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    Up the creek.
    The Ikuta Erika
    Zero days left with Nanase in Nogizaka46...

    I wish her all the happiness in the world.
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    Nishino Nanase
    Anyone please translate what Hirose Suzu said from that letter :(
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    Saito Asuka
    i dont know if its accurate or not, basically ther father said he likes her drawing and a shy person and he will cheer her to what she wants to do. then her mother said she is sad after leaving in their house and naa-chan only says the good news so they will not worry for her.

    feel free to correct me if im wrong :)
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    Her last performance was so beautiful!!!
    Looking forward to her bright future and Graduation Concert!
    Happy new year everyone and I hope this thread will be still lively as ever for her updates :)
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    Hi fellow Nanase lovers, I know I have not been an active contributor here but I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank all of you here who has so unselfishly shared any and all information/photos/videos/anything Nanase-related with the rest of us. We're now entering the final moments of our beloved Nanase's time as a member of Nogizaka46 and having been moved by the affection shown by others here, I too would like to share a few sentiments of my own. :)

    Having said that, I honestly don't quite know where to begin. These 7 years as a HUGE fan of the idol named Nishino Nanase have been nothing short of a wonderful journey. I remember how I immediately noticed her even from the group's very first days despite the criminal lack of screen time or focus on her. She had a special factor I can't quite explain that tugged at the heartstrings of this nearly 2-decade long idol fan. Like the rest of the members, she was rough around the edges but one thing has remained constant through the entirety of the time I have supported her; her inch-perfect smile. A genuine, warm smile who could bring joy to those around her. I have lost count the amount of times her smile has turned rough days around for me and I have no doubt that this will continue being the case even long after her graduation.

    Then came the various shows where we started learning more about the members. It was pretty clear from the beginning that she was as shy and withdrawn as one could be. She was unsure of many/most things, burdened by a lack of confidence and was always on the verge of a breakdown due to her timidness. But that was exactly what endeared her so very deeply to me. It left a very strong and long lasting impression on me on how truly genuine this girl really was. She was quite simply put, far from an orthodox idol. She was really quite awkward with the typical idol stuff like saying or acting out cute lines and yet I found myself more and more drawn to her. Before I realized, I would hope and look forward to the next episode or show where she would participate in or was allowed screen time. God knows how many untranslated videos/clips I have watched purely for her despite not understanding a darn thing lol.

    But I guess what has made my experience of supporting her all this while so great and memorable really comes down to how we, as her fans, have managed to see for ourselves and be a part of how far this girl has come in her career. From the early days when she would go by almost unnoticed and cry for just about anything to the current her who is much much more positive and natural/relaxed on screen, I honestly can't be happier for her as a fan. That very real and obvious process of growth is what truly makes her stand out from the thousands of idols who has come and go over time. And if I'm allowed to share one more humble personal view, Nishino Nanase has always and will always be the most important member of Nogizaka46. Her rise to prominence and the (quiet) strength, determination and resilience that she has shown in her journey to become who she is today despite all the perceived early shortcomings has given not just me, but I believe many fans around the world as well, the confidence to constantly challenge and improve ourselves.

    And lastly; for the happiness she has worked so very hard to bring to a fan like me, I would like to wish her the most sincere graduation one could possibly have. Naachan, I am sure you will continue doing your best as you always have even after graduation, so please know that you will always have fans like me who will love and support you no matter what happens. Don't ever lose that smile and keep shining!

    To our dearest Nishino Nanase, the only ever idol I have and will ever consider my oshimen.
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    Apr 20, 2017
    Many thanks and appreciation Nanase. <3
    Wishing you all the best!
    Looking forward to your future activities!
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    Happy New Year guys! Happy New Year Nishino Nanase san.. wishing you all the best this year.
    Health, Safety, Family and your Career.. shower us with your smile, and ponytails too.
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    Ikuta Erika
    Thank you Nanase! Hope for the best in your life and future carrer
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    Saw this in Nogizaka station
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    Up the creek.
    The Ikuta Erika
    I just edited Nishino's wiki page. I'm kind of sad now.
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    Nishino Nanase
    i just checked it and realized there’s cyalume color on some of members page in stage wiki. was it also you who editing it ? and if i recall we need being granted some access to being able editing the wiki page ?
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    I think atm Naachan haven't officially graduated yet, right?
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    I recall her blog post saying her activities with N46 will end after 2018 (That's why all the CMs that will be airing through 2019 doesn't have her and she did not participate in the latest CDTV live). With the exception of her graduation concert though, which will probably be teary as hell cos I don't think she'll have a lot of activities on social media until then.
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    I think it's same case with Himetan, she's officially graduated on January 2018 but her last activity with the group was on 2017 summer tour final, right?
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    Am I imagining it or did Mouse not release a congratulations on graduation video for Nishino? Like a compilation of her shots in their CM.

