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    Nishino Nanase
    I already downloaded the app but don't know how to create an account, I'm still not good at reading kanji. Help on how to create an account, please.
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    I just played the tutorial song and I have no idea what's going on.
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    If you took a screenshot I could help!

    I enjoyed watching the Manatsu x Ayane x Ume x Kakki videos but I'm still totally lost about the actual gameplay
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    Haha... same here, the premise seems interesting, and after a very long download session I was excited to play, but totally don't understand what's going on. I just gave up, until probably if someone is kind enough to give some tutorial.
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    Well at Nogi discord game channel there are those who can guide you. Although I recommend backreading first on said channel.

    FYI: Channel 6 (Unofficial channel for i-fans [hehe])
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    So the account creation is a lot less complicated than you would expect. Just click on the right buttons and than scroll down through the 2 terms of services with and check the boxes. You can pick any nickname. Also be careful with your center as not all of them sound as enthusiastic as you expect. ( I picked Kazumi and she sounds really dry where Asuka sounds very energetic.)
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    where can we find this channel?\

    EDIT: Thanks! didn't notice the link was in the twitter channel oops
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    All the 4.6 second interviews have been uploaded to bilibili:
    The videos are organized by generation and Japanese alphabet, except the first video is Asuka.

    I'm working on a simple translation of everyone's answers, it should be done this week since I have access to all the videos now.
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    What does the three classes mean in game - Thanks, Smile, Effort?
    Also, does "appeal" pertains to the Atk power of a member?
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    Here are everyone’s answers to the 4.6 second interviews!
    *I shortened a lot of answers. For example, “I don’t know… I like Manatsu-san?” would be simplified to “Manatsu-san.”
    *Some answers are weird because members didn’t have enough time (or didn’t want) to answer.
    *The interviews were shot last winter, which impacted some answers.

    1. Hobby?
    Akimoto Manatsu: Cooking
    Ikuta Erika: I’ve always been singing anyhow, and also, playing piano. Music!
    Saitou Asuka: Musical instruments
    Takayama Kazumi: Takarazuka
    Higuchi Hina: Taking walks
    Hoshino Minami: Sleeping
    Matsumura Sayuri: Watching anime
    Wada Maaya: Home gardening. They all rotted though.
    Itou Junna: Observing people
    Kitano Hinako: Watching anime
    Shinuchi Mai: Overseas travel
    Suzuki Ayane: Reading and listening to music
    Terada Ranze: Drawing pictures
    Yamazaki Rena: Radio and quizzes and history. They’ve all become jobs. Thank you!
    Watanabe Miria: Tennis
    Itou Riria: Manga and games and watching anime
    Iwamoto Renka: Taking photos
    Umezawa Minami: Watching makeup videos
    Ozono Momoko: Collecting wooden objects
    Kubo Shiori: Writing letters. I’ve really liked writing to people, since long ago.
    Sakaguchi Tamami: Dancing
    Satou Kaede: Watching long-distance relay races and caring for doggies
    Sakaguchi Tamami: Dancing
    Nakamura Reno: Playing. Anime.
    Mukai Hazuki: Looking at route maps
    Yamashita Mizuki: Recently I’ve been cooking a lot
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: FPS games
    Yoda Yuki: Chilling out
    Endou Sakura: I like being at home
    Kaki Haruka: Drawing illustrations and making things
    Kakehashi Sayaka: Playing guitar
    Kanagawa Saya: [answer missing from video]
    Kitagawa Yuri: Looking at the sky, writing novels
    Kuromi Haruka: Polishing my sword
    Satou Rika: Reading magazines, researching makeup
    Shibata Yuna: Exercise
    Seimiya Rei: None. Ah! Watching movies, and dramas too.
    Tamura Mayu: Eating
    Tsutsui Ayame: Recently I’m into reading
    Hayakawa Seira: Taking walks
    Hayashi Runa: Watching movies and listening to music
    Matsuo Miyu: Tumblin… er, trampoline? And tumbling, and moving my body.
    Yakubo Mio: I like idols
    Yumiki Nao: Sleeping. That’s not a hobby though.
    2. Special skill?
    Akimoto Manatsu: Getting in the bath quickly
    Ikuta Erika: Recently… ah, I dunno, sorry
    Saitou Asuka: Musical instruments
    Takayama Kazumi: Kendo and tying butterfly knots
    Higuchi Hina: Getting up early
    Hoshino Minami: None
    Matsumura Sayuri: I really can’t do anything, my skill is, eh…?
    Wada Maaya: Teaching tricks to dogs
    Itou Junna: Becoming friendly with people
    Kitano Hinako: Staying awake even in the middle of the night
    Shinuchi Mai: None
    Suzuki Ayane: I can play the flute
    Terada Ranze: I don’t particularly have one, but ever since the auditions, selling things
    Yamazaki Rena: I don’t have any. My thumb can bend a lot.
    Watanabe Miria: Dance
    Itou Riria: Baton twirling
    Iwamoto Renka: Dance and guitar
    Umezawa Minami: Volleyball. Maybe I’ve become unable though…
    Ozono Momoko: I’m trying hard to make guitar my skill right now
    Kubo Shiori: I’m still searching
    Sakaguchi Tamami: Reading the Heart Sutra while doing a standing side split [Y-pose]
    Satou Kaede: Badminton and calligraphy and… cooking?
    Nakamura Reno: Moving my body
    Mukai Hazuki: Playing guitar
    Yamashita Mizuki: Tea ceremony and flower arrangement
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: Walking my way through crowds
    Yoda Yuki: Stuff you do out in nature, like swimming or climbing trees
    Endou Sakura: Clarinet was my skill
    Kaki Haruka: Also drawing
    Kakehashi Sayaka: Playing guitar, or recently composing lyrics and music
    Kanagawa Saya: Mid-range shot in basketball
    Kitagawa Yuri: Finding people’s good points
    Kuromi Haruka: I want the Chinese I’m studying to be my skill, I’ll do my best
    Satou Rika: Flexible shoulders and I used to play trumpet
    Shibata Yuna: Rhythmic sports gymnastics
    Seimiya Rei: English? And moving my body.
    Tamura Mayu: Swinging a bat
    Tsutsui Ayame: Calligraphy
    Hayakawa Seira: My body is flexible, so I can do a standing split [I-pose]
    Hayashi Runa: Cleanly showing the whites of my eyes
    Matsuo Miyu: Tumbling, like backflips
    Yakubo Mio: Kendama
    Yumiki Nao: Basketball and cooking
    3. Strength and weakness?
    Akimoto Manatsu: Strength: forgetting unpleasant things quickly. Weakness: bad at waking up early.
    Ikuta Erika: Strength: asking lots of questions. Weakness: asking lots of questions.
    Saitou Asuka: Taking it easy.
    Takayama Kazumi: Strength: not worrying much. Weakness: other than that, everything.
    Higuchi Hina: Strength: patience. Weakness: impatience [我慢強い vs せっかち]
    Hoshino Minami: Strength: if I sleep I can forget bad things.
    Matsumura Sayuri: I have a lot of problem areas, huh. Good areas?
    Wada Maaya: Eh…?
    Itou Junna: Strength: cheerfulness. Weakness: I find things bothersome.
    Kitano Hinako: Strength: liking fun things. Weakness: ah…
    Shinuchi Mai: Strength: ability to take action. Weakness: loose with time.
    Suzuki Ayane: Strength: nothing comes to mind. Weakness: ah, I dunno.
    Terada Ranze: Being honest to myself, and being too honest
    Yamazaki Rena: Giving up on sleep. It’s good and bad.
    Watanabe Miria: Strength: being considerate of others. Weakness: I don’t know.
    Itou Riria: What’s my strength? Weakness: I find things bothersome.
    Iwamoto Renka: Strength: cheerful. Weakness: ah…
    Umezawa Minami: Strength: doing things until the end. Weakness: worrying too much.
    Ozono Momoko: Strength: ah, wait...!
    Kubo Shiori: Strength: I pursue after my goals. Weaknesses: many.
    Sakaguchi Tamami: Strength: full of curiosity. Weakness: ahh…
    Satou Kaede: Strength: long neck. Weakness: what is it?
    Nakamura Reno: Weakness: indecisive. Strength: outdoors.
    Mukai Hazuki: Strength: always up for things. Weakness: impatience.
    Yamashita Mizuki: Weakness: negative. Strengths: many.
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: Strength: positive. Weakness: fickle.
    Yoda Yuki: Weakness: forgetful. Strength: responding quickly.
    Endou Sakura: Strength: I’m serious? Weakness: I dunno.
    Kaki Haruka: Strength: um, long hair. Weakness: also long hair.
    Kakehashi Sayaka: Strength: not lying. Weakness: selfishness.
    Kanagawa Saya: Strength: I hate losing. Weakness: none.
    Kitagawa Yuri: Strength: the same as my special skill… Weakness: I’m slow.
    Kuromi Haruka: Strength: smiling all the time. Weakness: taking up time.
    Satou Rika: Weakness: thinking negatively. Strength: still thinking about it…
    Shibata Yuna: Strength: forward-looking. Weakness: responding slowly.
    Seimiya Rei: Strength: cheerful
    Tamura Mayu: Strength: always smiling. Weakness: indecisiveness.
    Tsutsui Ayame: Strength: being positive. Weakness is…
    Hayakawa Seira: Strength: ah, wait…
    Hayashi Runa: Strength: talking to everyone with the same attitude. Ah, weakness…
    Matsuo Miyu: Strength: positive. Weakness: too perfectionist.
    Yakubo Mio: Strength: richly receptive.
    Yumiki Nao: Strength: I have many siblings so I know how people at the bottom feel. Weakness: my Japanese is weird.
    4. Member you get along with?
    Akimoto Manatsu: Lots… Ikuta Erika. Lots of members.
    Ikuta Erika: Ah, but Manatsu may be the only member whose house I go to
    Saitou Asuka: Everyone, but I often talk to Momoko?
    Takayama Kazumi: I talked again today with Maaya and Hinachima in the car
    Higuchi Hina: Wada Maaya-chan, Takayama Kazumi-chan, Itou Junna, Hoshino Minami
    Hoshino Minami: I get along with everyone, but as you’d expect, with 1ki members I’m especially friendly
    Matsumura Sayuri: Truly, truly, in my heart I want to get along with all the kouhai
    Wada Maaya: I’m especially friendly with Takayama Kazumi-chan and Higuchi Hina-chan
    Itou Junna: Hinachima and Maaya and Miria and Ayane and Hinako
    Kitano Hinako: I get along with everyone, but recently I’ve been with Ayane-chan more
    Shinuchi Mai: Matsumura Sayuri and Akimoto Manatsu
    Suzuki Ayane: I get along with 2ki
    Terada Ranze: Everyone, but uh…
    Yamazaki Rena: All the 2ki. I don’t stick that closely to one girl.
