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Ruther Marie Lingat (Ruth)

Discussion in 'Team NIV' started by ForrestFuller, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Future Girls

    Dec 4, 2013
    Columbus, Ohio
    Miyawaki Sakura
    First Name: Ruther Marie
    Middle Name: Alterado
    Last Name: Lingat
    Birthday: October 10, 1998
    Hometown: Cavite, Philippines
    Blood Type: AB
    Height: 163cm

    MNL48 Senbatsu Election
    1st Senbatsu Election
    - #35 (Next Girls)

    • Name in Japanese: ルーサ・マリー・リナト
    • Nickname in Japanese: ルース
    • Special skills: Hosting, nail art, making someone laugh with her laugh, and playing the lyre and guitar.
    • Favorite colors: Purple, baby pink, nude, and beige
    • Favorite books: Comic books
    • Loves Hello Kitty.
    • Describes herself as blessed, passionate, and brave.
  2. Reita

    Reita Kenkyuusei

    Dec 23, 2009
    She's a sweet girl and photos don't do her justice because when you actually see her and get an HS from her she's really pretty.
    I hope she gets more popular and gets pushed in the future :chuffed:

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