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    Apr 12, 2017
    lol it's just fan made
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    Sep 21, 2018
    Nope, it's from Mouse.
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    May 11, 2018

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    Apr 1, 2018
    Is nana still nonno's model?
    I mean, is she gonna drop it now she's graduated from the group?
    Thanks.. Just asking :^^;:

    and why is it the way she holds her chopstick so cute?
    even the way she munch.. why is this video so refreshing hehe...
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    nana1.png nana2.png
    100 questions, 100 answers from Nanase but I managed to get 49 haha, I hope some kind soul continue translate :p

    I'll update from time to time, anyone can add :D
    Nogizaka46 compilation

    Any regrets?

    What do you want to do after graduation?

    車の免許を取りたいです。Get driving license.

    Do you want to travel alone after graduation?

    したいです。 Yes, I want to.


    Memories during MV shooting。

    I had lots of memories but the one that stood out was Mukuchi no Lion, it was my 20th birthday, I saw the sunrise, saw everyone.

    Favorite MV?

    Director Sho Yanagisawa?'s works.

    Favorite choreography?

    Memorable Kojichuu episode. Guam episode.

    Among Nogizaka46 members, who do you often go out with?

    Suika members particularly Karin, Yuuri.

    Among Nogizaka46 members, who do you often have communicate with?

    I don't communicate much but lately Suika members (laugh)

    Memorable Handshake

    First, the one in Yomiuri land (NHS)

    What do you think of holding the graduation concert in your hometown Osaka?

    Happy to be granted this wish.

    About Feb 24 concert

    Since this is my last live, I don't want to have any regrets so I'll do my best.

    Private compilation.

    Nintendo Switchの「PokemonMonsterLet’sGoPikachu」

    ⑮好きなスポーツは? Favorite sport.
    I am more of a spectator, seasonal figure skating.

    ⑯苦手なスポーツは? Bad in what sport?
    All (laugh), specifically ball games.

    ⑰今、国内で行きたい場所は? Where do you want to go within Japan.
    北海道 Hokkaido

    ⑱今、海外で行きたい場所は Where do you want to go overseas.

    ⑲好きな色は favorite color

    ⑳最近買ったマンガは? Latest manga you bought

    コミックエッセイ的なものを買うことか多く、なかでも「鴻池剛と猫のぽんた ニャアアアン!」が気に入っています。
    Bought a lot of comic essay among them this鴻池剛と猫のぽんた-ニャアアアン-鴻池-剛/dp/404730543X

    ㉑最近うれしかったことは? Been happy about what recently?
    コートを買ったこと。Bought a coat

    ㉒最近見た夢は? What did you dream about recently?
    よく見る悪夢なんですけど、ライブ本番中に全員立ち位置が わからなくなるという。リハ期間によく見ます(笑)
    I usually had this bad dream, during live performance everyone's just standing, I dont understand.
    I always see this during rehearsals (laugh)

    ㉓明日一日お休みです。何をして過ごす? Tomorrow is rest day, what do you do?
    家でゲーム。 At home, play game.

    ㉔ストレス発散方法は? How do you handle stress?
    興味に没頭する。Immerse myself in my interests.

    ㉕好きのアニメやマンガのキャラクターは? Favorite anime/manga character?
    「宝石の国」のアンタークチサイト。Houseki no Kuni's Antarchisite?

    ㉖憧れの男性有名人は? Male celebrity
    ダウンタウンの浜田雅功さん Downtown's Shimada Masatoshi

    ㉗憧れな女性有名人は? Female celebrity
    「もののけ姫」でサンの声をやっていた石田ゆり子さん。Mononoke Hime San's voice Ishida Yuriko

    ㉘大好きな街は? Favorite town?
    鎌倉。のんびりした雰囲気がいいなって。Kamakura. Relaxing atmosphere.

