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    Wow, it just recently dawned on me that I forgot to keep updating this thread when I returned to Japan. I actually returned to Japan in mid-October, and while my idol experiences were limited at the end of 2019, I did manage to make it to quite a few events before the Covid-19 pandemic shut down the idol world. I also wrote an update this week on what's going on with me, and the idols I support. So here goes...

    Latest Chuo Dori Blog Updates...

    Chuo Dori Idol Update (2020/05/17)
    In this post I go over what Wasamin, Desurabbits, Babymetal, and a few other groups are up to. I also give a personal update.

    Iwasa Misaki Mini-Live at Ageo Shosen Plaza (2020/02/16)
    The last event I attended before the shutdown of live idol events

    Iwasa Misaki Mini-Live at Benibana Walk, Okegawa (2020/02/08)
    Yes! Wasamin comes to my neighborhood. She wanted to know all about how I liked living here.

    Iwasa Misaki Mini-Live at Hamatsucho Cultural Broadcasting (2020/01/13)
    This is an annual event, Wasamin singing outside across from the JR station. As always, lots of fun!

    Wasamin Greeting Vol. 3 at Shiodome Hall (2020/01/11)
    Wasamin's first fan club event of the year. Singing, games, and cheap chekis. Great times!

    Miyabi's Solo Debut (2020/01/02)
    Miyabi, the center-member of Minyo Girls, announced a solo-project, and uploaded her first digital single! It's really good!

    Iwasa Misaki Fan Club Christmas Event at Tokyo Hit Studio (2019/12/21)
    What's better than Wasamin in a sexy Christmas outfit? Nothing, I say!

    AKB48 'Pajama Drive' December Birthday Stage (2019/12/21)
    I finally win a fan-birthday show, and I draw the best birthday card ever. Lucky!!!

    The Minyo Girls/Iwasa Misaki Fighting Battle Concert at Akihabara Zest (2019/12/01)
    I absolutely love when I can see two of my favorite groups on the same stage. Some great Wasa/Minyo duets as well.

    Iwasa Misaki Aki 'Love Live' Vol. 2 Acoustic Concert at Hamamatsucho Bunka Hall (2019/11/23)
    I almost missed out on this concert until a miracle ticket saved me at the last minute. And Wasamin seemed to be monitoring my Twitter drama too.

    Iwasa Misaki 8th Single Cheki Event at Tokuma Head Office (2019/11/09)
    Just another day spent with Wasamin taking pics and chatting at the office of her record label.

    Minyo Girls Mini-Live at Elumi Konosu (2019/11/10)
    This was the first time one of my favorite groups visited my new hometown since I relocated to Saitama. I was so excited!

    Iwasa Misaki at the Minato Beach Festival, Hamamatsucho (2019/11/04)
    I braved three broken ribs just to see Wasamin. It was my first time seeing her since I had been to America.

    AKB48 'Pajama Drive' Halloween Stage (2019/10/31)
    My first event since returning to Japan. Despite being in a lot of pain due to a recent accident, I had a great time!

    And there ya' go. Now the thread is updated.

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