Kawamura Yui (Kawayui)

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    Name: Kawamura Yui (川村 結衣)
    Nickname: KawaYui
    Birthdate: June 18, 2006
    Hometown: Hokkaido
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    When i sée her in thé concert o think that Arai Sae have a serious concurrent for the bob hait cut....
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    yui's apple watch
    Finally some Kawayui content! I managed to wake up in time for her relay first SR

    First off, she was a nervous wreck throughout the whole SR. She's obviously not at all comfortable talking into a camera yet.. Very robotic reading some scripts. At one point manager was whispering to her what to say :lol: it was quite endearing in a way.. half the time she is just going ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :oops: it is taking everything in her to not break down and run away..
    she says her specialty is Y shape balance, the little yoga move? (I believe she showed it off in one of the akb tiktoks) hobbies include eating sweets and watching idols (she mentions fruit zipper and some kpop? she also watches sakamichi)
    she loves strawberries (classic idol answer)
    she mentioned how nervous she was at the harucon reveal. It was quite the trail by fire as their first appearence :^^;: gingnam check was hard song to since and dance but they did use it during audition where she couldn't dance to it at all. (I need this footage!!)
    Fav AKB song is "Gomen ne, Suki ni Nacchatte..." (nice yui center song :fear:)
    Fav color is pink and white.
    Fav senpai is Oguri Yui (GOOD GIRL :approve:)
    seem she is born in Asahikawa?
    She always loved idols and wanted to be like them so she auditioned for akb. to give people courage!
    She thinks there are too many people on the train in Tokyo :^^;:
    she says she is close to all the 19ki members! they might be closer knit since its only 5 of them!
    Before this audition, she came to Tokyo couple times before to play but she recently took the plane there for the first time
    wants to talk to her fellow hokkaido, kokko. (that should be an.. interesting conversation :yikes:)
    she SUCKS at sports, can't run... (can't wait for a new athletic ep :shifty:)
    never dyed her hair before, has some natural brown in it
    she is good at math.
    seems to have some cheerleader background? even though she is not good at it :XD:
    really loves ramen, esp spicy ramen. also shio, shoyu, miso... (she might just like them all)
    she has no siblings.
    she can't cook at at all.. but she loves to eat
    showroom ended with pose time.. even those felt kinda stiff [hehe] looked like she was ready to get the hell out of there! interesting showroom for an interesting girl
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    Cute girl

    if the video does not show watch the video here
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    yui's apple watch
    photo from nemousu recording today with 18ki! Can't wait to see 19ki 18ki interactions!! :omfg:


    Kawayui answered some questions for 48times, here's a little summary!

    First learned about akb when she was 4-5 years old.
    She was very nervous that she wouldn't smile well for her debut perf on a big concert stage but she ended up having a natural smile because she enjoyed herself! The view from on there was amazing!
    She really admires Oguri Yui (good girl :approve:) and wants to talk to Kokone since same age and hometown
    The AKB song she wants to perform is Kibouteki Refrain cause she likes the choreography but also mentioned the yui centered song Gomen ne, Suki ni Nacchatte again (i'm noticing the exact same answers from her first SR :^^;:) A unit she wants to do is Kimi no C/W.
    If you subscribe to her mail, you will see what she did or eat that day and reply to questions.
    Among the 19ki, she says she loves AKB the most! :p
    Her weakness includes sports (she just can't do ANY), vegetables (what a KID :hehe:), heights (she says she has acrophobia :^^;:), dark places
    Favorite colors are white and pink (future penlight combo?)
    The 48group graduate she wants to meet is Nako! Since kawayui is a kpop fan, she wants to hear stories from her time in Korea!
    If she ever centers an AKB song, she wants a cute song with fuwa fuwa costumes!
    If she didn't become an idol, she would've tried to become a makeup artist. (She also wants to do a makeup project for 48times)
    Kawayui's current obsession is taking pictures of what she eats.

    yep :approve:


    I have been keeping up with her trail mail and here are some interesting notes.
    Sari came up with her catchphrase :^^;:
    She will be moving to Tokyo for her 3rd year of high school :) hope she can make some friends :oops:
    Seems to really like hinatazaka's new song, been learning the choreograph for it
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    yui's apple watch


