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    Rainie Yang (楊丞琳; Yang Cheng Lin) is a singer and actress from Taiwan. She started out as a member of the band "4 in Love" at the age of 15. She got her stage name "Rainie" as the other girls' names were "Cloudie", "Sunnie", and "Windie". After the disbandment of 4 in Love in 2002, Rainie kept her stage name and moved on to TV dramas. In 2005, she released her first solo album, "Ai Mei" (My Intuition).


    Name: Yang Cheng Lin (楊丞琳)
    English Name: Rainie Yang
    Nicknames: Ah Lin, Lin Lin, Xiao Cheng Lin, Cheng Lin, Rainie
    Birthday: June 4, 1984
    Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan
    Blood Type: A


    01. [09.09.05] Ai Mei (曖昧; My Intuition)
    02. [03.19.06] Yu Shang Ai (遇上愛; Meeting Love)
    03. [09.07.07] Ren Yi Men (任意門; Free Gate)
    04. [11.07.08] Ban Shu Xuan Yan (半熟宣言; Not Yet a Woman)
    05. [01.01.10] Yu Ai (Rainie Love...?) (雨愛; Rain Love)

    Best Albums
    01. [04.23.10] Yi Xiang Tian Kai (異想天開; Whimsical World)

    Japanese Singles
    01. [01.27.10] Aimai (曖昧; My Intuition)


    Is anyone else a Rainie fan? Or a C-pop fan, for that matter? xD Even if there may not be Rainie fans here, she's my favorite singer everrrr (tied with AKB as my second favorite artist, though she's sorta edging them out. :fear:), I decided to make a topic for her anyway!

    Here are some of my favorite songs of her's. I actually like all of her songs (I'm serious, too. She's one of the very few artists where I like all of their songs. I have all of them on my iPod. 8D), but since she has so many videos, I'll post my favorites!

    Li Xiang Qing Ren (理想情人). My favorite Rainie song. It's a really beautiful ballad. I love the video, too. It's so pretty~

    Wo De Ai Diao Dian Di (我的愛吊點滴). My second favorite Rainie song! This song is... strange. xD It's really catchy, though, even if the video is as strange as the song. Plus Rainie mentions polar bears in it. I don't think anything can get more awesome than Rainie and polar bears.

    Yu Ai (雨愛). This is another ballad, but unlike the happy-sounding Li Xiang Qing Ren, this one seems much sadder. I still love it, though. I'm not a huge ballad fan, but I looove Rainie's ballads. <3

    Lang Lai Le (狼來了). This is the song that made me a Rainie fan! It wasn't the first song of hers that I heard, but it definitely made me want to listen to more of her stuff. It's more mature-sounding than her other stuff, although the video doesn't reflect that much. xD

    Tian Xin Zhou (甜心咒). You know, I could have sworn this had an official video... Ah, well. To me, this is Rainie's funnest song. Every time I hear it, I have the sudden urge to do the disco. Don't ask. Maybe because it gives off a "QUINCY" (BoA) vibe, because both sound sorta disco-ish. Anyway, I LOVE this song. If I danced, I'd jump around and dance every time it came on. :B

    Ban Shu Xuan Yan (半熟宣言). This song is so damn amazing. It needs a video. It's one of Rainie's more mature songs, and fitting since it means "not yet a woman". It's one of Rainie's more unique songs, too, since I don't think any of her other songs sound like it.

    Dai Wo Zou (帶我走). Yet another ballad! I think it's one of Rainie's more popular songs, at least according to Last.fm, hoho. I think it's in my Top 5 Rainie songs, too. IT'S SO PRETTY.

    Qing Chun Dou (青春鬥). Despite being one of Rainie's "cooler" sounding songs, she's not exactly cool in it. xD Well, she is in the dance scenes, but she's acting like her adorkable Rainie self in all of the other scenes, which doesn't fit that well, but I love the video anyway. :lol:


    There's obviously plenty others I love, but that'll do. So, yeah, everyone go listen to Rainie. <3
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    kdj;lajgalkjgflakfjgljgalkj. <3 YAY. I think we've ~*bonded*~ over Rainie in the "what're you listening to now?" thread but yeah, I love Rainie Yang. She's my fourth favourite singer ever. I love her voice.
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    Yay, I'm glad to see more Rainie fans, even if you're the only one that I've seen here (that I can remember). <3 I love her voice, too~

    Speaking of Rainie, she needs to release a new album. I'm getting impatient. :hmm: That's what can suck about having your favorite singer releasing music primarily in Taiwan - they only release music about once a year or so. D: I wish she had released more music in Japan after releasing Aimai, that way we'd get more music out of her. 8D (Unless if she'd be too busy, since she's doing movies, too)
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    Yeah. She's a really adorable actress, though. I remember loving "Devil Beside You." <3

    LOL I REMEMBER WHEN I WAS YOUNGER, I NICKNAMED ONE OF MY POKEMON AFTER HER. I forget which one, but I remember thinking it was the cutest most adorable name ever. XD
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    Aww, that's cute. xD

    And I'm a horrible Rainie fan; I haven't seen any of her dramas. :fp: Well, I'm almost done with Hi My Sweetheart, but it's dragging on and on and it's not turning out the way I want to, so I'm frustrated with it. xD (I got so frustrated that I had to read the ending to see if I'd even continue watching it, and it's better than I thought it was going to be, so I'll continue it soon)

    As for Devil Beside You, I've watched about two episodes for getting distracted and not finishing it. :lol: I do like it from what I've seen, though, so I'll probably watch that next after Hi My Sweetheart. :3

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