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NGT48 Assault Case

Discussion in 'General NGT48 Discussion' started by Cisalpine88, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. ayyu

    ayyu Kenkyuusei

    Mar 26, 2019
    In what world do you accidentally attack someone?
    If someone didnt interrupt the attack who knows how far it could of gone.
    If maho started screaming would they have suffocated untill she passed out to keep her quiet? Left bruises? Maho not knowing if she is going die.

    for them to grab her like that to trying to force themselves into her room, they must of know Maho wouldnt be a willing participant or react badly to them knocking at her door. because thats all they had to do if they wanted to talk to her. why the ambush

    even in your own theory/conclusion- there would be no blame on Maho. Its management incompetence and irresponsible behaviour of other members.

    Lets assume your general theory is correct

    You come home to the dorm from work, your about to go into your room when known associates of your colleague suddenly burst through from a room where you assumed your colleague lived. They attack you( you dont dispute she was attacked- only that they didnt mean it).
    What are your first thoughts afterwards when they tell you other members are involved?

    1. how did they know when i was coming home? who told them?
    2. why did they come out of my colleague room???? she is clearly involved somehow.
    3. you are calling other members to come explain- how many of my co workers where involved?

    these are reasonable assumptions. Especially if there has been member rivalries or possible tension amongest the members(teamN, team G).
    Those criminals should of not have known when she came home or been across the hall. The negligence of staff and those members allowed those circumstances to happen and should of been investigated by management with consequences.
    Maho spoke out because they buried it. What would prevent same thing from happening again? The mental and emotional pain of the assault, the fear of it happening again.
    she knew when she made that showroom it would probably lead her to be blacklisted/ending her career . And thats what AKS would of done successfully if there wasent such a surprising strong reaction from the public. She made that video at her breaking point, she had to kept it quiet for months.

    From what management and the criminals said i think its possible the criminals where squatting in tanos room, and at the very least tano told them she moved and where to find the key. Her moving out (if she moved out) was not common knowledge even to fellow members.

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  2. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Future Girls

    Dec 4, 2013
    Columbus, Ohio
    Miyawaki Sakura
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  3. Cisalpine88

    Cisalpine88 Upcoming Girls

    Aug 28, 2009
    I promised to myself to keep myself away from this discussion due to how accursed the matter is (and it certainly doesn't help that this forum keeps having a stroke for most part of the week), but screw me -- I'm coming back just for a little follow-up.
    If someone remembers the tweet above that Maho had posted during the AKS press conference at the release of the research report, then it turns out that a briefing of the the first ever visit of "those three people" (Matsumura, Hayakawa, and the ever-irrelevant Okada) to the prefectural offices of Niigata, the one that Maho was referring to in that tweet, was retrieved by the members of Secret Night, a group keeping track on the case.
    In fact, it appears that being itself a public document, it can be easily requested at the proper department hoping it is marked as available for release, as the guys did manage to.

    The video showcasing the document can be found here, but it turns out it was more irredeemably awful than expected. Attention goes to the first page in particular -- I imagined this was a desperate sort of damage control, but this goes more right into defamation, all to save their own business, with the way it tries in particular to downplay the very own incident before your money-lenders. I see trying to discredit your own people behind their back is all too commonplace in AKS. Well, kudos to Maho for having put up with this shitty group long enough as she did...:

    AKS's visit to the department (for information sharing purposes)

    Date: January 22, 2019 (Tuesday), 17:15~17:25
    Venue: Meeting hall #301
    Guests: [blacked out (30 characters)] of AKS
    Hosts: PR supervisor Sugiyama, Chief Sekine and Assistant Chief Enoki of the Department of public information, PR officer and Chief examiner Ichimura

    Discussion summary:
    [AKS [blacked out (6 characters)]]
    ・ Today we have made a courtesy call to various medias, and only the journalists at (Niigata) Nippo, from their Digital division, had intervened and it resulted in a sort of interview. That makes us think that, quite possibly, it will be published (on the WEB section) by the morning issue due out tomorrow, or at some point onward, we don't know exactly.
    ・ We were pelted with quite some questions, we answered about what we could, and that ended up being written up on the notice accordingly.
    ・ (On the matters of NGT's Yamaguchi Maho) We were pressed about the incident.
    There's some talk coming up in various places about whether or not Yamaguchi then went out to the park, but point is that Yamaguchi herself got addressed by voice and she let out a loud scream out of surprise. It's not that she had her head grabbed or anything like that -- since it would be like, you know, (Turn into a commotion? Be noticeable?) if she stayed into the building, she then moved out to the park and there a talk ensued for around an hour. Since she herself (Yamaguchi) says to be the victim so she is assumed to be -- also as the perpetrators explained about what the circumstances were like, she herself brought up the names of a variety of memebers, it is at that place that the names were brought up. Following that, they then got in touch with the staff through a member and afterwards the staff, said member, and the perpetrators had a discussion at the park. At that time Yamaguchi was not in her right mind, but after hearing the discussion, the staff contacted the police and [blacked out (7 characters)] and sometime later they were handed over to the police, that's roughly the way we had the chance to relate about it.
    ・ Concerning the fact that the perpetrators were in the same building as where the members were living, it's that the perpetrators did actually live in there. The perpetrators [blacked out (38 characters)] moved in there. (As an agency) we did not borrow all of it wholesale. Point is, after that the perpetrators then went to reside inside (that building). What we have come to discuss up to this point is all content that we could manage to fact-check.
    ・ Apart from that, there were various rumors coming up surrounding Yamaguchi, as in how there could possibly be this member, or that other member who..., and such like, but even the management side doesn't have an understanding of it, regarding that. (One can speculate if maybe) also as a result of this, (the perpetrator) was ruled without prosecution. The members (referred to by the rumors) are currently undergoing questioning. We did hear that as well, but frankly speaking we have no idea. For this reason, we are tasking a third party committee with examining on it.
    ・ As told just now, we had a talk on concrete terms, we don't know whether or not it's going to be published as an article, but we encouraged them to please keep it off the record. We can't tell what decision was taken as a result, which is why we hastened to give a notice to the Prefecture of Niigata.

