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    Mar 28, 2016
    Ikoma Rina
    IKOMACHANNEL New Video - (Ikonon) Girl's Night Out with Maeda Nozomi! Also Talks about Next Collaboration

    * Finally an Ikonon combi! And they're still close as ever!

    Kagami no Kojou (Enbu December 2020)

    Monochross#1 Online Talk
    EmJMHx_VoAIKcv9.jpg EmJWzAyU0AES4eg.jpg
    Up Up Girls (2) Yoshikawa Mayu came as surprise guest! Archive delivery can be purchased here and access is open until 18th November.

    Monochross Online Store
    Monochross fanclub opened its online store after the online talk. Merchandise available for purchase includes T-shirt, keychain, tote bag and desktop calendar. The purchase is open only to fanclub members.
    Online store: https://store.plusmember.jp/monochros/
    - P/S: If there's anyone from Malaysia interested to order but has no fanclub account, you can DM me for purchase before 19th November.
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    Mar 28, 2016
    Ikoma Rina
    IKOMACHANNEL New Video - (Ikonon) Nozomi Maeda gave her a makeover with the popular ChaiBorg makeup! (Collaboration)

    Shuuyaku no isu wa ore no isu

    Episode 9:

    Episode 10:

    NHK I'm seriously aiming for Ig Nobel Prize! (201120)

    * One of the guest, Prof. Kiyoshi Mabuchi (who won the Ig Nobel Prize in Physics in 2014 for frictional coefficient of banana skin) was introduced as a huge fan of her. I guess he was the same person who got shy around her in the same show before this:hehe:.

    KERA'S CROSS 'Chameleon's Lip' Stage Play
    * Ikoma Rina will star as the heroine in the KERA'S CROSS Stage Play, Chameleon's Lip. This is her second project with KERA, the first one was the Inumen stage play.
    * The play will start in April 2021 at Theater 1010 and Hibiya Theater Creation in Tokyo. More performances are being scheduled to be performed in Osaka and Nagoya in mid-May. Source

    List of Ikoma upcoming projects in 2021:
    • DisGOONie Vol. 9 - GHOST WRITER Stage Play (January)
    • KERA'S CROSS - Chameleon's Lip Stage Play (April - May)
    • En*Geki 4D-Imetor Stage Play (August)
    • Movie 'Hikari wo oikakete' (Release date TBA)
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    Maeda Nozomi's side of the Ikonon collab
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    【ASMR】Rina Ikoma、Eating the Akita specialty.。
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