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Matsui Jurina (Jurina)

Discussion in 'Team S' started by ithebigc, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. waipa

    waipa Kenkyuusei

    Jul 17, 2015
    Great song, make my heart warm. Always stand by Jurina and SKE.
    I'm so surprised that there are so many international comments on YouTube for this MV.
  2. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Future Girls

    Dec 4, 2013
    Columbus, Ohio
    Miyawaki Sakura
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  3. Boma Adhi

    Boma Adhi Kenkyuusei

    Dec 21, 2014
    Finally.. A proper handshakes.. ❤️❤️

    IMG_20181123_110939250.jpg DSC_1051.jpg
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  4. fishchan

    fishchan Kenkyuusei

    Nov 9, 2018
    Wow I am so jealous TT how was it?!! :cute:
  5. broz0rs

    broz0rs Upcoming Girls

    Jan 3, 2015
    The English translation of Jurina's interview with Bubka magazine, her first comments about Produce 48, is getting mentioned a decent amount on Twitter.

    DsndX9LU0AAGJBc.jpg DsndZGJUwAAJ5RL.jpg
    cr: pipipipopipi1

    Some people are taking Jurina's comments out of context so another Jurina fan is working on translating the entire, lengthy article.

    Read her timeline for rest of the thread. She said she'll finish translating soon.
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  6. Boma Adhi

    Boma Adhi Kenkyuusei

    Dec 21, 2014
    So, continuing my handshakes report with Jurina:
    I had some handshakes ticket from the Nagoya Dome, post SSK event handshakes, from the second and third slot.
    A little background story on the post SSK (6/17) handshake day:
    I wrote my report in the AKB experience thread but then I remove them since some people used my handshake report out of context. A similar report is written by @Riina here.
    Jurina's second slot was late due to an interview regarding the SSK result, and as a result her lane was terribly long. Her second session was still going when the third slot began, hence they allow the fans already in the lane to use 2nd and 3rd slot tickets all at once. But unfortunately, during the third slot she said her tears couldn't stop flowing so she paused her lane for quite a long time. I left her lane at that time because I have Odaeri tickets and I didn't want to let them go. When I returned, Jurina's lane was started again, but she decided to just have a high touch with the holder of 2nd and 3rd session ticket instead of a full handshake. It was free, so my tickets were still intact. And after waiting for months during her hiatus, finally, on 11/23, I got the chance to use them.

    The actual report of Makuhari Messe transfer handshake (11/23):
    As previously announced, she had a transfer handshake slot for 6/17 2nd, 3rd and 5th slot on the 11/23 2nd slot and 6/17 6th and 7th slot on 11/23 4th slot. I only had 2nd and 3rd slot as originally I needed to go back to Tokyo before the 4th slot (on 6/17). The morning slot was busier than I expect, because the original 2nd and 3rd slot were stopped midway which meant a lot of people already spent their tickets. Also, people can use her ticket for oshimashi to another members. So, I thought there would be less fans than this.

    First 2 ticket:
    I already met her during 11/03 zenshu mini talk event as reported by @Cristafari here. (My report for this talk event is below this report.) So, no okaeri message anymore :p

    Seems the timer goes pretty slow and the staffs weren't that strict today. The legendary OJS (Jo san/Shiro san) was also there accompanying the queen Jurina. So, Jo-san greeted me when he saw me. Then finally I got enough time to talk to her properly. She was seating instead of her usual high spirited standing handshakes. She looked great but still not emitting her usual high energy aura, still not quite normal to me.

    J: (calling me from afar) Thank you for waiting..
    B: (smiled)
    J: Thank you for ssk 1st rank!
    B: Not at all.. You looks great.. Did you have your breakfast already?
    J: Yes. Yogurt, fruit (and something I don't remember).
    B: So healthy..
    And somehow i got dazzled by her smile and I involuntarily said:
    B: Kawaii..
    Hagashi: time out!
    B: See you!
    J: Are you coming back again?
    Hagashi (already pushed me)
    B: Yes! I have more tickets..