    [PR supervisor Sugiyama]
    ・ As he is waiting for an official comment from the third party committee, he thanked for dealing with it in a precise manner.

    [AKS [blacked out (6 characters)]]
    ・ As for the third party committee, like it was explained yesterday, we are preparing so that it will be set up within the current week, or at least so that we can make an announcement by the beginning of next week at latest. There won't be any changes in schedule.

    [Department Chief Sekine]
    ・ We'd like that vital information will keep being shared.
    ・ As of late, the complaints directed at the Prefecture are changing. About that (video about) the duct tape or something, we don't know what to make of it.

    [AKS [blacked out (6 characters)]]
    ・ We managed to confirm with the manager that what made it into the news article isn't true, but as for the members having done a similar thing, we'll check later.
    ・ It's a question of morals, it also has to do with the self-awareness of the people involved, so we'd like to go on and educate them.

    [Department Chief Sekine]
    ・ The concern from the people of the prefecture and the public at large is great, or to put it better, don't you find you are being made into a public presence, to a certain degree...
    ・ Requesting that information be shared even from here on.

    All in all, apart from the fact that not a single detail of what is inside was truthful to reality in the end (even the talk "in the park" lasted <8 minutes before the staff bus arrived, why lying?), it also explains a lot of suspicious things that occurred back at the beginning of this controversy. The way how right after the disclosure, several lowly news outlets (Sponichi, Tokyo Sports, Josei Seven, along with a certain disinfo account, and who still remembers the first ever Shuukan Bunshun broadcast?) seemed to give the same fanciful account of the incident at once (as credited to a certain "NGT48 informant") which didn't match with anything that was out so far or even what the police acknoweldged. The fact any of them preferred to go with this story, even if for a short amount of time, should reasonably brand them as lapdog media of AKS.
    Also, the way the NGT management seemed to react as hilariously strong as they did about that duct tape thing (which is because they were pressured by the very people that pay for their existence), but not at all to what Bunshun was spewing out in the meantime (that's because they themselves were the source spreading these stories, at least partially, as it is revealed).
    Not to mention, the reaction of the sponsors shortly after the release of the third party report and the following press conference, when they cut off all contracts with AKS, which in light of all this is absolutely appropriate and justified if you were to read inside and come to the realization you have been bamboozled all along. If you lie to the organizations that give you help funds, only to make sure they'll keep giving you money as before, then losing their support is a more than just punishment in anyone's book.
    I hope NGT48 won't see another deal with local firms ever again, not without a pair of very powerful binoculars at least. "Work to regain trust" my ass, they really did bring everything upon themselves after all, and I don't feel the least bit sorry.
    You are trying to figure out who "is lying the most", as you said yourself, so as to see where to shift the blame, but you already had the first prize in your hands since the beginning, Yoshinari.
    Goodbye. Also shame on any who still thinks of giving them a little bit of benefit of doubt.
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  4. Reveen

    Reveen Upcoming Girls

    Feb 16, 2013
    Sunnyvale Trailer Park
    From the start AKS have been engaged in "black propaganda" against Maho. They've spread stories about her being mentally unstable and having connections with the perpetrators, Instead of getting behind Maho and supporting her 100%. "Blame the victim" is a stereotype of Japan but in this case it seems to be a policy of AKS and especially of it's boss Yoshinori. Rather than having empathy for Maho, she treats her like an enemy.

    Even when Maho leaves her company the black progaganda continues, a couple of weeks before Maho's photobook release they intensified again as if AKS wants to spoil Maho's comeback. An interesting entry on Saitowinterstar's blog about AKS being a stakeholder of Taishu group who just incidentally happen to be engaged in spreading rumours and allegations about Maho.

    One of the papers that has dealt fairly with the case was Niigata Nippo, I was hoping for a follow up to this entry on SWS blog but I can't remember seeing a conclusion from Hoshi.

    The reason behind the attack has always been one of the most questionable issues. The "we just wanted to talk to her" excuse has always seemed lame and lacking credibility. Maho going to management about the "consortings" prompting yakkai to confront Maho over the possibility of their fun and games being interrupted seems more credible.
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  5. Ashitaba

    Ashitaba Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    May 2, 2014
    Idol Hell
    Minegishi Minami
    No assailant ever "just wants to talk". I always believed such an excuse is BS.
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