    Kawayui has finally streamed for the second time on showroom :shock: her first time streaming from home. She tried early to think of what to talk about today... but was having a tough time in the end :^^;:
    She started off talking about zenza the other day and how was really nervous! She was pretty much blank until the start of the performance. Everyone was calling out for her when she got on stage and she felt a bit more comfy. :cool:
    She went to the hair salon recently and trimmed her hair a bit. They curled her hair too! She got to talk to some senpai at the theater! Hinano gave her a strawberry before her performance :blush: kawayui really loves strawberries so this made her really happy. She is gushing that hinano always treat her very kindly every time they meet :chuffed: (can only been maybe twice or so huh :|)
    Also sae and yuichi talked to her alot backstage! :)
    She mentions she is the same age as the tokugawa duo... (he who must not be named is rolling in her grave)
    Yui is slowly getting used to living in Tokyo! She catches the train pretty smoothly now :v: she haven't made much mistakes with train transfer lately... it happened alot when she first moved here :cry:
    her friends describe her as "shy yui-chan" (as expected :XD:) or "my pace"
    couldn't formulate her own catchphrase at ALL but was saved thanks to sarii coming up with one.
    she is 155cm tall. she hopes she can get to 165cm :whistle:
    not good at eating vegetables... :^^;: she says she can eat potatoes, carrots, and spinach though... recently she ate eggplant. she mostly is not good at eating the leafy vegis like lettuce, cabbage, etc
    she likes fruits! but she cannot eat melons... she can eat tomatoes though!
    she loves sashimi and meat.. never eaten monja before! she haven't gotten to go out much in tokyo to try new food
    she is happy she is getting compliments about her bob hair (i am curious to see her in long hair as she had in the past... it kinda reminded me of... :|)
    at school she is normally called yui-chan or yui. (thank god its not yuiyui like how yuichi was... :oops:) when she was younger, there were alot of other kids named yui too so thats when people started calling her kawayui... and she kept the nickname for her idol life :p
    very nervous for first hs event this weekend... (hope to read some good reviews ;))

    well that was a major improvement from her first stream :hehe: way less nervous and not looking like she was gonna puke the whole time :whistle:
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    Komiyama Haruka
    I'll be meeting her tomorrow at the HS in Yokohama so I'll be very kind to her and I'll be sure to compliment her on her new hairstyle :^^;:

    Many thanks for your translation and I plan to post separate reports in the 19ki thread for tomorrow and Sunday about meeting the new members rather than include those with my general reports in the 'Your AKB48 Experiences' thread. :)
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    yui's apple watch
    W H E R E is KA WA Y UI!

    she has not posted on twitter or mail since the irl hs on 4/29 :|
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    yui's apple watch
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    yui's apple watch

    third ever showroom? have a cute half up hairstyle, first time she did it :) she's getting some early birthday wishes (she is turning 18 in a day). she worked hard on what to decide to talk about today... this is her longest SR at about an hour
    talked about the Hokkaido summit (best content i seen all year). haven't talked to them much yet so happy she got to talk to the other 3 hokkaidos. she wrote before that the senpai she want to talk to to was kokone. They performed together in theater for Tadaima Renaichuu and kokko even asked her to take a pic together! yui thinks the distance between them has shrunk a little bit :oops: they are same age too!
    speaking of them talking to each other... this kokko room with the two was the best thing i ever seen :blush:

    Kawayui is now in her 3rd year of high school now. Lots of people tell her she looks like a 1st year :^^;:. Seems when she was in primary school, people said she looked very adult like :shock:
    People tell her alot now that she is s slow talker... however when she lived in Hokkaido, no one ever told her this. This only started happening when she moved to Tokyo. made her very surprised!! :cry: she thinks maybe everyone around her talked slow too...
    17ki tells her that "wow you talk alot to her fellow genmates" (seems she is the type to only talk alot to people she is close with)
    19ki gather all together yesterday for first time in a while so they talked alot!
    Yui talked alot to Sae during her theater stage practice since they are in next to positions!
    Loved the bento and jelly she got from the dobon reward. So delicious :) thanking the fans! (I contributed a bit ;)) she still don't really know the rules well for dobon.. but is trying her best. She played UNO in primary school so... she laughs everytime she opens the app to hear her voice. (I agree, her dobon voice lines are hilarious. it was recorded when they first joined so still pretty quiet) she tried saying the dobon intro quote again and it sounds much more genki. she wants to rerecord it :^^;:
    she knows she is getting the ponkotsu label.. :( will study hard to become more reliable. her specialty is math! :approve: (her chat tells her meimei is also good at math, something she didnt know) she studied hard when she was in middle school, but not as good since she been in high school :cold: worst subject is english... (good to know :oops:) but she is good at remembering people's faces! (good skill for an idol, like her idol yui)
    Cogimyun is her favorite sanrio character, was keeping up with her sanrio ranking where she finished 12th (she also follows the character acc on twitter lol) apparently Kokone and Sora are also cogimyun oshis!! loved sanrio since she was a kid. She went to puroland before.
    Yui participated in her first idol festival the other day in Kurofest! still basking in the afterglow (wish there was footage :() as she never went to one before even as a fan... lots of fun
    She always had long hair before the audition but as we all know, she cut it for the 19ki audition. She loves both bob and long hair! (maybe we will see her long hair again one day for her idol life ;)) The picture she sent in for audition was a bob pic.
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    Sep 7, 2018
    yui's apple watch
    happy kawayui day :ome:
    sadly she did not do any birthday streams... :(.. but can't wait for a great year together!!
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    Thanks for a fun read @otabe, the picture of Kawayui and Kokko is too cute!

    And happy birthday! I hope you get to see her on her next birthday if she does a stream then :)
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    Happy 18th birthday Kawayui! :ome:

    This week it's her turn to get the interview at Weekly Playboy magazine!


    if the video does not show watch the video here

    Some translation assisted by ChatGPT (tell me if there are any mistakes!):

    AKB48 19th Generation Research Student Yui Kawamura:
    "I cried when I failed the 18th audition and realized how much I wanted to become an idol"
    [Serial: Why AKB48 in the Reiwa Era?]


    AKB48 was born in Akihabara on December 8, 2005 (Heisei 17). The group has produced numerous stars such as Atsuko Maeda, Minami Takahashi, Haruna Kojima, Mariko Shinoda, Yuko Oshima, and Rino Sashihara, becoming a national idol group known to everyone.

    Several years have passed since then, the era name has changed to Reiwa, and new star candidates continue to join. What motivated these new members to join AKB48 in different circumstances compared to the past? What are their goals? We delve into the charms of these fresh members through in-depth interviews!

    In the 7th installment, we feature Yui Kawamura, a 19th-generation research student who just debuted in a theater performance on May 19. In the first part, we talk about her journey to joining AKB48, her childhood, and her audition memories.

    ■ I was the chairperson of the lifestyle committee in the second year of junior high school
    ――What were you like as a child?

    Kawamura: People are surprised when I tell them this because it’s different from my current quiet image, but I was very energetic in kindergarten. I was always outside. When we sang, my voice was the loudest. I don’t remember this myself, but I was apparently very active.

    But when I moved in the first year of kindergarten, I became withdrawn. I was sad to be separated from my close friends. From then until around the lower grades of elementary school, I was incredibly quiet. I couldn’t speak in front of people at all.

    ――What would happen if a teacher called on you in class?

    Kawamura: If I didn’t know the answer, I would stay silent. It was painful (laughs).

    ――Did you have any friends...?

    Kawamura: Yes, I did! But they were quiet kids too. While everyone else was playing dodgeball outside, we would chat or draw pictures in the classroom.

    ――What were your aspirations or dreams at that time?

    Kawamura: At that time, I would read manga with my friends, discuss them, and try to draw like them, so I wanted to do something related to that.

    ――You said you were incredibly quiet until the lower grades of elementary school. What changed that?

    Kawamura: In the fifth grade, we had a class shuffle, and I was separated from all my close friends.

    ――You had no one to talk to...

    Kawamura: But I made new friends. One of them was the brightest in the class, always gathering everyone. Through her, I became friends with many others.


    ――That’s great. What was middle school like?

    Kawamura: It was a school with a huge number of students, coming from various elementary schools, but there wasn’t a single girl from my sixth grade class in the same class, which made me sad.

    ――Did you join any committees?

    Kawamura: I became a lifestyle committee member in the first year of middle school. No one else wanted to do it, so I volunteered... I just thought it would be good to be in some committee.

    ――You don’t seem like the type to speak up forcefully. Were you able to point out things like “Your attire is improper” as a lifestyle committee member?

    Kawamura: Well, the kids who didn’t follow the rules were my friends (laughs). When doing dress code checks, I’d ask them to follow the rules because I had to report to the teachers, and they listened.