    Second 2 tickets:
    Greeted by Jo san again before my turn..
    (not translated)

    The rest:
    Jo san commented on my thin outfit in the cold weather.. LOL

    B: Thank you for keeping your promise.
    J: Eh? What was that about?
    B: Seibu dome handshake 4/14, you promised to me not to leave to Korea and gave me a pinky swear (yubikiri).
    (I showed her my left pinky finger.)
    J: Ah.. Now I'm here.. Thank you for waiting.. (and she grabbed my left hand as well..)
    B: But this is my last tickets for today..
    J: Eh, so sad.. :(
    B: But I keep all Jurina's tickets.. (while showing my ticket holder with a bunch of her unused tickets)
    J: Lets meet again someday..
    Hagashi: Timeout!
    B: I'll be waiting..

    My tickets shown to Jurina:
    For the details regarding the yubikiri on 4/14 handshakes please read here in Unko's FB page. Long story short, it was the first handshakes after all the P48 members left for Korea for the first time and some SKE and HKT members returned to Tokyo for handshakes. At that time, I said to Jurina, please don't left for Korea (I was thinking about the exclusive contract) then, she promised that she won't left (not sure if she was aware about the exclusive contract or not) and gave me her pinky swear (yubikiri). I was on a renban with @Riina at that time.

    So, yes, her interview makes sense as most likely, I wasn't not the only fans asking her to stay in Japan.

    I originally put the report regarding this yubikiri here in the AKB48 Experience thread as well (along with HKT Shamekai report), but I deleted it because some people quoted my handshakes translation out of context and cause a ruckus somewhere else (the part about HKT members` takes on P48).

    Jurina's Mini talk event on SKE National Handshakes 2018/11/03:

    It was announced that for the SKE National Handshake 11/03, Jurina would hold a mini talk event. She didn't participated in the live nor the handshake, but she has her own area in the venue for the mini talk and (surprisingly) a miokuri with high touch. As the mini live ended, all fans were asked to left and wait at the designated area, the arena was then rearranged for handshakes. And as soon as the arena was opened for handshake, the fans rushed in. Jurina's mini live event has a dedicated line at the back of the handshake area. Fans started crowding the Jurina's mini talk event. All fans got a piece of paper along with a clipboard and pen to write a message for Jurina. Then a lottery was used because there were too much people to fit in the talk show area. Unfortunately I lost my lottery. LOL.

    I met @Cristafari after had lost my lottery and left the mini talk area. (You can find his report on this national handshake and how he found my miserable self after losing the lottery near the costume area. LOL)

    Still determined to see Jurina, I lined up again for the second session. I was disappointed when I found the line was already closed, but luckily it was just a miscommunication between staffs and the line was reopened soon. I wrote another message which roughly translated into, welcome back, you look much better now, btw what kind of new dishes you learnt during your break. This time I could go in. The people who lined up earlier got the chance to seat while the rest were standing at the back and the side of the seating area. Then as the event started, Jurina went up the stage, greeted the fans and read their messages. Lucky for me Jurina read my message. But she didn't read the whole message, she just read the first 2 sentences. Prolly my hand writing was too terrible for her too read. LOL.

    It really surprised me that in the end she would like to have a miokuri and hi touch. And actually, a hi-touch with Jurina was just like a mini handshake which she would actually talk to you one by one.. It was the first time in months for me to actually talk to her in person.

    B: Okaerinasai...
    J: ...
    B: ...
    She looked at me but keep silent..
    The OJS started to stare at me. But I'm not the one who hold her hand, she hold my hand instead.
    J: Tadaima.. (and she mentioned my nick name)
    It turned out she was trying to remember my name.. I was really glad that she still remember my name after months of her break.. LOL

    Not enough with just one session, I lined up to the third session. This time I wrote my message in english. At least my english hand writing is much better than my kanji writing skill.. LOL I wrote something like: Hi.. Welcome back.. (and 3 paragraph full of english text) LOL But I still put my usual nick name down there. That's why she knew it was from an Indonesian fans (me).