    Watanabe Miria: Itou Junna and Kitano Hinako. 2ki.
    Itou Riria: Yamashita Mizuki-chan, Nakamura Reno-chan
    Iwamoto Renka: Umezawa Minami, Ozono Momoko, Satou Kaede, Sakaguchi Tamami
    Umezawa Minami: Lots, but Satou Kaede
    Ozono Momoko: Umezawa Minami, Satou Kaede, Iwamoto Renka, Sakaguchi Tamami
    Kubo Shiori: Yoshida Ayano Christie-chan, since she’s same-gen
    Sakaguchi Tamami: Iwamoto Renka-chan
    Satou Kaede: Ume, Renka, Tamami, Momoko. Everyone gets along.
    Nakamura Reno: Itou Riria
    Mukai Hazuki: Mizuki, Aya, Den-chan, Yoda
    Yamashita Mizuki: If it’s 3rd gen, Itou Riria-chan and Mukai Hazuki-chan
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: Kubo Shiori
    Yoda Yuki: Three yakiniku sisters: Den-chan, Hazuki
    Endou Sakura: Seimiya Rei-chan
    Kaki Haruka: Everyone, but especially 4ki Shibata Yuna-chan
    Kakehashi Sayaka: Hayashi Runa and Kanagawa Saya, and many others
    Kanagawa Saya: All the Nogizaka 4ki
    Kitagawa Yuri: I often talk with 4ki Tsutsui Ayame-chan
    Kuromi Haruka: I get along with all the 4ki, I also get along with many senpai
    Satou Rika: Hayashi Runa
    Shibata Yuna: Get along? I get along with everyone, but, Rei-chan, Rei-chan
    Seimiya Rei: Tsutsui Ayame and Shibata Yuna-chan
    Tamura Mayu: I get along very well with Hayakawa Seira
    Tsutsui Ayame: All 4ki
    Hayakawa Seira: All the 4ki. I want to have a meal with everyone.
    Hayashi Runa: 4ki Kakehashi Sayaka
    Matsuo Miyu: If it’s 4ki, I’m often with Seimiya Rei-chan
    Yakubo Mio: All the 4ki get along
    Yumiki Nao: Hayashi Runa and Matsuo Miyu
    5. What you love about the group?
    Akimoto Manatsu: Backstage, we keep talking and the laughs are non-stop
    Ikuta Erika: Everyone’s very considerate of each other, but they’re unreserved
    Saitou Asuka: Everyone’s kind and cute
    Takayama Kazumi: Everyone’s anyhow friendly, the outfits are also cute, I like everything
    Higuchi Hina: Everyone’s kind and gets along
    Hoshino Minami: Everyone’s kind… Kind!
    Matsumura Sayuri: There are a lot of good girls within the group
    Wada Maaya: Everyone gets along, and we also go out for meals normally
    Itou Junna: Everyone gets along
    Kitano Hinako: I like it all, but I like how everyone likes everyone
    Shinuchi Mai: Everyone’s cute and kind. It’s such a wonderful group, I’m glad I joined it.
    Suzuki Ayane: Everyone loves one another
    Terada Ranze: Lots of kind people gathered together
    Yamazaki Rena: Refinement. They use their words properly.
    Watanabe Miria: Everyone gets along
    Itou Riria: Everyone’s very warm
    Iwamoto Renka: Regardless of senpai-kouhai, everyone gets along
    Umezawa Minami: Everyone’s cute, everyone’s kind, and filled with lots of love
    Ozono Momoko: Everyone’s kind
    Kubo Shiori: I can only say everything, but everyone’s warm
    Sakaguchi Tamami: Everyone’s friendly, neat and trim
    Satou Kaede: Everyone’s warm and gets along
    Nakamura Reno: Everyone’s kind and warm, I love them
    Mukai Hazuki: Everyone creates a warm atmosphere
    Yamashita Mizuki: Everyone’s friendly, cute
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: Wherever you look, there are lots of cute girls
    Yoda Yuki: Everyone’s kind and cute
    Endou Sakura: Everyone’s kind
    Kaki Haruka: Many things, but most of all I like how everyone gets along
    Kakehashi Sayaka: Many things. Senpai are kind.
    Kanagawa Saya: Each person truly is kind, everyone is considerate, I think it’s wonderful
    Kitagawa Yuri: It’s such a good group that I steadily like it more every single day
    Kuromi Haruka: Senpai, staff, and my same-gen are all kind
    Satou Rika: Everyone’s cute and kind
    Shibata Yuna: Everyone’s kind
    Seimiya Rei: Everyone’s a good person
    Tamura Mayu: Everyone’s very kind and considerate
    Tsutsui Ayame: Everyone’s kind and have strong individuality
    Hayakawa Seira: Everyone respects one another
    Hayashi Runa: Everyone’s very warm and kind
    Matsuo Miyu: The senpai, even across different gens, are friendly with everyone
    Yakubo Mio: I love that all the members love the group
    Yumiki Nao: Warmth, everyone’s warmth
    6. Recent dream you had?
    Akimoto Manatsu: Lots of hyenas entered my home and I’m surrounded
    Ikuta Erika: I try to give a greeting, but I totally fall forward and can’t do it
    Saitou Asuka: Going on a trip with my mother
    Takayama Kazumi: I keep a dream diary, but what was it… an old man, an old man I didn’t know…
    Higuchi Hina: I became a doctor at a hospital, a pediatrics doctor
    Hoshino Minami: I haven’t dreamed recently, I’m sound asleep
    Matsumura Sayuri: Someone got angry at me this morning
    Wada Maaya: Eh, I don’t remember at all
    Itou Junna: I don’t dream much
    Kitano Hinako: I went with two friends to a Live
    Shinuchi Mai: I moved out, but my new property hadn’t been decided yet
    Suzuki Ayane: I don’t dream much, I don’t remember
    Terada Ranze: Today I dreamed of fighting with siblings
    Yamazaki Rena: I’ve dreamed this many times since I was little, but I’m chased by a group of men completely black from head to toe
    Watanabe Miria: There are 100 hairy caterpillars
    Itou Riria: Karaoke competition death game
    Iwamoto Renka: Falling on a roller coaster
    Umezawa Minami: Zombies. I often dream of being attacked by zombies
    Ozono Momoko: I ask various people if they caught a cold
    Kubo Shiori: I went to school in my hometown
    Sakaguchi Tamami: Being chased by police
    Satou Kaede: I had one today, I forgot
    Nakamura Reno: I was climbing a mountain, it was tough but I did my best
    Mukai Hazuki: [answer missing from video]
    Yamashita Mizuki: Performing a Live
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: Playing with members
    Yoda Yuki: I became covered in fur
    Endou Sakura: I think it was a dream where members appeared
    Kaki Haruka: The Nogizaka members all went to eat hot pot
    Kakehashi Sayaka: Doing the backstroke in a pool flowing with muddy water
    Kanagawa Saya: Don’t remember, none
    Kitagawa Yuri: Eh…? Sorry…
    Kuromi Haruka: Eating cake
    Satou Rika: I don’t dream
    Shibata Yuna: I don’t remember, but I often dream of falling from a high place
    Seimiya Rei: A heart-pounding dream
    Tamura Mayu: I’m not having dreams
    Tsutsui Ayame: I went to sleep over at a friend’s house
    Hayakawa Seira: Attending a photoshoot since morning
    Hayashi Runa: I haven’t dreamed recently
    Matsuo Miyu: Today I dreamed I rode a carpet and flew into the sky
    Yakubo Mio: Before I came to work, I dreamed I came to work
    Yumiki Nao: I sleep very deeply recently, so I don’t dream
    7. Member you respect?
    Akimoto Manatsu: Lots, what should I do…? Iku-chan? Oh no, I keep saying Iku-chan.
    Ikuta Erika: Kazumin, Kazumin. She’s so kind, very kind.
    Saitou Asuka: Everyone, it’s not one person
    Takayama Kazumi: Ikuta Erika-chan
    Higuchi Hina: Everyone, but Takayama Kazumi-chan is very funny, after all
    Hoshino Minami: As you’d expect, I think Captain Manatsu is incredible
    Matsumura Sayuri: I respect everyone, but if you ask me to choose one person, it’s hard
    Wada Maaya: Higuchi Hina-chan
    Itou Junna: Higuchi Hina-chan
    Kitano Hinako: I respect everyone, but I like my oshimen Minami-chan
    Shinuchi Mai: Everyone
    Suzuki Ayane: Akimoto Manatsu-san
    Terada Ranze: Everyone. Wai~ I like them.
    Yamazaki Rena: Everyone. It’s full of charming girls who possess many things I don’t have.
    Watanabe Miria: Junna
    Itou Riria: I entered liking Asuka-san, so Asuka-san
    Iwamoto Renka: Since before I joined, Asuka-san
    Umezawa Minami: Lots, but Akimoto Manatsu-san
    Ozono Momoko: Minami-chan
    Kubo Shiori: Iku-san. Ikuta Erika-san always, everything, all of her, I respect
    Sakaguchi Tamami: Always been Higuchi Hina-san
    Satou Kaede: Ikuta Erika-san, but I respect all the senpai
    Nakamura Reno: Everyone, umm, Riria
    Mukai Hazuki: Mizuki
    Yamashita Mizuki: Lots. I love everyone.
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: Without a lie, everyone
    Yoda Yuki: Everyone
    Endou Sakura: Ikuta Erika-san
    Kaki Haruka: Everyone, but Yamashita Mizuki-san after all
    Kakehashi Sayaka: Minami-chan, Minami-chan. Hoshino Minami-chan
    Kanagawa Saya: Everyone in Nogizaka46, everyone’s wonderful
    Kitagawa Yuri: All the senpai, but…
    Kuromi Haruka: Akimoto Manatsu-san and Saitou Asuka-san
    Satou Rika: Kubo Shiori-san
    Shibata Yuna: There are many… Hinako-san
    Seimiya Rei: Endou Sakura if it’s same-gen, she’s incredible, I respect her
    Tamura Mayu: I’ve recently been working a lot with Matsumura Sayuri, so, I respect her
    Tsutsui Ayame: Everyone, really
    Hayakawa Seira: Ikuta Erika-san
    Hayashi Runa: 3ki Itou Riria-san
    Matsuo Miyu: Ikuta Erika-san. She always puts in 120%.
