Next super-senbatsu graduation

Discussion in 'General Nogizaka46 Discussion' started by honeyNUT, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. honeyNUT

    honeyNUT Member

    Feb 26, 2014
    Nogizaka was just fine with no super-senbatsu graduation until Maimai announced graduation out of the blue. And with Maimai being the first super-senbatsu members to graduate, i fear that her graduation serves as a green light to other super-senbatsu members to graduate

    So, who do you think will graduate next??

    My bet is on Sayuringo coz rn she's rotting inside Nogi and if she graduates i think she'll still have the same amount of outside work

    Of maybe Misa if she wants to graduate in a high note coz tbh she could be dropped back to back row anytime just to fire up wota's butts and put her back in front row and dropped her again until she finally had enough and graduate in a low note

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  2. tgc27

    tgc27 Kenkyuusei

    Mar 4, 2016
    :cry: omg i hope there won't be any graduating member soon this year. They still have a lot more to tackle to conquer the world!
  3. kazu55

    kazu55 Kenkyuusei

    Feb 17, 2015
    For me I can see Nanamin announcing graduation maybe at Q3-Q4 this year. I mean, has she still have another goal within the group?
  4. STS

    STS Future Girls

    Jun 27, 2014
    Shiraishi, Shinuchi, Hashimoto, Matsumura, Eto - they are still young woman, but tooooooo old idol
  5. NogiFan

    NogiFan Kenkyuusei

    Feb 16, 2016
    I hope none would graduate this year but I can see some would have reasons to graduate. On the other hand, the undergirls do need someone to graduate so they can be promoted for a seat on top.

    For my opinion, I think Eto or Maiyan might be next.
  6. garnetjester

    garnetjester Member

    Aug 21, 2007
    On the slope
    My vote is for Hashimoto. She has the possibility of starting an acting career and she doesn't seem to be too into idol life anyway.
  7. riduch

    riduch Kenkyuusei

    Jul 7, 2015
    members who are born in 92-94 one by one will announce graduation, my bet is starting from december. the first name will be shiraishi mai
    agreed. She has a huge potential to become a good actress, and on contrary aside of stage-presence she doesn't have singing and dancing talent.
    graduation and regular drama and modeling appearance sounds great for her!!
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  8. mb1619

    mb1619 Kenkyuusei

    Apr 17, 2014
    United Kingdom
    Lots of people seem to think Maiyan will go next but I really don't see it. I also really hope she doesn't go anytime soon.

    You need to look at career ambitions here, there's a reason why Kojima Haruna and Kashiwagi Yuki are still around in AKB48. Maiyans career ambition is and always was singing in a group, although admittedly her original goal was a small group like Perfume or SPEED and she doesn't like to think of herself as an idol. She has never stated any desire to become a solo singer or actress in the future, and she's already one of the most successful models in Japan right now so there not a great deal more she could be doing in terms of modeling either. When asked about her ambitions in magazines she has only ever stated what she wishes for within Nogizaka, such as for them to become more like artists than idols- her "dream" when last asked in an interview was to become part of a Nogizaka46 subgroup. Could she pull a Tanaka Reina? Sure, but my point is that none of her stated career ambitions would necessarily require her to graduate from Nogizaka46.

    Personally I would be more concerned about members with ambitions like acting which, down the line, would require them to graduate from Nogizaka46 to pursue it fully. For that reason my vote for the most likely to go next would be Hashmoto Nanami, and heck Nishino Nanase could even pull an Acchan on us...
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  9. kyoto48☀︎☂

    kyoto48☀︎☂ Member

    Jun 8, 2015
    I think it's maiyan or ikuchan next. I don't think nanamin is close to being able to be an actress, so I don't see that as a reason why she'd leave
  10. sicaxav

    sicaxav Kenkyuusei

    Nov 24, 2015
    I wouldn't discount Maiyan, but as my oshi I hope she'll stay in there for a while longer.. I wouldn't know what to do if she leaves, but probably just support Hori.

