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Motorsport Thread

Discussion in 'The STAGE48 Lobby' started by FMecha, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Unggoy

    Unggoy Kenkyuusei

    Aug 23, 2018

    NASCAR: On their YouTube channel approximately 1 week after the race, with the exception of the trucks which I have not seen on their YT channel.
    IndyCar: Again on their YouTube channel but typically within a couple of days of the race, with the exception of the Indianapolis 500 which did eventually wind up on the YT channel.
    For F1 I paid $20 for one year to watch all sessions a day after each session on F1TV.

    Hasn't been mentioned but the first race of each DTM race weekend is also available but the second race is usually not available to those in the US.
  2. Alixx #10

    Alixx #10 Kenkyuusei

    Nov 9, 2016
    Alice's Rabbit Hole
    Ride & Drive, co-hosted by the Queen of Underground Idol, Erina Kamiya of Kamen Joshi.
    Perhaps one of the few idols that actually ride.

  3. Alixx #10

    Alixx #10 Kenkyuusei

    Nov 9, 2016
    Alice's Rabbit Hole
    July episode of "RIDE & DRIVE", with co-host Erina Kamiya of KAMEN JOSHI.

  4. FMecha

    FMecha Kenkyuusei

    Aug 19, 2016
    Kashiwagi Yuki
    The 2018 world champions as of now are...
    • Formula One: Lewis Hamilton
    • IndyCar: Scott Dixon
    • Super Formula: Naoki Yamamoto
    • MotoGP: Marc Marquez
    In addition:
    • After their Le Mans curse got delayed to Silverstone (a disqualification, no less), Toyota won Fuji WEC race.
    • Lexus KeePer (Ryo Hirakawa/Nick Cassidy) won at Autopolis' Super GT race.
    • Joey Logano won First Data 500, as MENCS' Round of 8 begins.
    • Weather induced chaos ended the second race of Golden Coast 600 with a red flag. Watch.
    And that's about it for my irregular racing report.

    EDIT: Also, Alonso may not race in IndyCar after all next season.

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