked why Ikoma doesn't go to watch her play yet since Ikoma's mother and brother already went to watch it.
    Source & Full Interview: Mantan Web, Pocket Shonen Magazine

    Stage Greeting:
    EMR_fnEU8AAMAUm.jpg EMR_fnDUwAEr0j8.jpg


    Moma no Kasei Tankeki

    Dwango News Interview:
    EMnw6JaU4AAUiuZ.jpg EMnw8ilVAAAYDxK.jpg EMnw_B4UwAAAiw-.jpg EMnxYniU4AA_Pbi.jpg
    Full Interview
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    Apr 5, 2018
    Akimoto Manatsu
    Japanese TV drama Chuzai Keiji today announces the first confirmed line-up of special guest stars who will be joining the new season:

    • Episode 1's guest stars: Ikoma Rina, Takashima Reiko, Raiku
    • Episode 2's guest stars: Izumiya Shigeru, Iriki Mari
    Chuzai Keiji Season 2 will begin airing on TV Tokyo on 24 January 2020 (20:00 JST).

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    Mar 28, 2016
    Ikoma Rina
    PHANTOM WORDS Stage Play Digest

    Chuzai Keiji
    As @Fab-Nogi46 stated above, Ikoma will be one of the guest casts of the drama Chuuzai Keiji (Resident Detective) Season 2 Episode 1. The episode will be broadcasted on 24th January at 8pm JST on TV Tokyo.
    Episode 1 Synopsis:

    Ikoma Rina's comment translation: https://twitter.com/peachykoma/status/1210400520059273217?s=20
    P/S: @peachykoma is a new Ikoma's fan account that provide translation for things like her interview and IG updates. Translation for her latest interview for Moma no Kasei Tankeki can also be found there.

    Ikoma Rina Best 3 Movies of 2019
    • Joker
    • The Dark Knight (this one was actually released in 2008 lol)
    • Kingdom
    She said that she likes Harley Quinn's portrayal of Joker. The reason why the dark knight was in the list is because she watched that movie (together with Suicide Squad) as preparation to watch Joker.
    Comment translation: https://twitter.com/peachykoma/status/1210572806401871873
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    Where dead angels lie
    Higuchi Hina
    Happy Birthday Ikoma-chan!

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    Sep 21, 2018
    Happy birthday Ikoma-chan!
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    Apr 24, 2018
    Happy birthday ikoma!
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    Up the creek.
    The Ikuta Erika
    Happy birthday!
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    Jan 27, 2019
    <3 Nishino Nanase <3
    Happy birthday!
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    Mar 16, 2019
    渡邉 理佐 / 西野 七瀬
    Happy birthday Ikoma-chan! :)

    She is one of the first I noticed in Nogi and I absolutely love her yama-no-oji san character, so adorable!
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    Aug 13, 2019
    belated happy birthday Ikoma-chan!
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    Mar 28, 2016
    Ikoma Rina
    Happy Belated Birthday Ikoma-chan!!:ome:

    Her birthday celebration with Shonen Shachu company (Moma no Kasei Tankeki) yesterday:
    EM9M01cU4AINrnw.jpg EM88vewUwAA8_Sy.jpg
    Source: 1, 2

    Birthday message to her from friends and staffs:
    Shinobu Mouri's twitter:
    Aoyama Yuuki's twitter:
    EM8NtRJU4AAnxYl.jpg EM8NtRKUYAEDGsA.jpg
    Naito Honoka's twitter:
    EM6niqCUwAAKBzm.jpg EM6njNtUwAAW6OB.jpg
    Yamaya Kasumi's Instagram story:
    Translation: https://twitter.com/peachykoma/status/1211109054547775488?s=20

    Dempagumi Fujisaki Ayane's Instagram Story:

    ModelPress Interview
    EM8_neuUcAEB_qi.jpg EM8_nekU4AE_WFL.jpg EM8_nekUEAEvEZx.jpg EM8_nezU8AE7D_8.jpg
    Translation: 1, 2, 3

    She made an announcement on her Instagram yesterday:
    It has been decided that she will have her own original t-shirt sale! More details will be announced on her official website on January 2020.
    She hoped that fans can wear it when they go to her play etc. She also asked for fans to use/search the hashtag #いこまちゃんTシャツ.
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