    The next 2 super senbatsu graduation will really hurt Nogizaka for sure though, it's up to management to see who they can get to replace them
  11. Generic_User

    Generic_User Under Girls Stage48 Donor

    Jan 4, 2016
    The Ikuta Erika
    Not sure what we mean by 'super-senbatsu.' Is it the senbatsu members who have not tasted UG status? [Maiyan, Nishino, Nanamin, Akimoto, Sayuringo, Sakurai, Ikoma, Ikuta, Takayama]

    If I had to choose from them, then I would think Takayama or Sayuringo would take this time to graduate. I doubt Maiyan, the defacto leader of Nogizaka46, would graduate and let the upcoming 3rd gens flounder on their own. Nanamin seems to be having too much fun and she said in the documentary what job would allow her to have this much fun.

    But if 'super-senbatsu' is the well established core senbatsu of the past few singles, which would include Marika, Inoue, Misa, and Wakatsuki in the mix. From these I would think Marika or Wakatsuki vulnerable to the graduation bug. Misa can't leave until she centers a single -- she's due for one.

    All this said, I doubt the graduations this year would come from senbatsu members. I believe another 2 UG would be in line for graduation. I, also, think no senbatsu graduations because of the upcoming 3rd gen would actually enforce members to stick around to help build up the next gen of Nogizaka. Not for nothing do the members think about the well being of the group overall. MaiMai took this time to graduate because Nogizaka hit the kouhaku goal. I think Maiyan would not want that momentum to slow down so she focuses on the getting another kouhaku selection which would drive her to stay.

    This thread could easily devolve into a depressing read as we look at who may graduate. Each graduation would break my heart. Except for Akimoto that black-hearted member, she can go for all I care.... j/k LOL! ;)
  12. baymon

    baymon Next Girls

    Jun 28, 2014
    Shiraishi Mai
    Whether it's acting or singing I feel that Nogizaka members lack exposure in those. They are only well exposed in modeling (and musical somewhat). I can see Maiyan easily continue her modeling after graduate and be well known in that, but I don't see her has any prospect in acting or singing if she graduates within this year. I think the same can be said with Nanamin or Nanase.

    The one who has prospect to be a solo singer I think is Ikuchan, but too bad Sony just doesn't bother to give her more opportunities to develop in that area.

    In the past Acchan and Yuko already had a pretty good acting exposure before graduate and not too mention they are the most popular members of the most popular idol group (AKB was at their peak). Itano Tomomi also had a successful solo career before graduate. But even they only have mediocre success after graduate. So I don't know the prospect of Nogi top members after they graduate. Maybe it's better to stay longer in Nogizaka.
  13. newromantics

    newromantics Kenkyuusei

    Jun 16, 2015
    I don't think there'll be more graduations of popular members. Just because Nogizaka46 itself is getting bigger and the girls will finally get their chances to promote themselves more.
    I think we should actually expect some solo\unit debut within the group, for a reason it's about time SME remembers about these being another great ways to make profit, lol.

    Though I'd say Nanamin seems like she's a bit bored with that idol stuff...

    IMO Maimai is graduating because she just isn't interested in all of that anymore. She doesn't have a wish to continue, so her logical decision was to graduate. Also, maybe management not giving her proper opportunities, like acting gigs (If that's the case then hopefully her leave will make SME rethink their promotion game).
    Others seem to be pretty comfortable in the group, Maiyan, Ashu, Ikuchan, Ikoma, Nanase, Misa...They are all fine in the group, and age is not that big of an issue. As long as they look dashing in
  14. NyanNyan's Pet

    NyanNyan's Pet Next Girls

    Mar 10, 2016
    I have mixed feeling with this "graduation topic". It's sad to say goodbye. But honestly for my Oshi' Ikuchan whenever she decides to graduate, next year, 2 years or 3, since she's still young, this year, next month, I'll be very happy for her. I just wish and hope she'll make it big with her solo career. Without those dorky antics those staff makes them do, she's pure talent. She'll do very well, Im sure.

    Now, if anyone make a surprise announcement, I would put my bet on Hashimoto. If I will choose, it's Matsumura (I'm not hating guys, ok). I don't think it's Maiyan or Misa senpai, I wish it wouldn't be Bebitan, Asuka-chan or Himetan (though of the 3, i believe Nakamoto would do well if she choose to go solo since she can sing absolutely, but not yet this early).

    Well that's an idol's life, right? Just don't grow very old before deciding to graduate like what Michishige of MoMusu did and KojiHaru is now doing now with AKB. I feel like they're stuck in this idol business for so long and afraid of taking a next big step, I feel sad about it. It's just a personal feeling, but I think this is just preparation for their true future career.

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