    Yakubo Mio: Everyone, of course
    Yumiki Nao: Takayama Kazumi-san, inside and outside, I love all of her
    8. Favorite N46 Song?
    Akimoto Manatsu: Hito Natsu no Nagasa yori, which I centered with Matsumura Sayuri
    Ikuta Erika: Danke Schoen. It gets my spirits up.
    Saitou Asuka: Ima Hanashitai Dareka ga Iru
    Takayama Kazumi: Kikkake, but I also like Kimi Boku
    Higuchi Hina: I love Yasashisa to wa
    Hoshino Minami: I like them all, but, it’s Kimi no Na wa Kibou after all
    Matsumura Sayuri: Hakumai-sama
    Wada Maaya: Yasashisa to wa
    Itou Junna: Naimononedari
    Kitano Hinako: Kimi ni Okuru Hana ga Nai
    Shinuchi Mai: Difficult. But without changing, Hane no Kioku
    Suzuki Ayane: They’re all good songs, um, Kikkake
    Terada Ranze: Synchronicity
    Yamazaki Rena: It’s hard to decide a favorite, but I like Ushinaitakunaikara
    Watanabe Miria: Fuusen wa Ikiteiru
    Itou Riria: Sanbanme no Kaze
    Iwamoto Renka: Inochi wa Utsukushii
    Umezawa Minami: Tachinaorichuu, including the MV
    Ozono Momoko: Arigachi na Renai, recently
    Kubo Shiori: Right now it’s Sayonara Stay With Me. It changes depending on when, but I have various memories of that.
    Sakaguchi Tamami: Sing Out
    Satou Kaede: Hane no Kioku
    Nakamura Reno: Ima Hanashitai Dareka ga Iru
    Mukai Hazuki: Psychokinesis no Kanousei
    Yamashita Mizuki: Sekai Ichiban Kodoku na Lover
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: Kikkake
    Yoda Yuki: Recently I’ve been listening to Tsuribori
    Endou Sakura: Lots, but Kanashimi no Wasurekata
    Kaki Haruka: Sayonara no Imi
    Kakehashi Sayaka: Sukima, Another Ghost, Nigemizu
    Kanagawa Saya: I see… Lots of people must have seen it
    Kitagawa Yuri: Naimononedari has saved me many times, so I love it
    Kuromi Haruka: Seifuku no Mannequin, because it was why I started liking Nogizaka46
    Satou Rika: I can’t decide
    Shibata Yuna: Synchronicity
    Seimiya Rei: Tender Days
    Tamura Mayu: Kimi no Na wa Kibou
    Tsutsui Ayame: Kikkake
    Hayakawa Seira: I see...
    Hayashi Runa: Anastasia
    Matsuo Miyu: Kimi wa Boku to Awanai Hou ga Yokatta no kana
    Yakubo Mio: Umareta Mama de
    Yumiki Nao: Boku Dake no Hikari. The lyrics really pierced me, so I like it.
    9. Charm point? (say it in a cute voice)
    Akimoto Manatsu: My face?
    Ikuta Erika: Neck
    Saitou Asuka: None
    Takayama Kazumi: None, I’m sad
    Higuchi Hina: Hair. I dunno.
    Hoshino Minami: Voice
    Matsumura Sayuri: Eating a lot
    Wada Maaya: I have fun with everything
    Itou Junna: Lips
    Kitano Hinako: Eyebrows, my whorled eyebrows
    Shinuchi Mai: Straight legs
    Suzuki Ayane: Nose
    Terada Ranze: Eyes. Are they cute, I wonder?
    Yamazaki Rena: Voice
    Watanabe Miria: Eyes
    Itou Riria: Smile
    Iwamoto Renka: Mole under my eye
    Umezawa Minami: Cute voice, mole
    Ozono Momoko: Husky voice
    Kubo Shiori: In the past, I said my palms, but I can’t say it in a cute voice, ah, none
    Sakaguchi Tamami: Neck length
    Satou Kaede: Neck
    Nakamura Reno: Eyes?
    Mukai Hazuki: The pupil of my left eye
    Yamashita Mizuki: Dimples
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: Eyes
    Yoda Yuki: Eyelashes
    Endou Sakura: Cheeks
    Kaki Haruka: Hands
    Kakehashi Sayaka: Smile
    Kanagawa Saya: Eyes
    Kitagawa Yuri: None
    Kuromi Haruka: My dimple here
    Satou Rika: A dark spot on my eye
    Shibata Yuna: Eye bags
    Seimiya Rei: Smile
    Tamura Mayu: Smile
    Tsutsui Ayame: Eyebrows
    Hayakawa Seira: I can spread my toes nicely, so toes, but I haven’t shown them before
    Hayashi Runa: The middle finger on my left hand is beautiful
    Matsuo Miyu: Smile
    Yakubo Mio: Round face
    Yumiki Nao: Front teeth
    10. Phrase you often say recently?
    Akimoto Manatsu: Not a recent thing, but I’ve probably always said “no way” [uso]
    Ikuta Erika: “Something like” [nanka nanka]
    Saitou Asuka: “I dunno”
    Takayama Kazumi: “Fumu fumu”
    Higuchi Hina: “Certainly”
    Hoshino Minami: It’s always been my phrase, but, “Eh~ What is it?” [ee~ nandarou]
    Matsumura Sayuri: Maichun often tells me I say “honestly” a lot
    Wada Maaya: Eh…?
    Itou Junna: “Thank you very much”
    Kitano Hinako: My dad tells me it’s “something like” [nanka]
    Shinuchi Mai: “Crying” [pien]
    Suzuki Ayane: “I wonder about that?” [sore wa dou nan darou?]
    Terada Ranze: “Somehow, yeah” [nantoka sa~]
    Yamazaki Rena: None. I don’t know.
    Watanabe Miria: “Ne~?”
    Itou Riria: “Certainly.” “I see.”
    Iwamoto Renka: “It’s cold”
    Umezawa Minami: I always say “something like” [nanka], I want to fix the habit
    Ozono Momoko: I dunno, sorry
    Kubo Shiori: I’m quick to say “no way~” [uso~]
    Sakaguchi Tamami: “Luv ya” [daisuko]
    Satou Kaede: “What is it?” [nandarou?]
    Nakamura Reno: “Onigiri”
    Mukai Hazuki: “Hazuki is…”
    Yamashita Mizuki: “Whoa” [yaba]
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: “Circle” [maru]
    Yoda Yuki: “I’m sleepy.” “I’m hungry.”
    Endou Sakura: “What is it~” [nandarou na~]
    Kaki Haruka: “What is it?” [nandarou?]
    Kakehashi Sayaka: Recent phrase…?
    Kanagawa Saya: “Scary” or “Is that okay?”
    Kitagawa Yuri: “Mmm”
    Kuromi Haruka: “Sorry”
    Satou Rika: “Is that okay?”
    Shibata Yuna: “I” [watashi]
    Seimiya Rei: I constantly say, “Where’s my cellphone again?”
    Tamura Mayu: “Certainly”
    Tsutsui Ayame: “Hanya~”
    Hayakawa Seira: “That’s right”
    Hayashi Runa: I ask, “Is it me?”
    Matsuo Miyu: “Sorta” [nanka] and “Um” [etto], and, not why or how, but “What?” [nandarou]
    Yakubo Mio: I have a lot of phrases. I say, “Ah, that’s right” [sounandayo na~]
    Yumiki Nao: I recently learned the phrase, “Arya~”
    11. Same-gen member you consult about problems?
    Akimoto Manatsu: Matsumura Sayuri. I think I also consulted with her when I became captain.
    Ikuta Erika: I don’t
    Saitou Asuka: I don’t consult with anyone
    Takayama Kazumi: Manatsu, maybe
    Higuchi Hina: Takayama Kazumi-chan, Wada Maaya, Hoshino Minami
    Hoshino Minami: I don’t consult with members much
    Matsumura Sayuri: Mm…
    Wada Maaya: I often consult Higuchi Hina-chan about troubles
    Itou Junna: Miria-chan
    Kitano Hinako: She’s younger but reliable, Itou Junna
    Shinuchi Mai: Same-gen? There aren’t any same-gen members I consult.
    Suzuki Ayane: Kitano Hinako-chan
    Terada Ranze: Everyone
    Yamazaki Rena: I don’t consult them about my problems. I don’t consult anyone at all about work stuff
    Watanabe Miria: Junna
    Itou Riria: Yamashita Mizuki
    Iwamoto Renka: Momoko
    Umezawa Minami: Ozono Momoko
    Ozono Momoko: Satou Kaede and Umezawa Minami
    Kubo Shiori: Umezawa Minami-chan, because she’s steady and like an older sister
    Sakaguchi Tamami: Umezawa Minami-chan
    Satou Kaede: Umezawa Minami
    Nakamura Reno: Kubo
    Mukai Hazuki: I don’t consult about my troubles much
    Yamashita Mizuki: Itou Riria-chan or Kubo Shiori-chan
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: Kubo Shiori
    Yoda Yuki: Everyone?
    Endou Sakura: Who? Eh?
    Kaki Haruka: If it’s same-gen, Hayakawa Seira-chan, is most often
    Kakehashi Sayaka: I don’t, but if I have to say, Kanagawa Saya
    Kanagawa Saya: Kakehashi Sayaka-chan
    Kitagawa Yuri: Tsutsui Ayame-chan taught me her outlook on life, so I often consult with her
    Kuromi Haruka: All the 4ki
    Satou Rika: Not much with same-gen…
    Shibata Yuna: Kakki
    Seimiya Rei: I often talk to Hayakawa Seira
    Tamura Mayu: Hayakawa Seira might also be the most often
    Tsutsui Ayame: Seimiya Rei, often
    Hayakawa Seira: If it’s same-gen, Kakki
    Hayashi Runa: Yumiki Nao and Matsuo Miyu
    Matsuo Miyu: Yumiki Nao-chan, a lot
    Yakubo Mio: Often with Shibata Yuna-chan
    Yumiki Nao: I basically consult Hayashi Runa and Matsuo Miyu
    12. Unique or special thing in your bag?
    Akimoto Manatsu: There are always omamori, eye drops, and lipstick
    Ikuta Erika: Honey candy. That’s normal though.
    Saitou Asuka: Dried sweet potato?
    Takayama Kazumi: A massage ball you step on
    Higuchi Hina: Shoehorn
    Hoshino Minami: Special? It’s normal. But to lift my mood, I put in perfume.
    Matsumura Sayuri: Mmm… mm?
    Wada Maaya: None
    Itou Junna: None. Gummies.