    ――That’s surprising. What committee were you in during your second year?

    Kawamura: I was in the lifestyle committee again in the second year and became the lifestyle committee chairperson in the latter half of the year.

    ――That’s impressive!

    Kawamura: It was by self-nomination. No one else wanted to do it. Since I was the vice-chair in the first half, I volunteered.

    ――As a chairperson, did you have to speak in front of a large group?

    Kawamura: We had grade meetings where I had to speak. But I don’t remember much... maybe just “I’m Kawamura, the lifestyle committee chairperson” (laughs).

    ――What did you do in your third year?

    Kawamura: I thought I’d had enough of the lifestyle committee, so I joined the health and physical education committee. No one wanted to do it, so a friend and I decided to do it together.

    ――You seem to have a quiet image, but from what you’re saying, that’s not the case. You have to be vocal as a health and physical education committee member.

    Kawamura: I was part of the cheer squad at the elementary school sports festival.

    ――You initially said you were a quiet kid, but it sounds like you’re the type to step forward!

    Kawamura: But when I was quiet, I was unbelievably quiet.

    ――What clubs were you part of?

    Kawamura: I was always in the go-home club (meaning no extracurricular activities).

    ――Did you take any lessons or do any activities outside of school?

    Kawamura: I did cheerleading from first grade.

    ――That was during your quiet period, right? Why did you decide to do that?

    Kawamura: I don't remember at all, but apparently, I asked to do it myself. It was for a futsal team, and we had practice once a week with about 30-40 members ranging from elementary to high school students. We danced before games.

    I also played the piano from around four years old until I moved to Tokyo. But it wasn't something I was good at...

    ――Playing for over ten years is impressive!

    Kawamura: But I can't play at all. That's why I don't mention it in my profile.

    ――When you play the piano in elementary school, you often accompany the chorus competition. Did you do that?

    Kawamura: I did it once in fourth grade.

    ――Wow! Did you participate in any competitions?

    Kawamura: I did, but not much...

    ――You could list piano as a skill!

    Kawamura: No, I really can't play.

    ――It seems like you have a lot of hidden talents. Any other lessons?

    Kawamura: I also learned Korean for about a year from the middle of my first year of high school until I came here. I got into K-pop and wanted to understand videos without subtitles. I can't speak it, but I can understand a bit.

    ――You did all these things, but you were in the go-home club at school. What did you do at home?

    Kawamura: During middle school, I studied because I enjoyed it.

    ――Were you good at studying?

    Kawamura: Not really...

    ――Don't be modest! What was your ranking in class?

    Kawamura: My best ranking was 12th out of 240 in my grade in middle school.

    ――That's impressive! What made you like studying?

    Kawamura: I wasn’t good at it until my first year of middle school, but during the COVID-19 lockdown, I started studying because I was bored. It became fun over time. Now, I can’t study as well as I used to.

    ――That’s amazing. You’re smart, you were on the lifestyle committee, did cheerleading, and played sports.

    Kawamura: Actually, I was terrible at sports...

    ――Yet, you were on the health and physical education committee? You’re full of surprises.

    ■ I cut my hair short for the 19th generation audition.

    ――I’d like to know how you encountered AKB48.

    Kawamura: I discovered them in kindergarten. At the time, I thought Tomomi Itano and Mayu Watanabe were cute. I even had their CDs. They were the thick ones.

    ――You're the first person I've heard describe CDs by their thickness! Was it an album? Did you keep following them?

    Kawamura: I didn’t watch them much in upper elementary school.

    ――Why did you decide to audition for AKB48?

    Kawamura: I started liking AKB48 again in middle school. I always loved idols and admired them, but I never thought about becoming one.

    Then, in my first year of high school, I saw the auditions for the 18th generation.

    ――How far did you get?

    Kawamura: I made it to the fourth round, just before the final. I realized I felt sadder and more frustrated than I expected.

    Initially, I thought it would be nice if I made it, but I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t. But when I received the rejection email, I cried a lot. That’s when I realized how much I wanted to become an idol.

    ――That’s a beautiful story. What did you do to prepare for the 19th generation auditions as a revenge?

    Kawamura: I cut my long hair short. I felt I needed to change something, and when my hair was short before, people complimented me.

    ――Appearance is important. Is there anything memorable from the audition?

    Kawamura: I was asked, “What do you like about yourself?” during the interview, and I remember struggling to answer.