    This time, again, I was very lucky that my message was read by her again. It was too funny when she found an english message written by me. You can read her reaction when she read my message as reported by some japanese fans here:
    and the translation thread in English and Indonesian here:

    And for the hi touch:
    J: Second time!! Yeay I remember you!!
    B: I'm waiting for you..
    J: Let's meet again sometime.. Bye-bye..
    B: Bye..

    Then I went home happily..
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  7. Jurinavenclaw

    Jurinavenclaw Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Dec 25, 2010
    Laguna, Philippines
    Matsui Jurina, Ash Garcia
    I'm watching Best Artist right now. How come Jurina is not here for KFC or No Way Man? This is like an important show and I thought she can perform now.

    I hope she can be there for kouhaku and other important shows.
  8. sscrla

    sscrla Stage48 Moderator Staff Member Stage48 Moderator

    Dec 27, 2015
    Takayanagi Akane
  9. fishchan

    fishchan Kenkyuusei

    Nov 9, 2018
    Jurina wrote in her mobame today that she will be doing season 3 of 100 Pictures Instagram Challenge!
    The location is Bangkok and she will be here on the 4th of December (in two days)!
    Her Thai fans are now freaking out and making preparations to welcome her at the airport :cute: <3
    This also means she will be back on Instagram:^O^::banana:
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  10. sscrla

    sscrla Stage48 Moderator Staff Member Stage48 Moderator

    Dec 27, 2015
    Takayanagi Akane

    "Matsui Jurina lasted for the first time in half a team Team S Performance birthday festival finally held"

    "SKE 48's Matsui Jurina (21) appeared on Team S's "Overlapping Footprints Performance" held at the SKE 48 Theater in Nagoya City on the 3rd. I performed a birthday festival at the age of 21 in the performance and received blessings from members and fans.

     It is about six months since May 30th that she appears on team S performance. Initially, the birthday festival was scheduled to be held on June 19, but due to poor physical condition, it was canceled, it was finally held this day.

     Although it was not yet in perfect condition, it was a partial appearance with only 6 songs, but when I greeted himself as "I am now at Team S Performance", big applause blew up from the audience.

     In the birthday festival held in the latter half of the performance "Thank you very much for the first election in the AKB election general election so I am relieved to be able to say in front of the fans Finally, after a general election, I apologize to my fans that I'm sorry to cause you a lot of trouble and inconvenience. "I want to do a Nagoya dome concert by SKE alone next year," declared the goal of 2019."

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  11. ant

    ant Kenkyuusei

    Mar 30, 2017
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  12. Cristina Salazar

    Cristina Salazar Kenkyuusei

    Nov 2, 2016
    Saw this video while searching for the jurina's fancam in her arrival on thailand yesterday, this is a compilation video but as you can see thai wotas really gave a warm welcome to our queen~
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  13. sscrla

    sscrla Stage48 Moderator Staff Member Stage48 Moderator

    Dec 27, 2015
    Takayanagi Akane
  14. sscrla

    sscrla Stage48 Moderator Staff Member Stage48 Moderator

    Dec 27, 2015
    Takayanagi Akane
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  15. Boma Adhi

    Boma Adhi Kenkyuusei

    Dec 21, 2014
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  16. half23

    half23 Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Oct 27, 2017
    Shinozaki Ayana
    Is she doing the instagram how many photos thing again? Because there are a lot of her, not that i mind, she looks gorgeous
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  17. sscrla

    sscrla Stage48 Moderator Staff Member Stage48 Moderator

    Dec 27, 2015
    Takayanagi Akane
    It seems so. From the techinsight article:

    "Yuasa manager goes on to December 6, 3 o'clock in the morning "# Matsui Jurina Instas Up [インスタアップ] 100 pages successfully achieved! Thank you for keeping on us till late Thank you for the warmth of everyone in Thailand! "


    Another article says they will be shown on a web show.

    "Jurina Matsui of SKE 48, a program aiming for 100 instagram updates in Bangkok (Thailand) on a two-day journey, "100 Mr. Pearl Matsui's Instant 100 Challenge Journey" will be released from December 22nd Start distribution with the video application "Chuun".