    Kitano Hinako: There are always sweets inside
    Shinuchi Mai: Two omamori
    Suzuki Ayane: Nothing in particular
    Terada Ranze: I only put lipstick in my bag
    Yamazaki Rena: My must-haves are ramune and manuka honey
    Watanabe Miria: Turtle
    Itou Riria: None
    Iwamoto Renka: Cotton swabs
    Umezawa Minami: A small message card I received from my family on my birthday, it’s always in there
    Ozono Momoko: What is there… sorry
    Kubo Shiori: Lots of pouches inside, various pouches, pouch pouch pouch
    Sakaguchi Tamami: Dried pickled plum
    Satou Kaede: There’s always a hair brush inside
    Nakamura Reno: Purifying salt
    Mukai Hazuki: Tablet
    Yamashita Mizuki: Phone, wallet, gum, it’s normal
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: No special things
    Yoda Yuki: It’s filled with food
    Endou Sakura: Hand cream
    Kaki Haruka: There’s nothing there, sorry
    Kakehashi Sayaka: I can’t tell you that
    Kanagawa Saya: Wallet
    Kitagawa Yuri: I always have earphones so I can listen to music at any time
    Kuromi Haruka: Nunchaku
    Satou Rika: It’s not particularly unique
    Shibata Yuna: Omamori my mama gave me
    Seimiya Rei: Oranges?
    Tamura Mayu: I always carry a charger
    Tsutsui Ayame: None, it’s plain
    Hayakawa Seira: It’s not special, but recently there’s a plastic shopping bag
    Hayashi Runa: Wet tissues and 3 handkerchiefs
    Matsuo Miyu: Nothing particular. Gummies…
    Yakubo Mio: I always bring 2 stuffed toys everywhere
    Yumiki Nao: Dried sweet potato
    13. Member you’d marry?
    Akimoto Manatsu: She’ll do anything for me, so Shinuchi Mai
    Ikuta Erika: Manatsu. I keep naming Manatsu, I should stop.
    Saitou Asuka: Umezawa Minami
    Takayama Kazumi: Hayakawa Seira-chan
    Higuchi Hina: Akimoto Manatsu-chan, who’s good at cooking
    Hoshino Minami: Matsumura Sayuri, because she’s cute
    Matsumura Sayuri: Maichun… Will anyone say Maichun? I’m curious.
    Wada Maaya: Higuchi Hina-chan
    Itou Junna: Tsutsui Ayame-chan
    Kitano Hinako: Higuchi Hina-san
    Shinuchi Mai: That’s tricky… Kazumin
    Suzuki Ayane: Itou Junna-chan
    Terada Ranze: Itou Junna
    Yamazaki Rena: Haha, I don’t want to marry a member
    Watanabe Miria: Hinako
    Itou Riria: Mukai Hazuki-chan
    Iwamoto Renka: I dunno
    Umezawa Minami: Akimoto Manatsu-san. Since she’s good at cooking.
    Ozono Momoko: Itou Junna-san
    Kubo Shiori: Akimoto Manatsu-san, her cooking looks delicious
    Sakaguchi Tamami: Akimoto Manatsu-san
    Satou Kaede: Itou Junna-san
    Nakamura Reno: Yoshida Ayano Christie
    Mukai Hazuki: Tamami… Tamami!
    Yamashita Mizuki: Takayama Kazumi-san would be good
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: Hayakawa Seira
    Yoda Yuki: Wait, I don’t know. I want to marry everyone.
    Endou Sakura: I’ve never thought about it
    Kaki Haruka: Manatsu-san would definitely be nice
    Kakehashi Sayaka: Ayane-san
    Kanagawa Saya: Kakki
    Kitagawa Yuri: Kakki. As you’d expect, definitely Kakki.
    Kuromi Haruka: Akimoto Manatsu-san
    Satou Rika: Even if Hayashi Runa was my boyfriend, I wouldn’t want to marry her
    Shibata Yuna: Rei-chan
    Seimiya Rei: Ayame
    Tamura Mayu: Tsutsui Ayame-chan
    Tsutsui Ayame: Everyone
    Hayakawa Seira: But… they’re girls…
    Hayashi Runa: Satou Rika
    Matsuo Miyu: Yakubo-chan
    Yakubo Mio: I want to marry everyone. Let’s get married. Love!
    Yumiki Nao: Suzuki Ayane-san
    14. Member who makes you laugh most?
    Akimoto Manatsu: Wada Maaya. There are always strange things happening around her.
    Ikuta Erika: Maaya. Maaya’s so funny.
    Saitou Asuka: Takayama Kazumi
    Takayama Kazumi: I laughed a lot again today with Chima and Junna-chan and Maaya, those three are so funny
    Higuchi Hina: Wada Maaya-chan
    Hoshino Minami: Everyone’s cute after all, but recently it’s Wada Maaya-chan
    Matsumura Sayuri: Ah, but I feel like Takayama Kazumi-san is so funny
    Wada Maaya: Takayama Kazumi-chan. All the same names keep appearing.
    Itou Junna: Wada Maaya
    Kitano Hinako: Watanabe Miria
    Shinuchi Mai: Ikuta Erika
    Suzuki Ayane: Watanabe Miria-chan
    Terada Ranze: Wada Maaya
    Yamazaki Rena: Kitano Hinako-chan, she’s always fooling around. Also Junna.
    Watanabe Miria: Renka
    Itou Riria: Mukai Hazuki-chan
    Iwamoto Renka: Satou Kaede and Mukai Hazuki
    Umezawa Minami: Shinuchi Mai-san. She always makes me laugh a lot.
    Ozono Momoko: Takayama Kazumi-san, she’s constantly funny
    Kubo Shiori: Wada Maaya-san. When we’re together, I’ve never not laughed, she’s fun.
    Sakaguchi Tamami: Satou Kaede-chan
    Satou Kaede: Renka, I guess? Hazuki, I guess?
    Nakamura Reno: Mukai Hazuki
    Mukai Hazuki: Den-chan
    Yamashita Mizuki: Shinuchi Mai-senpai, Maichun-senpai
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: Maaya-san
    Yoda Yuki: Hazuki, or Den-chan
    Endou Sakura: All the 4ki
    Kaki Haruka: If it’s same-gen, Tamura Mayu
    Kakehashi Sayaka: Runa, Seira, Mayu-chan, Saya
    Kanagawa Saya: Hayashi Runa-chan
    Kitagawa Yuri: Also Ayame-chan
    Kuromi Haruka: Hayashi Runa-chan
    Satou Rika: Hayashi Runa? Also Kuromi Haruka-chan is strange and funny.
    Shibata Yuna: Rei-chan
    Seimiya Rei: Ayame
    Tamura Mayu: Kaki Haruka
    Tsutsui Ayame: Seimiya Rei
    Hayakawa Seira: Rei-chan
    Hayashi Runa: Kuromi Haruka-chan
    Matsuo Miyu: Rei-chan
    Yakubo Mio: Seimiya Rei-chan
    Yumiki Nao: I love Seimiya Rei-chan and Wada Maaya-san
    15. Favorite song choreography?
    Akimoto Manatsu: Influencer, which I practiced until 3 at night, crying a lot
    Ikuta Erika: Synchronicity
    Saitou Asuka: Boku wa Boku wo Suki ni Naru
    Takayama Kazumi: Naittate Iijanaika
    Higuchi Hina: Atarashii Sekai
    Hoshino Minami: Synchronicity
    Matsumura Sayuri: Ima Hanashitai Dare ka ga Iru. No, Hakumai-sama – heh heh, that’s a lie.
    Wada Maaya: Kidzuitara Kata Omoi
    Itou Junna: Synchronicity
    Kitano Hinako: It feels good to dance to Nichijou
    Shinuchi Mai: Synchronicity
    Suzuki Ayane: Synchronicity
    Terada Ranze: Kassouro
    Yamazaki Rena: Synchronicity. It’s fun to dance to it.
    Watanabe Miria: Synchronicity
    Itou Riria: Synchronicity
    Iwamoto Renka: Boku wa Boku wo Suki ni Naru
    Umezawa Minami: Lots, but Synchronicity
    Ozono Momoko: Ima Hanashitai Dareka ga Iru’s second climax
    Kubo Shiori: Nichijou
    Sakaguchi Tamami: Synchronicity
    Satou Kaede: What was it again?
    Nakamura Reno: Inochi wa Utsukushii
    Mukai Hazuki: Omoide First
    Yamashita Mizuki: Hoka no Hoshi kara
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: Unubore Beach
    Yoda Yuki: Ima Hanashitai Dare ka ga Iru
    Endou Sakura: Influencer
    Kaki Haruka: Kiss no Shuriken
    Kakehashi Sayaka: Arigachi na Renai. I was able to perform it in a Live, I really like it.
    Kanagawa Saya: Inochi wa Utsukushii
    Kitagawa Yuri: If it’s 4ki songs, Kiss no Shuriken
    Kuromi Haruka: Influencer, because it’s cool
    Satou Rika: Lots. Influencer.
    Shibata Yuna: Yonbanme
    Seimiya Rei: The ‘don don don’ part in Yonbanme no Hikari
    Tamura Mayu: Settei Ondo
    Tsutsui Ayame: Inochi wa Utsukushii
    Hayakawa Seira: Kiss no Shuriken
    Hayashi Runa: Out of the Blue
    Matsuo Miyu: Influencer and Arigachi na Renai
    Yakubo Mio: Arigachi na Renai. It’s so good, watch it!
    Yumiki Nao: Hashire! Bicycle
    16. Work you want to try challenging?
    Akimoto Manatsu: Something like a cooking corner on a news program
    Ikuta Erika: I’d be happy if I could do dubbing or other voice work
    Saitou Asuka: Try a bit harder at tongue-twisters
    Takayama Kazumi: Mm…
    Higuchi Hina: Strolling around town
    Hoshino Minami: I like singing and dancing, so I like Lives
    Matsumura Sayuri: That, um, the type where you fly in the sky
    Wada Maaya: I want to move my body
    Itou Junna: Drama or movie work
    Kitano Hinako: Acting
    Shinuchi Mai: Dramas
    Suzuki Ayane: There’s stage acting work and I want to try narration work too
    Terada Ranze: I like fashion a lot, so it’d be nice if it involved that
    Yamazaki Rena: TV program narration or work that uses my voice or language
    Watanabe Miria: With dance… various things
    Itou Riria: I like stage acting work so I want to do a lot of it
    Iwamoto Renka: Mmm… mm?
    Umezawa Minami: Narration work. Also swordfighting onstage.
    Ozono Momoko: Work that contributes to my hometown
    Kubo Shiori: Film/TV work, and stage acting. I want to appear in Asuka’s screenplay.