    ――Most people mention their strengths. What did you say?

    Kawamura: I said, “I don’t have anything that I like about myself......” Then the judges encouraged me, saying, “That’s not true.”

    ――That’s surprising! Maybe that left a lasting impression on the judges (laughs). (To be continued in the second part)


    She's quite photogenic! I like all her photos so far.
    Also really, a lot of reveals!
    Many hidden talents like Piano and Korean, also she is plenty smart, getting 12th out of 240 students is not a joke.
    Seems like the Kokko comparisons will end soon, she's similar in atmosphere only. [hehe]
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    Sep 7, 2018
    yui's apple watch

    Kawayui did end up streaming on her birthday... but only for 13 minutes :^^;:... She saw all the the video and images people posted on Twitter. She is also happy with the icon her birthday committee made. It's the first time so many people celebrated her birthday so she is very happy! :oops: She can only stream a little bit because she is in between schedules. Since today is her birthday, she changed up her hair style. Since she joined akb, she been trying new stuff all the time so every day has been meaningful! Spent quite some time trying to find out who sent her a tower :oops:... (gift log does get pretty clogged now with the free gifts). She wants to eat strawberry cake for her birthday...
    Not much time to talk here but glad she did manage to stream on her birthday :)
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    Komiyama Haruka
    Weekly Playboy video part 2:

    if the video does not show watch the video here
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    Sep 7, 2018
    yui's apple watch
    I watched Yui's 100 Q&A video! Here are most of her answers for it :eek:

    - Blood type: A
    - She's 155cm tall.
    - She weighs 3 strawberries :blush:
    - Her special skill is Y-shaped balance
    - Her strength is her calmness
    - Her weakness is that when she focuses on one thing, she can't do anything else.
    - People say her personality is: "my pace"
    - Her motto: the old proverb "omoitatta ga kichijitsu", as in There's no time like the present!
    - Her favorite food: strawberries and beef tongue. least favorite are vegetables (such a kid!)
    - Her favorite colors are pink, white
    - Lately, she's been into visiting stylish cafes
    - She has been collecting stuffed animals (cute :oops:)
    - She releases stress by sleeping.
    - On her day off, she sleeps in till noon :shock:
    - The first thing she does in the morning is wash her face
    - What she does before sleeping: look at her smartphone
    - What made her excited recently: she found strawberry melonpan at the combini
    - What made her sad recently: she hasn't been sad lately :)
    - What made her laugh recently: she is always laughing when she is with 19ki :blush:
    - Her oldest memory: eating watermelon at her kindergarten undokai
    - If she was a boy for a day, what would she do: walk around the city and be stylish!
    - Her charm point: her hairstyle! (ace bob!)
    - The body part she likes about herself: her hands
    - Her complex: her low voice :(
    - What she wants the most: nothing really... (she really just goes with the flow :|)
    - What does she wash first (when showering I guess): her head
    - Today's fashion point: pink flower embroidery on her shirt and pink pants
    - What if she won in the lottery? move to a new house with her family (such a good girl :oops:)
    - If she could make 3 wishes: 1) become 165cm tall 2) go to korea 3) speak english (I'll teach her ;))
    - 3 things she would take on a deserted island: rice, water, and a camera
    - Favorite song at karaoke: Hirosue Ryoko's Maji de Koi Suru 5 Byoumae
    - Habit: eating sweets
    - Catchphrase: she mentioned before in nemousu but its her "I'm hungry" :hehe:
    - When is she happiest: when she is sleeping (she really is a sloth)
    - Favorite picture recently: a pic she took with zunchan!