    Program information
    Chuun "Matsui Jurina's Instant Costume 100 Challenge Journey"
    12/22 (Sat) 11: 00 ~ Start Distribution


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  18. TakaOshiMina

    TakaOshiMina Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Oct 29, 2014
    Jurina's pic with Sasshi from 23 November AKB48 Teacher Teacher Handshake event , from Sasshi Twitter :
    Sasshi : "Yaba ! I met her after a long time "

    Jurina interactions with members from other Jpop groups are so cute <3
    members from Jpop group "fruity" met Jurina and took pictures with her and posted on their Twitters

    Fruity member Sato Yuka twitter post translation:
    "with SKE48 Matsui Jurina-san、、、 She's so kind ;;<3I was only one of the audiences back then so being able to stand on the same stage like this make me absolutely happy、、、、 I'll work hard to be able to stand on the same stage together again I want to meet her now ;;<3"
    Fruity member Kanon twitter post translation :
    "I took a photo with SKE48 matsui jurina-san I'm so happy that she's so cheerful and kind to me even though she's so busy Being able to meet someone who I've been watching on TV since little is such an honour, thank you very much!"

    SKE48 "Stand By You" December 2 performance

    Dasu Birthday letter to Jurina that was read in Jurina's theatre birthday stage Eng Translation :
    cr : https://twitter.com/essy917/status/1069790342658977792

    Dasu Tweet about Jurina Eng Translation :
    "No one can be Matsui Jurina。 Only one person will be chosen Other than that is not chosen I think it's surely very happy if I've always been running for 10 years as one of them & there's someone who understand the hard work
    Jurina oshis, please look after SKE & her! Also look after me sometimes!笑"

    rsz_dtl1_lruwaazzxh.jpg rsz_dtl1_lqvaaacss1.jpg

    Donchan aka Jurina Top fan got a hug from Jurina during Jurina's Birthday stage <3 [hehe]
    seriously the cutest , Jurina pulled her in while saying "Thank You"


    Jurina 100 pic instagram challenge in Thailand
    she succeeded in doing the challenge , she uploaded the pics in span of 2 hours in her instagram and finished the challenge quickly lol
    Compilation of all the fancams of Jurina that were taken in the airport, there were many many fans that came to welcome Jurina holding banners and they gave her many gifts

    Jurina internatonal fansite "JYURITALE" was also involved in the preparations
    and the Hashtag #WelcomeJurinaToThailand was trending #1 in Thailand for hours with thousands of tweets <3(more than 25k tweets)
    fantaken pics :

    Jurina also met BNK48 members , and Izurina
    she made a surprise appearance when BNK48 were making a live [hehe]
    appearantly one of BNK members called "Namsai" is a Jurina oshi and got so emotional when she met Jurina and started crying
    Jurina said that she's happy that Namsai is her fan , Namsai then got Jealous of the other BNK member who was sitting beside Jurina and because of that Jurina proceeded to give Namsai a kiss Namsai got shy and said she still didn't get showered yet , Jurina said it's ok then leant in and kissed her on her cheek anways:blush::cute:<3 then Namsai started showing off her kiss lol

    Jurina cut from BNK48's live :
    8:38 is the moment were Jurina goes to kiss Namsai :flower:

    Namsa showing off her oshi Jurina kiss

    BNK48 Music posted on her instagram story that she's sad she couldn't see Jurina like other BNK48 members ,lol
    bnk music.png

    Jurina also met Izurina , and posted these funny pics of her on her instagram too lol
    Izurinaa is so nice , she kept encouraging Jurina to finish her instagam challenge , you can see that in videos from Jurina's intagram

    My favorite pics from Jurina's instagram challenge

    rest of the 100 pics are on her instagram : https://www.instagram.com/jurinamatsui3/


    also fans kept following Jurina around in Bangkok city , Jurina kept smiling and posing for their pics
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  19. Boma Adhi

    Boma Adhi Kenkyuusei

    Dec 21, 2014
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  20. Zuu Ryuzuma 48

    Zuu Ryuzuma 48 Upcoming Girls

    Jun 17, 2016
    Yuihan Hannari Temple
    Yokoyama Yui
    Happy Christmas to all J fans.. ;)
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