    Sakaguchi Tamami: Appear on a prank TV program
    Satou Kaede: Running a full marathon
    Nakamura Reno: I like acting, so voice work
    Mukai Hazuki: Singing
    Yamashita Mizuki: Skydiving
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: Something related to stage acting and games
    Yoda Yuki: Acting on stage and bungee jumping
    Endou Sakura: I’d like to try anything
    Kaki Haruka: Work where I draw
    Kakehashi Sayaka: Something related to music
    Kanagawa Saya: Being an actress
    Kitagawa Yuri: Stage acting
    Kuromi Haruka: Participate in an overseas performance
    Satou Rika: Work with Iwate Prefecture. I want to become a doll.
    Shibata Yuna: Stage acting
    Seimiya Rei: Model or actress
    Tamura Mayu: Recently I was chosen as having a cute voice, so I want to try being a voice actor
    Tsutsui Ayame: Acting
    Hayakawa Seira: Anything. Stage acting.
    Hayashi Runa: Musicals
    Matsuo Miyu: Not bungee jumping, but skydiving
    Yakubo Mio: The idol work I love
    Yumiki Nao: Really, I’ll do anything, bring it on, welcome
    PART 2
    17. Habit you unintentionally keep doing?
    Akimoto Manatsu: When I talk, I say “I” and do this [puts hands on shoulders]
    Ikuta Erika: I put my hand on my chin like this
    Saitou Asuka: Touching my hair
    Takayama Kazumi: This [claps hands] or this [puts hands out, palms up]
    Higuchi Hina: When I talk, I do this, I touch my mouth [puts hand to bottom lip], I touch my front teeth too
    Hoshino Minami: None
    Matsumura Sayuri: Saying “hooray”
    Wada Maaya: I dunno
    Itou Junna: Going “mmm…” [puts hand on chin]
    Kitano Hinako: What I always do is… hahaha… [out of time]
    Shinuchi Mai: Putting my hand on my chin
    Suzuki Ayane: Licking my lips
    Terada Ranze: Gazing downward
    Yamazaki Rena: When I think about quizzes, I often touch my face, like this [places hand flat over nose and mouth]. It’s embarrassing.
    Watanabe Miria: I do this [puts thumb and index finger on chin], even though I don’t have a beard
    Itou Riria: When I think, I do this [scratches side of head]
    Iwamoto Renka: I touch my face
    Umezawa Minami: When I’m talking, I put my hand on my chin
    Ozono Momoko: I touch this spot a lot [touches top of head], I touch my bangs
    Kubo Shiori: I recently noticed, but I touch my nose, actually
    Sakaguchi Tamami: I use my hands when I talk
    Satou Kaede: I touch my bangs a lot. I’m quick to look in the mirror.
    Nakamura Reno: Touch my hair
    Mukai Hazuki: Do this, here [brushes right cheek with side of index finger]
    Yamashita Mizuki: There are many, but I scratch my head a lot
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: I puff out my cheeks
    Yoda Yuki: Sleeping. And touching my nails.
    Endou Sakura: Habit…?
    Kaki Haruka: I do this with my nails [squishes nails against fingers]
    Kakehashi Sayaka: Bending my neck
    Kanagawa Saya: This [raises index finger]. I’ve been doing it since just now.
    Kitagawa Yuri: Mmm… [puts fist to chin]
    Kuromi Haruka: It’s a pose, but giving the peace sign
    Satou Rika: Looking around restlessly
    Shibata Yuna: Touching my cheeks, maybe
    Seimiya Rei: [Puts thumb and index finger to chin] …Ah! I do this. I do this [puts fist on chin], and this [puts fist on side of head]
    Tamura Mayu: This with my chin [puts thumb and index finger on chin], and I often do this [puts palms on sides of head]
    Tsutsui Ayame: When my lips are dry, I lick them
    Hayakawa Seira: I like my earlobes and touch them
    Hayashi Runa: Putting my hand on my chin
    Matsuo Miyu: Stretching on tiptoe?
    Yakubo Mio: This [pokes index finger to side of head], and looking in this direction when I’m thinking [looks up and to the right]
    Yumiki Nao: Doing this [puts both fists up to chin], placing my hand near my mouth
    18. Morning routine you do without fail?
    Akimoto Manatsu: I stretch my body a lot
    Ikuta Erika: I always drink soy milk recently
    Saitou Asuka: Make my bed
    Takayama Kazumi: I think it’s normal though, like everyone’s. Like I said before, I step on the massage ball.
    Higuchi Hina: Open the curtains, drink warm water, and then milk, hot milk
    Hoshino Minami: Drink a warm drink
    Matsumura Sayuri: Open the curtains
    Wada Maaya: Wake up and brush my teeth? Is that what it means?
    Itou Junna: Open the window, spray perfume
    Kitano Hinako: Um…
    Shinuchi Mai: Drink a fermented milk drink
    Suzuki Ayane: Drink warm tea
    Terada Ranze: Nothing particular
    Yamazaki Rena: It’s not particularly fixed. I put on makeup and go out normally.
    Watanabe Miria: Rabbit – ah, I’m raising a pet – I feed the rabbit
    Itou Riria: None
    Iwamoto Renka: Play with my dog and cat
    Umezawa Minami: I gulp down a full glass of water
    Ozono Momoko: What is it? I feel like I always leave in a tizzy.
    Kubo Shiori: None
    Sakaguchi Tamami: Every morning, I do core muscle training
    Satou Kaede: First, always, I feed the dog
    Nakamura Reno: [misreads the question; out of time]
    Mukai Hazuki: It’s winter, so drink warm water
    Yamashita Mizuki: Drink hot water
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: Feed the cat
    Yoda Yuki: Eat natto. And crack my back.
    Endou Sakura: Drink water
    Kaki Haruka: I don’t do anything. I open the window.
    Kakehashi Sayaka: Go back to sleep for an hour
    Kanagawa Saya: Wake up, brush my teeth, eat breakfast, apply face lotion and stuff
    Kitagawa Yuri: Look at the sky – open the curtains
    Kuromi Haruka: Nothing in particular
    Satou Rika: Drink hot water
    Shibata Yuna: A friend told me you get taller if you stretch, so I stretch every morning
    Seimiya Rei: Stretch and eat breakfast
    Tamura Mayu: Wear perfume
    Tsutsui Ayame: Nothing particular
    Hayakawa Seira: Drink water
    Hayashi Runa: Read manga
    Matsuo Miyu: Drink water. Stretch in bed when I wake up.
    Yakubo Mio: It’s nothing worth announcing to the world
    Yumiki Nao: Drink warm water with lemon
    19. Recent trouble on your mind?
    Akimoto Manatsu: I can’t hear my alarm clock
    Ikuta Erika: I always have some trouble I can’t identify
    Saitou Asuka: Bad sleeping posture, I mess up the futon
    Takayama Kazumi: Mm…? Ah! Um…
    Higuchi Hina: I have very uneven days where I can or can’t sleep
    Hoshino Minami: I’ve been having fun, no troubles
    Matsumura Sayuri: My home has really bad sunlight coverage
    Wada Maaya: When I wake up in the morning, I get tired
    Itou Junna: Not being able to read kanji
    Kitano Hinako: My pillow doesn’t fit right
    Shinuchi Mai: Resisting the cold
    Suzuki Ayane: Nothing in particular
    Terada Ranze: I want to change my hairstyle
    Yamazaki Rena: It’s all work troubles. I’m troubled about who I can consult with.
    Watanabe Miria: No troubles
    Itou Riria: I want to sleep a lot more
    Iwamoto Renka: I’d like to be a bit taller
    Umezawa Minami: I’m sensitive to cold. I can’t fall asleep easily.
    Ozono Momoko: I want to go to the world above the sky
    Kubo Shiori: My voice gets shrill, it’s noisy
    Sakaguchi Tamami: Recently, I get sleepy
    Satou Kaede: My appetite won’t stop, it’s endless
    Nakamura Reno: I dream every day when I sleep
    Mukai Hazuki: My makeup won’t come off
    Yamashita Mizuki: Dryness. My body’s stiff.
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: I can’t become a morning person
    Yoda Yuki: Sleeping too much. And unbalanced diet.
    Endou Sakura: I’m sensitive to cold so my hands get cold quickly
    Kaki Haruka: I want to cut my hair
    Kakehashi Sayaka: I really don’t have troubles I worry over. Maybe it’d be better to be a bit more troubled.
    Kanagawa Saya: None. Probably.
    Kitagawa Yuri: I’m sleepy
    Kuromi Haruka: All the 4ki are growing taller
    Satou Rika: My pillow doesn’t suit my shoulders
    Shibata Yuna: I’m not growing taller
    Seimiya Rei: It always has, but my stomach really sticks out after I eat
    Tamura Mayu: I often eat ochazuke late at night
    Tsutsui Ayame: I eat too many sweet things
    Hayakawa Seira: Recently it’s gotten cold and my shoulders get terribly stiff. What should I do?
    Hayashi Runa: Satou Rika is cold
    Matsuo Miyu: My assignments are endless?
    Yakubo Mio: No matter how I fix my bangs, they won’t settle down
    Yumiki Nao: My gaze looks severe
    20. Member whose face is your type?
    Akimoto Manatsu: The member to whom I say “cute, cute” when I see her face is probably Kubo-chan. Because I like droopy eyes.
    Ikuta Erika: Sayurin. Cute no matter what face she makes.
    Saitou Asuka: Iwamoto Renka-chan has a beautiful face and is skilled at makeup
    Takayama Kazumi: Kubo Shiori-chan
    Higuchi Hina: Lots. But I like Kazumin’s brisk face.
    Hoshino Minami: Always been Matsumura Sayuri-chan
    Matsumura Sayuri: Ah~
    Wada Maaya: Matsumura Sayuri-chan
    Itou Junna: Ozono Momoko
    Kitano Hinako: Hoshino Minami-chan
    Shinuchi Mai: Kitano Hinako
    Suzuki Ayane: Tsutsui Ayame-chan
    Terada Ranze: Matsumura-san and Hazuki
    Yamazaki Rena: Suzuki Ayane-chan, by far. Her nose is beautiful, I like her side profile.
    Watanabe Miria: Yuri-chan
    Itou Riria: Asuka-san
    Iwamoto Renka: That’s difficult. Asuka-san.
    Umezawa Minami: Too many, but I like Matsuo Miyu-chan
    Ozono Momoko: Tsutsui Ayame-chan
    Kubo Shiori: Matsumura Sayuri-san. I love her
    Sakaguchi Tamami: Tsutsui Ayame-chan
    Satou Kaede: Tsutsui Ayame-chan
    Nakamura Reno: Matsumura Sayuri-san
    Mukai Hazuki: Hoshino Minami-san
    Yamashita Mizuki: Matsumura Sayuri-san, very cute
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: Matsumura-san
    Yoda Yuki: It’s really impossible, I can’t choose.