    ㉙もし魔法が使えるとしたら? If you can use magic, what would you do?
    部屋の片付けをしたい。 Use it to arrange my room.

    ㉚好きな季節は? Favorite season
    秋 Autumn

    ㉛苦手な季節は? Least favorite season
    夏。 Summer

    ㉜最近悲しかったことは? What were you sad about recently?

    お風呂を入ろうと思ってお湯張りを始めて、しばらくして 戻ったら、栓をし忘れてお湯がたまってなかったこと(笑)
    I was thinking of going to the ofuro (bath), prepare the tub/hot water waited and when I came back I realized I forgot to put on the plug so the water didn't accumulate (laugh)

    ㉝最近怒ったことは? What were you mad about recently?

    あるはずなんですけど、思い出せなくて。意外とすぐ 忘れちゃうんです。
    I think there was but I cannot remember. Surprisingly I immediately forget.

    ㉞最近見た映画は? Movie you have seen recently?

    飛行機の中で見た「50回目のファーストキス」。I saw this on the plane. It was 50 first dates.

    ㉟最近買った曲は? What music did you buy recently?

    DAOKOさんの「終わらない世界で」 DAOKO's Owaranai Sekai de

    ㊱落ち込んだときの対処法は? What do you do to calm down?
    ほかのことを考える。 Think of something else.

    ㊲かばんの中に必ず入っているものは? What is always in your bag?
    この時期はハンドクリームですね。 This season, hand cream.

    ㊳ジンクスや願掛はある? Do you have jinxes or petition?

    ㊴お父さんを一言で表すなら? Describe your father in one word
    変 Strange

    ㊵お母さん一言で表すなら? Describe your mother in one word
    心配性 Anxious

    ㊶お兄さん一言で表すなら? Describe your brother in one word
    特にないなあ。兄? None, brother?

    ㊷小さい頃どんな子供だった? What kind of kid you were.

    週に一度は家中のカバンを全部腕にかけていたという 話を聞きました。
    I was told I would wear all the bags in my arms once a week?

    ㊸名前の七瀬の由来は知っている? Origin of the name Nanase?
    古いらしいです。 They say it's an old name.

    ㊹両親に一番褒められたことは? What did your parents praise you for?
    覚えてないです。 I can't remember.

    ㊺現在24歳です。30歳の西野さんは何をしていると思いますか。You're 24, what do you think a 30-year old Nanase be doing?

    片付けとか上手になっていいたらいいな(笑)。It'll be nice to be good at arranging my room (laugh)

    ㊻太ったハト、いまだに好き? Do you still like fat pigeons?

    ㊼最近ゲームはやっていますか? Have you been playing video games lately?
    バリバリやってます(笑) Yes

    ㊽平均何時間睡眠? On average how many hours do you sleep
    7時間ぐらいは寝っていると思います。 I think around 7 hours

    ㊾寝ないとダメな人ですか?それとも平気な人? If you lack sleep, is it fine or not good
    ダメです not good

    ㊿好きな言葉は? Favorite word
    大丈夫。 Daijoubu


    52.西野さんはなんて呼ばれるとうれしい? Are you happy when people call you Nishino-san?
    ちゃんづけがうれしい。 If attached with chan, I'm happy.

    53.仕事の空き時間が3時間。何をする。3 hours free time in work, what do you do?
    マッサージに行きます。 Go get a massage.

    54。優柔不断ですか Are you indecisive?
    ものによります。It depends

    55。積極的ですか? Are you assertive?

    56。だまされやすい性格だと思う?Are you gullible?
    一応思ってないです。(笑) Never thought of that (laugh)

    57.自分の好きなところは? What you like about yourself
    引きこもりなところ My stay-at-home self.

    58.自分の嫌いなところ。 What you do not like about yourself
    面倒くさがりなところ。Tend to find things bothersome self.

    59.今自分が好きですか。 Do you like yourself now

    60.宝くじで10憶円当せん。何をつかう。If you win 10 billion yen, what do you do?
    貯金します(笑) Save (laugh)

    61.無人島に何か一つだけ持っていくとしたら、何を持っていく? The one thing you'll bring in a deserted island?
    水 Water

    62.もし願いがひとつ叶うしたら、何をお願いしますか? If granted one wish, what would it be?
    世界平和 WORLD PEACE.

