Kurushima Yuka (Yuuka, Kurukuru)

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    Name: Kurushima Yuka
    Name in japanese: 久留島 優果
    Birth: 2005-09-24
    From: Hiroshima
    Nickname: Yuuka, Kurukuru (ゆうか・くるくる)
    Blood type: A
    Favorite food: Gumi steak
    Recommended in Setouchi: Yuzu
    Special skill: Read the air
    Hobby: Watching suspense movies and dramas
    Penlight color: green and purple
    Message: I will do my best positively! Thank you.
    Secret ambition: a theater for STU48
    Challenge for this year (2022): appearing in many performances

    One of the 4 winners of the STU48 x ASH "New Wave project" audition
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    Time's up
    Congratulations Kurukuru on getting 12th and advancing to the final for the 5th AKB48 groups singing contest! :2nd:
    Her qualification performance :

    This showroom clip was after first day's result, but before the final top 15 was decided :

    She's excited to go to final and will work hard if she does.
    Another motivation for her is being able to meet other groups' members!
    Apparently Kurukuru watches showroom clips as a hobby so she knows a lot about other groups' members. :)

    She wants to meet Oda Erina from AKB48 if she goes to final.
    As a reward for getting top 7 on day 1, she even asked her parents for the same Gacha toy that Odaeri showed in her tweet:

    Odaeri got told by fans about Kurukuru and she wants to meet her too.

    This almost won't happen, if only Wasamin-judge didn't give Odaeri a special spot for the final:^^;:
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