    Endou Sakura: But everyone’s cute, so…
    Kaki Haruka: Yamashita Mizuki-san
    Kakehashi Sayaka: Kubo Shiori-san or Yamazaki Rena-san
    Kanagawa Saya: Saitou Asuka-san and Tamura Mayu-chan are cute, very, yes
    Kitagawa Yuri: All the senpai
    Kuromi Haruka: I can’t decide
    Satou Rika: Lots. Tamura Mayu-chan.
    Shibata Yuna: Yamashita Mizuki-san
    Seimiya Rei: I like Kaki Haruka-chan’s huge eyes
    Tamura Mayu: Saitou Asuka-san
    Tsutsui Ayame: Hoshino Minami-san
    Hayakawa Seira: Everyone’s my type
    Hayashi Runa: Kakehashi Sayaka
    Matsuo Miyu: Mukai Hazuki-san and Ikuta Erika-san
    Yakubo Mio: That’s no contest, it’s Matsumura Sayuri-san
    Yumiki Nao: Tsutsui Ayame-chan, I love her
    21. How you’ve changed since entering the group?
    Akimoto Manatsu: My voice maybe became a bit louder
    Ikuta Erika: I became able to speak my opinions. I never raised my hand in class.
    Saitou Asuka: My nature changed 180 degrees
    Takayama Kazumi: Year by year I relied more on other people. I changed in a not-good direction.
    Higuchi Hina: I started liking people, I can talk to employees in shops
    Hoshino Minami: Everything changed, but I came to like talking to people
    Matsumura Sayuri: I really became able to speak, I was seriously dark before I entered
    Wada Maaya: I hold considerate feelings for others
    Itou Junna: I became able to sing and dance
    Kitano Hinako: Everything changed, but I stopped being short-tempered
    Shinuchi Mai: I started thinking more about other people’s feelings
    Suzuki Ayane: I think my personality became a bit brighter
    Terada Ranze: On the inside, I really haven’t changed
    Yamazaki Rena: Everything changed. I used to be shy and that changed.
    Watanabe Miria: I became better at interacting with people
    Itou Riria: Everything, my lifestyle
    Iwamoto Renka: I grew older
    Umezawa Minami: Eh, everything chang… eh, my personality became brighter
    Ozono Momoko: I started to think about the people around me
    Kubo Shiori: Everything, everything. My mind, everything around it, my lifestyle, everything.
    Sakaguchi Tamami: My shyness improved a little
    Satou Kaede: My personality became brighter
    Nakamura Reno: My thinking became mature
    Mukai Hazuki: I can’t eat so heartily anymore
    Yamashita Mizuki: Many things, but I pay attention to beauty
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: I became able to talk in public
    Yoda Yuki: I don’t run away much anymore
    Endou Sakura: I started to talk often
    Kaki Haruka: I feel like I became softer
    Kakehashi Sayaka: I became really positive and also I started going outside more
    Kanagawa Saya: I feel like everything changed. My routine changed, my beauty knowledge increased.
    Kitagawa Yuri: Everything changed
    Kuromi Haruka: Awareness of myself
    Satou Rika: I started thinking about things I never thought about
    Shibata Yuna: I became cheerful
    Seimiya Rei: I became an adult. In my thinking, too.
    Tamura Mayu: My communication ability rose a lot
    Tsutsui Ayame: Too many things, probably everything changed
    Hayakawa Seira: I started to quite like talking publicly
    Hayashi Runa: My personality changed
    Matsuo Miyu: I became more cheerful than before
    Yakubo Mio: I became cheerful, very. I wasn’t like this before, really.
    Yumiki Nao: I changed 360 degrees, 180 degrees, I think I became cheerful
    22. Favorite season?
    Akimoto Manatsu: Summer, I guess. My name is summer. [manatsu means midsummer]
    Ikuta Erika: Fall. It’s not cold or hot, there are no partings or meetings.
    Saitou Asuka: Fall, by far. Because the fashion’s cute.
    Takayama Kazumi: Summer! Definitely summer! Summer clothes are more comfortable.
    Higuchi Hina: It has my birthday, so winter
    Hoshino Minami: Fall and winter. I like the cold.
    Matsumura Sayuri: Mm…
    Wada Maaya: Fall. Because there are lots of delicious things.
    Itou Junna: Winter
    Kitano Hinako: I like Christmas too, but I like summer, which is also when my birthday is
    Shinuchi Mai: Fall
    Suzuki Ayane: Spring
    Terada Ranze: All of them! Japan’s the best
    Yamazaki Rena: Spring or fall. I’m bad with both hot and cold.
    Watanabe Miria: Absolutely winter!
    Itou Riria: I love winter
    Iwamoto Renka: I hate the heat, so winter
    Umezawa Minami: Winter. I love it. My birthday and Christmas, I can spend lots of time with everyone.
    Ozono Momoko: Fall and winter. I’d like fall and winter to continue forever.
    Kubo Shiori: Winter, since I like snow, I was born in Tohoku
    Sakaguchi Tamami: I was born in November, so winter
    Satou Kaede: Winter. It used to be summer.
    Nakamura Reno: Summer is fun, but I like the feeling of winter
    Mukai Hazuki: Spring
    Yamashita Mizuki: Fall, I like the feeling of changing from summer to winter
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: Spring! Spring!
    Yoda Yuki: Fall, it’s the only choice. There’s roast sweet potato. It’s cool.
    Endou Sakura: Spring. I also like winter.
    Kaki Haruka: Winter? I like a kotatsu.
    Kakehashi Sayaka: I thought it was summer, but when it’s winter, I think maybe it’s winter. I’m simple like that.
    Kanagawa Saya: Spring, definitely spring. Spring, right? Spring. Probably.
    Kitagawa Yuri: I like spring, summer, fall, and winter, so I can’t choose
    Kuromi Haruka: Summer
    Satou Rika: W...w...winter?
    Shibata Yuna: Spring. Because it’s warm.
    Seimiya Rei: Winter. I like snow. The clothing too.
    Tamura Mayu: Spring and fall and winter
    Tsutsui Ayame: Fall and winter
    Hayakawa Seira: Summer. Because it’s hot.
    Hayashi Runa: November
    Matsuo Miyu: Um, winter or summer? No, fall.
    Yakubo Mio: I can never decide this. All of them.
    Yumiki Nao: Fall, fall, fall. Fall
    23. Member you’d change places with for one day?
    Akimoto Manatsu: Sakura-chan? Her face is tiny.
    Ikuta Erika: Asuka?
    Saitou Asuka: Hoshino Minami-chan? Because she’s cute.
    Takayama Kazumi: Iku-chan, after all. I’d sing in that vibrato voice, ah~, I want to try that.
    Higuchi Hina: Wada Maaya. She seems really good at driving.
    Hoshino Minami: Everyone. I want to switch for a little bit with each person.
    Matsumura Sayuri: Minami-chan?
    Wada Maaya: Everyone
    Itou Junna: Hinachima
    Kitano Hinako: I want to become Kubo Shiori, who’s good at singing, and go to karaoke
    Shinuchi Mai: Ikuta Erika
    Suzuki Ayane: Takayama Kazumi-san
    Terada Ranze: I dunno
    Yamazaki Rena: Would it be fine to stay myself?
    Watanabe Miria: I don’t know her daily life. Asuka.
    Itou Riria: Matsumura-san
    Iwamoto Renka: Satou Kaede
    Umezawa Minami: Takayama Kazumi-san. I want to make people laugh a lot.
    Ozono Momoko: Ikuta Erika-san, I want to become able to think that being busy is fun
    Kubo Shiori: Ikuta Erika-san. I want to experience it, that busyness.
    Sakaguchi Tamami: Umezawa Minami-chan
    Satou Kaede: Ikuta Erika-san
    Nakamura Reno: Ozono Momoko
    Mukai Hazuki: Tamami
    Yamashita Mizuki: Matsumura-san, I want to eat a lot
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: Reno
    Yoda Yuki: Shinuchi-san? Ume-chan?
    Endou Sakura: I want to try being everyone
    Kaki Haruka: Tsutsui Ayame-chan would be nice, I want to be a bit younger again
    Kakehashi Sayaka: Asuka-san, since she’s a bit of a mystery, I’m curious
    Kanagawa Saya: Yamashita Mizuki-san. That’d be… nice.
    Kitagawa Yuri: Become Yan-chan and try living in Hokkaido
    Kuromi Haruka: Everyone
    Satou Rika: Kuromi Haruka-chan
    Shibata Yuna: Yoda-san
    Seimiya Rei: Saku-chan, and show off my long arms and legs
    Tamura Mayu: Higuchi Hina-san
    Tsutsui Ayame: Ikuta Erika-san
    Hayakawa Seira: Only one day? Yan-chan, Yan-chan, Kanagawa Saya-chan.
    Hayashi Runa: Terada Ranze-san
    Matsuo Miyu: Yamashita Mizuki-san
    Yakubo Mio: Ikuta Erika-san, I want to sing songs
    Yumiki Nao: Saitou Asuka-san
    24. Favorite MV?
    Akimoto Manatsu: I’ve always liked the sort of nostalgic school feeling of Girl’s Rule
    Ikuta Erika: Hadashi de Summer
    Saitou Asuka: Mmm…
    Takayama Kazumi: Jikochuu de Ikou
    Higuchi Hina: Synchronicity. I like its worldview and the dance.
    Hoshino Minami: Hadashi de Summer was fun
    Matsumura Sayuri: What was the song’s name? White and fluffy, with water.
    Wada Maaya: Sayonara no Imi
    Itou Junna: Kassouro, by far
    Kitano Hinako: Otona e no Chikamichi left an impression
    Shinuchi Mai: Synchronicity
    Suzuki Ayane: Ima Hanashitai Dareka ga Iru
    Terada Ranze: I didn’t participate, but Seifuku no Mannequin
    Yamazaki Rena: The Fuusen wa Ikiteiru MV was fun
    Watanabe Miria: Fuusen wa Ikiteiru, after all
    Itou Riria: Girl’s Rule, since long ago
    Iwamoto Renka: Kidzuitara Kata Omoi
    Umezawa Minami: Tachinaorichuu
    Ozono Momoko: Ima Hanashitai Dareka ga Iru
    Kubo Shiori: Tachinaorichuu. It hasn’t changed, always.
    Sakaguchi Tamami: Heikousen
    Satou Kaede: Ima Hanashitai Dareka ga Iru
    Nakamura Reno: What is it? Yaaa
    Mukai Hazuki: Guru Guru Curtain and Mukuchi na Lion
    Yamashita Mizuki: Sayonara no Imi
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: Ara Roma [Arakajime Katarareru Romance]
    Yoda Yuki: Hane no Kioku. Since it shines.
