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Discussion in 'SKE48 Graduated Members' started by ithebigc, Oct 6, 2016.

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    Mar 18, 2017
    You mean the girl whose group got EMV $5.2 or ranked 3rd overall for their Coachella performance? Well, atleast that girl is the ambassador multiple products now meanwhile your little Juju can’t even get a job without “48-gimmic”. :hehe:
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    May 26, 2015
    Thank you for this insightful and mature discussion, you two are gems.
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    Matsui Jurina
    Just something I was thinking about Jurina's career. Earlier this year, she left her agency and went freelance. She did say it was amicable.

    That time, I thought it was a bad sign since maybe the agency doesn't see her as bankable anymore thus her contract wasn't renewed. Thing is, Jurina's activities and visibility for the last 5 months seemed to be a lot more, compared to her years after she graduated back in 2021.

    So what gives? Did she waste her time in her previous agency?

    I've always thought her agency could have protected her more after the whole 2018 issue.
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  4. Mana

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    Sep 11, 2012

    Actually that's an interesting discussion that I've been thinking about, not especially for Jurina, but in general. Long ago, I used to think that signing with an agency is the best thing that could happen to a member. Because during AKB's peak, members who signed to agencies would get more jobs, subunits, solo careers, solo works, acting, more TV appearances etc. but I realized after some years that it's not always like this... and probably AKB being at their peak was the reason why all the girls would get so much back then. The truth is, signing with an agency doesn't always make a difference... and I think that's what might have happened to Jurina.

    There's also the fact that Jurina signed with an agency that is not very known, it seems. I mean, compared to other top members back then who all signed with popular agecies, "Irving" seemed kinda random... looking at their list of artists, it's not very long and it seems to be in majority korean artists, with a few japanese ones but I don't recognize any name.

    Now something I also learned with time is that the type of agency (big agency or unknown agency) doesn't always give the result that was expected. For example, a lot of 48G girls signed with popular agencies and got tons of work, yes, but I've also seen some girls, like ex-AKB members, who signed to those same big agencies and pretty much did nothing and then quit... and it's the same for small agencies, of course, it often happens that if someone signs with an unknown agency, it doesn't go anywhere because the agency just doesn't have the power to really promote someone. but it also sometimes happens that a small agency has good connections in the industry or that they decide to focus everything on the artists that they have, so things go well...

    But yes in Jurina's case, it feels like she signed to an agency that is not very known, and that they also didn't do much for her. I'm not sure if it's completely their fault, or maybe there is something about Jurina, she wanted to have a break, or maybe they didn't get along on some things, who knows... but the result is that she wasn't really active. I don't follow her closely, but from what I see, she didn't do a lot of work in recent years, and she did have some period of hiatus.

    About your question, well this is kinda random, but a similar thing happened to Acchan and I think it might be comparable to Jurina. So Acchan was signed with Ohta Pro since the times when she was in AKB. Everything was perfect back then of course, she got acting jobs, solo singing career etc. then she graduated and this all continued very well. But a few years later, there was a period of time where she didn't get many jobs. She talked about it in an interview later and explained that she had to change her mindset and go audition for small roles and basically revive her career. and that worked for her, I guess she managed to build a good reputation in the industry for accepting roles and not being demanding etc. and so, she started being extremely busy. and suddenly around 3 years ago, she left Ohta Pro after more than 10 years being with them... I was a little worried for her because I was wondering if she could continue being this active and getting this many jobs on her own. well I underestimated her because yes she continued being as busy as ever! and when I think about it, at the period of time where she didn't get a lot of jobs, it was from her own will and her own determination that she got out of it. So of course she can do it on her own, without the help of an agency.

    I think something similar might be happening for Jurina now. But unlike Acchan, she wasn't busy in her agency... and it won't be hard to do better. She can definitely do better and that's probably what she's doing right now. People know her, so if she works hard and accept jobs here and there, it will revive her career and she can then be active in the industry.

    I'm glad for her that she seems to be doing better these days!
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  5. bonjourmarlene

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    Mar 21, 2016
    As Mana also mentioned Acchan, I noticed Acchan has been a lot more busy too since going independent. I mean, of course it could coincide with the fact that Acchan had a baby and was a new mother, and now her kid is a few years old, so she probably has more time. With Jurina, we all know she's had health issues for years. I wonder if their agencies (both Acchan's and Jurina's) underestimated what these women were/are capable of and gave them minimum workloads? I hope Jurina can become equally as busy and successful as Acchan - the latter definitely seems happier now than she did 2-3 years ago :)
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