    63.美容には気を使っていますか Do you care about beauty?
    すこしだけ Just a little

    64.ドラえもんの道具で一番欲しいものは Want to have item of Doraemon
    どこでもドア。That door

    65.幽霊は信じますか。Do you believe in ghosts?

    66.好きな香りはありますか。 Do you have a favorite scent?
    柔軟剤 Softener


    69.小さい頃の夢は? Dream when you were a kid
    旅ウォーカー Travel walker [traveller?]

    70.将来お店を出すとしたらどんなお店を出したいですか?If you were to have a shop, what type?
    お花屋さん。 Flower Shop.

    71.西野さんの一番宝物は? Nishino's most treasured item.
    自分の人生です。My life

    About Food compilation
    72.大好きなな食べ物は? Favorite food

    73.苦手な食べ物は Least favorite food
    ナンプラー Fish sauce

    74.苦手を克服した食べ物は Food you previously disliked that you've come to like
    なすび Eggplant

    75.すきなお刺し身は? Favorite sashimi
    甘えび Sweet shrimp

    76.すきなおすしのネタは? Favorite sushi topping
    イカ Squid

    77.すきなおにぎりの具は?Favorite Rice ball filling
    梅 Plum

    78.コンビニでよく買うものは? Thing you usually buy in a convenience store?

    79.すきなスイーツは? Favorite sweets
    いちご大福 strawberry rice cake?

    80.すきな果物は? Fruit
    梨 Pear

    81.すきな飲み物は? Drink
    ジャスミン茶 Jasmine Tea

    82.すきな麺類は?Favorite Noodles
    うどん以外だとラーメン Aside from udon、 ramen 

    83.甘いのと辛いのはどちらが好き? Sweet or spicy?

    84.激辛は好き?苦手? Extremely spicy like or not?
    好きです。 Like。

    85.パンケーキを注文。好きななトッピングは? Toppings on pancakes
    クリームとチョコチップといちご。Cream,chocochip, strawberry

    86.パスタ屋さんでは何を注文する? What do you order in a pasta shop?
    和風ペペロンチーノ Japanese style peperonchino

    87.ケーキ屋さんではどんなケーキを注文する?  What kind of cake you would order in a cake shop
    唯一食べられるのはミルククレープ。 Normally milk crepe

    Fashion Compilation
    88.西野さん的今年の冬のトレンドは? Nishino's winter clothing trend
    毎年なんですけど、タートルネックが大好きです。It's every year, I love turtle necks

    89.好きな男性のファッションは? Men's fashion you like
    ベージュやアースカラーの服。 Beige, earth colors

    90.好きななスニーカーは? Favorite sneaker
    ナイキのモアテン(AIR MORE UP TEMPO)。白がすごくお気に入ります。Nike, really like the white one.

    91.最近買った洋服は? Clothes you bought recently
    ニットとか。 Knit

    92.今どうしても欲しいファッションアイテムは? Fashion items you want this year.
    手袋. Gloves

    93.洋服はどこで買うことが多いですか? Where do you buy most of your clothes?
    ネット通販。 Online shopping.

    94.今まで買ったもので一番の自慢アイテムは? Item you bought that you're proud of
    Recently, as a graduation gift to myself I bought an expensive coat.

    95.逆に失敗したなというアイテムは? On the other hand, the item you bought you're not happy with
    Shoes that didn't fit、I only wore it once.

    About Love Compilation
    96.好きな男性のタイプは? Ideal man
    自分と共通の好きななものがある人がいいです。Someone with same interests.

    97.理想の ”冬デート” Ideal winter date
    I'd normally would like to see winter illumination but I don't like crowded places,as much as possible
    just spend it at home (laugh)

    98.気になる男性のしぐさは? Man's gesture that interests you?

    99.告白したい派? されたい派? Which would you prefer? To give the confession or receive?
    されたいですね。 Receive

    100.メールでの告白あり? なし? Did you receive any love confession via email?

    Source: weekly playboy magazine featuring Nogichans, recommended, all Nogi goodness, lots of articles and photos and no exposure :blush:
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