    Endou Sakura: Yonbanme no Hikari
    Kaki Haruka: Sayonara no Imi
    Kakehashi Sayaka: Yonbanme no Hikari
    Kanagawa Saya: Sayonara no Imi? It’s famous among the famous songs.
    Kitagawa Yuri: Lots, but I really like Synchronicity
    Kuromi Haruka: Out of the Blue
    Satou Rika: Lots, it’s impossible
    Shibata Yuna: Yonbanme no Hikari
    Seimiya Rei: It’s really cute when they eat food in Chikyuu ga Marui Nara
    Tamura Mayu: Synchronicity
    Tsutsui Ayame: Lots, but I like Tokitokimekimeki
    Hayakawa Seira: I see…
    Hayashi Runa: Anastasia
    Matsuo Miyu: Itsuka Dekiru kara Kyou Dekiru
    Yakubo Mio: Shitto no Kenri. The way the story progresses is great.
    Yumiki Nao: Anastasia
    25. What kind of child were you?
    Akimoto Manatsu: A real show-off, if I had a one-piece dress bought for me, I’d go show it to the people around me
    Ikuta Erika: My parents say I ate tissue
    Saitou Asuka: I think I was a more cheerful and lively child than I am now
    Takayama Kazumi: Really fat, I’d eat 10 yakitori skewers with a full bowl of food and say “tasty!”
    Higuchi Hina: I hid in my older sister’s shadow and was very shy
    Hoshino Minami: Compared to now, a bit shy
    Matsumura Sayuri: I really liked reading books, picture books too
    Wada Maaya: Surprisingly, um, a crybaby. I’d hide right away.
    Itou Junna: There were lots of people all around me
    Kitano Hinako: I always played outside even on snowy and rainy days
    Shinuchi Mai: Relatively lively, self-assertive
    Suzuki Ayane: A surpisingly lively child, I liked to play outside
    Terada Ranze: Just like this. Nothing’s changed on the inside.
    Yamazaki Rena: A child who looked at adults with doubt in her eyes
    Watanabe Miria: My mother said I was a considerate and pure child
    Itou Riria: Well-behaved?
    Iwamoto Renka: “THE child,” that kind of feeling. A typical child.
    Umezawa Minami: A very lively child who wasn’t shy around strangers. I became shy at some point.
    Ozono Momoko: I hated playing alone, I pushed others to play with me
    Kubo Shiori: Surprisingly, I was scolded a lot. But my introversion and shyness didn’t change.
    Sakaguchi Tamami: A well-behaved, good child
    Satou Kaede: Naughty and I liked games. I was a slacker.
    Nakamura Reno: Lively, I walked all over the place
    Mukai Hazuki: Chubby
    Yamashita Mizuki: I didn’t run around, I was well-behaved
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: Shy
    Yoda Yuki: I’ve been told, a shy and lively child
    Endou Sakura: I’ve heard I didn’t cry often
    Kaki Haruka: I have a memory of grabbing a bug with my hands and playing with it
    Kakehashi Sayaka: I liked bread too much, I ate loads of bread
    Kanagawa Saya: I have no memory at all, so I dunno
    Kitagawa Yuri: Silent?
    Kuromi Haruka: Very cheerful
    Satou Rika: Lively, I’d get on my bike in the morning
    Shibata Yuna: A tomboy and selfish, I think
    Seimiya Rei: I didn’t change much, I think I was lively. I was very tanned by the sun.
    Tamura Mayu: Very withdrawn
    Tsutsui Ayame: Quiet and well-behaved
    Hayakawa Seira: I liked scissors and cut my own hair off
    Hayashi Runa: Darker than I am now
    Matsuo Miyu: A quiet child who played by herself
    Yakubo Mio: I didn’t say anything, I was quiet, not like this
    Yumiki Nao: I did puzzles and stuff, I was relatively well-behaved
    26. Favorite phrase? (say it in a sweet voice)
    Akimoto Manatsu: “Love ya” [daisuki]
    Ikuta Erika: Dunno
    Saitou Asuka: “Sleep”
    Takayama Kazumi: “Be sweet to others, be sweet to yourself”
    Higuchi Hina: “You did your best”
    Hoshino Minami: “Thank you”
    Matsumura Sayuri: “White rice”
    Wada Maaya: “Shortcake”
    Itou Junna: “Friday”
    Kitano Hinako: I like dogs, so “woof!”
    Shinuchi Mai: “Favorite phrase?” [she took the question literally]
    Suzuki Ayane: “Humans”
    Terada Ranze: None
    Yamazaki Rena: “Health comes first”
    Watanabe Miria: “Salmon”
    Itou Riria: “Tamagoyaki”
    Iwamoto Renka: “Love”
    Umezawa Minami: “Thank you very much”
    Ozono Momoko: “It’s okay”
    Kubo Shiori: “Hard workers don’t think it’s hard work” [doryoku wo doryoku to omowanai]
    Sakaguchi Tamami: “Tapioca”
    Satou Kaede: “Thank you”
    Nakamura Reno: “Cotton candy”
    Mukai Hazuki: “Ham”
    Yamashita Mizuki: “Umamizuki~” [nonsense pun, sounds like “delicious Mizuki”]
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: “Smile”
    Yoda Yuki: “It’ll work out somehow”
    Endou Sakura: “Reading books”
    Kaki Haruka: “Free refills”
    Kakehashi Sayaka: “Yay”
    Kanagawa Saya: “Thank you very much”
    Kitagawa Yuri: “Thank you”
    Kuromi Haruka: “Don’t think. Feel.”
    Satou Rika: “Fresh cream”
    Shibata Yuna: “Thank you”
    Seimiya Rei: “Perfect”
    Tamura Mayu: “Thank you”
    Tsutsui Ayame: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”
    Hayakawa Seira: “Thank you”
    Hayashi Runa: “It’s okay”
    Matsuo Miyu: “Effort wins over talent”
    Yakubo Mio: “Matsumura Sayuri-san”
    Yumiki Nao: “Do your best”
    27. Same-gen member you’ve got your eye on most?
    Akimoto Manatsu: Lots, but, um, Kaki-chan. She’s steady. [Manatsu was asked about all members]
    Ikuta Erika: Eh…? Wait…
    Saitou Asuka: Matsumura Sayuri-chan
    Takayama Kazumi: Minami?
    Higuchi Hina: Same gen? Wada Maaya.
    Hoshino Minami: Chima, Higuchi Hina-chan cut her hair, it was really cute
    Matsumura Sayuri: Manatsu-chan
    Wada Maaya: Higuchi Hina-chan
    Itou Junna: Miria
    Kitano Hinako: Suzuki Ayane-chan
    Shinuchi Mai: Ayane-chan
    Suzuki Ayane: Yamazaki Rena-chan. She’s very active.
    Terada Ranze: Everyone
    Yamazaki Rena: Itou Junna-chan. She’s steadily becoming an adult.
    Watanabe Miria: Ranze
    Itou Riria: Everyone
    Iwamoto Renka: Sakaguchi Tamami
    Umezawa Minami: Everyone, but Sakaguchi Tamami is funny
    Ozono Momoko: Sakaguchi Tamami and Iwamoto Renka
    Kubo Shiori: Ozono Momoko-chan, always, since the early days
    Sakaguchi Tamami: Ozono Momoko-chan
    Satou Kaede: Renka
    Nakamura Reno: Satou Kaede
    Mukai Hazuki: [answer missing from video]
    Yamashita Mizuki: Nakamura Reno-chan, since her style’s very nice
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: Sakaguchi Tamami
    Yoda Yuki: Mizuki
    Endou Sakura: Shibata Yuna-chan
    Kaki Haruka: Recently I started talking with Matsuo Miyu-chan
    Kakehashi Sayaka: Seira. She’s vigorous.
    Kanagawa Saya: I want Yumiki Nao-chan to be paid the most attention
    Kitagawa Yuri: Tsutsui Ayame-chan
    Kuromi Haruka: Satou Rika-chan
    Satou Rika: Everyone
    Shibata Yuna: Rei-chan
    Seimiya Rei: Sayaka, her guitar
    Tamura Mayu: Yakubo Mio-chan
    Tsutsui Ayame: Everyone
    Hayakawa Seira: Rei-chan
    Hayashi Runa: Matsuo Miyu-chan
    Matsuo Miyu: Shibata Yuna-chan. Cute.
    Yakubo Mio: Endou Sakura-chan. I’ve loved her ever since joining.
    Yumiki Nao: Kuromi Haruka-chan, she’s very athletic
    28. What you want to do if you got a vacation?
    Akimoto Manatsu: Go to hot springs and eat all day
    Ikuta Erika: Mm…
    Saitou Asuka: Sleep all day
    Takayama Kazumi: Depends on my mood that day
    Higuchi Hina: Lately, I really want to go to Lake Kawaguchi
    Hoshino Minami: Go to hot springs and relax
    Matsumura Sayuri: Negotiate to make my vacation as long as possible
    Wada Maaya: Go with members to Hakone
    Itou Junna: Focus on taking a walk
    Kitano Hinako: I’ve started enjoying hot springs ever since I became an adult
    Shinuchi Mai: Travel to the places I like, buy the things I like
    Suzuki Ayane: Stay in a traditional ryokan inn
    Terada Ranze: Sleep for one day
    Yamazaki Rena: Prepare for the next day’s radio show
    Watanabe Miria: It’s difficult now, but I want to go to Turkey
    Itou Riria: Sleep a lot, game a lot
    Iwamoto Renka: Travel
    Umezawa Minami: Travel. Go to Ishikawa prefecture.
    Ozono Momoko: Go on a trip with Rentama [Renka + Tamami]
    Kubo Shiori: I usually sleep for the day, so instead, bouldering
    Sakaguchi Tamami: Go to an outlet mall
    Satou Kaede: Go on an outing. When things calm down.
    Nakamura Reno: Right now I can’t go yet, but go on a trip and play a lot
    Mukai Hazuki: Sleep a lot, for about 25 hours
    Yamashita Mizuki: Go on a hot springs trip
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: Play games all day
    Yoda Yuki:Go on a trip to an unknown place
    Endou Sakura: Stay at home the whole time
    Kaki Haruka: Go on an outing like an overseas trip
    Kakehashi Sayaka: Mmm…
    Kanagawa Saya: I can’t make it come true yet, but an overseas trip. I’ve never been.
    Kitagawa Yuri: Climb a mountain
    Kuromi Haruka: Join a game event
    Satou Rika: Return to my hometown
    Shibata Yuna: Go on an outing
    Seimiya Rei: See my family. Eat a meal.
