Most beautiful Sakamichi members?

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  1. SteCola

    SteCola Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Jul 4, 2015
    Who are, in your opinion, the most beautiful members (ex and currents ones) from the Sakamichi groups?

    Here's my top 10:

    1- Shiraishi Mai
    2- Sugai Yuuka
    3- Hori Miona
    4- Nishino Nanase
    5- Watanabe Risa
    6- Fukagawa Mai
    7- Yamashita Mizuki
    8- Endo Sakura
    9- Watanabe Rika
    10- Kubo Shiori
  2. nazou

    nazou Kenkyuusei

    Nov 28, 2020
    Barely know the other groups so this is Nogi only, no ranking
    - Maiyan: classic beauty, but sometimes I can see the marks of time on her face
    - Nanamin: Not from the beginning but I must say she is at her peak right in her graduation. Calm, wise and reliable vibe. Oujou-sama.
    - Wakatsuki: She is cool, the ikemen.
    - Reika: Idk but Reika has something really feminine and attractive.
    - Misa: The mature one.
    - Ranze: Just love her visual, she is so underrated.
    - Seira (4ki): I'm impressed by her side profile in the teaser of the 8th BDL CD
    - Mizuki: Classic beauty, I like her look in traditional costumes.
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  3. miwa

    miwa Kenkyuusei

    Feb 9, 2019
    Sasaki Mirei
    In no particular order:
    Shiraishi Mai
    Watanabe Risa
    Tamura Hono
    Morita Hikaru
    Endo Sakura
    Hori Miona
    Watanabe Rika
    Sasaki Mirei
    Kawata Hina
    Matsumura Sayuri
    Yamashita Mizuki
    Moriya Rena
    Moriya Akane

    Shout out to Kashiwa Yukina who barely appeared on Nogidoko but I was always stunned by her whenever I'd see her.

    Edit: I just realized I left Asuka out even though she's my oshi lmao, but yeah she's definitely up there too.
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  4. reikazaka46

    reikazaka46 Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Nov 6, 2019
    桜井玲香 / 守屋茜 / 佐々木久美
    Picking my top three per group:

    1). Shiraishi Mai - Speaks for itself. Maiyan is unbelievably beautiful, probably my pick for most attractive female idol in history. <3
    2). Sakurai Reika - Known as a variety member, but she's a massively underrated beauty. Beautiful, and funny!
    3). Eto Misa, Takayama Kazumi, or Yoda Yuki - I can't pick. Misamisa is the definition of a mature *woman* and her personality is fantastic. Definitely deserving of the word "sexy." Kazumin is so freaking pretty. Like Reika, I feel like most see her as a top tier variety member, but everything about her...I really like. Yoda is still new but she is freaking gorgeous. I especially love her eyes and cute dimples when she smiles.

    Shout out to Ito Junna, the most underrated Nogi member ever and one of the top beauties too in my opinion.

    1). Moriya Akane - I cannot ever understand how she's not regarded as one of the most beautiful idols in Sakamichi history. Akanen is just...AAAHHHH <3
    2). Sugai Yuuka - Sugai is super freaking pretty. Nothing more to say. She's such a great captain and the biggest sweetheart.
    3). Koike Minami - I think she's the cutest member there and her bubbly penguin personality captivates that.

    1). Saito Kyoko - Nothing more to say here. Kyonko has a great aura about her. Her voice is deep and alluring, while her personality is calm and cool. She's awesome.
    2). Sasaki Kumi - More love for the captain is needed. I genuinely think she's beautiful but she's so damn loud and goofy. It's hard to fully appreciate her beauty when she's acting like a goof on HinaAi. I lover her so much. <3
    3). Kanemura Miku - Miku really became gorgeous. When she first started, she was adorable and now she's become beautiful. It's really easy to notice how much potential she has, as a future ace of the group.
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  5. baymon

    baymon Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Jun 28, 2014
    Shiraishi Mai
    Just based on looks and Nogizaka only:
    1. Shiraishi Mai
    2. Ozono Momoko
    3. Eto Misa
    4. Ikuta Erika
    5. Yamashita Mizuki
    6. Iwamoto Renka
    7. Hoshino Minami
    8. Hori Miona
    9. Kubo Shiori
    10. Matsumura Sayuri
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  6. Blitz Comet