    - Food she would eat as her last meal: yakiniku
    - What scares her the most: heights
    - Recent dream: she was having lessons with 19ki and she was alone in the corner :(
    - Habit she has for a long time: stretching before going to bed
    - Lessons she taken: piano, cheer dance, korean
    - Positive or Negative? "probably negative..." :oops:
    - What changed since becoming an idol: the way she watches other idols performance on TV, try to pick up tips now
    - Why did she audition for AKB: always loved idols as a kid, including AKB
    - Member she respects in AKB: Oguri Yui (good girl)
    - Member she would want to be for a day: Oguri Yui (lol)
    - Favorite AKB48 song: Gomen ne, suki ni nacchatte... & Kibouteki Refrain
    - Closest gen mate: she's close with all 19ki but closest with the same-aged Kairi.
    - Oshimen member: Kohama Kokone
    - Her dream as a kid: cake shop owner
    - Her Fetish: smells
    - Her ideal female: a women admired by other women
    - Favorite subjects: Math
    - What surprised her about joining AKB: how cute her senpai really were
    - Something she wants to try that she never done: eat spicy food
    - Where she wants to go the most: Korea (she really is a little koreaboo)
    - The person she wants to meet now: her family
    - What would she do on her last day on earth: eat alot
    - Comparing herself to a color: light blue
    - What does she do for beauty care: put hair oil on her hair everyday
    - Anything she can say sorry about now: she used to go to piano lessons every week but there were quite a few days when she didn't practice anything :oops:
    - Describe 19ki in one word: bright
    - Something she's proud of: her body is soft
    - Tell us a secret: she can't do much housework :^^;:
    - If her future self appeared, what would she ask? How are you...
    - If she could have a new ability: teleport
    - How she sees herself in 5 years from now: able to talk more
    - Favorite scent: sweets
    - Indoor or Outdoor: indoor person (no surprise there!)
    - Who told the results of her AKB auditions: she read the results with her mom
    - Something she can't live without: water
    - Words that make her happy: that she is cute (noted ;))
    - Favorite onigiri filling: salmon roe
    - She's not good at exercising
    - Her cooking specialty: tamagoyaki
    - Favorite emoji: hearts with the sparkle
    - Recent worries: she has trouble waking up in the morning
    - When did she try her best in her life: high school entrance exams
    - Draw yourself! (not bad!)

    - Pose she is most confident in:

    - Something she is more particular about than others: her bangs. She really does not want to show her forehead... (wonder why)
    - Something that she always keep in mind: walking in a way to keep good posture
    - What can no one beat you in? she took the 18kim failed and took the 19ki audition... she has the will to never give up (strong feelings from her usual aloof self :))
    - How do you feel now: answering questions is hard!
    - What she wants the fans to know about her: she talks slow so its hard to talk alot in a short time but she will do her best..!
    - Future goals: just like the idols she admired, she wants to give someone energy and smiles!
    - Eizo project she wants to do: eat super spicy food in korea (send her there with kohi :^O^:)
    - Words to the viewers: "Thanks for watching my video! I look forward to working with you from now on!"

    I hope you all got to learn a little more about Kawayui :cool: she has a surprising side to her usual aloof self. hopefully in the future she has more chances to break out her shell!
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    2nd part of the interview:

    Translation assisted by ChatGPT:

    AKB48 19th Generation Trainee Yui Kawamura:
    "I've become a member, but AKB48 is still a presence I admire"
    [Series: Why AKB48 in the Reiwa Era?]

    AKB48, which gave its first cry in Akihabara on December 8, 2005 (Heisei 17), has produced numerous stars such as Atsuko Maeda, Minami Takahashi, Haruna Kojima, Mariko Shinoda, Yuko Oshima, and Rino Sashihara, becoming a nationally known idol group.

    A decade and a few years later, the era has changed to Reiwa, and new star candidates are joining one after another. What motivates these girls to join AKB48 in this different era? What are their goals? We dive deep into the charms of these fresh members through interviews!

    The 7th installment features Yui Kawamura (19th generation trainee), who just debuted in the theater performance on May 19. In the first part, we heard about her school days, and in the second part, she talks about her lessons leading up to her debut and her dreams as an AKB48 member.

    ■ I've always been on the side waving penlights, so this is how it looks from the stage
    ―― How did you feel meeting your fellow 19th generation members after passing the audition?
    Kawamura: I was surprised there were only five of us. I thought there would be more.

    ―― Your life changed drastically too, right?
    Kawamura: I went to school in Hokkaido from Monday to Friday and traveled to Tokyo for lessons on the weekends. I didn’t really feel like I knew where I was. I didn’t quite feel like an idol yet.

    ―― Indeed, you were a high school student in Hokkaido for most of the week. How was the introduction event at Pia Arena MM on March 17?
    Kawamura: I was really nervous and shaking. I remember not being too nervous once I was on stage, but I don’t remember much else.

    ―― Is there anything you do remember?
    Kawamura: I’ve always loved idols and was always on the side waving penlights, so being on stage and seeing it from there was moving. That’s when I first felt like I had become an idol.

