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IZONE News and Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'AKB48 News & Releases' started by ForrestFuller, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. Iz*One48

    Iz*One48 Kenkyuusei

    Jan 11, 2019
    To think that whole this mess is happened during Korean promotional period which lead to cancellation of promotional activities in Korea makes me wonder if there is someone behind this which use this specific time to ensure maximum damage.
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  2. biboloxo

    biboloxo Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Dec 21, 2012
    Nishino Nanase
    Well, it happened exactly the same with X1 and their debut single which is all just “a coincidence”.
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  3. rka

    rka Future Girls Stage48 Donor

    Jan 19, 2013
    My Mom's basement
    Tanigawa Airi
    I got some people who disagreed with my suggestion. Would some people here prefer if IZ*ONE would be disbanded? Or with specific parts of my posts? Genuinely interested.
  4. echibrat

    echibrat Kenkyuusei

    Jun 15, 2017
    More speculations from online https://danmee.jp/knews/k-pop/produce48-suspicion/
    Comment from Kim Doah during produce48:
    "Is Produce finally being fair? Or so I thought but in the end..."

    (Mod edit: removed oversized photo)
    Her expression when she was called as 23rd, people inferring the grin meant she knew what was going on in the program and that it was expected. + meaningful speech "Thank you for giving me a high rank even though I didn't get much screentime"
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  5. bonjourmarlene

    bonjourmarlene Upcoming Girls

    Mar 21, 2016
    I didn't give any kind of rating, but I do disagree with the IZ*TWO suggestion. Everything else I agree with
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  6. Mr. Take It Easy

    Mr. Take It Easy Kenkyuusei

    Sep 19, 2016
    West Hollywood, CA

    2nd Gen seems more doable. And double Asides for Japan. That’s the best strategy, but who knows what’s gonna happen.

    feeling bad for Sakura.
    Hitomi and Nako on the other side are fine.
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  7. Valdore

    Valdore Kenkyuusei

    Sep 5, 2019
    Ma Chia-Ling
    If (some of) the girls were found complicit, do you think that would ruin their careers?
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  8. ajma93632

    ajma93632 Kenkyuusei

    Aug 21, 2019
    Shiraishi Mai
    I think it's pretry obvious it would. But I think at most some members got the chance to learn the choreographies and songs before the rest. I can't imagine the girls being involved in the rigging.
  9. mikia

    mikia Kenkyuusei

    Mar 27, 2019
    At least in Korea, it would and I sorta think it should. I really hope they weren't really a big part of all of this.
  10. Iz*One48

    Iz*One48 Kenkyuusei

    Jan 11, 2019
    I don't think the main issue is "the group is rigged, so they should disband". There are two outcomes that might happen from this incident:

    1. The issue will be die out and business as usual.
    2. Iz*One will be like T-ara post-scandal, being exiled by KPop world.

    The main two main question are:

    1. If the second possibility happen, are Iz*One worth continuing until the end of their contract?
    2. Are your solutions will help to change the situation from second possibility to first possibility?
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  11. flutterbyu

    flutterbyu Kenkyuusei

    Aug 22, 2009
    Okada Nana
    I am so gutted about this. Really hope the album at least gets released eventually with all the work that was put into it.
  12. theobserver

    theobserver Upcoming Girls

    Nov 28, 2016
    Melbourne, Australia
    Takahashi Juri-Miyawaki Sakura
    Even if they were not, the stain is already there. Asia is not big on the idea of 'innocent till proven guilty'

    I feel for the KR line more as their post-IZONE future is more at stake
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  13. Henry Dill

    Henry Dill Kenkyuusei

    Oct 5, 2019
    For Nako is there no upside, even before this scandal. For Hitomi, being only 1 of 8 backup dancers, is better than being 1 of 50 backup dancers. For Sakura, if promotions are limited to Japan and with the stain by association, is there an upside?
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  14. Aka

    Aka Upcoming Girls

    Jan 4, 2013
    Sakaguchi "Tenshi" Nagisa
    Time to stan Yui.
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  15. GATX105

    GATX105 Kenkyuusei

    Jul 4, 2011
    I'm not sure that we should believe this complicit thing based on what's going around. If mnet can just manipulate the results, I'm not sure why there's a need to give preferred candidates these "small" advantages.
  16. sakurappu

    sakurappu Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Mar 23, 2015
    Sayaka ✈️ Moeka/Wonyoung
  17. biboloxo

    biboloxo Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Dec 21, 2012
    Nishino Nanase
    For now:

    - In Korea, the majority of general public are still support them. Of course, there are always a minority of people who spread the hate online. And since the hate usually get more notice then the love, outsider are thinking that IZ*ONE is over in Korea.

    - In Japan, as far as I know, both on TV and online news, the press seem to support them, saying that the problem is within the PD48 program, not IZ*ONE themselves. And as I can see, the majority of comments on Yahoo JP also support them.

    Well, that's for now. We still don't know yet what will happen after the upcoming monday.
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  18. Akusaiko

    Akusaiko Kenkyuusei

    Jul 28, 2016
    EOM the movie is also postponed :fp:
  19. lilwisper

    lilwisper Kenkyuusei

    Nov 9, 2016
    I really dislike this punishment of the ones not involved.
  20. welp

    welp Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Jun 18, 2017
    Mnet is discussing if IZ*One and X1 will be removed from MAMA's performer lineup.

    According to 'Newsis', Ahn Joon Young PD began accepting bribes from entertainment agencies in regard to his 'Produce' series since January of 2018 - approximately 5 months before the premiere of 'Produce 48', and approximately 6 months after the end of 'Produce 101' season 2.

    Police believe that the PD continuously received bribery in the form of drinking establishment services worth over 100 million KRW (over ~ 86,000 USD), from January of 2018 until July of this year, when 'Produce X 101' came to an end. The PD's drinking establishment services allegedly also included the presences of hostesses.

    Meanwhile, police are currently considering summoning contestants from 'Produce X 101' in order to carry out additional witness questionings.

    Now, since the bribe took place before the show started, I find it's hard to believe the rigging didn't start in an early round of the show.

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