    Blitz Comet Kenkyuusei

    Feb 11, 2019
    Los Angeles
    Active Nogi only list because I don't follow the other 2 groups
    No Particular Order just how they popped into my head
    1. Ikuta Erika
    2. Kubo Shiori
    3. Hayakawa Seira
    4. Matsuo Miyu (that smile)
    5. Yamazaki Rena
    6. Saito Asuka
    7. Shibata Yuna
    8. Kaki Haruka
    9. Yamashita Mizuki
    10. Hayashi Runa

    really thought hard about this list and changed it a couple of times. Also thought about adding former member but wanted to keep it just current members and the list would all be the same. I think we can all agree that Shiraishi Mai is the most beautiful member in Nogizaka ever.
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  7. hibari

    hibari Kenkyuusei

    May 27, 2020
    ashuminamiona, momoko, kakki
    only beautiful or can just put in members we regard as cute? because in my own dictionary beautiful and cute has a really different meaning.

    can't really blame shitara for always said they are real couple. i also feel the same. waka has more masculine side and reika seem too feminine.
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  8. Halyup

    Halyup Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Dec 20, 2016
    Okay heres mine

    1st Shiraishi Mai - Ethereal Beauty

    2nd Oozono Momoko - best natural Face w/o makeup

    3rd Hayakawa Seira - Best Side Profile

    4th Yamashita Mizuki - Seductive Beauty

    5th Kubo Shiori - Fair White Skin

    6th Kanemura Miku - Best Lookin Hinatazaka

    7th Kosaka Nao

    8th Tamura Hono - best Dimples

    9th Saito Asuka - captivating

    10th Endo Sakura - looks best with Makeup

    Honorable mention : Ikuta Erika , Iwamoto Renka , Tsutsui Ayame , Kashiwa Yukina , Eto Misa , Moriya Akane
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  9. NyanNyan's Pet

    NyanNyan's Pet Upcoming Girls

    Mar 10, 2016
    In no particular order

    Kashiwa Yukina
    Eto Misa
    Shiraishi Mai
    Wakatsuki Yumi

    Yonetoku Kyoka
    Sasaki Kotoko

    Ozono Momoko
    Kubo Shiori

    Tsutsui Ayame
    Hayakawa Seira
    Kaki Haruka
    Endo Sakura

    Imaizumi Yui
    Moriya Akane
    Shida Manaka
    Watanabe Risa
    Matsudaira Riko
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  10. maload

    maload Kenkyuusei

    May 14, 2020
    For now denchan is the best of that word.
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  11. Anqiel

    Anqiel Kenkyuusei

    Mar 28, 2017
    How do we define beauty, it is subjective at best right?

