Okamura Rio (Riotsun, Okario)

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    Name: Okamura Rio
    Name in Japanese: 岡村 梨央
    Birth: 2008-10-08
    From: Hiroshima
    Nickname: Riotsun, Okario (りおつん・おかりお)
    Blood type: A
    Favorite food: Potatoes, cucumber, chocolate, caramel
    Recommended in Setouchi: Miyajima Agemomiji / Shimanami Kaido Salt Soft
    Special skill: Nervous weakness, singing
    Hobby: muscle training, making things, karaoke
    Penslight color: purple and yellow
    Message: みんな#おかり推し (I'm not sure how to translate / transcript that)
    Secret ambition: want to participate in singng contest, want to become a center
    Challenge for this year (2022): Food report, performance

    One of the 4 winners of the STU48 x ASH "New Wave project" audition
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    Time's up
    Riotsun's recent Karaoke SHOWROOM together with other STU48 Kenkyuusei, Azumin, Kurukuru and Noapi :blush:
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