    ―― How did those around you react?
    Kawamura: I planned to tell my friends about passing the audition after the introduction, but I got messages on my phone right away, like "I saw something?" They sent me articles and photos of me, and I said, "Actually..."

    ―― How was it at school?
    Kawamura: Everyone was very kind, saying "Congratulations" and "Do your best." Even people I hadn’t talked to before spoke to me.

    ―― It's quite a story that a girl in the go-home club in Hokkaido turned out to be an idol in Tokyo. So, you left your hometown Hokkaido for Tokyo, did your friends feel sad?
    Kawamura: My friends didn’t seem sad at all (laughs). They said things like "Good luck" and "I’ll be going to Tokyo for university next year too," very lightly. We went to karaoke together and took pictures. That was about it.

    ―― That’s surprisingly simple. And on May 19, the five 19th generation members debuted in the theater performance.
    Kawamura: I worked the hardest in my life during the week leading up to the debut. I didn’t think about anything else. I couldn’t remember the choreography at all. I didn’t have enough time because I was also going to high school. I practiced at home until late at night.


    ―― Fans were worried because you had an image of being a bit clumsy.
    Kawamura: I know (laughs).

    ―― Did you feel determined to prove them wrong?
    Kawamura: Not really... I just thought, "Well, that’s true."

    ―― How was the first day?
    Kawamura: I was really nervous, but once the curtain rose and we started, I wasn’t that nervous and enjoyed it. I think I showed the results of my practice.

    ―― Fans on social media commented that you could dance better than expected.
    Kawamura: I’m not good at talking, so if I also couldn’t dance or sing, I’d be someone who couldn’t do anything, so I worked hard!


    ―― Now that you’ve successfully debuted, what do you enjoy the most?
    Kawamura: Every day. I get to do things every day that I could never do if I were just in Hokkaido. Each day feels fulfilling.

    ―― What do you think you’d be doing if you were still in Hokkaido?
    Kawamura: I’d probably be studying. I wanted to go to Tokyo, thinking that if I wanted to become an idol, it would be better to be in Tokyo. So, I was planning to study and go to a university in Tokyo.

    ―― But you became an idol before that. How do you think you can shine in the current AKB48?
    Kawamura: Hmm. Everyone in the 19th generation has amazing special skills, right?

    ―― Momoka Ito can do rakugo (traditional Japanese storytelling), and Aoi Hanada can fillet fish.
    Kawamura: I have "Y-balance" listed as my special skill, but it’s not that impressive, right? I want something with more impact. So, I’m currently looking for a special skill.

    ―― Do you have any candidates?
    Kawamura: I really like baseball. Being from Hokkaido, fans at handshake events tell me the scores of Nippon-Ham Fighters games. I’m thinking it might be good to become an expert in baseball.

    ―― Do you often go to watch games?
    Kawamura: When I was in elementary school, I often went to support the Nippon-Ham Fighters.

    ―― Who is your favorite player now?
    Kawamura: Right now.......(she's not sure). In the past, it was Haruki Nishikawa and Takuya Nakashima.

    ―― What did you like about them?
    Kawamura: I can’t remember the reasons...

    ―― What place do you think they’ll finish this year?
    Kawamura: ......hmmmm. (doesn't want to say?)

    ―― Have you been to Es Con Field?
    Kawamura: I’ve been there. The beef tongue was delicious (laughs).

    ―― You should study more about it (laughs). What do you want to do as AKB48?
    Kawamura: The reason I wanted to become an idol is a big dream, but I always got energy from idols and their smiles, so now I want to become that kind of presence for someone else.

    ―― Don’t you think you already are?
    Kawamura: I still have a lot of support from many people. I want to become someone who can give energy and courage.

    ―― Is there any specific work you’d like to try?
    Kawamura: There are three seniors from Hokkaido (Kokone Kohama, Miyuu Mizushima, Kohina Narita), and I’d like to do some work with the four of us.

    I talked with Narita about appearing on "Ichioshi!!" (Hokkaido TV) and "Dosanko Wide" (Sapporo TV).

    ―― Both are shows that have been on in Hokkaido for over 10 years. Finally, what does AKB48 mean to you?
    Kawamura: I’ve become a member of AKB48, but it’s still a presence I admire.

    [The series "Why AKB48 in the Reiwa Era?" is updated every Monday. The next installment will feature Nozomi Hatakeyama from the 17th generation on July 4!]
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