    Let's start with Nogizaka, In order when they caught my eyes :
    Nishino Nanase, first notice her when they had that fashion check in NogiDoko, she appear in her everyday clothes there, so cute
    Shiraishi Mai, she is so perfect, so pretty yet so handsome, and her picturette, over the chart gorgeous
    Eto Misa, oneesan, sexy oneesan, she has way too much sex appeal sometimes
    Sakurai Reika, cute and charismatic, she also has that southeast beauty feel to her
    Saito Chiharu, same exotic feel, but taller and more model like, her smile too, and her brain, our announcer
    Higuchi Hina, Japan, she has that traditional Japanese beauty to the core
    Hoshino Minami, eternal Imouto, seeing her made me realize how siscon I am
    Saito Asuka, she was bubbly back then, love to hang out, love to fan over her members, now, she has mature a bit but still quite playful
    Nakada Kana, the other oneesan, mature but lighthearted and outgoing
    Hori Miona, immediately upon seeing her, this girl is a Japanese Ghost, she's weird and she's pretty, haunt me please
    Sasaki Kotoko, an otaku with this face, seriously God? I wish I can assemble some Gunpla with her
    Shinuchi Mai, the obaasan? obasan? not gramma yet I guess but surely an aunt, her figure, enviable by even models
    Yamazaka Rena, I guess I just love brainiacs, her speech, captivating
    Yoda Yuki, cute imouto, smol, kinda shy personality which makes it perfect
    Yamashita Mizuki, lovely, pretty, a bit wild too, azato mo kawaii
    Umezawa Minami, tall, towering, but her character, down to earth and reliable
    Sakaguchi Tamami, quirky, yankee, she is normal in Japan but, in a feminine group like Nogi, she stands out
    Kubo Shiori, her round face with that slender body, didn't know it would work so well together with her crazy personality
    Kaki Haruka, miss perfect, she can do so many things, where is her limit? she is also a great emotional support to her Gen, simply adore that
    Endo Sakura, Himesama, her eyes, don't look into it, you would not want to look away
    Kanagawa Saya, hectic chara, weird pose and Yanchan are the same word
    Shibata Yuna, classical beauty, she love her dog, and I love her
    Hayakawa Seira, our osaka moodmaker, her emotion switch flips so easily, but that's just Seira
    Tamura Mayu, geisha, she remind me of one, her features has that Meiji feel, pretty yet unsofisticated
    Matsuo Miyu, just look at her, GO! she is flexible and athletic, she is an art
    Yumiki Nao, our new oneesan, her face always glows with seductive aura, but a rather different type, maybe cause she is Obaka

    Let's move on to Keyakizaka/Sakurazaka :

    Watanabe Risa, the girl is gorgeous, her voice too, she hate being call pretty but, by God, she is
    Watanabe Rika, awkward but everytime she appear, she just draw my attention, protect her is my goal
    Nagahama Neru, independent, she was placed under so much pressure, but even now she is doing well, such a fighting spirit in such a small body
    Sugai Yuka, real Ohimesama, she surely is rich in some way, but her style, and her nature, you just gotta love her
    Moriya Akane, hard on herself and others too, love to compete, but, very girly and particular in her lifestyles, that gap is exhilarating
    Minami Koike, soft, mochi mochi like, voice, action, everything, perfect girlfriend type
    Tamura Hono, Exquisite... what more can be said, she is the pinnacle of femininity, but she is easy to please and sometimes weird, that is not fair
    Matsudaira Riko, why you leave so early Rikopi? beautiful, funny, over the top most of the time, simply likable
    Ozono Rei, the new visual of Sakurazaka, when this girl go to the photoshoot, she brought flowers and butterflies in her bag
    Onuma Akiho, fishermen family, another quirky chara, but she is undeniably pretty, even with all her questionable habit

    So lastly Hinatazaka :
    Sasaki Mirei, Aimer's Hanabira MV, look at her, JUST LOOK AT HER, she is born a goddess, but her gramma complex makes her approachable, complete package
    Kato Shiho, her wit is top class, always funny whenever, but her looks betray her, even when she's funny, you would fell in love instead of laughing
    Sasaki Kumi, 40 years old idol, LOL, charismatic leader is just one of the trait in her arsenal of being an enviable figure
    Takamoto Ayaka, make up tutorial, she is always confident with how she looks, and she is pretty, so why not
    Kakizaki Memi, Burikko Queen, her face have 10x more muscle than ordinary human, she flirts all the time like seriously
    Nibu Akari, beauty is not immediate thought when you look at her, but wonder why so many geinin oshi her? Her temperament is beautiful, she will make you love her with how she is, but her fashion style is begging for a fix though
    Kosaka Nao, quiet type most of the time, but stern in her action, just her face would captivate you, her speech would melt you into her world
    Kanemura Miku, no word other than Osushi Shika Nai, put her in yukata, and stare at her
    Kawata Hina, pacifist, but don't miss understand that, she can be quite IN YOUR FACE with her innocent visual
    Hamagishi Hiyori, young and pure, is what you might think but she has many screws missing with how she behave
    Kamimura Hinano, Curve ball was her selling point since the beginning, HinanoNano, she speak more nowadays, but her lovely signature chara still prevail