    Tamura Mayu: Go see a movie
    Tsutsui Ayame: Take it easy at home
    Hayakawa Seira: Go play with 4ki girls, it’s a date
    Hayashi Runa: Go to a Live
    Matsuo Miyu: Picnic outside on a sunny day
    Yakubo Mio: Sleep a lot. I’m always sleeping a lot.
    Yumiki Nao: I made a promise with Ayane-san for afternoon tea
    29. Scariest thing in the world?
    Akimoto Manatsu: Definitely spiders. When spiders appear, I cry, even now.
    Ikuta Erika: What…
    Saitou Asuka: Mother and father are both scary
    Takayama Kazumi: Rashes/pimples, I can’t handle those
    Higuchi Hina: Stink bugs. I’m really bad with stink bugs, the stink.
    Hoshino Minami: Bugs with lots of legs
    Matsumura Sayuri: Working too hard
    Wada Maaya: Acts of betrayal
    Itou Junna: Loneliness
    Kitano Hinako: Tanuki statues
    Shinuchi Mai: Humans
    Suzuki Ayane: Holes in the ground
    Terada Ranze: Humans
    Yamazaki Rena: Things that can’t be solved by adults’ power or money
    Watanabe Miria: That locker, dark locker thing [??]
    Itou Riria: Bugs
    Iwamoto Renka: Morning
    Umezawa Minami: Betrayal
    Ozono Momoko: Humans
    Kubo Shiori: Thunderbolts! Thunderbolts and static electricity, I’m really bad with electricity.
    Sakaguchi Tamami: Ghosts
    Satou Kaede: Ghosts
    Nakamura Reno: What is it…?
    Mukai Hazuki: People
    Yamashita Mizuki: People?
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: Japanese horror
    Yoda Yuki: People
    Endou Sakura: Haunted houses
    Kaki Haruka: People
    Kakehashi Sayaka: Roller coaster
    Kanagawa Saya: Bugs. Since a long way back, it’s been bugs. Bugs are scary.
    Kitagawa Yuri: Scariest thing…
    Kuromi Haruka: Ghosts
    Satou Rika: People
    Shibata Yuna: The tunnel under a railway near my hometown, at night
    Seimiya Rei: What is it…? Ghosts recently have become not scary
    Tamura Mayu: Bugs
    Tsutsui Ayame: Spiders
    Hayakawa Seira: Humans
    Hayashi Runa: Humans
    Matsuo Miyu: Humans are scarier than ghosts
    Yakubo Mio: It’s humans, humans are the scariest. Did everyone know that?
    Yumiki Nao: Humans. Humans are scariest.
    30. Member skilled at dancing?
    Akimoto Manatsu: Watanabe Miria?
    Ikuta Erika: Hinachima? Asu is also skilled. I can’t decide.
    Saitou Asuka: There are several members, but Watanabe Miria-chan dances beautifully
    Takayama Kazumi: Maaya
    Higuchi Hina: Wada Maaya-chan. It’s a big topic among the members.
    Hoshino Minami: Wada Maaya-chan, her arms and legs are long and very beautiful
    Matsumura Sayuri: Everyone’s really skilled, but Minami-chan is seriously fast at memorizing.
    Wada Maaya: Higuchi Hina-chan
    Itou Junna: Watanaba Miria-chan, by far, I think
    Kitano Hinako: Everyone’s skilled, so… Sakaguchi Tamami
    Shinuchi Mai: Nobody comes to mind immediately [she says Tama-chan during the post-interview]
    Suzuki Ayane: Watanabe Miria-chan
    Terada Ranze: Junna
    Yamazaki Rena: I don’t know #1, but Asuka-chan’s skilled
    Watanabe Miria: Tama-chan
    Itou Riria: Miria-san
    Iwamoto Renka: Watanabe Miria-san
    Umezawa Minami: Watanabe Miria-san. She’s graceful, I really like her dancing.
    Ozono Momoko: [Hoshino] Minami-chan
    Kubo Shiori: I respect Saitou Asuka-san
    Sakaguchi Tamami: Watanabe Miria-san
    Satou Kaede: Watanabe Miria-san, my only choice
    Nakamura Reno: Watanabe Miria-san
    Mukai Hazuki: Everyone’s more skilled than Hazuki
    Yamashita Mizuki: Lots, but if it’s same-gen, Sakaguchi Tamami-chan
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: Asuka-san
    Yoda Yuki: Miria-san’s short but incredible
    Endou Sakura: Watanabe Miria-san
    Kaki Haruka: Recently Asuka-san, I’ve been dancing behind Saitou Asuka-san a lot, so I like Asuka-san’s dancing
    Kakehashi Sayaka: Miria-san
    Kanagawa Saya: Saitou Asuka-san
    Kitagawa Yuri: The senpai
    Kuromi Haruka: If it’s 4ki, Hayakawa Seira-chan and Kanagawa Saya-chan
    Satou Rika: Saitou Asuka-san
    Shibata Yuna: If it’s 4ki, Saya
    Seimiya Rei: Hayakawa Seira-chan and Endou Sakura-chan
    Tamura Mayu: Saitou Asuka-san, by far
    Tsutsui Ayame: Renka-san
    Hayakawa Seira: Watanabe Miria-san
    Hayashi Runa: If it’s 4ki, Seimiya Rei-chan
    Matsuo Miyu: Miria-san and Hinako-san
    Yakubo Mio: I could say so much, there’d be no end to it, but if it’s 4ki, Hayakawa Seira-chan
    Yumiki Nao: Kanagawa Saya-chan
    31. Favorite song outfit?
    Akimoto Manatsu: I like all the ones with bare shoulders, but recently lots of them bare my shoulders
    Ikuta Erika: I like all the Synchro types. Because the skirts furl out.
    Saitou Asuka: That outfit everyone calls the “picture frame” outfit
    Takayama Kazumi: Sayonara no Imi MV outfit. I also like the non-MV one.
    Higuchi Hina: I really like Sing Out
    Hoshino Minami: The flower one from Harujion ga Sakukoro
    Matsumura Sayuri: I like lots, but Oide Shampoo
    Wada Maaya: Girl’s Rule is cute
    Itou Junna: The white one for Synchro
    Kitano Hinako: I like them all
    Shinuchi Mai: Lots, but recently, the red velour miniskirt outfits
    Suzuki Ayane: The outfits with dried flowers
    Terada Ranze: The white one from Synchronicity
    Yamazaki Rena: I like the Synchronicity outfit
    Watanabe Miria: The pants-style one in the Influencer MV
    Itou Riria: Sayonara no Imi MV outfit
    Iwamoto Renka: Kaerimichi wa Toomawari Shitakunaru
    Umezawa Minami: Girl’s Rule white outfit. I’ve only worn it once.
    Ozono Momoko: Outfits that don’t expose much
    Kubo Shiori: I surprisingly like the white and black one from Yoake Made Tsuyogaranakutemoii
    Sakaguchi Tamami: Secret Graffiti
    Satou Kaede: Ima Hanashitai Dareka ga Iru
    Nakamura Reno: The denim one from Taiyou Knock
    Mukai Hazuki: Umareta Mama de
    Yamashita Mizuki: Girl’s Rule outfit
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: Picture frame
    Yoda Yuki: Ima Hanashitai Dare ka ga Iru outfit and Sayonara no Imi
    Endou Sakura: They’re all beautiful, but the Synchronicity outfit
    Kaki Haruka: The rose one from Sayonara no Imi
    Kakehashi Sayaka: Which is it…?
    Kanagawa Saya: I like the picture frame outfit
    Kitagawa Yuri: 4.6 seconds is really so short. My responses are slowing down.
    Kuromi Haruka: I like all of them
    Satou Rika: There are lots, but… I like all of them
    Shibata Yuna: The white one from Synchronicity
    Seimiya Rei: The sleeveless outfit from Hadashi de Summer
    Tamura Mayu: Sayonara
    Tsutsui Ayame: There’s one called the picture frame outfit, I like that one
    Hayakawa Seira: The butterfly one from Synchronicity
    Hayashi Runa: Itsuka Dekiru kara Kyou Dekiru outfit
    Matsuo Miyu: Synchronicity and Influencer outfits
    Yakubo Mio: It’s basic, but I do love the picture frame one
    Yumiki Nao: Anastasia
    32. What you want to do with fans next?
    Akimoto Manatsu: Feed my cooking to fans someday
    Ikuta Erika: Do a Live, after all, with proper audiences in seats
    Saitou Asuka: Try a cooking classroom
    Takayama Kazumi: Meet them, meet and chat
    Higuchi Hina: Handshake event, since we recently couldn’t
    Hoshino Minami: Recently we haven’t been able to meet, so I’d be happy for anything where we can meet
    Matsumura Sayuri: For the time being, a handshake event, after all
    Wada Maaya: Be onstage with everyone
    Itou Junna: Sing together
    Kitano Hinako: Uh, everything
    Shinuchi Mai: Athletic meet. I think we’ve done it before though.
    Suzuki Ayane: Some kind of online event
    Terada Ranze: I’ve said since long ago, but I really want to travel, or do anything
    Yamazaki Rena: Do a public recording of a radio show
    Watanabe Miria: I’ve always said it, but I want to talk for an hour in a cafe or someplace
    Itou Riria: Online game tournament with everyone
    Iwamoto Renka: I dunno, but I want to meet
    Umezawa Minami: Make a meal and eat it with everyone
    Ozono Momoko: Sing a song to everyone
    Kubo Shiori: Sing choir together!
    Sakaguchi Tamami: Bingo competition
    Satou Kaede: Play badminton together
    Nakamura Reno: Eat parfait together
    Mukai Hazuki: Long jump rope
    Yamashita Mizuki: Athletic meet
    Yoshida Ayano Christie: Games
    Yoda Yuki: Right now, Lives or handshakes or events
    Endou Sakura: There are a lot…
    Kaki Haruka: Try various things, but I like games, so I want to try playing a game
    Kakehashi Sayaka: What I want to do…?
    Kanagawa Saya: Board game
    Kitagawa Yuri: Go look at the sky together
    Kuromi Haruka: Meet directly with fans
    Satou Rika: I still can’t do a proper handshake event, so I want to do one someday
    Shibata Yuna: Handshake event
    Seimiya Rei: Dance Nogizaka’s dances and do like a lecture on them
    Tamura Mayu: If everything calms down, I want to go to an amusement park
    Tsutsui Ayame: Hurry up and do a Live
    Hayakawa Seira: Molkky
    Hayashi Runa: The 4ki did a skit show, so, that
    Matsuo Miyu: Make something big together
    Yakubo Mio: I want to do lots of anything!
    Yumiki Nao: I want to say, “We were able to meet!”
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