Event / Concert One Love Asia (2020/05/27)

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    WebTVAsia & Youtube Presents | ONE LOVE ASIA CONCERT
    May 27, 2020 - 8PM HKT

    One Love Asia is an initiative created by WebTVAsia as an extension of its ‘Celebrate Asia’ message which started in 2016 during its first WebTVAsia Awards event. Key countries from across Asia including Japan, Korea, Greater China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, India and Vietnam took part in the event to celebrate the achievements of new generations of Asian talents.

    During the #stayhome and #withme movement this year, many artistes and celebrities have been actively creating content individually to show their appreciation to the front liners who are fighting to curb the spread of Covid-19 but we believe that their efforts can make a bigger impact on the world if we gather the audiences around Asia to one platform, hence the campaign - One Love Asia.

    Together with Youtube as co-organiser, WebTVAsia’s One Love Asia Concert brings the biggest stars in Asia to help UNICEF raise funds to protect and support children and families in Asia affected by Covid-19. As our official streaming partner, YouTube will be supporting this campaign with a 'Donate Now' button for seamless donations, directly to UNICEF.

    Concert Key Messages

    Music is a universal language and it unites people. This concert will be presented through 4 key messages that revolves around tonight's show –

    • ASIA
    • LOVE

    Visit www.onelove.asia for more info.

    Lineup (AKB48 & Sister groups):
    • AKB48: Omori Maho, Oguri Yui, Shitao Miu, Chiba Erii, Yamauchi Mizuki
    • JKT48: Shani、Feni、Aya
    • BNK48: Cherprang, Mobile, Jane
    • MNL48: Abby, Coleen, Sheki
    • AKB48 Team SH: Mao WeiJia, Shen Ying, Hu XinYin
    • SGO48: Anna, Anh Sang, Linh Mai
    • AKB48 Team TP: Chiu Pin-han, Lin Yu-hsin, Sin Tik-kei
    • CGM48: Izurina, Aom, Sita
    • DEL48: Glory, Reyna, Beanie

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    Oct 31, 2019
    They just performed. It was amazing!! The girls were so cute:^O^:
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    Chanyapuk Numprasop
    Shitao Miu was so beautiful
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  5. tezikaki

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    Feb 20, 2019
    Group appearance and performance was short but sweet. They all did great and amazing as always. I also noticed the watchers count went down half after their performance was over lol.

    Capt. rockin that seifuku with furry ears.

    btw updated the posted vid as someone was fast enough to cut to the 48 chase.
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