    Wow I have made a long ass list, Sorry bout that
    My interpretation of beauty is complicated but I love them
    If you force me to choose the most beautiful from all above, just visually, then, that would be Shiraishi Mai, she has the most Goddess like, indisputable, flawless grace to her appearance, ever since she debut, which is unique, I have never oshi her though, regretting that now
    For second, third, fourth and so on, I'll be too damn bias with my oshi to place them, so let just stop
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  12. bananaboy

    bananaboy Kenkyuusei

    Apr 24, 2018
    arita factory parlour
    The more i try to think the more absurd it feels to not mentioned like, allmost all of them as each respective beauty.

    But I'll say as for my apparent bias that Sasaki Kotoko as the most(of the most(of the most))) bijin in sakamichi. If only she was more photogenic and fashionable.
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  13. MasToppu

    MasToppu Upcoming Girls

    Jun 29, 2016
    To me, the current most beautiful member is Renka. She is just beautiful af. She is bijin.
    Then, there is Seira. Especially without bangs, she is so beautiful.
    And, of course, my Oshimen, Junna aniki, Renka's older sister.:D
    As for Kaki, she is maybe the most attractive Nogi member. I always hold my breath whenever I see her picture/video.

    Sakurazaka - I don't know anything about them.

    This is difficult. Whenever I try to mention one member, that member's antics/craziness always pop up and cloud my judgment. If I had to say a name, Kato Shiho maybe is my first choice. But, she is one of the craziest members in this group.
    Miyata Manamo is also beautiful. But, her excessive R-rated burikko always pop up in my mind.
    Or, my Oshimen, Kosaka Nao. But, I always remember her sadistic and Dinosaur maniac personality or how she laugh at other members' suffering.
    But, those are maybe three names I can mention here. Plus, Watanabe Miho and Tomita Suzuka. They are also crazy member.

    However, if I had to mention the most handsome member of Hinatazaka, the answer is easy. She is new 3rd gen, Morimoto Marie. She has sharp jaw, beautiful nose, thick eyebrows, and calm eyes. When she played as ikemen in one of HinaAi ep, she looks like a model. I even see her fit to be a lil' brother of kpop star, Kim Seonho.[hehe]
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    NEVBOSS Kenkyuusei

    Feb 7, 2019
    Ikuta Erika
    Pure visual beauties:
    1. Shiraishi
    2. Ume & Kotoko
    3. Nanamin
    4. wMoriya (Akanen & Rena)
    5. Oozono Rei
    This is me looking strictly at beauty stat alone, their other stat. like, cuteness is HEAVILY outshoned by their beauty it almost non-existent where 98% of the time I look at them, I would find them to be strikingly beautiful and that's all in my head.
  15. allen20

    allen20 Kenkyuusei

    Jul 22, 2020
    United States
    Hashimoto Nanami
    Based on their looks and not in proper order:
    Shiraishi Mai - Her visuals have been astounding and model-like. Her PB was very good too.
    Hashimoto Nanami - Both short/long hair suited her. Versatile on hairstyle and naturally good-looking as model.
    Ikuta Erika - Her looks really exploded in recent years and more adult-looking like in Wilderness World MV.
    Nishino Nanase - More of cute-type, instead of beauty like Maiyan but still have good looks with makeup.
    Matsumura Sayuri - Her visuals look better from 2015 onwards, probably due to hairstyle but she needs better PB.
    Takayama Kazumi - Was thinking of Kaz/Reika but decided on Kaz due to her adult beauty in recent years from 2016 onwards.
    Eto Misa - Mature and good-looking.
    Saito Chiharu - Underappreciated but good-looking as an adult.
    Saito Asuka - Same like Nishino, more cute than adult beauty.

    Watanabe Rika - Good-looking and her PB was good too.

    Nogi OG just too good in this department. What a blessed generation :)
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